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1US010207757B2 2) United States Patent (10 Patent No: US 10,207,757 B2 Scaringe 4s) Date of Patent: Feb. 19, 2019 (54) SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR 66) References Cited RECONFIGURABLE ELECTRIC VEHICL US. PATENT DOCUMENTS. (71) Applicant: Rivian IP Holdings, LLC, Livonia, Ml Rr 2512798 A 61950 Hodges Ravin A F978 Gandaer (Coutinved) (72) Inventor: Robert J. Searinge, Plymouth, Ml ws) os : FOREIGN PATENT DOCUMENTS (93) Assignee: Rivian IP Holdings, LLC, Plymouth Wo 201419109 122014 MI (US) (*) Notice: Suijct to any disclaimer, the term of this eo patent is extended of adjusted under 35 pscheay rade Patent Cooperation Tre: Itmatonl Seach Rept, CTU (12956, dite Jun. 1 2017 (21) Appl. Now 181403,868, (Continved) (22) Filed: San. 11, 2017 Primary Examiner —Yaran Soofi (74) Attorney, Agent, o” Firm — Jones Day 6s) Prior Publication Data US 2017/0197678. AL Jul. 13, 2017 on a Ulization of shared vehicles that are structurally and revenibly. reconfigurable to suit requests for particular RACT Related U.S. Application Data (60) Provisional application No, 62/277,919, filed on Jan, Vehicle configurations is described. Vehicle use is monitored 12, 2016 for plural vehicles shared among multiple users'uses. In response toa fist request fora first particular configuration (51) Incr. cof a vehicle, a frst vehicle is seleted/provided in the frst 62D 632 (2006.01) particular configuration having a predetermined first estore Ba0G 1310 (2006.01) Set, te fst feature set being automatically set based on the (Continved) frst vehicle being placed in the frst particular configuration. eosta In response 1 a second use request for @ second particular be ‘Bo2b 68925 (2013.01); BOOK Loo cebligustion ofa vehicle different rom the ist particular GOIR0I}, Book Lod COI3.01y, ROK 17384 confizration, the first vehicle is selected/provided in the second paticular configuration having a predetermined sec- Redes ‘ond feature set, the second feature set being automatically (Coninaed) Seta the fist vehicle based on the ist vehi Being placed ($8) Field of Classification Search in the second parieularconfigration, the fist featire sot crc B62D 63/025; B60G 13/10; BOOK 1/02; eing different from the second feature set. {G0sg 300645 (Contnasd 39 Claims, $ Drawing Sets wv To fo Po fo LoLoLolo POKHPLH i i i US 10,207,757 B2 Page 2 Gh men sossaas A Tope ipsa 2006.01) S208 BL 11001 Colma, cab oor 16037 (200601) SUE Be ‘3000 Rowe Gung 3006 0120) Tons m2 22007 Chora a Book 00 (200601) Fata 21020 oa a oan vad temeory Fates Be "22010 Backman BOOK 17381 (2006.01) Sor BL aot Cases eal BOOK 17356 (200601) BL 2016 bart hoo? 342 (200601) BL 102019 eMac (2) Us.cL SM Be 122017 Domes Ce paax 17ase corsony sank soorn — ROLBEEDES AT "728 Brack a {Gon301; BaoK 2o01/0438:GOIS01y. Boor — Ayauaciesy Ate Dauty CS oor 16037 4/82 QOI3 0, ROR 167037 2013.01}; HOY ord 2200015 OLSON} BeOY 2400204 —1SUISO7IO ALY 62015 Carams Hon atm? Gors.0n; Roy 24107111 201301) "0 22 (5) Fie of Castes Sur DISMAL S218 Chet nnn ON ET use TOU29 —sorroia7er AL 72017 Searing ” See application fe for compte seach history. ) References Cited OTHER PUBLICATIONS US. PATENT DOCUMENTS. 41058 asa326 sa70iaa A Shoror A 41989 Biv i989 111995 Ernst T1998 Rice Pateat Cooperation Twety, Weitea Opinion ofthe latemtionl Searching Authority, PCTUS2017012986, dated tn. 1, 2017 Otce Action dated Mar 2, 2018 im copending U-S. Appl. No. 15403,870, 16 pages * cited by examiner U.S. Patent Feb. 19, 2019 Sheet 1 of 5 US 10,207,757 B2 | Database(s) 112 tem usage forecasts OM tile) 106 w 110 108 FIG. 1 ™t02 ol ol ol ol OJoJc Jo] ou) Cul teu] oy col clol cl ojojcjo] QJ OJ QJ OJ Shared vehicle driver pool (owners/users) Automotive vehicle pool (e.g., electric vehicles)