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India election in 7 phases,

vote count on May 23
New Delhi: Lok Sabha elections
will be held in seven phases from
April 11 to May 19, the Indian Opinion polls predict
Election Commission has
announced, setting a two‑and‑half BJP will marginally
month‑long process for people to fall short of majority
either vote in the Narendra Modi‑
led dispensation once again or
choose an alternative.
Assembly elections will also be
Modi government
simultaneously held in Andhra needed for national
Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh,
Odisha and Sikkim while the
security: BJP chief
demand of parties for Assembly Amit Shah
polls in Jammu and Kashmir has
not been accepted due to security
According to The BJP‑led
BJP will be ousted,
National Democratic Alliance says Rahul Gandhi
(NDA) will fall marginally short of
a majority (winning 264 seats but
promising to focus on
needing 272 for majoprity) in the PM Narendra Modi and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi: In the 2019 ballot of the battle, economic issues
Lok Sabha but will comfortably
it is BJP pumped up after the recent India‑Pak conflict versus a fractured opposition.
form the government with post accoding to the latest CVoter pre‑ ballot, BJP chief Amti Shah said, a who inspired confidence or ousted in the 2019 Lok Sabha
poll tie‑ups. In the eventuality of poll survey of March 2019. stable government with a clear knew which issues to focus on. elections and promised farm loan
no Mahagathbandhan (grand Meanwhile, the UPA has been pre‑ majority led by Narendra Modi In the opposition camp, waiver, minimum income guaran‑
alliance of opposition parties) in dicted to get 141 seats out of 543 alone can assure national securi‑ Congress President Rahul Gandhi tee scheme and a single‑rate GST
Uttar Pradesh, the Narendra in total. The other parties have ty. He said in contrast to Modiʼs speaking at a rally in regime if the Congress comes to
Modi‑led NDA will walk home been projected to get 138 seats. decisive leadership, the opposi‑ Gandhinagar Tuesday said the power at the Centre.
with over 300 Lok Sabha seats, Gearing up for the battle of the tion did not have a single leader BJP‑led NDA government will be Continued on page 4

Gokhale and Pompeo discuss 'urgency' India grounds Boeing

of Pakistan acting against terrorists 737 Max planes
Washington: In the first high‑level face‑to‑
face India‑U.S. meeting after the Pulwama
terrorist attack, U.S. Secretary of State Mike
US says 'no basis' to ground Boeing 737 MAX planes
Pompeo and Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay New Delhi: Following the Ethiopian Airlines
Gokhale discussed Mar. 11 "the importance crash all the Boeing 737 Max of SpiceJet
of bringing those responsible for the attack will be grounded before 4 pm on
to justice and the urgency of Pakistan tak‑ Wednesday India time. Late on Tuesday
ing meaningful action against terrorist night, Directorate General of Civil Aviation
groups operating on its soil,” State (DGCA) of India ordered grounding of this
Department Deputy Spokesperson Robert aircraft with immediate effect. The country
Palladino said. has also banned overflying of Boeing 737
At their meeting in Washington, Pompeo Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale Max in its airspace from Wednesday. These Safety concerns have grown following
"affirmed that the U.S. stands with the peo‑ with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo planes will be grounded till appropriate two crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX 8
ple and government Continued on page 4 in Washington on March 11. modifications and Continued on page 4 planes in five months. (Pic : Boeing)

PAKISTAN SPECIAL REPORT 10 OP ED 14 IMMIGRATION 27 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS 30 excellence in journalism March 16-22, 2019

Dust from old, peeling paint

can contain lead, which can
cause learning and behavior
problems in children.
peeling paint. If your
call 311.
and children’s hands and
toys often.
„ Ask your doctor to test
your child for lead.


Call 311 or visit
for more information.
Bill de Blasio
Oxiris Barbot, MD
Commissioner TRISTATE COMMUNITY March 16-22, 2019 3

Tulsi Gabbard extols her Hindu faith at CNN Town Hall

By SATimes Team God and in the service of others,” personal relationship and Karma
she said. Yoga is seeing how can I dedicate
New York: Tulsi Gabbard, the first “So, throughout my life, I have my energy and skills and time
Hindu US Congresswoman and done my best in different ways to into this service of others.”
Democratic 2020 presidential be able to do that̶to dedicate Asked about her being an ally of
candidate, said that she believed my actions whether it was envi‑ Hindu nationalists (in India), she
her past comments on Syrian ronmental work in Hawaii as a said that “as a practicing Hindu, I
President Bashar al‑Assad have teenager, running for state House have been at the receiving end of
been misunderstood, declining to in Hawaii when I was 21 years Hinduphobia and bigoted
call him a war criminal. old, serving on the City Council, attacks,” and recalled that “the
That made news, and the CNN and now in Congress as well as first time I ran for Congress in
Town Hall on March 10 in Austin, serving as a soldier in the Army 2012, my Republican opponent
Texas brought her much needed National Guard.” said on television that I was not
national attention. When the CNN anchor Dana qualified to serve in Congress
But the US media reports did Bash asked about her link to the because my being a Hindu contra‑
Four‑time Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard is running Hare Krishna movement from dicted the US Constitution.”
not dwell too much on how she
for President, and if elected will be the first Hindu to occupy
explained her faith in Hinduism. which she has split, Gabbard said “Unfortunately, even now, as I
the highest office in America.
As to what her Hindu faith has she now follows the Gaudiya stand before you today, running
brought into her life, Gabbard studying and reading from both stories about Jesus of Nazareth. Vaishnava branch of Hinduism. for president, these Hinduphobic
said, “I grew to understand from a the Bhagavad Gita as well as the But, what we learned from a She explained that “it is this prac‑ attacks continue,” she said, and
young age being raised in a multi‑ New Testament.” young age from the scriptures tice of what is called Bhakti Yoga added that so did attacks “against
faith home ̶ my mom is a prac‑ “So, we heard stories about was that real happiness in life can and Karma Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is Christians, Muslims, Jews, athe‑
ticing Hindu, my dad is Catholic Krishna and Arjuna at night when only be found when you are dedi‑ developing a loving relationship ists ̶ people of all different reli‑
̶ and for us as kids we grew up we were going to sleep as well as cating your life in the service of with God ̶ it is a very deeply gions.”

UK Parliament rejects Celebs among 50 charged in 'largest

May's Brexit deal again college admissions scam' in US
London: British Prime
Minister Theresa May's
ond meaningful vote in
the UK Parliament since
January, increasing
Washington: US federal prosecu‑
uncertainty about how
tors have charged nearly 50 peo‑
the country will leave the
UK is scheduled to leave the European ple in a scam where the wealthy
European Union. MPs
Union on March 29. paid to have their children admit‑
voted against May's
ted to elite schools.
revised EU withdrawal agreement the opposition Labour Party had
US Attorney for the District of
by 391 to 242 on Tuesday, another said that these changes were not
Massachusetts Andrew Lelling told
heavy defeat since January 15, enough to persuade MPs to back
a press conference in Boston on
when MPs rejected May's Brexit the agreement reached by London
Tuesday that the case was the
deal by a margin of 230, Xinhua and Brussels in November 2018
"largest college admissions scam
reported. after years of painful negotiations.
ever prosecuted," saying those
T he voting started at around "The reality is that nothing has
charged collaborated to send stu‑
1900 GMT, with the Prime Minister changed," Jeremy Corbyn, the
dents to top tier US universities
heading for a defeat. leader of Labour Party, said in the
with bribe, Xinhua news agency
A hoarse Prime Minister, who was Parliament. "Nothing has changed.
carrying on her last‑ditch battle to Not one single word was changed." Actresses Lori Loughlin (“Full House”) and Felicity Huffman
The scam, which started in 2011,
save her Brexit deal just hours Corbyn said the Labour party put (“Desperate Housewives”) are among those named in
saw a total of $25 million paid as
before the crunch vote, failed to win forward the idea of "remain and the complaint. (Photo courtesy Variety)
bribe. Lelling said among those
over the ERG, a major faction within reform" in the referendum cam‑
charged are three scam organisers, “Desperate Housewives,” and Lori their children in gaining unde‑
her Conservative Party. paign.
33 parents, nine coaches, two SAT Loughlin who started on “Full served admission to prestigious
The UK is scheduled to leave the With her Brexit deal rejected
and ACT administrators, one exam House,” are among those named in universit ies, including Yale,
European Union on March 29. again in the UK Parliament, the
proctor and one college adminis‑ the complaint. They face charges Georgetown, Stanford, the
May told lawmakers after the vot‑ Prime Minister then faces a possi‑
trator. of conspiracy to commit mail fraud University of Texas and University
ing that the choices facing Britain ble defeat on a second vote on
T hose charged included and honest services mail fraud. of Southern California, according
were "unenviable" now must be Wednesday to prevent a no‑deal
Hollywood actresses, wealthy busi‑ A company named the Edge to a statement released by Lelling's
faced. May has secured legally bind‑ Brexit on March 29, and a third
ness people and a lawyer, a list of College and Career Network acted of fice. Parents spent anywhere
ing changes to the deal on Monday vote on Thursday to extend the
those charged provided by as a conduit for parents to bribe to from $200,000 to $6.5 million to
night, but rebel lawmakers of her Article 50 divorce process, likely
Lelling's of fice showed. Actresses test administrators or school guarantee their childrenʼs admis‑
Conservative Party and those from until the end of June.
Felicity Huffman, who appeared in sports coaches, who would assist sion, officials said.
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India election in 7 phases, visions for the Indo‑Pacific, U.S.‑ India grounds Boeing
Modi urges Rahul, others vote count on May 23
Continued from page 1
India defense cooperation, and the
growing U.S.‑India economic part‑
737 Max planes
Continued from page 1
nership, including joint efforts to
to motivate voters His sister Priyanka Gandhi is also
now in full campaign mode. The
Congress General Secretary on
expand bilateral trade in a balanced
and reciprocal manner,” he said.
safety measures are undertaken to
ensure their safe operations.”,
SpiceJet said that it “suspended
New Delhi: Prime Minister leader) Tejashwi Yadav and (DMK Responding to Pompeo's refer‑
Tuesday urged people to consider Boeing 737 Max operations follow‑
Narendra Modi on Wednesday chief ) M.K. Stalin to encourage ence to bilateral trade matters,
the Lok Sabha polls as “another ing DGCA's decision to ground the
urged Congress President Rahul increased voter participation in the Gokhale "underscored the signifi‑
independence struggle” and told aircraft.”
Gandhi and other politicians, upcoming Lok Sabha polls. A high cant reduction in trade deficit in the
them to raise the real issues fac‑ Jet Airways also has five B737
sportspersons, actors, business turnout augurs well for our demo‑ last three years and conveyed
ing them instead of getting drawn Max but they are on ground for a
leaders to encourage maximum cratic fabric," he tweeted. India's willingness to remain
into trivialities. very long time, much before
voter engagement in 2019 general He also mentioned sportspersons engaged with the U.S. for a mean‑
"Your greatest weapon is aware‑ Sundayʼs crash of Ethiopian airliner,
elections in April‑May. P.V. Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, ingful and mutually acceptable
ness about the realities facing the due to non‑payment of lease
"I appeal to Rahul Gandhi, (West S.Kidambi; actors Amitabh package on trade issues" the
country, your vote is your rentals.
Bengal Chief Minister) Mamata Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, busi‑ embassy said.
weapon. Use it with after due con‑ Besides India, 17 countries have
(Banerjee), (NCP chief ) Sharad ness leaders Ratan Tata, Anand The Gokhale‑Pompeo meeting
sideration and due discretion. grounded this Boeing aircraft and
Pawar, (BSP supremo) Mayawati, Mahindra to encourage more vot‑ took place against the backdrop of
Ensure that it does not hurt any‑ 27 airlines have stopped flying it,
(SP chief ) Akhilesh Yadav, (RJD ing in polls. President Donald Trump ending tar‑
one," Priyanka Gandhi said. but another 18 have not.
iff concessions worth $5.6 billion Yet, US Federal Aviation

