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Diagrame des affinitées :

Simple assembly
Smart pamping
Simple to use
simple circuit

Usage of “Xbee”
Simple to
controle the distance
managed by computer
Smart pamping

Aspiration 240 l/h

pamping Hmt max 300 cm
water transfer

hydraulic efficiency
Determine the Mechanical efficiency
caracteristics rate of flow

Ordonner les fonctions : flow

Improve Observe the

experimental conditions in
the norms
results the nameplate

create an
use simple electrical circuit
e A good pump test clear handling
material that connects
the components
a Geré par un Arduino

Improve TP control using a Allow Managing all

computer through an Xbee actions remotely
What are specifications ?

 Improve experimental results.

 Easy handling.
 Remotly controled.
 Managed by the use of the software.
 Longer service life.
 Possibility to use it at home.
 Easy to realize the assembly of materials.
 Good performance of the pump.
 Reduce the cost.
 Comparison between the theoretical and the practical results.
 Manipulation easy to understand & to achieve.

Metric Need Metric unit

1 2,3,4 using the manipulation in an m
intelligent way
2 1,8,9  rate of flow l/min
 efficiency
 puissance hydraulique
 puissance mécanique
 Hmt
3 5 lifetime ans
4 6 suitable cost for the customers Mad
5 11 good appearance of the final product -
6 12 recovery of mechanical characteristics -
Opportunity identification process :
Method (RWW) :
> Is the opportunity real?
- They don’t have full understanding so they need to remake it at home.
- The materials are old and don’t function correctly.
- They have to wait for the process (wasting time).
- Sometimes the measurements captured are too far from the reality.
- When making the statement they wish if they could have access one more time for

> Can you win with this opportunity?

- Suitable cost for the customer.
- High precision.
- Simple to understand and to manipulate.
- Small dimensions.
- The possibility to update.

> Is the opportunity worth it financially?

- we already ordered the mean components for this project.
- the investment is relatively < 500 DH, so everything beyond is profitable return for us.