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Gay VOMmneesion RE.12 14-00526 Votes: Department of Public Facilities Votes: Receng Kees wane 14, ae 14-00525 Summary Form. pdf 14-00525 Back-Up Documentation.pdf 14-00525 Legislation. pdf 14-00525 Exhibit. pdt 14-00525-Submittal-Al Crespo.pdf 14-00525-PowerPoint Presentation-Sky Rise Miami.pdf Motion by Vice Chair Hardomon, seconded by Commissioner Suarez, that this matter be DEFERRED PASSED by the following vote. Ayes: 5 - Commissioneris) Gort, Samoff, Carollo, Suarez and Hardemon far the Record: Htem RE Iw red to the June 26, 201-4 Plann Commission RESOLUTION A RESOLUTION OF THE MIAMI CITY COMMISSION, WITH ATTACHMENT(S), CALLING FOR A REFERENDUM SPECIAL ELECTION TO BE HELD ON AUGUST 28, 2014, FOR THE PURPOSE OF SUBMITTING TO THE QUALIFIED ELECTORS OF THE CITY OF MIAMI ("CITY"), FOR THEIR APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL OF THE FOLLOWING REFERENDUM BALLOT QUESTION, "SHOULD THE CITY EXTEND THE EXISTING LEASES. FROM FORTY-SIX (46) TO NINETY-NINE (99) YEARS WITH BAYSIDE MARKETPLACE LLC. ON THE 16.85 ACRES OF WATERFRONT LAND (BAYSIDE MARKETPLACE) CONDITIONED ON THE CITY RECEIVING: UPFRONT PAYMENT OF $10,000,000.00; MINIMUM GUARANTEED YEARLY RENT OF APPROXIMATELY $3,516,002.00 (WHICH ESCALATES), PERCENTAGE RENT; MINIMUM $27,000,000.00 IMPROVEMENTS TO BAYSIDE MARKETPLACE INCLUDING ADDITIONAL PARKING; INCREASED CONTRIBUTION TO MIAMI BAYSIDE FOUNDATION; AND DEVELOPMENT OF A $400,000,000.00 PRIVATELY FUNDED 1,000 FOOT OBSERVATION AND ENTERTAINMENT TOWER (SKYRISE MIAMI), DESIGNATING AND. APPOINTING THE CITY CLERK AS THE OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CITY COMMISSION WITH THE RESPECT TO THE USE OF VOTER REGISTRATION BOOKS AND RECORDS; FURTHER, DIRECTING THE CITY CLERK TO CAUSE A CERTIFIED COPY OF THIS RESOLUTION TO BE DELIVERED TO THE SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS OF MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, FLORIDA, NOT LESS THAN FORTY-FIVE (45) DAYS PRIOR TO THE DATE OF SUCH REFERENDUM SPECIAL ELECTION. 14-00526 Summary Form. pdf 14-00526 Legislation. pat 14-00526 Exhibit paf 14-00526-Submittal-Javier Betancourt. pdf 14-00526-PowerPoint Presentation-Sky Rise Miami.pdf Motion by Vice Chair Hardemon, seconded by Commissioner Suarez, that this matter be ADOPTED WITH MODIFICATIONS PASSED by the following vote. Ayes: 5 - Commissioner(s) Gort, Samolf, Carollo, Suarez and Hardemon R-14-0227 Chair Gort ‘e atime certain at 1 alelock. We'r tle bs tito be heard, it'd be REI2, REO, ind, and the time nding, the Clerk recommen