Ayodhya mediation process Gokhale and Pompeo

discuss 'urgency' of
top India last week under the
General Scheme of Preferences cit‑
Administration (FAA) said it saw "no
basis" to ground Boeing 737 MAX
Pakistan acting against ing what he called New Delhi's fail‑ planes, despite two recent similar
begins in Faizabad terrorists
Continued from page 1
ure to provide "equitable and rea‑
sonable access" for U.S. to its mar‑
crashes involving aircraft in the
Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh): The as members. kets. Gokhale also participated in "Thus far, our review shows no
of India in the fight against terror‑
Supreme Court‑const ituted Heavy restriction have been the India Strategic Dialogue at the systemic performance issues and
ism" Palladino said. India's
three‑member pane l on imposed on the road leading to State Department on Tuesday with provides no basis to order ground‑
Washington Embassy said in a
Wednesday held its first meeting the Guest House on the Awadh Under Secretary of State for ing the aircraft. Nor have other civil
statement, "Pompeo expressed his
in a bid to resolve the Babri University campus where the Political Affairs David Hale. aviation authorities provided data
understanding of India's concerns
Masjid‑Ramjanmbhoomi title suit proceedings are taking place. Meanwhile in Islamabad, to us that would warrant action,"
regarding cross‑border terrorism.
dispute. Referring the dispute, the apex Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah the statement said on Tuesday.
They agreed that Pakistan needs to
The panel is headed by former court on March 8 said that Mehmood Qureshi has given the US The statement came amid mount‑
take concerted action to dismantle
Supreme Court judge Justice "utmost confidentiality" should an assurance that his country ing safety concerns following two
the terrorist infrastructure and to
F.M.I. Kalifulla, with Art of Living be maintained to ensure success would deal firmly with all terrorists, crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX
deny safe haven to all terrorist
founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and of the process and that it should according to NSA John Bolton. 8 planes in a short span of five
groups in its territory. They also
senior advocate Shriram Panchu be completed within eight weeks. "Spoke with Pakistani FM Qureshi months, Xinhua reported.
agreed that those who support or
abet terrorism in any form should to encourage meaningful steps An Ethiopian Airlines plane en
against JeM (Jaish‑e‑Mohammed)
Adam Schiff says Trump be held accountable."
Gokhale "conveyed appreciation and other terrorist groups operat‑
ing from Pakistan", Bolton tweeted
route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi,
Kenya crashed on Sunday, killing all
157 people aboard.
should be indicted to the U.S. Government and to
Secretary Pompeo personally for on Monday. "The FM assured me
that Pakistan would deal firmly
A Lion Air crash in October last
year in Indonesia killed all 189 peo‑
Washington: There's already suffi‑ ment described how "Individual 1" the firm support that India received
from the U.S. in the aftermath of the with all terrorists and will continue ple on board.
cient evidence to support an directed and coordinated a cam‑
terrorist attack in Pulwama, the steps to de‑escalate tensions with A growing list of countries and
indictment of President Trump paign fraud scheme.
statement added. Throughout the India". airlines have terminated the opera‑
even before the conclusion of the "Individual 1" is Trump, and
crisis, President Donald Trump, The call to Bolton was apparently tion of the model, while US lawmak‑
special counse l investigation, Cohen is set to begin a three‑year
Pompeo and U.S. National Security initiated by Islamabad. Pakistan's ers, experts and industry associa‑
California Rep. Adam Schif f said prison sentence in part because of
Adviser John Bolton backed India's Foreign Office was quoted in media tions are calling for its grounding in
Tuesday. T he chairman of the those crimes. The evidence there‑
concerns on cross‑border terrorism. there as saying that it was to give the US.
House inte lligence committee fore already in place argues "very
Gokhale and Pompeo had wide‑ "Pakistan's perspective on the According to the FAA, currently
pointed to the case of Michael strongly in favor of indicting the
ranging talks during which they recent regional developments".‑ 74 Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes are
Cohen, the president's former per‑ president when he is out of office,"
"discussed our complementary IANS operated by US carriers.
sonal lawyer, in which the govern‑ he said.

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Womenʼs Day celebrated at the Consulate

New York: International Women's
Day was ce le brated at the
Consulate General of India here
on March 8th. It was hosted and
organized by the Consulate and
Federation of Indian Association
International Women's Day was
ce le brated at the Consulate
General of India here on March
8th. It was hosted and organized
by the Consulate and Federation
of Indian Association (FIA).
T he event was g raced by
Nat ional Award w inning
Bollywood actress Neetu Chandra,
popular TV host known for Emmy
The honorees (from left): Sukhminder Kaur, Rina Shah, Sheetal Trivedi National Award winning Bollywood actress
award‑w inning show
and Arun Anand , posing with Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty Neetu Chandra was the star attraction.
Equitrekking, Darley Newman,
Mrs.Taruna Chakravorty, distin‑ Distinguished women addressed and the need for equal rights. ty : Sukhminder Kaur, Sheetal Ramesh Patel joined the felicita‑
guished community member as the gathering and shared their FIA honored four women at the Trivedi, Arun Anand, and Rina tion of celebrities, including the
well as more than 150 people experiences and struggles. Consul event for their resilience and per‑ Shah. FIA President Alok Kumar all‑women crew of Air India, along
from across the tri‑state area, a General Sandeep Chakravorty severance and for their achieve‑ along with his executive commit‑ with Mrs.Bhuvana Rao, Air Indiaʼs
majority of them being women. spoke about leadership in women ments and contributions to socie‑ tee members and Chairman Regional Manager ‑ Americas.

Ekal Foundation SMAP hosts spectacular Shivaji

honored with iconic Jayanti celebration in California
Gandhi Peace Prize Long Beach, CA: Shivaji Maharaj
America Parivaar (SMAP) celebrated
grand Shiv Jayanti festival on March
9th at Furjanick & Sandberg
Auditorium Long Beach.
The event started with an outdoor
Unity March. A Dhol Tasha Pathak
(team) comprising fourteen perform‑
ers, SMAP members, and organizers
led the March. Next to them was a
Over 40 volunteers and organizers made this event a grand success.
team of 26 Lezim dancers and young
More than 1000 people attended the program.
children carrying traditional flags.
This was followed by a decorated established on the stage while taining respect for our heritage. An
Palakhi carrying idol of Chhatrapati Hemant Kale sang “Shivgarjana.” hour‑long drama depicting the life
Shivaji Maharaj. It was an incredible The lamp lighting ceremony was and values of Chhatrapati Shivaji
show to see women playing large followed by the National Anthems. Maharaj in a classical theater form
(over 3 feet round) drums to create Vijay Patil, the founder of SMAP wel‑ was a major highlight of the pro‑
On behalf of Ekal the award was received by high‑energy upbeat music. comed the audience and thanked gram. Pradnya Kuwadekar from
M.L. Jain, a senior trustee of Ekal Abhiyan Sandeep Katre led the Dhol Pathak, them for their support. “Today, you LAFTA (Los Angeles Film, Theater
Sonali Bhave led the Lezim and Flag will see an incredible talent show by and Arts, a non‑profit organization)
New York: Ekal Vidyalaya the President of India, Ram Nath
dance while all Palakhi arrange‑ 146 artists and performers,” he said. wrote the script, choreographed and
Foundation, a global organiza‑ Kovind as well as Prime Minister
ments were made by Mangesh Raut. He then provided an overview of directed the play wherein 64 artists
tion dedicated to integrated vil‑ Narendra Modi. On behalf of Ekal
All of them are successful engineers the organization. He highlighted (boys, girls, men, and women) per‑
lage development in rural India the award was received by M.L.
who were leading this activity as a many qualities of Chhatrapati Shivaji formed. The dances in the skit were
was recently honored with the Jain, a senior trustee of Ekal
part of their voluntary community Maharaj – leadership, management, choreographed by Gauri Kuwadekar.
most prestigious National Award Abhiyan. This unique honor car‑
service. This was the first‑ever out‑ strategy, visionary, and more This was followed by another high
in India for social work. ries a grant of Rs. 1 crore, a cita‑
door Dhol‑Tasha‑Zanzas‑Lezim‑Flag notably, his founding of Hindavi energy dance drama by Savithri Arts
On Fe bruary 26th, Ekal tion, and a plaque to commemo‑
Unity March in Los Angeles. “... and Swarajya (a state created by the peo‑ Academy. The dance was choreo‑
Abhiyan Trust, Ekalʼs umbrella rate the distinction. This prize
this is just the beginning, we are ple for the people) back in 16th cen‑ graphed by internationally acclaimed
organization was bestowed with was instituted in 1995 on 125th
planning to conduct many events in tury. Patil claimed that Shivaji Dance Guru, Kalaimanani Dr. Sinduri
'Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prizeʼ birth anniversary of Mahatma
future,” said Katre. Maharaj developed a merit‑based Jayasinghe. Thirty girls depicted the
for the year 2017 for its contri‑ Gandhi to highlight his concept
After the dinner break, a formal society where there were equal stories of Chhatrapati Shivaji
bution in providing education to of Gram Swaraj Model.
program started in the auditorium. rights to all citizens regardless of Maharaj through Bharat Natyam.
rural & tribal children and for Currently, EVF supports
Sujatha Padmanabhan, ESPN presen‑ their sex (male/female), religion, Dr. Sinduriʼs Savithri Arts Academy
providing empowerment with 82,000 Ekal‑schools across
ter, a well‑known singer, and IT race or caste. He said Chhatrapati presented another dance drama on
gender social equality in remote rural‑tribal pockets of India and
Professional was the emcee of the Shivaji Maharaj united people of the life of Maharani Laxmibai. Vinani
parts of India. grooming almost 2.2 million chil‑
evening. Avadhesh Agarwal, a India to stand for their rights and led Jayasinghe, SMAPʼs youth leader
This prize is conferred by the dren – more than half of which
renowned philanthropist, actress them in adverse conditions. “With who has over 15 million views on
government of India under the are girls. Ekal is empowering vil‑
Rasika Sunil, president of Cerritos Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as a role her YouTube video, captivated the
chairmanship of the prime minis‑ lage folks, not only through adult
College Jose Fierro, Nitesh Patel, model, SMAP promotes the values audience with a high‑energy dance
ter, chief justice, leader of the educat ion classes re lated to
councilmember, the city of La Palma, that he represented,” Patil said. that depicted the Indian
largest opposition party and healthcare and environmental
along with the event organizing com‑ Keynote speaker Hemant Kale who Independence movement of 1857.
many others. The ceremony took issues, but also, by preparing
mittee lit the lamp to start the event. flew from Dallas to support this Her performance as Maharani
place at the Rashtrapati Bhavan them for cottage‑industries with
The Idol of Shivaji Maharaj was also event described the need for engag‑ Laxmibai left the audience spell‑
in New Delhi and was graced by skill‑development training.
taken out from the Palakhi and ing our younger generation in main‑ bound.
6 March 16-22, 2019 TRISTATE

Padma Lakshmi appointed Jury convicts former

UNDP's Goodwill Ambassador Nassau County
United Nations: Indian‑American
television personality and food
Executive in bribery case
expert Padma Lakshmi has been
appointed by the United Nations Padma
By Arul Louis/IANS
Development Programme (UNDP) Lakshmi
as its newest Goodwill Ambassador, New York: A jury has found
support ing the agency's fig ht Edward P. Mangano, the former
against inequality and discrimina‑ Executive of Nassau County on
tion around the world. Long Island, guilty of charges of
UNDP announced the appoint‑ accepting bribes and kickbacks
ment on Thursday, on the eve of from Harendra Singh, a once high‑
International Women's Day. flying restaurateur, federal offi‑
In her new role, the Emmy‑nomi‑ cials said on Friday.
press conference held at UNDP speaking out for those who have
nated television personality and Singh has pleaded guilty to brib‑
headquarters. been left behind and of fighting dis‑
award‑winning author will mobilize ing Mangano and in a deal with
She said her main focus as UNDP crimination.
support for the Sustainable the prosecutors testified against
Goodwill Ambassador will be to "We need more voices like hers to
Development Goals with a focus on him.
shine a spotlight on the fact that ensure we can meet the vision of
fighting inequality, discrimination “Mangano abused his power as a
inequality can affect people in rich the Sustainable Development Goals
and empowering the disenfran‑ public official by taking bribes and
and poor countries alike. ‑ our shared roadmap for peace and
kickbacks from a businessman in Edward P. Mangano served two
chised. Ms. Lakshmi was named the "Many nat ions have g reatly prosperity for people and the plan‑
exchange for helping him obtain terms as Nassau County
Goodwill Ambassador by UNDP reduced poverty, but inequality has et," he added. She is joining a roster
loans worth millions of taxpayer Executive in New York.
Administrator Achim Steiner in a proved more stubborn," she said. of UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors, (Photo Twitter)
ceremony at the UNDP headquar‑ dollars,” federal prosecutor
"Inequality is further compounded which includes globally celebrated
ters in the city. Richard Donoghue said. William F. Sweeney, an FBI
by gender, age, ethnicity and race. actors, athletes, musicians and
"As we celebrate International Manganoʼs wife, Linda, who was Assistant Director.
It especially affects women, minori‑ other high‑profile influencers such
Women's Day... let's remember that convicted of conspiracy and other The couple faces prison sen‑
ties and others who face unimagin‑ as Spanish‑born international star
women and girls face some of the charges, had “a bogus job as a tences of many years. Last year
able discrimination in the societies Antonio Banderas, Award‑winning
worst discrimination and hardships food taster and menu planner at their first trial ended without a
in which they live." Mr. Steiner said actor Michelle Yeoh and legendary
in the world," Ms. Lakshmi said at a one of Singhʼs restaurants,” said conviction because of a hung jury.
Ms. Lakshmi has a strong record of musician Bob Weir.

