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Afghanistan Fruit and nuts, carpets, wool, opium

Albania Chromium and chrome products, processed foodstuffs

Algeria Oil, gas

Andorra Tobacco products, furniture

Angola Oil, diamonds, minerals, coffee, fish, timber

Antigua and Barbuda Garments, paint, furniture, bedding

Argentina Food and live animals, mineral fuels, cereals, machinery

Armenia Processed and unprocessed diamonds, machinery, metal products, foodstuffs

Ores and metals; wool, food and live animals; fuels, transport machinery and

Austria Machinery, metals, paper, textiles, food, livestock

Azerbaijan Oil, oil products

Bahrain Petroleum and petroleum products, aluminium

Bangladesh Garments, fish, jute goods, leather products

Sugar and molasses, rum, other foods and beverages, chemicals, electrical
components, clothing

Belarus Machinery, chemical and petroleum products

Belgium Machinery and electrical equipment, chemicals, vehicles, metals, diamonds

Belize Sugar, bananas, citrus fruits, oil, clothing, fish products, molasses, wood

Benin Cotton, palm oil


Bhutan Electricity, timber, cement, agricultural products, handicrafts

Bolivia Soyabeans, natural gas, zinc, gold, silver, lead, tin, antimony, wood, sugar

Botswana Diamonds, copper, nickel, beef

Brazil Manufactured goods, iron ore, coffee, oranges, other agricultural produce

Brunei Crude oil, liquefied natural gas, petroleum products

Bulgaria Chemicals and plastics, food and drink, tobacco, machine-building equipment

Burkina Faso Cotton, animal products, gold

Burma Teak, pulses and beans, prawns, fish, rice, opiates, oil and gas

Burundi coffee, tea, sugar, cotton, hides

Cambodia Clothing, timber, rubber

Cameroon Crude oil and petroleum products, timber, cocoa, aluminium, coffee, cotton

Machinery and equipment, automotive products, metals and plastics, forestry products,
agricultural and fishing products, energy products

Cape Verde Shoes, clothes, fish, bananas, hides, pozzolana (volcanic rock, used to make cement)

Chad Cotton, oil, livestock, textiles

Chile Copper, fish, fruit, paper and pulp, chemicals

China Manufactured goods, including textiles, garments, electronics, arms

Petroleum, coffee, coal, gold, bananas, cut flowers, chemicals, emeralds, cotton
products, sugar, livestock

Comoros Vanilla, cloves, perfume oil, copra


Cook Islands Black pearls

Costa Rica Coffee, bananas, sugar, textiles, electronic components, electricity

Cote d'Ivoire Cocoa, coffee, tropical woods, petroleum, cotton, bananas, pineapples, palm oil, fish

Croatia Machinery and transport equipment, clothing, chemicals

Cuba Nickel, sugar, tobacco, shellfish, medical products, citrus, coffee

Cyprus Clothing, potatoes, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals

Czech Republic Manufactured goods, machinery, cars and transport equipment, beer

Democratic Republic of
Diamonds, copper, coffee, cobalt, crude oil
the Congo

Denmark Machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals

Djibouti Re-exports, hides and skins, coffee (re-exported from Ethiopia)

Dominica Bananas, soap, bay oil, vegetables, grapefruit, oranges

East Timor Coffee, marble, potential for oil exports

Ecuador Petroleum, bananas, shrimp, coffee, cocoa, cut flowers, fish

Egypt Petroleum, petroleum products and cotton

El Salvador Offshore assembly exports, coffee, sugar, shrimp, textiles, chemicals, electricity

Equatorial Guinea Petroleum, timber, cocoa

Eritrea Livestock, hides, sorghum, textiles, salt, light manufactures

Estonia Machinery, textiles, wood products


Ethiopia Coffee, hides, oilseeds, beeswax, sugarcane

Federated States of
Fish, garments, bananas, black pepper, copra

Fiji Sugar, clothing, gold, processed fish, timber

Finland Machinery and electronics, paper and paper products, chemicals

France Machinery and transport equipment, agricultural products, including wine

French Polynesia Cultured black pearls, fish and coconut products

Gabon Crude oil, timber, manganese, uranium

Gambia Peanuts and peanut products, fish, cotton lint, palm kernels

Georgia Scrap metal, wine, fruit

Germany Motor vehicles, electrical machinery, metals

Ghana Gold, cocoa, timber, tuna, bauxite, aluminium, manganese ore, diamonds

Greece Textiles and clothing, food, oil products

Grenada Nutmeg, bananas, cocao, fruit and vegetables, clothing, mace

Guam Re-exports of petroleum-based products

Guatemala Coffee, sugar, bananas, fruits and vegetables, meat, petroleum, cardamon

