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Chess boxing

Chess boxing

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U.L.Aluthapala U.L.Aluthapala
Introduction Few chess boxing world championships has been held from year 2003. But its
occurrences were not identical. Chess boxing world champions are from
Chess boxing, name itself defines that this is a hybrid game. That is true, this Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Belarus and Russia respectively in year 2003,
is a combination of Chess and Boxing. The concept first came in 1992 with the 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2013.
comic Froid Équateur of famous French comic artist Enki Bilal. But inventor of
this game is Lepe Rubing who was a Dutch performing artist. He developed Key organizations
the idea until it became a competitive sport. The game has 11 alternative World Chess boxing Organization (WCBO) is the leading organization and
rounds starting and ending up with chess. This sport is common in Europe governing organizations of Germany, India, Iran, Italy, China, Russia, USA,
including Russia. Mexico and Spain are member associations.
Other than the WCBO, World chess boxing association, London chess boxing
How does it play and win? and chess boxing global are other main facilitators of chess boxing. But Chess
A chess boxing game consists 11 rounds. It starts with chess and have boxing global is a marketing organization and responsible for professional
alternative rounds of boxing and chess. That is 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds chess boxing events and all commercial activities.
of boxing. Each round ends after 3 minutes.
Rules and regulations of both chess and boxing are governing for a chess Attractiveness
boxing game. A chess boxing match can finish by followings,
Chess is purely a mind game. But boxing depends of the strength of player
 Technically knockout in boxing and some mindfulness. The above two games are at opposite ends.
 Check mate in chess game of exceeding the time control in chess Developing a game by combining these two was an amazing idea.
 Disqualifying of any player by referee
For spectators, they have to watch the chess round with lot of patient and
boxing round with full of cheer. Therefore spectators also can get enjoyed in
Age Groups and categories two different ends of entertainment in one game. This is the most
attractiveness of this game for me.
Age of a player should be more than 17 years for international events. Players
for chees boxing is categorized to weight classes. It is same as boxing. There
are four weight classes. Light weight (70kg), medium weight (80kg), light
heavyweight (90kg) and heavyweight (90kg+) are four classes for men.
Weight classes are same for women, but it is 15kg lesser than that of men in
all weight classes.

Big events
The first chess boxing world championship was held in Berlin, Germany in year
2003. Two years later the first European championship in chess boxing was
also held in Berlin. Therefore Berlin was the birth place of chess boxing and it
is status as the leading city in chees boxing.