Indian American
investment group
purchases American Bank
Dallas: Bright Force
Holding, LLC has
acquired American
Bank, N.A., a com‑
munity bank located
in North Dallas with
almost $55 million
in assets. The pur‑
chase will be ef fec‑
tive at the close of
business on March
8, 2019. The Jericho Sunrise Rotary Club celebrated its 10th year of existence with an Annual
Brig ht Force Dinner cum Valentine Party on February 15th at Lotus Asian Fusion in Hicksville, NY.
Holding, based in The event was well attended by its members and their spouses. Some friends joined
the Dallas suburb of in too. It was a great night to acknowledge the work done by the ladies to raise funds
Lewisville, Texas, is for life‑giving projects such as The Gift of Life, India. The team presented a check to
(L to R) Mehul Patel, Chirag Patel, Mital Patel Ravi Bhooplapur, and President Mrs. Rachna Sabharwal invited the chair of the event
an investment
Mrs. Vidya Nagaraj and co‑chair Mrs. Dipti Vyas to assist in handing over the check.
group that consists of three prominent sophisticated, forward‑looking solutions
The whole club works selflessly in organizing Dandiya Night to raise this fund.
Asian American business leaders – Mehul that young entrepreneurs and start‑up
Patel, Chirag Patel, and Mital Patel. These companies expect.”
investors serve as senior executives with “We have created a community bank
NewcrestImage, a hotel development and where customers are known by their
management company that operates a name, not their account number,”
portfolio of 28 properties. explained John Goforth, who has served Sai Baba
The three investors will become mem‑ as President and CEO of American Bank Temple of
bers of American Bankʼs board of direc‑ since 2010. “Our priority is to enhance North
tors, joining three directors who current‑ and build on the bankʼs well‑deserved Brunswick
ly serve: veteran Texas banker John reputation for being convenient and com‑
Goforth, who will also remain President petitive – the bank that can meet all of
and CEO of the bank; and business execu‑ your banking needs with one stop or one
tives Mark Kelly and Jake Menefee. call.” Shivarathri
“We will maintain the highly‑personal‑ American Bank currently operates a special puja,
ized service that customers have come to single location at 2707 West Northwest archana &
expect from American Bank,” said Chirag Highway in northwest Dallas. It was abhishekam on
“Chuck” Patel, the bankʼs new Chairman established in May of 1974 as Pan March 4th.
of the Board. “In addition, we see a American National Bank of Dallas, chang‑
tremendous opportunity to introduce ing its name to American Bank in May of
new banking services – such as the 1987. NATIONAL March 16-22, 2019 7

Indian mathematician Pakistan will face global isolation

donates $1 million to UCLA if it doesn't rein in terrorist
To establish a professorship honoring groups: Congressman Ami Bera
legendary mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan Washington, DC: An influential Indian‑ contradictory and self‑defeating.
New Delhi: An India‑born emi‑ American Congressman has warned that "Pakistan has banned many of these ter‑
nent mathematician and his Pakistan will continue to slide into interna‑ rorist groups, including adding two more
wife have given $1 million to tional isolation if it does not take actions groups on March 5, but at the same time
an American university to against terrorist groups operating from its tolerates them operating within its own
establish a professorship hon‑ soil. Ami Bera, the Chairman of the House borders. This has caused the international
oring legendary Indian mathe‑ Foreign Af fairs community to isolate
matician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Subcommittee on Oversight Pakistan," Bera said.
T he new position aims to and Investigations, also Pakistan has taken some
honor the genius Ramanujan, urged China to play a con‑ initial steps, like detaining
who made substantial contri‑ structive role by lifting its 44 suspected militants,
butions to mathematics in the veto over UN Security including the brother of
early 1900s. Council resolution to desig‑ Je M's leader Masoo d
The University of California, nate Pakistan‑based Jaish‑e‑ Azhar. It is, however,
Los Ange les (UCLA) has Mohammed ( Je M) chie f unclear whether this "pre‑
received the amount from Masood Azhar as a global ventative detention" as
mathematics professor emeri‑ terrorist. Pakistan described it, will
tus VS Varadarajan and his wife "T he United States' lead to criminal prosecu‑
V S Varadarajan and wife Veda
Veda to establish the Congress stands ready to tions and justice being
'Ramanujan Visiting Professorship' in his 2018 by the US News & World Report. support Pakistan should served, he said.
Ami Bera
home department, the varsity said in a The UCLA said Mr. Varadarajan's career Prime Minister (Imran) "Prime Minister Khan can
statement. included work in various areas of mathe‑ Khan begin cracking down on terrorist help Pakistan earn enormous goodwill by
The new post will help attract visiting matics and physics and his research has groups in earnest. This will only help tracking down and bringing to justice
faculty members in Varadarajan's special‑ been motivated by a "desire to understand improve his nation's economy," Bera wrote Azhar, whom the Pakistani Foreign
izations of automorphic forms, an impor‑ the role of symmetry in mathematics and in an op‑ed. Minister indicated was alive, with his
tant concept in number theory, and repre‑ physics." In his op‑ed titled 'Time For Pakistan to whereabouts known. They can further that
sentation theory, which has been linked to A Ph.D. in Mathematics from Calcutta Chart a New Course', the four‑time Indian‑ goodwill by dismantling the terrorist net‑
e lementary part icles and quantum University and Master's in Math and American Congressman from California works that operate within Pakistan.
physics. Statistics from the University of Madras, said that Pakistan did the right thing by "These actions are in accordance with UN
The UCLA Academic Senate and the Varadarajan has an honorary doctorate in releasing Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Security Council Resolution 1267. If Khan
University of California Of fice of the Physics from the University of Genova and Varthaman. does not take these steps, I'm afraid
President have to approve the chair's was awarded the Lars Onsager medal "This de‑escalated a dangerous situation Pakistan will continue to slide into interna‑
establishment. The gift is part of the from the Norwegian University of Science but more has to be done. Prime Minister tional isolation, which will only serve to
Centennial Campaign for the UCLA, which and Technology for his work in mathemat‑ Imran Khan should use this opportunity to increase economic hardship on the
is scheduled to conclude in December ics. reset his country's relationship with the Pakistani people," the Indian‑American
2019 during the university's 100th Varadarajan joined UCLA in 1965 and world and chart a new course for Pakistan," Congressman said.
anniversary year, the article said. The retired in 2014. he said. This starts with cracking down on "I also call on China to play a constructive
addit ional expert ise would enhance Veda Varadarajan has her own connec‑ the JeM and other terrorist groups such as role in India and Pakistan relations. A good
UCLA's renowned mathematics depart‑ tion to UCLA ̶ the alumna earned her Lashkar‑e‑Taiba which was responsible for first step would be for China to cease
ment, which was ranked among the top 10 masterʼs degree in atmospheric sciences in the 2008 Mumbai attack, Bera said, adding blocking a UN Security Council resolution
graduate programmes in the country in 1976. (PTI) that unfortunately, Pakistan's behavior designating Masood Azhar a global terror‑
towards these terrorist groups have been ist," Bera said. (PTI)

ICE arrests more

Indian students at
fake university
Washington, DC: Federal immigration officials
have arrested more students who were enrolled
at a fake university in Detroit. And many of the
students who enrolled at the university created
by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
are now in the process of being removed from
the U.S. as Indian‑American advocates grapple
with what they say is an unprecedented num‑
ber of arrests of Indian students. The U.S.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
has arrested 161 foreign students from the
University of Farmington on civil immigration
violations, ICE spokesman Khaalid Walls said
this week. "Several have since been removed
and others are currently in various stages of
the removal process," Walls said. More could
be arrested or removed in the future as
"enforcement action against current and for‑
mer students of the University of Farmington
remains ongoing," Walls said. About 600 stu‑
dents, mostly from India, were enrolled at the
university in Farmington Hills, a majority of
them in master's degree programs in engineer‑
ing or computer‑related fields.
8 March 16-22, 2019 NATIONAL


Tennessee physician among 157 Sickle Cell Center of Excellence in Southern

killed in Ethiopia Airlines crash California performs first stem cell transplant

US‑based physician from Andhra Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj that her he Pediatric Hematology Oncology
Pradesh was among the 157 parents were waiting to receive the body team at the famous Loma Linda
killed in the Ethiopian Airlines in Nairobi. The Minister replied that she University in California performed its
plane crash on Sunday. A Nairobi‑bound had asked Rahul Chhabra, the Indian first‑ever Stem Cell Transplantation in more
Boeing 737 crashed six minutes after an High Commissioner in Nairobi, to provide than 100‑year history of the institution. The
early‑morning takeoff from Addis Ababa all help and assistance. team led by Dr.ʼs Akshat Jain, Quan Zhao,
Sunday, killing all 149 passengers and Four Indians were among those who Rishi Chavan performed this remarkable
eight crew on board. died in the crash. feat safely with no complications.
Nukavarapu Manisha, hailing from After doing a course in medicine from Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic disease of
Guntur district, was on her way to Guntur Medical College, Ms. Manisha red blood cells that affects children since
Nairobi to see her sister who had deliv‑ went to the US for higher studies and was birth. One in 7 African American children
ered three baby boys a few days ago. living in Tennessee. suffers from some form of Sickle Cell
She was also going to visit her parents She is listed as one of the resident Disease in the United States. India has the
Venkateshwar Rao and Bharathi, who physicians of the Department of Internal worldʼs third largest population of Sickle
were with their elder daughter. Medicine, Quillen College of Medicine, Cell disease in the world. Children suffer
A relative of Manisha tweeted to East Tennessee State University. (IANS) from severe pain episodes throughout their
lives and die early from complications of
Dr. Akshay Jain with the patient
this disease. In sub‑Saharan Africa, most who successfully underwent
Sherin Mathews' foster mother children with Sickle Cell disease donʼt live
beyond their 5th birthday.
stem cell transplantation

gets her passport back As this is the disease of the cells made
from the bone marrow, by removing
plantation is not possible.
Dr. Jainʼs team bypassed this problem by

he Indian‑American foster mother of station in Dallas reported. patientʼs defective marrow cells and trans‑ using the patientʼs fatherʼs cells and using a
Sherin Mathews has got her pass‑ Defence attorney Heath Harris said the planting healthy stem cells into the patient special technique called as “Haploidentical
port back, nearly a week after judge had little choice but to return the from a matched donor, the disease can be Transplantation”, to cure the little girl of her
charges were dropped against her in con‑ passport which was taken when Ms. controlled and even cured. Lack of a suit‑ lifelong disease that had caused her to be
nection with the tragic death of her 3‑year‑ Mathews was arrested. He said Ms. ably matched donor leaves most of the wheelchair bound due to severe and repeat‑
old daughter, whose body was discovered Mathews had no plans to go anywhere but patients around the world to suffer as trans‑ ed pain episodes due to dying bone cells.
in a culvert in suburban Dallas in 2017. can do so if she chooses so.
Sini Mathews was charged with child "I am blessed," Ms. Mathews, a nurse,
endangerment after she left her adopted
daughter Sherin alone at home while she
said after the charges against her were
dropped and told the media that she was
Jonas brothers wear Prabal
and her husband Wesley Mathews went
out for dinner with their 4‑four‑year old
looking forward to meeting her biological
daughter. "I want to thank the DA's office
Gurung for single's cover
biological daughter on the night before the for dismissing the case and I am looking op singers Nick Jonas,
toddler was reported missing from their forward to being reunited with my daugh‑ Joe Jonas, and Kevin
house in Richardson, Texas. ter," Ms. Mathews said. Jonas sported ensem‑
Ms. Mathews had been jailed on a child She had lost parental rights to her biolog‑ bles designed by New York‑
abandonment charge, but the charge was ical daughter who has been adopted by her based Nepalese designer Prabal
dropped after the district attorney said relatives in Houston. Lawyers are now Gurung for their single cover
there was not enough evidence to move reviewing options to possibly return her to "Sucker."
forward and released her from the Dallas her mother, Ms. Mathews, the WBAP report Gurung on Friday shared the
County Jail. On Thursday, a Dallas judge said. Ms. Mathews' husband Mr. Mathews cover on Twitter, and captioned
ordered authorities to return Ms. Mathews' is still in Dallas County Jail for capital mur‑ it: "The Jonas brothers wear
passport, WBAP, an AM News/Talk radio der linked to Sherin's death. Prabal Gurung on the cover of
their new album (single)
'Sucker'. So stoked that our first
Man arrested for allegedly menswear collection is on my
favorite brothers thank you,
cheating Cisco of $9.3 million Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and

