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CLASS TEST – I (2019)

SUB: MAN (17601) TYME DATE: 08/02/2019 [25 MARKS]

Instructions: i) All questions are compulsory. ii) Select & tick ✓the correct answer.

1. Service industry is ___________sector in economy.

A] Primary B] Secondary C] Basic D] Tertiary
2. Manufacturing sector contributes _____% of India’s GDP.
A] 5% B] 30% C] 15% D] 25%
3. SEZ means
A] Special Export Zones B] Special Economic Zones
C] State Economic Zones D] Special Engineering Zones
4. What is meant by GDP?
A] Gross Development Price B] Group Demographic Point
C] Gross Domestic Product D] None
5. How many nationalized banks are there in India?
A] 55 B] 22 C] 19 D] 540
6. Which is the pioneering company with respect to iron and steel field in India?
A] TISCO B] BOSCH C] Rajuri Steels D] Jindal Steels
7. All exports and imports activities are governed by
A] Foreign trade policy B] Fiscal Policy
C] Global Policy D] Trade and Business Policy
8. Following bank is working in agriculture field
A] ICICI b] Allahabad C] NABARD D] AgroB
9. F.W.Taylor has given highest contribution in
A] Economics and management B] Priciples of management
C] Functions of management D] Scientific management
10. Henry Fayol has given _____principles of management
A] 14 B] 12 C] 16 D] 13
11. Discipline starts from
A] Top to Bottom B] Bottom to Top C] From Middle D] All are wrong
12. Remuneration is not based on
A] Performance B] Responsibility C] Emotions D] Designation
13. Why plan fails?
A] Lack of Knowledge B] Insufficient data C] Over Confidence D] All are correct.
14. Control is _____in nature and it needs at____ time.
A] Static, any B] Static, starting C] Dynamic, any D] Dynamic, starting

15. Behavioural management theory is put up by ___________

A] Maslow B] Mary Parker C] Max Weber D] Gilberth
16. Work on correct track with correct speed is possible by
A] Planning B] Organising C] Directing D] Controlling
17. Action results into_____
A] wants B] needs C] action D] satisfaction
18. First step in decision making is
A] Recognize the problem B] Evaluation
C] Analysis D] Finding out alternatives
19. They expect less but contribute more”- This happens in which phase?
A] Social needs B] Self actualization needs C] Safety needs D] Esteem needs
20. Ability to adjust, change, bend is
A] Flexibility B] Balance C] Stability D] Ability
21. Highest business secrecy is in
A] Partnership B] Government Sector C] Sole Proprietorship D] Co-operative Society
22. Maximum shareholders in public limited company are
A] 7 B] 10 C] 50 D] No limit
23. While assigning duties following must be avoided
A] Overlapping B] Under utilization C] Overloading D] ALL
24. Each one is accountable to immediate senior authority in __________organisation.
A] Line B] Staff C] Project D] None
25. Which is not limitation of Public Sector?
A] Productivity is less B] Decision- making is slow
C] More political interference D] Unlimited liability