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‘Nelsen 0. Ka akerman ‘Akerman LLP “Three Brickell ity Centre ‘98 Southeast Seventh Street ‘suite 1100 Mion FL 33131, Fe r 1: 305 374 5600 ery 252008 F305 3745095, Via Hand Delivery Mr. Todd B. Hannon, City Clerk Mr. Francisco Garcia, Planning Director City of Miami City of Miami 3500 Pan American Drive 3500 Pan American Drive Miami, FL 33133 Miami, FL 33133 RE: — Magic City Inn - Updated Development Agreement and Regulating Plan; Remaining Corrections to Scrivener’s Errors in Draft Ordinances Dear Messrs, Hannon and Garcia: Akerman LLP is land use counsel to MCD Miami, LLC and its affiliate co-applicants (collectively, the "Applicant"), the owners of thirty-seven (37) abutting parcels located on the site of the former Magic City trailer park and in the surrounding warehouse district, which are proposed to be included in the Magic City Innovation District Special Area Plan (the "Magic City SAP"). ‘The Magic City SAP and its companion Comprehensive Plan (FLUM) Amendment application are scheduled to be heard on first reading by the City Commission on Thursday, February 28, 2019, having been continued to this date from the prior first reading hearing held on November 15, 2018. Since ‘the November 15, 2018 hearing, there have been updates to the Magic City SAP Development Agreement and Regulating Plan. Further, we have reviewed the published Magic City SAP agenda materials for the February 28, 2019 hearing, including draft Ordinances, and respectfully request that the remaining scrivener’s errors identified below be corrected in the record.’ L ipdated Development Agreement and Regulating Plan ‘+ Attached at Exhibit A is a copy of the current Development Agreement for the Magic City SAP, ‘which has been updated since the previous November 15, 2018 City Commission hearing. '* Attached at Exhibit B is a copy of the current Regulating Plan for the Magic City SAP, which also has been updated since the previous November 15, 2018 City Commission hearing. Il. Development Agreement Ordinance Materials — City File No. 4716 ‘© At the fourth (4th) WHEREAS clause of the draft Ordinance approving the Development Agreement, reference to 2,662 residential units should be corrected to 2,630. See Exhibit C hereto fora hand mark-up. 1 Note that we previously identified these scrivener's errors in a similar letter delivered on the record at the November 15, 2018 City Commission hearing. In addition to the copies attached as exhibits to this letter, we will be