Kevin Jonas... I am over the
n Indian‑origin former employee Agent in Charge John Bennett have said. moon."
of Cisco Systems has been arrest‑ The criminal complaint was unsealed In the album cover, Nick is seen sporting Priyanka Chopra too.
ed and charged with a criminal on Monday following Bhikha's arrest on salmon pink pants and a black and yellow t‑ The video also stars Kevin' spouse
complaint alleging he defrauded a tech‑ March 1 at the San Francisco shirt. Joe looks dapper in an ice‑blue twin Danielle and Joe' fiancee and "Game of
nology major of more than $9.3 million. International Airport. Bhikha made his set, while Kevin is seen wearing a bright Thrones" fame actress Sophie Turner.
Fifty‑year‑old Prithviraj Bhikha was initial appearance on Monday in federal orange and blue twin suit. Jonas Brothers' band was formed in
charged in a criminal complaint with wire court before US Magistrate Judge Joseph The Jonas Brothers have reunited for a 2005. The band has created hits like
fraud, US Attorney David Anderson and Spero and has been released on a USD single titled "Sucker" after a gap of six "Burnin' up", "Hold on" and "Fly with me".
Federal Bureau of Investigation Special three million bond. years. Its video features Nick's actress wife The Jonas Brothers split up in 2013. DIASPORA March 16-22, 2019 9

The fight broke out when pro‑Khalistan outfits started chanting anti‑India slogans to
counter protesters chanting pro‑Modi slogans (Image courtesy: ANI)

Pro‑Khalistan group attacks

British Indians outside
Indian High Commission
London: Pakistanʼs ISI backed Khalistanis rally against “atrocities on ethnic minorities
attacked a number of British Indians who in India.”
were standing outside the Indian High As per media reports, it is alleged that US‑
Commission in London on March 9. based pro‑Khalistan org anizat ion SFJ
Overseas Pakistanis We lfare Council receives funding and support from
(OPWC) and Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) were Pakistanʼs Inter‑Services Intelligence (ISI).
blamed for the attack on rival demonstra‑ The group has been carrying out anti‑India
tors from Friends of India Society, UK, who campaign 'Referendum 2020' all over the
had gathered outside the Indian High world but so far it has failed to garner popu‑
Commission in London on Saturday. lar support from the Sikh diaspora.
T he fig ht broke out when UK‑based In a letter to Pakistanʼs Prime Minister
Kashmiri and pro‑Khalistan outfits started Imran Khan SFJ urged Islamabad to "politi‑
chanting anti‑India slogans to counter pro‑ cally support Referendum 2020 movement
testers chanting pro‑Modi slogans, reported to liberate Punjab" so that "1971 fall of
The Times of India. In the video, men wear‑ Dhaka" can be avenged.
ing Sikh turbans can be seen raising slogans After the terror attack in South Kashmirʼs
“Naraa‑e‑Taqbeer” and “Allah‑u‑Akbar.” Pulwama, British Indians had organized sev‑
As per the Scotland Yard, one man was eral protests against Pakistan and chanted
arrested for "breach of peace" and was later ʻPakistan murdabadʼ outside the Pakistan
“de‑arrested” with no charges. High Commission in London. (Source: times‑
OPWC and SFJ had organized a protest

Dentist killed; ex‑boyfriend

dead in car crash, suspect
Melbourne: A 32‑year‑old
Indian‑origin woman dentist in
Australia, who went missing
under mysterious circum‑
stances, has been murdered
with her body bearing numer‑
ous stab wounds found dumped
in a suitcase in Sydney, the
police said.
The man suspected of murder‑
ing the Sydney dentist Preethi
Reddy, whose body was found
stuffed in a suitcase in her car
Preethi Reddy, Harsh Narde (Image :
parked in an eastern Sydney
street, New South Wales, is another around 340 kilometers from where
Indian‑origin dentist and her ex‑boyfriend Reddy's body was found, is believed to
Harsh Narde. Narde died in a fiery car have been deliberate, they said. The police
crash on the New England Highway on said they spoke to Narde as part of the
Monday night, a day after his ex‑girlfriend missing person's investigation, before his
was reported missing, New South Wales death. They said the investigation was still
Police (NSW) said. The head‑on collision, in its early stages.
10 March 16-22, 2019 SPECIAL REPORT

US agents faked trail to infiltrate as

recruits of Pakistani terror group
The cases against Michael Kyle Sewell, of Arlington, Texas, and Jesus Wilfredo
Encarnacion of New York, who were both arrested last month, point to a disturbing
trend that with the collapse of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, Pakistan-based terror
organizations, such as LeT founded by Hafiz Saeed, operating against India may
become an attractive alternative for aspiring jihadis.
By Arul Louis videos. "Please. I want to kill on video.
Terrify our enemies", he pleaded.
New York: US intelligence agents laid a The transcripts of interactions portray
cyber trail all the way to a fake terror Sewell and Encarnacion as blood‑thirsty
camp in Pakistan, mastered idioms and persons motivated by blind hatred, not
style of Islamic terrorists giving a convinc‑ only against Hindus, but also moderate
ing portrayal of jihadis in a bid to infiltrate Muslims.
a Lashkar‑e‑Taiba (LeT) recruitment ring. In November last year, Encarnacion
In what seemed to read like a spy‑ wrote to the undercover employee, "You
thriller, their strategy led to the arrest of guys are against India. I read up on ya.
an American teenager, who was at the You are beefing with India over Muslim
center of an alleged conspiracy to recruit land.
fighters for the Pakistan‑based LeT, and a "I (expletive) hate Hindus. They can go
suspected co‑conspirator, who was to hell and I'm going to help you," accord‑
stopped on his way to join the terrorist ing to the document. He added, "Will I live
group. in Pakistan? I want to fight. I want to exe‑
The transcripts of their cyber interac‑ cute. I want to behead".
tions in court documents give chilling Sewe ll goaded the FBI undercover
insights into the raging hate of the world employee "to '[expletive] up' and 'slaugh‑
of jihadis. ter' the 'Hindu Kafir', destroy their shrines
The cases against the two, who were and idols", and send him photos of the
arrested, point to a disturbing trend that destruction, according to an affidavit by
with the collapse of the Islamic State (IS) Special Agent Michael Phillipp in the
in Syria and Iraq, Pakistan‑based terror Dallas case.
organizations operating against India may He is quoted as saying that he could "kill
become an attractive alternative for aspir‑ anyone and not feel anything" and wanted
ing jihadis. to kill "liberal Muslims", liberal "Hijabis"
Michae l Kyle Sewe ll, the teenaged and Saudis, "execute" a female political
recruiter, told Jesus Wilfredo Encarnacion, activist who was not identified, and threat‑
29, whom he was guiding that "he should ened to "disembowel" a social media user.
not join the IS because IS had no territo‑ Sewell, according to the New York affi‑
Collage of excerpts from US federal court documents of interactions among
ry", instead he suggested the "LeT and the davit, put Encarnacion in touch with the
Lashkar‑e‑Taiba (LeT) recruitment ring and undercover operatives. The transcripts
Taliban" as "worth joining". undercover employee, who, he said, would
of their cyber interactions in court documents give chilling insights into the raging
The "LeT was a well‑funded group in hate of the world of jihadis. (Photo: IANS) lead him to the LeT, and simultaneously
Pakistan operat ing in Kashmir, messaged him that he found a "new broth‑
Afghanistan and India", is what he said Yockel in the New York case. Forensic scientist Malini Subramanyam er who wants to go do jihad Fisimbillah ...
according to court filings. The document says that the ring they wrote in the Forensic Research and So he will be a Lashker‑e‑Taiba fighter".
Both men were arrested in February and infiltrated was made up of nine people Criminology International Journal in Encarnacion contacted the undercover
now face trial on terrorism‑re lated who operated through "a group chat for 2018 that some who become terrorists employee, who verified the contact with
charges. American Jihadis" on social media. were "in search of an identity ... seeking a Sewell, and sent him hundreds of mes‑
Documents filed in federal courts in two T he FBI agent and the "undercover sense of purpose and self‑worth." sages.
separate cases, one against Sewell in employee" vouched for each other con‑ T he two seem to fit this profile. In October, the undercover agent mes‑
Dallas, and another against Encarnacion vincingly in their communications and Encarnacion, who used the screen name saged Sewell through an encrypted appli‑
in New York, include expletive‑filled Sewell told Encarnacion that the employee "Jihadistsoldgier", introduced himself to cation that he was "flying out tonight
accounts of interactions between the would help him travel to Pakistan to get the jihadi group saying, "I want to fight till inshaAllah". And when Sewell asked him
alleged terrorists and the undercover terrorist training, according to the affi‑ death alongside the Islamic State. ... I'm a the next day, where he was, he replied,
operatives that give a peek into terrorism davit. lone wolf looking for a family I can strike "Alhamdulillah Pakistan ... InshaAllah I will
networks. At one point, according to the tran‑ the crusaders. ... I want to be part of a fam‑ be training w ith the mujahideen of
The two cases deal separately with each scripts of interactions, the FBI employee ily willing to kill not afraid of death", Lashkar‑e‑Taiba soon".
of the accused and the documents men‑ takes a swipe at President Donald Trump according to Yockel's affidavit. Now appearing to be ensconced in
tion the person in the other case only as a to build their terrorist credentials writing, Sewell also described himself to the Pakistan, the undercover agent told
"co‑conspirator", but when IANS put the "US all infidels. With the king Trump." undercover employee as "lone wolf and Encarnacion in November to fly to a city in
two affidavits by FBI agents in the two He also boasts, "We strike heart of India. lone lion of Tawhid". Europe for which he would not need a visa
cases side‑by‑side, the parallels make the ... You hear Mumbai attack"? ‑ a reference An indication of one of Encarnacion's and "brothers" would meet him there and
link between Sewell and Encarnacion to the 2008 attack that killed 163 people. other possible motives appears at one g ive him visa and onward t icket to
obvious. The transcripts don't reveal much about point in the transcript where Encarnacion Pakistan.
To infiltrate the group, FBI operatives, the lives of Sewell and Encarnacion, other says, "Kuffar treat me bad", but does not Encarnacion sent him copies of his pass‑
an agent and an employee, took on the than that Encarnacion lived in New York's further identify the "Kuffar" or what they port and flight confirmation for Europe on
persona of jihadists, adopting their termi‑ Washington Heights neighborhood and did. a flight on February 7.
nology and way of communicating, and said he was from a family from the Encarnacion appears to have been When he came to New York's JFK air‑
one of them created a fake trail into Dominican Republic, and Sewell was a inspired by the Brit ish IS terrorist port to catch the flight, the FBI was wait‑
Pakistan as if he had joined the LeT there, native‑born American. Mohammed Emwazi who became notori‑ ing to capture him.
according to transcripts in an affidavit by Sewell's lawyer, a court‑appointed public ous with the nickname "Jihadi John" as the The next day, officials announced the
counter‑terrorism Special Agent Seth defender, did not return a call from IANS. g roup's execut ioner on propag anda arrest of Sewell in Dallas. ‑IANS US AFFAIRS March 16-22, 2019 11

After Ethiopian air crash, Boeingʼs 737

Max may face global grounding
New York: Whatʼs the future for the case in the initial aftermath of certifications that allow new air‑
Boeing Co.ʼs 737 Max jet after its air accidents, the information out craft to fly. The agency was criti‑
second tragic accident in less than there seems to confound easy nar‑ cized by a government investigation
five months? ratives. A photograph of the crash into the 787 battery fires for failing
The crash of Ethiopian Airlines site released by Ethiopian Airlines to kick the tires on untested
Group Flight 302 shortly after take‑ shows a smoldering crater filled assumptions by Boeing, and being
off from Addis Ababa Sunday raises with pulverized wreckage – strongly insuf ficiently conservative in
the specter of previous passenger suggesting that there was a high‑ assessing the risks of new technolo‑
aircraft that suffered serious prob‑ energy, nose‑first collision with the gy. For Boeingʼs own sake, the FAA
lems soon after entry into service. ground. canʼt af ford a perception that itʼs
In the case of the McDonnell That would imply a similar pat‑ going easy on a local hero.
Douglas Corp. DC‑10, those defects tern to the crash in October of PT None of this will help Boeing in its
dogged the aircraftʼs reputation Lion Mentari Airlinesʼ Flight 610, race for supremacy with Airbus SE.
throughout its life. With Boeingʼs when problems with the 737 Maxʼs The duopoly depend on selling sin‑
own 787, the battery problems that flight control system appear to have gle‑aisle planes like the 737 and
af fected its initial flights have caused the plane to automatically Airbus A320, the workhorses of
proven no more than a bump in tilt its nose downward, a condition budget carriers and increasingly the
whatʼs now become a very prof‑ Jet Airways and SpiceJet operate a number of Boeing's 737 MAX that repeatedly had to be corrected fuel‑ef ficient models of choice for
itable road. aircraft and the Indian aviation regulator DGCA has ordered by the flight crew. longer‑distance full‑service airlines.
Like both those planes, the 737 additional maintenance checks for the planes. Indonesian air‑accident investiga‑ At present the A320 is well ahead in
Max must now face a very real risk tors havenʼt yet completed a final that race, with about 6,500 orders
of a worldwide grounding. Chinese on the aircraft. If the Federal thing that the U.S. regulator has report explaining to what extent for new‑engine variants of its A320
authorities have already asked Aviation Administration (FAA) were only previously ordered with the this issue contributed to the acci‑ family compared with around 4,700
domestic airlines to stop flying the to issue a similar notice, that could DC‑10 and 787. dent. for the 737 Max. If Boeing wants to
plane, Bloomberg News reported. put all 737 Max models in service However, itʼs far too early to work There are also questions for the draw level, it may need to take
Indiaʼs aviation regulator may also worldwide out of action until the out what happened in Addis Ababa FAA, which works with aircraft some short‑term pain to win back
require additional safety measures problem was addressed – some‑ – particularly because, as is often manufacturers to provide the type the faith of its customers.

