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Praayaneeyesthi, Aathidhyesthi, Relievese of all human

Pravargya Sambharana, Pravargya prejudices
Vegimaana, Saayah Prata Pravargya, Destroys and prevents all
Upasathu, Subrahmanya Aahvaanam. internal enimies
Agnishomeeya Yagaa, Naama Subrahmanya Blessings of the Lord Sun
12-04-2019 Aahvaanam, Havirr Yaagas and Lord Moon.
Srutyaahassu, Dakshinaadaana,
Blessing of Shodasi
13-04-2019 Praising of Shodasi Ammaal
Ammaal in it’s Totality
Through Stuta Sastrams, AVABHRITA
14-04-2019 Fullfilling of all Desires
Sri Rama Pattabhisheka, Sri Sita Rama
UKTTHYA YAAGA Sankalpa Ritvigvarana, Cleanses internally and
Deekshaneeyesthi, Deekshaaniyamaas. externally
16-04-2019 Prayaneeya, Aatithya, Upasathu Favoures of Rulers
Madhyama Upasathu, Blessings with
17-04-2019 Subrahmanya Aahvaanamu, Mutual Understanding
Dakshinaadaanamu and Friendship
Agnishomeeya Yagaa, Blessings of Lord Varuna,
18-04-2019 Naama Subrahmanya Aahvaanam, Endless wealth, prevention
Havirr Yaagas of all hurdles..
Atha Mahaaraatramu, Bahishpavamana
Stuta Sastra, Dakshinaadaana, Blessings with
19-04-2019 all good results
Completion of Chaturveda Parayana, Well being of univese,
20-04-2019 Braahmana Puja, Indravymrudha Yagaa compensates for mistakes
Brahmanaasirvachana committed if any.
Lecturers willbe delivered by eminent scholars during interval Periods of the Mahaa Yaaga.

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Yaagas. Thus Sri Yajulu is a fitting person to perform the ATYAGNISTOMA UKTTHYA
“Kartha Kaarayita Chaiva Preraka Schaanu modakah
Sukrute Dushkrute Vaapi Chatvaara Ssamabhaaginah”
Hence all the believers and patrons of Vedas and Yagnas are requested to extend their help by
liberal donatins to this holy yaaga, in any form and may seek the blessings of Yagneswara.
“Vedokhilo Dharmamulam”. Vedas are the root of all the Dharma to be Prasadam is being distributed during this peirod of Yaaga for solving problems related to marriage,
performed by mankind. Such vedas prescribed performance of Yagnaas as the employment, professional success, begetting children and for fullfilling of any wish of the participants.
supreme way of worshipping the Lord.
Since Yagnaas are harbinger of peace and prosperity to the universe, it is said that “YAGNAH SRI YAGNESWARA BHAKTA BRINDAM
KALYANA HETAVAH” Brahmasri. Dendukuri Venkateswara Ghanapaati Yajulu Garu
From the verse “SWAADHYAAYO DHYETAVYA STATTHI TAPASTATTHI TAPAH”, it can Brahmasri. Guntur Ramachandra Somayajulu Garu
be said that, Tapas means recitation of vedas only. All Mahamantraas are embedded in vedas only. As Brahmasri. Dendukuri Venkatappa Yagna Narayana Somayaji Garu
a headbath cleanses the whole body, the recitation of Vedaas, result in meditating of all Mahamantraas Brahmasri. Dendukuri Satyanarayana Somayaji Garu
and it associated favoures shower on. Hence, it is decided to conduct Veda Parayana.
Brahmasri. Chilla Srinivasa Bala Subrahmanya Somayaji Garu
“Vedonityamadheeyatam Tadudidam Karma Swanusttheeyatam”. Brahmasri. Dendukuri Sadasiva Ghanapaati Somayaji Garu
All Vedaas are borne for the performance of Shroutakarmaas only (i.e performance of Yagaas as Brahmasri. V. Narasimha Sharma Garu - Dendukuri Karthikeya Sharma
ordianed by Vedaas).
“Yagnena Yagnamayajamtadevah Taani Dharmaani Pratthamaa nyaasan.”.
Thus Quoting,purusha sookta is also pointing towards performance of Yagna Karmaas. Needless
to say, Yagna Karmaas means sroutha Yaagaas as ordained by Vedaas only. DAY WISE DETAILS OF EVENTS PERFORMED IN THE YAGAA
“Taamagni Varnam tapasaa jwalanteem”. AND THE REWARDS IT FETCHES
Shodasi procedure as told in Vedic scriptures contains worshippng of Paraabhattarika Ammal, Chaturveda Parayana, Gopuja, Ganapathi Homam, Agni Hothram, Aavahanthi Homama,
Agni and all other celestial gods and this worship is nothing but ATYAGNISTOMA. Srimadbhagavata Parayana and Sri Madramayana Parayana will be held daily.
In the present day society, females are put to all types of troubles insults and incomeniences. To
Cleanses body and soul,
bring a peacefull life to all such females and to bring peace and properity to the whole womankind and Ganapati Puja, Agni Hotra,
thus to establish a free and fair society, performance of “ATYAGNISTOMA UKTTHYA MAHAA Rewards of Aswameda
05-04-2019 Ganapati Homam, Gopuja, Achhidra,
YAAGA” is the best solution. This can absolve the human race of all evil thoughts and leads us in a Yaaga, Relives the horrors
Aswamedha Parayana, Pinda Pitru Yagna.
righteous way. from Lord Yama.
With the holy blessings of Sri Tripura Sundari Sameta Chandramouleswara Swamy and Pitrumedha Parayana, Ganapati Homa,
with the Blessings of Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Chandra Sekhara Saraswathi Swamy, Sri Sri Sri Jayendra 06-04-2019 Gopuja, Surya Namaskara Health Gains
Saraswathi Swamy, Sri Sri Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamy of Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, Sri Upanishatparayana.
Sri Sri Raghavendra Maha Swamy, Sri Krishna Premi Anna and Sri Muralidhara Swamy Guruji, this
ATYAGNISTOMA UKTTHYA MAAHAYAAGA is being performed by Sri Dendukuri Venkata Sita 07-04-2019 Ahoratra Satarudreeya Parayana Fullfilling of all Desires
Ramajaneya Ghanapati Mahaagni Chidaapta Vajapeya Bruhaspatisava Sarvatomukha Yajulu, the sec- Relives of all the sins
ond son of Trivedi and Nityagnihotri late Sri Dendukuri Venkata Hanumanth Ghanapati Somayaji 08-04-2019 Visesha Brahmana Samaradhana
perfomed earlier.
(Peddanji) and grand son of late Sri Dendukuri Venkatappa Yagna Narayana Ghanapati Poundarika
Yajulu (Brahmibhoota Gnaanaananda Theertha Swamy). The macaulay education could not infulence Visesha Brahmana Puja, Madhuparka, for attainment of
their family and all their family members are vedic scholars and Nityagnihotris. Sri Yajulu himself has 09-04-2019 Atyagnistoma, Ritvigvarana, concentration in the
studied upto Krishna Yajurveda Ghananta, Stroutha in all its three Departments, and perfomed several Deekshaneeyesthi, Deekshaaniyama propsed endeavours