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Longer wait for medical m arijuana lawr

some other time. Some other hesident,
' the Chief Executive firmly believes that legalizing the use of cannabis maybe," the Chief Executive said in his speech
for medical purposes would only be an excuse for the at an event in Negros Occidental.
proliferation of mar[iuana plantations A proposed measure, House Bill 66Il also
called the Philippine Compassionate Medical
Bi l(rbtlm aratlt 'He foels that you will be using that as an Cannabis Act, is pending before the House of
excuse, (Ihe problem) mightjust get bigger. that's Representatives.
Medical mariiuana advocates will hs!€ why he said not during ny time. In another time
IIe doesn't wed to risk the spread of
,to wait longer for its legalization maybe, he said,' Panelo said
addiction in thfu coutry.
;. as hesident Rodrigo Duterte 'He doesn't want Xo risk the spread 0f addiction
^' -""', declared it is not going to in this country' he added. It seeks to legalize the use of medical
happen rtile he is Sill in offic€. lte official said the only way the President marduana for debilitating conditions such as
- "Absolute yes, he doesn't may have another change of heari is if there multiple sclerosis, cancer, IIIV/AIDS, neurological
like (legalizing it)," presidential v/ould be .definitive findings'to prove the healing disorders and spinal cord i4juries. .
spokesman Salvador Pan elo benefits of medical marijuana. the poposod lar prescribes rules for the proper
confirmed at a press briefing. The President, in the past, initially expessed use ofmedical ma.rijuana, including the designation
. He said that the Chief Executive firmly approval of the use of cannabis for medical of a qualified medical cannabis physician, a
kR b"[i"u.r that legalizing the use of cannabis purposes. qualilied medical cannabis patient who shall be
for medical purposes would only be used as Last week, howe\€r, he reneged on his prwious issued an identi{ication caxd, a qualilied medical
an excuse for the proliferation of mar$uana statement and vowed to block legislative efforts carmabis caregiver ard a qualified nedical carmabis
plartations and cause widespread addiction. to legalize medical marduana. compassionate c€nter,

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