Trump proposes $4.7 tn 2 NASA astronauts

set for first‑ever all
budget for fiscal 2020 female spacewalk
Washington: President Donald news agency reported. The budget return to budget balance in 2034.
Trump presented to Congress a blueprint proposes a $ 2.7 trillion The budget roadmap, designed
budget proposal for fiscal year spending cuts over the next for fiscal year 2020 that starts on
2020 that contained stiff spending decade, including $ 1.9 trillion in Oct. 1, would increase defense
cuts across non‑defense federal cuts to mandatory programs, a spending by nearly 5 percent to $
agencies, and a hike in defense senior administration official told 750 billion from $ 716 billion in
money. a briefing on Monday. The official fiscal year 2019.
According to the $ 4.7 trillion said the budget “will have more It also seeks $ 8.6 billion for con‑
budget proposal, the Trump reductions in spending than any structing additional sections of a
administration plans to cut domes‑ president in history has even pro‑ wall along the US border with
tic spending by 5 percent over the posed.” The budget plan foresees a Mexico ̶ $ 5 billion in funding
next year, or a nearly $ 30 billion, $ 1.1 trillion deficit in 2019, 2020 for the Department of Homeland
involving programs on education, and 2021, and a 1‑trillion‑dollar Security and $ 3.6 billion for the
health care and environment pro‑ deficit in 2022. The administration Department of Defenseʼs military
tection, among others, Xinhua predicts that the United States will construction fund. NASA astronauts Anne McClain (left) and Christina Koch will share
the credit on March 31 of performing the spacewalk at the

US remains top arms exporter,

International Space Station. (Photo courtesy AFP)

Washington: Two NASA astro‑ said in a tweet. The March 29

nauts are scheduled to carry out spacewalk is second in a series

with Russia a distant second the first ever all female space‑
walk in history on March 29.
of three planned spacewalks,
NASA spokeswoman Stephanie
Stockholm: US arms exports exports went to the Middle East tional transfers of major arms in NASA astronauts Anne Schierholz told CNN.
increased by 29 percent in 2009‑ in 2014‑2018." 2014‑2018 was 7.8 percent high‑ McClain and Christina Koch will “Anne also w ill join Nick
2013 and 2014‑2018, and the "The U.S.A. has further solidified er than in 2009‑2013 and 23 per‑ share the credit of performing Hague for the March 22 space‑
U.S.' share of total global exports its position as the world's leading cent higher than in 2004‑2008, the spacewalk at the walk. And of course, assign‑
rose from 30 percent to 36 per‑ arms supplier," said Aude the report said. International Space Station, CNN ments and schedules could
cent, the Stockholm International Fleurant, director of the SIPRI Meanwhile, arms imports by reported. always change,” Schierholz
Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Arms and Military Expenditure states in the Middle East The two will receive support added.
said in a report on Monday. Programme. "The U.S.A. exported increased by 87 percent in 2009‑ on the g round by Canadian While McClain is currently on
"The gap between the top two arms to at least 98 countries in 2013 and 2014‑2018, and Space Agency flight controller the ISS, Koch is set to blast of f
arms‑export ing states also the past five years; these deliver‑ accounted for 35 percent of glob‑ Kristen Facciol. on March 14 to reach the space
increased: U.S. exports of major ies often included advanced al arms imports in 2014‑2018. “I just found out that Iʼll be on station.
arms were 75 percent higher weapons, such as combat aircraft, Saudi Arabia became the world's console providing support for The March 29 spacewalk is
than Russia's in 2014‑2018, short‑range cruise and ballistic largest arms importer in 2014‑ the first all female spacewalk likely to last about seven hours,
while they were only 12 percent missiles, and large numbers of 2018, with an increase of 192 w ith @AstroAnnimal and but NASA has not yet specified
higher in 2009‑2013. More than guided bombs." percent compared with 2009‑ @Astro_Christina and I cannot what tasks the two astronauts
half (52 percent) of U.S. arms Globally, the volume of interna‑ 2013. contain my excitement,” Facciol will perform.
12 March 16-22, 2019 INDIA NEWS

India election in 7 phases,

vote count on May 23
New Delhi: Lok Sabha elections will be held in Sabha representatives.
seven phases from April 11 to May 19, the By‑elections to 34 Assembly seats in 12 states,
Election Commission has announced, setting a including 18 constituencies in Tamil Nadu, which
two‑and‑half month‑long process for people to could decide the fortunes of the ruling AIADMK,
either vote in the Narendra Modi‑led dispensa‑ will be held simultaneously.
tion once again or choose an alternative. In the last Lok Sabha polls, held over nine phas‑
Counting of votes in 543 constituencies will be es, the BJP under Modi got a single‑party majori‑
taken up on May 23, Chie f Elect ion ty of 282 seats for the first time, which was also
Commissioner Sunil Arora told a press confer‑ the first for any party in 30 years.
ence, formally beginning the election process The 17th Lok Sabha polls will be held on April
and declaring that the Model Code of Conduct 11, April 18, April 23, April 29, May 6, May 12
for parties and governments has come into force and May 19. Arora said the phases have been
with immediate effect. decided due to several factors including the
Once the Model Code of Conduct comes into availability of central paramilitary forces, who
force, governments cannot take policy decisions move by trains from state to state.
or announce new projects in the run‑up to the On simultaneous Assembly polls in Jammu and
elections. Kashmir, which has been demanded by the main‑
Assembly elections will also be simultaneously stream parties during the tour of the state by the
held in Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Commission, the CEC said that they were making
Odisha and Sikkim while the demand of parties an announcement only about the parliamentary
for Assembly polls in Jammu and Kashmir has polls due to factors such as constraints of
not been accepted due to security considera‑ requirement of forces for security of candidates.
tions, Arora said at the media conference flanked "Keeping the totality of factors in mind, the
by ECs Ashok Lavasa and Sushil Chandra. schedule of only parliamentary polls in the state
The Assembly elections in these four states will of Jammu and Kashmir is being announced," he
be held on the day the states choose their Lok said.

Gandhi wanted Congress Vote for your future,

disbanded in 1947: Modi Priyanka tells people
New Delhi: On the very day when Adalaj (Gujarat): Terming the coming Lok
the Congress is to kick‑of f its Sabha elections "another independence
2019 Lok Sabha campaign from struggle", Congress General Secretary
the Prime Minister's home turf Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday urged the
with its Working Committee meet‑ voters to ask tough questions from the
ing in Ahmedabad, Narendra Modi government and raise "real issues" facing
took to his blog to tell the nation them and the country instead of getting
that it was Mahatma Gandhi who drawn into trivialities.
wanted to disband the grand old "Those who make tall promises to you,
party just after Independence. ask them where are the two crore jobs
Marking the 89th year of the that were promised to the nation? Where
iconic Dandi March that was is the Rs 15 lakh which was supposed to
launched by Gandhi and 80 satya‑ come into your bank accounts? Ask right
grahis in 1930 on the day, Modi questions in these elections," she said
said the grand old party is nothing while addressing an election rally here
but "the perfect antithesis to what after the Congress Working Committee Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi addressing
the Jan Sankalp Rally in Gandhinagar,
'Bapu' stood for". meeting in Ahmedabad.
Gujarat on March 12. (Photo: IANS/AICC)
Hailing Gandhi whose "handful Prime Minister Naremdra Modi. "Irrelevant issues should not be raised.
of salt shook the British Empire" as The issues that are to be raised should be "You tell them (the Bharatiya Janata
he set out on foot for the coastal village of caste divisions. Sadly, the Congress has about what is most important to you ‑‑ Party) what is the true character of this
Dandi from Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat, never hesitated from dividing society. how you will progress, how our youth country. The true character of this coun‑
Modi said: "Though aimed at protesting "The worst caste riots and anti‑Dalit will get employment, how would women try is such that it will turn the winds of
unfair Salt Laws, Dandi March shook the massacres happened under Congress feel safe, what will be done for the farm‑ hatred into breeze of love and compas‑
foundations of colonial rule and became a rule," Modi ripped the Congress apart list‑ ers. These are the real election issues. sion.
strong symbol of fighting injustice and ing a point‑by‑point contrast of Gandhi's "Only your awareness can bring these "This is your country. You have built
inequality." thoughts and "Congress culture". issues to the front," Priyanka Gandhi said, this nation. It belongs to none other than
In a conversational approach to his blog Gandhi, said the Prime Minister, had terming voters' awareness and their votes you people. Only you can protect this
readers Modi said: "Did you know who understood the Congress culture very "their biggest weapons". nat ion. Our inst itut ions are being
had a key role in the planning of the we ll, "which is why he wanted the "Your greatest weapon is awareness destroyed, hatred is being spread," she
Dandi March? Congress disbanded, especially after about the realities facing the country, said.
"The great Sardar Patel", who, he said, 1947". your vote is your weapon. Use it with "True 'desh bhakti' is getting aware
had a key role in planning "every minute Modi said: "We have done everything to after due consideration and due discre‑ about real problems and challenges
aspect" of the 390km March, "down to the punish the corrupt. But, the nation has tion. Ensure that it does not hurt anyone. before the country."
last detail". The Congress have accuses seen how Congress and corruption have "You will have to consider what you are Amid slogans comparing her with her
the Bharatiya Janata Party of trying to become synonyms. Name the sector and going to vote for. You are going to vote grandmother and late Prime Minister
appropriate Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the there will be a Congress scam ‑ from for your future. This nation has been built Indira Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, in her
nation's first home minister. Defence, Telecom, Irrigation, Sporting over the foundations of social harmony short speech in a conversational style in
"In many of his works, Gandhiji said events to Agriculture, Rural Development and love. But whatever is happening in Hindi, said this was her first visit to
that he does not believe in inequality and and more." the country, it pains us," she added. Gujarat. INDIA NEWS March 16-22, 2019 13

Congress resolves to India, Pak to discuss

defeat saffron ideology Kartarpur corridor
Chandigarh: Indian and were killed, triggering India‑
Pakistani of ficials will meet at Pakistan tensions.
Attari, near Amritsar, on While Punjab Chief Minister
Thursday for their first meeting Amarinder Singh has welcomed
to finalize the modalities of the the decision of the Home
Kartarpur corridor to enable Ministry to fasttrack the
Indian pilgrims to pray at the Kartarpur corridor, he wants
historic Kartarpur Sahib gurd‑ "passport and visa free `khule
wara in Pakistan. darshan' for pilgrims".
The meeting, amid height‑ Sikhism founder Guru Nanak
ened tensions between both Dev (1469‑1539) is hig hly
countries, is being held to dis‑ revered.
cuss the draft agreement for The Kartarpur Sahib gurd‑
Senior leaders are seen during the Congress Working Committee (CWC) setting up a dedicated corridor wara, located about 4.5 km
meeting in Ahmedabad. (Photo: IANS/AICC) that will allow pilgrims from from the international border
India to visit the Sikh shrine near the border town of Dera
Ahmedabad: T he Cong ress on Constitutional rights are being attended by Priyanka Gand hi
located in Pakistan without Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur dis‑
Tuesday he ld a meeting of its constantly violated," he said. Vadra, who was earlier this year
obtaining a visa. trict of Punjab, is significant for
working committee here and He said the meeting, attended by appointed general secretary in‑
Officials from the Home and the Sikh community as it is
resolved to defeat the "RSS and top party leaders including party charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh.
Foreign Ministries of both here that Guru Nanak Dev
BJPs ideology of fascism, hatred, chie f Rahul Gand hi, UPA Gandhi said in a tweet that the
countries will attend the meet‑ spent 18 years of his life and
anger and divisiveness". Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, former party is committed to defeating
ing at Attari, 30 km from was his final resting place.
Briefing reporters after the CWC Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the BJP.
Amritsar. The governments of India and
meeting, Congress leader Anand adopted a political resolution. "On the anniversary of Gandhi
Both sides will also have a Pakistan are trying to facilitate
Sharma accused the Modi govern‑ The meeting of the highest deci‑ Ji's historic Dandi March, the
technical level discussion on the travel of pilgrims to of fer
ment of failing to fulfill its promis‑ sion‑making body of the Congress, Congress Working Committee in
the alignment of the project. prayers at the gurdwara, locat‑
es and going against the ideals of being held in the home state of Ahmedabad, resolved to defeat the
The meeting will take place ed in Narowal district of
the Constitution. Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi, RSS, BJP ideolog y of fascism,
exactly a month after the Pakistan. The demand for this
"There are attempts to project a also reviewed party's poll pre‑ hatred, anger and divisiveness. No
February 14 Pulwama terror has been made by the Sikh
dif ferent picture of India as paredness in view of the coming sacrifice is too g reat in this
attack in which 40 Central community for the past over 70
against the ideals on which the Lok Sabha elections. endeavor, no effort too little, this
Reserve Police Force troopers years.
Const itut ion was formed. It is the first CWC meeting being battle will be won," he said.