Guinea Bauxite, alumina, gold, diamonds, coffee, fish, agricultural products

Guinea-Bissau Cashew nuts, shrimp, peanuts, palm kernels, sawn timber

Guyana Bauxite and alumina, sugar, gold, rice, shrimp, molasses, rum, timber

Haiti Light manufactures, coffee, oils, mangoes

Honduras Coffee, bananas, shellfish, meat, timber, gold and other minerals

Hong Kong Electrical and electronic goods, clothing

Hungary Machinery and transport equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals

Iceland Fish and fish products, metals

Agricultural products, textile goods, gems and jewellery, software services and
technology, engineering goods, chemicals, leather products

Indonesia Oil and gas, plywood, textiles, rubber, palm oil

Iran Petroleum, carpets, agricultural products

Iraq Crude oil

Ireland Machinery and equipment, chemicals, foodstuffs

Israel Computer software, military equipment, chemicals, agricultural products

Italy Machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, clothes, wine

Jamaica Bauxite, alumina, garments, sugar, bananas, rum

Japan Vehicles, computer parts, chemicals, scientific instruments and watches

Jordan Phosphates, fertilisers, agricultural products

Oil, uranium, ferrous and nonferrous metals, machinery, chemicals, grain, wool, meat,

Kenya Tea, coffee, horticultural products, petroleum products

Kiribati Copra, fish, seaweed


Kuwait Oil

Kyrgyzstan Fruit, vegetables, gold, tobacco

Laos Clothing, timber products, coffee, gold, copper, electricity

Latvia Timber and wood products, fish and fish products

Lebanon Foodstuffs and tobacco

Lesotho Water, diamonds, clothing, wool, mohair, food, livestock

Liberia Diamonds, iron ore, rubber, timber, coffee, cocoa

Libya Crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas

Liechtenstein Machinery, dental products, foodstuffs, stamps

Lithuania Textiles, clothing, fertilisers, industrial machinery

Luxembourg Steel products, chemicals, rubber products

Macau Clothing, textiles

Madagascar Vanilla, coffee, seafood, cloves, petroleum products, chromium, fabrics

Malawi Tobacco, tea, sugar, cotton

Electronic equipment, petroleum and liquefied natural gas, chemicals, palm oil, wood
and wood products, rubber, textiles

Mali Cotton, gold, livestock

Malta Machinery and transport equipment

Marshall Islands Chilled and frozen fish, coconut oil, copra, shark fins

Mauritania Fish and fish products, iron ore, gold

Mauritius Sugar, clothing, tea, jewellery

Mexico Machinery and transport equipment, mineral fuels and lubricants, food and live animals

Moldova Foodstuffs, animal and vegetable products, textiles

Monaco Pharmaceuticals, perfumes, clothing

Mongolia Copper concentrate, dehaired cashmere, textiles, hides

Montenegro Aluminium

Morocco Minerals, seafood products, citrus fruit

Mozambique Seafood, cotton

Namibia Diamonds, copper, gold, zinc, lead, uranium, livestock

Nauru Phosphates

Netherlands Metal manufacturing, chemicals, foodstuffs

New Caledonia Nickel, prawns

New Zealand Wool, food and dairy products, wood and paper products

Nicaragua Coffee, meat, shellfish, sugar, tobacco, cattle, gold

Niger Uranium, livestock products

Nigeria Petroleum, petroleum products, cocoa, rubber

Niue Root crops, coconuts, honey

North Korea Minerals and metals, cement, agricultural products


Norway Fuels and fuel products, machinery, metal products

Oman Oil

Pakistan Textile products, rice, cotton, leather goods

Palau Fish, garments

Panama Bananas, fish, shrimp, petroleum products

Papua New Guinea Gold, petroleum, copper, coffee, palm oil, logs

Paraguay Soyabeans, cotton, meat, edible oils, timber

Fish and fish products, copper, zinc, gold, crude petroleum and by-products, lead,
coffee, sugar, cotton

