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Patrick Grafton-Cardwell

Contact 150 Hicks Way, E305 South College 562.310.8822

Information University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-9274

Areas of Metaphysics
Specialization Philosophy of Art

Areas of Ancient Philosophy

Competence Philosophy of Religion

Education UMass Amherst

PhD, Philosophy, expected May 2020

Purdue University
MA, Philosophy, 2014

Biola University
MA, Philosophy of Religion and Ethics (Summa Cum Laude), 2012
BS, Music (Magna Cum Laude), 2008

Dissertation Worlds Without End: a Platonist Theory of Creation

Ned Markosian (chair), Amie Thomasson, Phillip Bricker, Alejandro Pérez Carballo

After examining what it is to make up a story, I argue we ought to think stories are traditions—
they are historically individuated ways of relating to discovered entities. The underlying ontol-
ogy is Platonist. Authors make up stories by discovering pre-existing abstract entities. In so
doing, however, authors genuinely create.

Work in “Mediated Predication in Aristotle’s Categories” (Under Review)

Progress In order to solve a debate over whether nonsubstantial particulars are recurrent or not, some
commentators on Aristotle’s Categories have proposed a distinction in two ways that predication
relations hold according to Aristotle. I elaborate on this view, distinguishing between direct
and mediated predication in Aristotle’s Categories.

“What is a Fiction?” (Under Review)

This paper takes up the question under what conditions a story counts as a work of fiction. I
argue for the view that a story is a work of fiction to the degree that it is made up.

“Plenitudism about Stories”

Plenitudism about stories is the view that there is a plenitude of stories from which an author
selects her story when she makes it up. I offer two arguments for Plenitudism about Stories:
(1) Plenitudism’s rival, Creationism, posits an arbitrary distinction in reality and so should be
rejected, and (2) Plenitudism best makes sense of what authors do, how they are authoritative
over their works, and the ways in which they can fail as well.

Presentations “Fictions are Fabrications.” 2019 Syracuse Graduate Philosophy Conference, Syracuse Univer-
sity, Syracuse, New York. April, 2019.

“Platonism about Stories: Creativity without Creation.” 2018 ASA Annual Meeting, Toronto,
Ontario, CA. October, 2018.

“Platonism about Stories: Creativity without Creation.” SEP 2018 Conference, Society for
Exact Philosophy, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. May, 2018.

“Does Endurantism Require the A-Theory? No.” 11th annual UMSL Gateway Graduate Con-
ference. University of Missouri – Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO. April, 2016.

“Rethinking the Relational/Constituent Division.” Northeastern New England Philosophical

Association. UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA. October, 2014.

“Carving a Niche for Immodest Moral Realism.” Northwestern University Society for the
Theory of Ethics and Politics (NUSTEP) (8th annual conference). Northwestern University,
Evanston, IL. May, 2013.

“A Dilemma for Lewisian Modal Realism.” Talbot Philosophical Society (fall conference). Biola
University, La Mirada, CA. November, 2011.

Teaching Advanced University Courses Taught

Philosophy in Public Schools (UMass Amherst) Spring 2019
Introduction to Philosophy of Art (UMass Amherst) Spring 2017
Existential Philosophy (UMass Amherst) Summer 2017

Introductory University Courses Taught

Introduction to Philosophy (UMass, Purdue University) Fall 2018, Spring 2014

Medical Ethics (UMass Amherst) Fall 2017, Spring 2018
Introduction to Ethics (Purdue University) Fall 2013

High School Courses Taught

Western Philosophy & Theology (Torrey Academy) Spring 2012

Introduction to Logic (Torrey Academy) Fall 2011, Spring 2012

Teaching Assistant (* indicates graduate course)

Medical Ethics (UMass Amherst) Fall 2015, Fall 2016

Existential Philosophy (UMass Amherst) Spring 2016
Philosophy of Religion (Purdue University) Spring 2013
Introduction to Philosophy (Purdue University) Fall 2012
Symbolic Logic* (Biola University) Spring 2012
Metaphysics* (Biola University) Fall 2012
Introduction to Philosophy (Biola University) Fall 2010

Honors and UMass Philosophy Department Heidelberger Prize. (Given to one student in department for
Awards the most outstanding “starred paper” during that year.) 2016

Member of Epsilon Kappa Epsilon Honors Society. (Biola University’s honors baccalaureate
society.) 2008

Member of Torrey Honors Institute. (Honors institute of Biola University. Membership granted
upon completion of the institute’s requirements.) 2008

Professional Philosophy in Public Schools: Western Massachusetts

Service Organizer and Instructor, 2016-present
Philosophy in Public Schools (PiPS) is a philosophy outreach program centered at UMass
Amherst targeted towards public schools in Western Massachusetts. I have been an organizer
and leader for PiPS since it began at UMass in 2016.

Massachusetts-Rhode Island Graduate Philosophy Workshop

Organizer, 2015-present
The Massachusetts-Rhode Island Graduate Philosophy Workshop (MARI) is an annual, rotat-
ing conference for graduate students of MIT, Brown, and UMass Amherst. I was one of three
original co-organizers in the inaugural year of MARI (2015) and have helped co-organize in
2016, 2017, and 2018.

Talbot Philosophical Society Graduate Conference

Organizer, 2012
The graduate philosophical society at Talbot, Biola’s graduate school, organizes an annual
philosophy conference. I helped organize this in 2012.

Languages Attic Greek—Reading Proficiency

Special Seminars Metaphysical Mayhem Rutgers University 2018

Taken CEU Summer Sem. in Ontology Central European University 2017

Graduate Metaphysics
Courses Taken Ontology of Art Objects Markosian, UMass
Metaphysics of Time Bricker, UMass
Realism and Objectivity Pérez Carballo, UMass
Metaphysics of Quantities Eddon, UMass
Philosophy of Attention/Consciousness Levine, UMass
Metaphysics of Relations Bricker, UMass
Metaphysics (Topics) Bergmann/Brower, Purdue
Medieval Theories of Relations Brower, Purdue
Metaphysics of Human Persons Moreland, Biola
Philosophy of Mind Moreland, Biola
Modal Metaphysics Pickavance, Biola

Religion and Theology

Divine Foreknowledge Hunt, Whitter College

Philosophy of Religion Geivett, Biola
Theology of Maximus the Confessor Peters, Biola

History of Philosophy

Stoic Metaphysics de Harven, UMass
Seminar on Aristotle de Harven, UMass
Seminar on Rudolph Carnap Klement, UMass
Presocratic Epistemology Curd, Purdue
Plato’s Middle Period Curd/Frank, Purdue
Aristotle’s Ethics and Philosophy of Mind Curd, Purdue
Kant’s Ethics Kain, Purdue
Kant’s First Critique Mariña, Purdue
20th Century Analytic Philosophy Bertolet, Purdue
Ancient and Medieval Ethics Horner, Biola

Logic and Language

Math Logic Klement, UMass

Conditionals Pérez Carballo, UMass
Metalogic Tulodziecki, Purdue
Philosophy of Language Bertolet, Purdue
Symbolic Logic Pickavance, Biola


Theories of Knowlege Bergmann/Steup, Purdue

Epistemology Pickavance, Biola


Moral Epistemology Bergmann/Kain, Purdue

Ethical Issues Rae, Biola
History and Normative Systems of Ethics Horner, Biola