Key conspirator in Rahul vows one GST,

Pulwama attack killed guaranteed income
Srinagar: A Jaish‑e‑
Mohammed ( Je M) Gandhinagar: Accusing the BJP of only mak‑
militant who was a ing promises and not fulfilling them,
key conspirator Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday
behind the car bomb‑ said if his party wins the upcoming Lok Sabha
ing that killed 40 elections, it would deliver its promises of
CRPF troopers has farm loan waiver, guaranteed minimum
been shot dead by income scheme and a single‑tax regime to
security forces in replace the "complex GST".
Jammu and Addressing a public rally in Gandhinagar,
Kashmir's Pulwama he questioned Prime Minister Narendra
district, officials said Modi's patriotism, asking why he is not
on Monday. telling the nation that it was the earlier
"Mudasir Khan National Democratic Alliance (NDA) govern‑
alias Mohammad ment which had released Jaish‑e‑Mohammed
The site where two Jaish‑e‑Muhammad (JeM) Congress President Rahul Gandhi
Bhai, the key conspir‑ founder Masood Azhar ‑‑ the man behind the
militants were killed in a gunfight with security forces addresses at party rally in Gandhinagar.
ator in the February Pulwama suicide bombing.
in Pinglish Tral village, Pulwama district. (Photo: IANS/AICC)
14 terror attack in He said Azhar was nabbed and sent to jail
Pulwama, has been eliminated along that terror launch pads were still intact during the Cong ress government, and that we will form the government in 2019
with his Pakistani accomplice Khalid," across the Line of Control (LoC) in claimed that it was incumbent National and implement minimum income guarantee
Lt Gen K.J.S. Dhillon of the city‑head‑ Pakistan and that more militants were Security Advisor Ajit Doval who had escorted scheme across the nation and will give money
quartered Chinar Corps told the media. waiting to sneak in to the Valley. him to Kandhar in a special aircraft. directly into bank accounts of the poor," he
Senior Jammu and Kashmir Police CRPF Inspector General (Kashmir Gandhi also questioned Modi's "self‑pro‑ said.
and Central Reserve Police Force Sector) Zulfiqar Hassan said that the claimed" fight against corruption and accused The Congress delivered on its promise with‑
(CRPF) officers were also present. killing of Mudasir Khan and his accom‑ him of taking financial favours from Nirav in two days of forming governments in the
Mudasir Khan and Khalid were killed plice was "very significant" as they had Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya and Anil states of Chattisgarh, Rajasthan and Madhya
in a gunfight in Pinglish village in Tral been involved in attacks on CRPF per‑ Ambani. Pradesh, Gandhi said, adding that he felt bad
area late on Sunday. The house where sonnel. "Modi calls them Nirav bhai, Mehul bhai, for not being able to do the same for Gujarat's
they had taken shelter was destroyed. He, however, added that the security Anil bhai... They all give him money," he farmers who also need it just as much.
Lt Gen Dhillon said that in the last forces' job had not been fully accom‑ alleged. He also questioned Modi's demonetization
four weeks, security forces had killed plished because some key players, The Congress President said his party is decision, saying while he claimed it was part
18 JeM terrorists ‑‑ 10 Pakistanis and including those who indoctrinated going to come to power and would do "some‑ of a fight against black money, it only hurt
eight locals. Mudasir Khan and provided explosives thing historic". the poor.
"We have started aggressive opera‑ to him, were still at large. "Modi waived loans worth Rs 3.5 lakh crore "In those queues outside banks, did you see
tions to eliminate the JeM leadership in Police said that Mudasir Khan hailed of 15 industrialists...he gave money to the Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi or Anil Ambani? It
the Kashmir Valley," he said. from Midoora village in Tral area. His rich, but Congress is going to give money to was only the poor who stoo d in those
But the Corps Commander warned body was identified by his family. farmers and small businessmen. I assure you queues," he said.
14 March 16-22, 2019 OP-ED

Modi has changed India’s

counter-terrorism doctrine
By Shashi Shekhar should not expect much assis‑ Narendra Modi has changed this
tance from Pakistan. This is the doctrine.

t was the summer of 2002. reason why the US was pressur‑ Even if we set aside the political
Memories of the attack on ing India to remove its army from debate which has been going on
Parliament were fading, but the borders. During the Kargil in both the countries after the
the wounds caused by it were conflict, the US had worked as a aerial surgical strike, one thing is
still raw. The armed forces of mediator and Vajpayee had not certain that this move by Modi
both Pakistan and India faced forgotten it. Hence, he had has actually institutionalized this
each other on the front. In those agreed. line of resistance even for the
days, the sight of the convoys of But, those asso ciated w ith next government, irrespective of
soldiers approaching the north‑ internal security and intelligence who heads it. In future, if India is
ern border raised questions and agencies at that time say that our attacked by terrorists, then New
doubts ̶ would there be a war? armyʼs morale was high, but the Delhiʼs rulers would be expected
Would it escalate into a nuclear equipment and weaponry were to take similar action.
conflict? not up to scratch. T herefore, Itʼs clear that we will have to
I still remember the day when Vajpayee thought it better to keep a tight vigil over steps taken
uncertainty loomed large in one In future, if India is attacked by terrorists, then New Delhiʼs rulers oblige the US. Itʼs a different mat‑ by Pakistan. The midnightʼs chil‑
of the army encampments near would be expected to take similar action. ter altogether that the army dren Salman Rushdie wrote about
Jammu. In the bombing that sources have always condemned have been born together but
night, one of our farmers and his that time, the people who were America had launched an attack and criticized this argument. their re lationship is not one
daughter were killed. Across the close to those in power had given on Afghanistan. The Pentagon Whatever be the reality, the war based on trust. It is a tragedy that
border too, innocent , helpless two reasons for this. wanted Pakistan to not only pro‑ was put off and it was also decid‑ more than 1.5 billion people liv‑
people were being killed. The first was the United Statesʼ vide access to its roads to ed that India will follow the old ing on both sides of the border
It was the t ime when Atal pressure. Washington at that American squads but also extend practice and tactics to fight ter‑ have inherited this crown of
Bihari Vajpayee, who was run‑ time badly needed the Islamabad‑ every possible help to them. rorism in the coming years. The thorns.
ning the government, had seri‑ Rawalpindi combine. The 9/11 Pakistanʼs argument was that next prime minister, Manmohan
ously contemplated a full‑scale catastrophe had taken place a its army is mostly deployed on its Singh, also decided to follow the (Shashi Shekhar is editor‑in‑
war, but that did not happen. At few months before. After this, border with India. So, America same path for a decade, but chief, Hindustan.)

Congress: Neither Ekla Chalo,

nor whole‑heartedly in coalition
By Saeed Naqvi hundreds of kg of RDX reach a mis‑ the Congress is thinking "long
guided 20‑year‑old in a state satu‑ term", exactly as it thought in

y announcing her own can‑ rated with surveillance? Above all, 2013‑14. In April 2013, Rahul told
didature from Rae Bareli, the lies about numbers killed at the Confederation of Indian
has Sonia Gandhi grounded Balakot. The world media, taken to Industry that he would first build
Priyanka Gandhi quite as abruptly the spot, has reported zero casual‑ grassroots democracy in the party.
as she had taken of f? Or, is it a ties. If in Delhi it was Sheila Dikshit's
function of post Pulwama demoral‑ In Congress culture, regional soaring vision to be accommodat‑
ization that is causing the leader‑ leaders were always cut down to ed, in Kolkata, CPI‑M General
ship to scale down aspirations? Is size. Is Sheila Dikshit in the process Secretary Sitaram Yechury's yen to
the Robert Vadra investigation of reversing the trend? Is she cut‑ rediscover Jyoti Basu's golden peri‑
beginning to tell? ting the leadership down to size? od for the Left is being indulged.
Pulwama or no Pulwama, my Congress will come third in all Mamata Banerjee, focused on the
impression is that the Congress seven seats, if that indeed is what fish‑eye, has been quite sporting
was never in the fight full throttle. Sonia Gandhi. she wants in Delhi. Is she piqued about the combine. By remaining in
Basically the Congress is all at sea, that AAP has fielded its strongest play, the Congress may cushion
balancing its self‑interest against are even more direct: they would Pradesh, Delhi and West Bengal. It candidate, Atishi, the education some anti‑incumbency vote which
the larger interest ‑ that of the go flat out if, at the end of the day, is not focused on the eye of the whiz kid, from East Delhi which may have drifted towards the BJP.
coalition and the nation. the Prime Ministerial crown were fish; it is contemplating its navel. Sheila's son, Sandeep Dikshit, had She is politically sound. T he
The Congress President is failing Rahul's and not someone else's. Rahul has been as aggressive as been salivating on? Congress understanding of
Guru Dronacharya's fish eye test. Coalition partners would exert he can be on Rafael and "chowki‑ Since it is universally accepted by Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh
Unlike Arjuna who focused on the every muscle in the regions of their dar chor hai", the watchman (Modi) folks in the Congress that results in deserves to be spelt out. "With the
fish eye, Rahul is scattering his strength for a unified gameplan. is a thief, and so on! But he would Delhi are not likely to flatter, why Enforcement Directorate constant‑
vision. He is not focusing on the But they will not buy into any guar‑ be out of character to take on is this adventure being permitted? ly hovering over her, there is no
only target the coalition had set for antees for the Congress. Balance of Modi's gangster vocabulary, Because Dikshit has been able to certainty on her future behaviour."
itself ‑ the removal of Narendra forces, after votes have been count‑ snarling at Pakistan to summon up persuade Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and By placing its money both ways in
Modi. Rahul's cohorts have bur‑ ed, must determine the next phase. the nation's blood. Mamata Priyanka that for the party to three states, the Congress may well
dened him with the task of ensur‑ Surely, Congress numbers will mat‑ Banerjee, unlike Rahul, can be a "revive" it cannot af ford to be a have forfeited some of its claim,
ing Congress gains while waging ter. But bereft of a coherent leader‑ street fighter, a fiery Durga when cypher in the capital city? In brief, should the cookie crumble the
battle with the coalition against ship, the party is creating confu‑ required. She raised issues of secu‑ defeating Narendra Modi has been coalition's way after the vote is
Modi. Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka sion by pulling its horses in Uttar rity lapse at Pulwama. How did deprioritized. Not for the first time, counted.