Philippines Electrical machinery, clothing, food and live animals, chemicals, timber products

Poland Machinery and transport equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals

Portugal Textiles and clothing, wood products, electrical equipment

Puerto Rico Chemicals, foodstuffs, machinery

Qatar Oil, gas

Republic of Macedonia Clothing, iron and steel

Romania Textiles and footwear, metal products, machinery, minerals

Oil and oil products, natural gas, wood and wood products, metals, chemicals,
weapons and military equipment

Rwanda Coffee, tea, hides, tin ore

Saint Kitts and Nevis Foodstuffs, electronics, beverages, tobacco


Saint Lucia Bananas, clothing, cocoa, vegetables, fruits, coconut oil

Samoa Coconut oil and cream, copra, fish, beer

San Marino Wine, ceramics, furniture, craft goods

Sao Tome and Principe Cocoa

Saudi Arabia Oil, gas, cereals

Senegal Fish, peanuts, petroleum products, phosphates, cotton

Serbia Manufactured goods, food and live animals, machinery and transport equipment

Seychelles Fish, cinnamon bark, copra, petroleum products (re-exports)

Sierra Leone Diamonds, rutile, cocoa, coffee, fish

Singapore Computer equipment, machinery, rubber products, petroleum products

Slovakia Manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment

Slovenia Machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, household goods

Solomon Islands Timber, fish, palm oil and kernels, copra

Somalia Livestock, bananas, hides, fish

South Africa Gold, diamonds, metals and minerals, cars, machinery

South Korea Electronic products, machinery and transport equipment

South Sudan Oil

Spain Transport equipment, agricultural products

Sri Lanka Clothing and textiles, tea, gems, rubber, coconuts


Sudan Oil, cotton, sesame, livestock and hides, gum arabic

Suriname Bauxite, alumina, aluminium, crude oil, timber, shrimp and fish, rice, bananas

Swaziland Sugar, wood pulp, minerals

Sweden Machinery and transport equipment, paper products, chemicals

Switzerland Machinery and electronics, chemicals, precision instruments, watches

Syria Oil, gas

Electronics, machinery, optical instruments, chemicals, iron and steel articles and
information communications technology products

Tajikistan Aluminium, electricity, cotton, fruit, textiles

Tanzania Gold, sisal, cloves, coffee, cotton, cashew nuts, minerals, tobacco

Food including rice, seafood and live animals, office equipment, textiles and clothing,

The Bahamas Pharmaceuticals, cement, rum, crawfish, refined petroleum products

Togo Cocoa, phosphates, coffee, cotton

Tokelau Copra, handicrafts, stamps and coins

Tonga Fish, pumpkins, coconut products, vanilla beans

Trinidad and Tobago Petroleum and petroleum products, natural gas, chemicals

Tunisia Agricultural products, textiles, oil

Clothing and textiles, fruit and vegetables, iron and steel, motor vehicles and
machinery, fuels and oils

Turkmenistan Oil, gas, textiles, raw cotton

Tuvalu Copra, handicrafts

Uganda Coffee, fish and fish products, tea; tobacco, cotton, corn, beans, sesame

Military equipment, metals, pipes, machinery, petroleum products, textiles, agricultural


United Arab Emirates Oil, gas

United Kingdom Manufactured goods, chemicals, foodstuffs

Computers and electrical machinery, vehicles, chemical products, food and live
United States
animals, military equipment and aircraft

Uruguay Meat, rice, leather products, vehicles, dairy products, wool, electricity

Uzbekistan Cotton, gold, natural gas, mineral fertilizers, ferrous metals, textiles, motor vehicles

Vanuatu Copra, timber, beef, cocoa

Petroleum, bauxite and aluminium, steel, chemicals, agricultural products, basic


Vietnam Petroleum, rice, coffee, clothing, fish

Yemen Crude oil, cotton, coffee, fish

Zambia Copper, minerals, tobacco

Zimbabwe Tobacco, cotton, agricultural products, gold, minerals