The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times. COMMUNITY March 16-22, 2019 15

Bolly-ball diplomacy at Nassau Coliseum

Indian community thronged the game between NBA G teams as
Indian groups performed before the game and at half‐time.
Garden City, NY: In a unique display of Karwal, Dr. Sheetal Desai,
“Bollyball diplomacy”, Indian Heritage Night Bina Kothari, Roopam Maini,
organized at Nassau Coliseum showcased Ragini Srivastava, Dr.
Indiaʼs soft power as seen in cultural perform‑ Himanshu Pandya, Farah The basket‑
ball game
ances before the game and at half‑time even Vaswani, Jay Shah, Mahavir
was between
as the community showed their commitment Chavda, Neil Trivedi, Rajeev
two NBA G
to a true blue American game. Chaudhary, Raksha Parekh, teams ‑‑ Long
At the February 27 event the Indian com‑ Sanjay Sura, Roopa Sridhar, Island Nets
munity was invited to participate in a major Rajeev Modi, Rizwan and Delaware
basketball game between two NBA G teams ‑‑ Qureshi, Rajiv Mody, Harry Blue Coats.
Long Island Nets and Delaware Blue Coats. Malhotra and Swati
The event was hosted by the Indian Vaishnav.
American Advisory Committee of NYCB
LIVEʼs Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
Dilip Chauhan, the President of New York
South Asian Chamber of Commerce, was
Chair and and Raj Shah Co‑Chair. A 30‑second
silence was observed in the memory of the
martyrs of the recent terror attack
atPulwama in Jammu & Kashmir. Indiaʼs
Deputy Consul General in New York,
Shatrughna Sinha addressed the gathering.
Sudhir Vaishnav, veteran of managing many
business, was reognized for his contribution
to the community. Indian American Advisory
Committee members include Hiren Chauhan,
Sreedhar Shanmugam, Hitesh Patel, Amita

Indian American
run firm to acquire
Yatra Online
New Delhi: US soft‑
ware firm Ebix on
Monday said it has
offered to acquire
100 per cent of the
outstanding stock of
Zee TV to host inaugural gala for St. Jude
Yatra Online for $7
per share on a debt‑ Childrenʼs Research Hospital® on April 6
free basis. Yatra
Online, Inc is the par‑
ent company of Yatra
Robin Raina is
Ebixʼs Chairman,
at The Gallery at Dream Downtown
Online Pvt Ltd which is President and
CEO. (Photo NEW YORK (March 4, 2019) – Zee TV is planning an inaugural gala for St. Jude Childrenʼs Research
based in Gurugram,
courtesy Hospital® at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 6, at The Gallery at Dream Downtown to unite South Asian
India and is India's
leading Corporate
LiveMint) community leaders, influencers and philanthropists in the fight to end childhood cancer. Among the
Travel services provider with over 800 cor‑ guests will Bollywood actor R. Madhavan.
porate customers and one of India's leading
online travel companies and operates the There will be a cocktail reception, dinner, silent auction, Bollywood performance, and remarks delivered
website by a St. Jude patient family. Events like this help ensure families never receive a bill from St. Jude for
"Ebix intends to merge Yatra Online in its treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.
Indian EbixCash subsidiary setup. Ebix's
offer is subject to due diligence and cus‑
“St. Jude Childrenʼs Research Hospital has the heartfelt commitment of Zee TV to support its mission
tomary regulatory and other closing condi‑
because it is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life‑
tions," Ebix said in a statement.
"The Ebix offer expects any outstanding
threatening diseases,” said Sameer Targe, CEO for Zee TV Americas. “We also encourage our viewers to
warrants to be surrendered or bought and become a St. Jude Partner in Hope by donating monthly toward this noble cause.”
retired before closing by Yatra Online; fail‑
ing which Ebix would pay for the prevailing Last year Zee TV demonstrated its support for the hospital by elevating the visibility of the St. Jude
market price of the warrants at the time of brand at some of the largest Diwali celebrations in the U.S., including those in Atlanta, Tampa and Dallas.
closing, while adjusting its overall $7 share
price payable to Yatra Online shareholders Zee TV USA was the first‑ever Hindi General Entertainment channel to be launched in the U.S. in 1998.
downwards at the time of closing, by the
The company now has 43 networks and a full‑time dedicated workforce in five locations across North
quantum of money paid by Ebix for retiring
America and the Caribbean.
those warrants," it said. Robin Raina,
Atlanta based Ebixʼs Chairman, President
and Chief Executive Officer, was elected a St. Jude treats patients from all 50 states and around the world in addition to providing hundreds of
director of the Company in February 2000. free physician consultations annually. St. Jude also freely shares the discoveries it makes, so doctors and
He was The South Asian Times Person of scientists can use that knowledge to save thousands more children.
the Year ‑ 2012.
16 March 16-22, 2019 BOLLYWOOD

Pichai, Blair, film stars grace Ambani scionʼs grand wedding

ormer United Nations
Secretary General Ban Ki‑
moon, former British Prime
Minister Tony Blair and his wife
Cherie Blair, Google CEO Sundar
Pichai, Microsoft CEO Satya
Nadella and a host of politicians
and film personalities graced
Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's
grand wedding in Mumbai on
March 9.
Bollywood celebrities Shah Rukh
Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Ayan
Mukerji and Karan Johar, as well
as cricketer Hardik Pandya danced
away to singer Mika Singh's live
tracks as industrialist Mukesh
Ambani's son Akash made his way
to wed his childhood friend
Shloka, the daughter of Mona and Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta get married in Mumbai; former UK PM Tony Blair and wife Cherie at the wedding.
Russell Mehta.
The celebrities joined the lively the D‑Day. was decked up with elaborate flo‑ Nadella too came for the celebra‑ Kiran Rao, Alia Bhatt, Karisma
and colorful "baraat", which also Akash kickstarted the wedding ral arrangements set according to tions, as did politicians like Praful Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan,
saw the groom's parents ‑‑ Mukesh festivities by offering prayers to a garden theme, complete with a Patel and HD Deve Gowda. Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod
and Nita Ambani ‑‑ and sister Isha his paternal grandfather, late faux waterfall, floral figurines, a As for the film world, the Chopra, Anu Malik, Armaan Jain,
Ambani groove. Dhirubhai Ambani, and maternal fountain and a grand stage with a Bachchan family, including Jackie Shroff, Vidya Balan, Vishal‑
The groom looked dapper in a grandfather, late Ravindrabhai huge Krishna idol done up with Amitabh, Jaya, Shweta, Abhishek, Shekhar, Gauri Khan, Farah Khan,
soft pink, intricately embroidered Dalal. flowers. Aishwarya and Aaradhya, were in Juhi Chawla, Kiara Advani,
and sequinned sherwani, while the The wedding venue ‑‑ Jio World Google CEO Sundar Pichai and attendance, as were Rajinikanth, Sidharth Malhotra and Shabana
bride chose a traditional red for Centre in Bandra‑Kurla Complex ‑‑ Microsoft head honcho Satya Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan and Azmi.

Badla is nifty I have an opinion, but I like to

nugget of noire keep it to myself: Alia Bhatt
By Subhash K Jha ctress Alia Bhatt has ability to speak as candidly as
REVIEW responded to Kangana Kangana does and I really respect

he phonetic distance between Ranaut's criticism regard‑ her for that. Maybe, in a way she
badla, the Hindi word for ing celebrities who don't take a is right that sometimes we do
revenge that serves as the stand on political and social hold back because we don't want
deliciously filmy title of this delicate‑ issues by saying that she has an to talk unnecessarily about an
ly drawn whodunit, and Badal, the opinion on matters, but she likes issue." "My dad (filmmaker
name that the lawyer‑protagonist is to keep it to herself. Mahesh Bhatt) always says that
known by is easily bridgable. The Alia was interacting with the there are already so many
craftily‑plotted whodunit shows us media at the fourth edition of opinions in the world, so the
why vendetta is best served cold. It Outlook Business magazine's world can do with one less
unfolds in snowcapped England, 'Women of Worth' awards in opinion. So, I have an opin‑
you see. Mumbai. Kangana recently criti‑ ion but I will keep it to
Or, do you? cized actors like Ranbir Kapoor, myself. But kudos to her
Amitabh Bachchan plays Badal Alia and Ranveer Singh for not (Kangana) because she genuinely
Gupta, a hotshot lawyer on the verge voicing their opinions on political speaks really well."
of retirement who has never lost a Actress Tapsee Pannu plays a topics and for staying aloof from
case. Badal goes for the kill when he woman who won't stop at issues concerning the society at Actress Alia Bhatt is basking
is invited to look into a case of a anything to get what she wants. large. Commenting on this, Alia in the success of
murder accused, a nonchalant who must wear cross around his said: "I definitely don't have that recently‑released ʻGully Boyʼ.
imperturbable married woman neck even while bearing it (the cross,
named Naina Sethi whose morals are I mean) and who speaks with a thick
so reprehensible they make Indrani
Mukerjea seem excusably misguided
Bandra‑Catholic accent that tends to
take away from the gravity of the cri‑
Kareena called 'aunty' by
in comparison.

netizen, here's how she reacted

sis on hand.
Kudos to Tapsee Pannu for playing Ghosh fills up the frames with an
a woman who won't stop at anything implosive tension. Most of the time

to get what she wants. It shows the there are just Bachchan and his fter being called an "aunty" seen showing a comment to
expanding moral spectrum of cellu‑ accused (far from a victim) talking, on social media, actress Kareena. It reads "You are an
loid heroism to see a female protago‑ exchanging barbed words and slant‑ Kareena Kapoor Khan aunty now... don't act like a teenag‑
nist so low in the conscience depart‑ ed glances that give nothing away. seems to be upset with netizens er". After reading it, she is seen
ment, and it is a pleasure to see Both the actors are adept at using for constantly targeting celebrities smiling. Later in the video,
Pannu so good in being bad. words to express more than just on social media. Kareena seems to be angry. She
Director Sujoy Ghosh, it seems, has what they want to say. There is a In the trailer of an upcoming says: "Celebrities, actors, actresses
adapted a Spanish film "The Invisible third crucial character, played by the web series, celebrities like do not have any feelings. We have
Guest". Pannu's entrepreneur‑hero‑ powerful Amrita Singh who makes Sonakshi Sinha, Karan Johar, to just take everything." Despite
ine has a loving family of devoted even an offer for a cup of tea seem Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Kapil not being on social media, Kareena
husband and adorable little daugh‑ like a stern rebuke. It's a pity that Sharma are seen chatting with its is not immune to trolls and online
ter. Why would she break the there isn't much of Singh with host and actor Arbaaz Khan. In the critics. This is not the first time Bollywood diva Kareena
domestic idyll to have an affair with Bachchan together. What I wouldn't over two‑minute long video, that she has been trolled or been Kapoor Khan is not immune
an anglo‑Indian Arjun (Tony Luke) give to see that Mard‑slinging! among various things, Arbaaz is judged on the Internet. to trolls and online critics. BOLLYWOOD March 16-22, 2019 17

Irrfan Khan makes rare Celebrities have a responsibility

appearance amidst to uphold their public
tumor treatment image in private spaces
ctor Irrfan Khan, who
returned to India last
By Subhash K Jha space. The world today, and
especially most of the young‑

month after receiving
ractice what you preach. sters, are two different animals
neuroendocrine tumor treat‑
Priyanka Chopra forgot in their personal and public
ment in London, was spotted at
the validity of this adage space. There is no room for
Mumbai airport.
when at her wedding in truth in most of the lives they
According to the photographs
December last year in Jodhpur share with people... ironic
that surfaced online, Irrfan can
she was seen enjoying a fire‑ since this is a time of
be seen avoiding paparazzi at
works display. social media where appar‑
the airport as he chose to hide
Suddenly her reputation went ently you let people see you
his face with a muffler. He was
up in the sky ‑ at least for a for what you are and intimate‑
spotted wearing a pink jacket
while. Here was an actress who ly... yet there is zero intimacy..
and camouflage pants.
has privately spoken up about just carefully manufactured
However, it was not clear
noise and smoke pollution illusions of reality."
where the "Piku" actor was
caused by fireworks, and there Industry spokesperson
heading to.
she was enjoying the poison that Ashoke Pandit sees an urgent
Back in March last year,
she had condemned publicly. need for celebrities to prac‑
Irrfan had revealed that he has
A co‑star‑pal of Chopra com‑ tice what they preach.
been diagnosed with a rare
mented, "It was her wedding. "The celebrity should be
tumor. Soon after, he went to
She was just having fun, some educated enough to com‑
London for treatment.
unthinking fun. I agree she ment on that particular sub‑
"The unexpected makes us
should have been more careful ject. Once the comment is out
grow, which is what the past
with what she was doing. But it's in the public domain, the
few days have been about.
okay. No harm done." celebrity must abide by it. He
Learning that I have been diag‑
Actress‑producer Pooja Bhatt has a responsibility towards the
nosed with neuroendocrine
spoke about the need for society as people follow them.
tumour as of now has admitted‑ Actor Irrfan Khan will
soon start shooting the celebrities with a voice to make Moreover they should follow
ly been difficult, but the love
sequel of ʻHindi Mediumʼ. sure their private conduct does‑ what they preach. One
and strength of those around
n't contradict their public image. should be very careful
me and that I found within me It is also reported that the 52‑
"I can only speak for myself... I when one has to comment
has brought me to a place of year‑old actor will soon start
have always been the same per‑ on sensitive issues." In short, Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra
hope," Irrfan earlier said while shooting the sequel of his 2017
son in my personal and public practice what you preach. should practice what they preach.
sharing the news of his tumor. film "Hindi Medium".

Originality is a dichotomous terminology: Amitabh

mitabh Bachchan and his craft has get your energy from? Or is it respect for
captivated several generations work which defines your underlying ethic?
now, ageless as he is, the thespian I am at loss as to why you or many oth‑
has completed 50 years in an industry ers ask me this question?
which he straddles like a colossus.
Excerpts from an interview: From eight releases in a year in your
A fulfilling journey where you have time, the stars now do one movie in a year
worked with great directors and actors, or even two years, is this a function of
would you say Hrishida and Pran are your New Age commerce?
favorites, they were both lucky for you in It is a recognition of better management,
different made 10 films with both financial and personal. The good
Hrishida? thing is that music and melody are back in
Every director, actor, writer, producer, Hindi cinema, Music is enjoyed by one and
colleague that I have worked with shall all, music plucks the chords and strings of
ever remain my favorites... our souls.

When you hit your strides, did you take Is Hindi cinema in good hands with a
acting classes or consciously or uncon‑ New Gen of young directors and actors
sciously imitate someone or does anyone and middle‑of‑the‑road cinema…?
influence your work? Times and circumstances change. They
No, I never took any acting lessons, nor change for every profession too. Films are
did I consciously or unconsciously imitate no different. The present generation is an
someone, unless asked by my makers to audacious package of incredible talent! I
do so .. and there were a few such occa‑ Bollywood thespian Amitabh Bachchan has completed 50 years in the industry. am in immense admiration of them, and
sions! I have no idea on the method of act‑ am fortunate that I get to play a small part
ing, and have never taken or hit any others do in what they do so brilliantly .. I I am certain you are more than aware in their company. They provide a different
strides. have followed as diligently as possible the that one can never be too close to the and alternative world‑view and this is
written words of the writer, and the direc‑ media or too far away from them! The educative. Never ever underestimate the
One hears of Ranveer Singh living and tion given to me by the directors! media is the fourth estate, the conscience credibility, dexterity, adroitness and skill
breathing his roles these days...or getting of the nation. I shall have the capacity, or of the writers and makers of today's enter‑
into character, I am sure many of your During a large part of your peak years, the audacity to live with my conscience, tainment world. They have been the rea‑
roles would have required major prepara‑ you actually had a very difficult relation‑ but not that of the media's. It would be son and cause of the flourish and prolifer‑
tion, for instance 'Pa' or 'Black', if you ship with media, including a major part foolish of me to think so. ated blossoming in our creativity for the
could explain your craft for such difficult when media boycotted you...and you now past 100 + years! It deserves respect and
roles? have a fabulous relationship with media. Fifty years of greasepaint and yet the dignity. Originality is a dichotomous
I have no craft and no idea of what the Explain this paradox? fire remains undiminished. Where do you terminology.
18 March 16-22, 2019 INDIA FEATURE

A chance meeting with PM Modi inspired this

Grammy winner to dedicate music to environment
By Bhavana Akella Even as Kej pursued a dental
science course on his father's Grammy Award
Bengaluru: A chance meeting with advice, he continued to create winner Ricky Kej,
accompanied by his
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 music and decided to pursue it
wife Varsha, called
in New Delhi inspired Bengaluru‑based full‑time on completing the on Prime Minister
Grammy Award winner Ricky Kej to degree. Narendra Modi in
dedicate his life and music to the cause As a professor at the National New Delhi in
of environment. Institute of Advanced Studies at September 2015.
Since then, Kej, who has represented Indian Institute of Science cam‑ Born in North
Carolina, he had
India on global fora, performing at ven‑ pus in Bengaluru, the musician
moved as a kid to
ues including the United Nations believes his job is to approach Bengaluru with his
General Assembly in New York and UN environmental subjects artisti‑ family. (Photo: IANS)
Headquarters in Geneva, has been using cally. IANS
music to flag ecological issues to policy‑
makers and public the world over.
"What was to be a photo opportunity
with the PM turned into an hour‑long
discussion with him on environment. He
spoke on the impact music could have
on society and inspired me to make
music on environment," Kej told IANS.
From songs like "Ganga" ‑ depicting
the plight of the river considered holy
by most Indians ‑ to his Grammy‑win‑
ning album "Winds of Samsara" ‑ which
speaks of peace and global harmony ‑
Kej's music connects with all ‑‑ from
world leaders to the man on the street.
With the aid of compelling visuals,
Kej's music, and collaborations with
global music artists, highlights the dele‑
terious consequences of urbanization,
climate change and human‑animal con‑
"There are so many issues in India like
child labor, gender inequality and
poverty, which none seem to be reflect‑
ing through music.
We see that music has lost the identity
of being an art form and has become a
profession," he lamented.
Kej, 37, bagged Grammy in 2015 for
the 'Best New Age Album' for "Winds of
Samsara", created along with South
African flautist Wouter Kellerman. He is
also recognised as the 'United Nations
Global Humanitarian Artist' for his
music with environmental conscious‑
With 15 studio albums released inter‑
nationally, 3,500 commercials, three
feature films in Kannada and over 100
music awards in 20 countries to his
credit, the conservationist‑musician's
album "Shanti Samsara" was released
by Modi and then French President
Francois Hollande at the UN Conference
of Parties (CoP‑21) Climate Change
Conference in Paris in December 2015.
The album, conceived after his meet‑
ing with Modi, had Kej collaborate with
about 500 musicians from 40 countries,
for songs like "Ganga", throwing light
on the pollution plaguing the river, and
on "Earth and Water".
Born in 1981 in North Carolina in the
US, Kej moved to Bengaluru with family
when he was eight, with intense love for
music and nature. PAKISTAN March 16-22, 2019 19

Pakistan's duplicity on anti-India

militants exposed by BBC
You cannot trust Imran Khan governmentʼs announcement about cracking down on terrorists.
There have been highly publicized crackdowns on such groups before too, only for the mosques and
religious schools to be handed back to their previous owners, and those detained to be later released
for "lack of evidence”. Indian officials told the BBC they had "seen all of this before".
By Secunder Kermani single seat, they may still prove easier to deal
BBC News with than JeM.
Over the years Saeed has managed to
Islamabad: Standing guard at the gate of a establish a large charity network of ambu‑
madrassa on the outskirts of Islamabad was a lances and basic healthcare facilities. Many
stern‑looking young man, armed with what of them are now being taken over by the gov‑
appeared to be a powerful automatic rifle, ernment, but analyst Amir Rana from the
and missing one eye. Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies says the
Inside, one of those involved in running the authorities have "very little concerns about
religious school acknowledged it is "said to retaliation" from his supporters. JuD have
be run by Jaish‑e‑Mohammad" ‑ the militant signaled they will challenge the moves in
group which claimed responsibility for last court.
month's suicide attack in Indian‑administered But officials are worried about the poten‑
Kashmir's Pulwama district, which killed tial of violence from the more secretive JeM ‑
some 40 troops and sparked a conflict the group responsible for the Kashmir
between Pakistan and India. Pulwama attack. After JeM was banned in
But the cleric said the allegations were 2002, splinter elements of the group tried to
untrue and the madrassa was, in fact, just assassinate the country's then military ruler
another ordinary Islamic school. Pervez Musharraf.
A small poster on the wall behind him, At a recent closed meeting between the
however, depicted an assortment of guns Masood Azhar who founded Jaish, head of the Pakistani Army and a group of
LeT founder Hafiz Saeed,
alongside a slogan evoking a famous battle which claimed credit for the Pulwama politicians, a source told the BBC that mili‑
mastermind behind the 2008 Mumbai
attack, is in "protective custody" though tary leaders gave assurances that the mili‑
from Islamic history. In the dusty street out‑ attack, was even allowed to create
he has continued to release audio
side, a poster advertising a rally on behalf of a apolitical party in Pakistan. tants would be tackled. However the military
messages to supporters.
the Kashmiri cause was emblazoned with the officials warned there were too many to com‑
distinctive white and black flag of Jaish‑e‑ Azhar had been an influential militant fig‑ bilities of anti‑state militants. The number of pletely eliminate by force alone, and instead
Mohammad (JeM). ure in the 1990s with links to the conflicts in those killed in terrorist attacks in Pakistan suggested some be mainstreamed.
As part of a "crackdown" on militants in both Afghanistan and Kashmir. dropped from close to 2,500 in 2013 to 595 Early proposals by the government report‑
Pakistan, hundreds of seminaries and other Pakistani analyst Ahmed Rashid says in in 2018. edly include establishing de‑radicalization
buildings allegedly linked to groups, includ‑ those early days JeM jihadists were "highly However, that leaves the question of what centers for members of these groups, and
ing JeM, have been taken over by the govern‑ trained and highly motivated" fighters. And to do with the more loyal groups such as JeM finding them jobs, including somewhat
ment in recent days. because they were not overtly linked to the and LeT/JuD, who are alleged to have contin‑ bizarrely using them as a kind of "paramili‑
The brother of JeM founder Masood Azhar Pakistani state, India had "no clear answer" ued to launch attacks on India. tary" force.
has been taken into "preventative detention" on how to respond to their attacks. Pakistan JeM is believed to have carried out two A senior politician told the BBC that there
alongside another relative and dozens of oth‑ retained an element of plausible deniability. major attacks in Kashmir in 2016, while LeT was now an understanding in Pakistan that
ers. No‑one from the security forces had con‑ Another militant g roup fo cused on founder Hafiz Saeed has been accused by the use of "proxy" forces in Kashmir is count‑
tacted this madrassa in Islamabad however. Kashmir, Lashkar‑e‑Taiba (LeT ), is also Indian authorities of orchestrating the 2008 er‑productive, distracting from allegations of
Azhar himself is believed have been in pro‑ believed to have enjoyed the patronage of the Mumbai attacks ‑ though he denies that. Indian "human rights abuses". But, he added,
tective custody in Pakistan since 2016 ‑ security services. At the time it was alleged the Pakistani the preference would be to engage with mili‑
though he has continued to release audio With the international community increas‑ intelligence services were complicit, and tants peacefully if possible.
messages to supporters. ingly focused on the threats from jihadist although they denied that, legal action The latest takeovers of madrassas and
"It is our resolve that our soil will not be groups after the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan against those suspected of involvement has mosques linked to militants will give the
used to harm anyone else," Pakistan's Interior banned both JeM and LeT. However, their been suspiciously slow. Pakistani government some favorable head‑
Minister Shehryar Khan Afridi told reporters leadership has never been convicted of any But now these militant groups seem to be lines, but it's what they do next that will
earlier this week, stressing that the action crime, and both organizations took on new an obstacle to Prime Minister Imran Khan's count. Will there be actual prosecutions? Will
was not due to any "external pressure" but names, with Lashkar‑e‑Taiba becoming stated aim of improving the country's rela‑ the groups really be prevented from carrying
had already been planned by the authorities. Jamaat‑ud‑Dawa. tionship with India; and perhaps more cru‑ out activities across the border? Are attempts
But there have been other highly publicized In 2007, the Pakistani state's uneasy rela‑ cially they have also contributed to Pakistan at "mainstreaming" really aimed at weaning
crackdowns on such groups before too, often tionship with jihadist groups was finally shat‑ being placed on the Financial Action Task jihadists away from violence? Or are they
when Pakistan has been in the international tered by a bloody standoff between militant Force "grey list" for not doing enough to simply a way to give them a veil of legitima‑
spotlight, only for the mosques and religious supporters and the security forces in tackle the financing of militant organizations. cy?
schools to be handed back to their previous Islamabad. A "grey list" designation can make interna‑ I visited another madrassa, in another poor
owners, and those detained to be later After that, jihadists grouped themselves tional businesses think twice before conduct‑ Islamabad suburb, that was taken over last
released due a "lack of evidence." into either "anti" or "pro" Pakistan camps. ing business in a country, and Pakistan's year by the government from Hafiz Saeed's
As a result some are skeptical that this lat‑ The former targeted Pakistani security forces economy is in need of foreign investment. charity, JuD.
est action really means the Pakistani state and civilians, killing thousands. The latter Pakistani of ficials, however, have The staff in charge there remains the same.
will put an end to the activities of India‑ remained focused on fighting American expressed concern that directly confronting They tell me the only change is that a local
focused militant groups, long believed to forces in Afghanistan, and Indian forces in JeM or JuD could provoke another spike in government of ficial carries out regular
have enjoyed the support of the country's Kashmir. violence. Last year, analysts and Pakistani inspections, and that they are now funded by
intelligence services. Indian officials told the The leaders of Jamaat‑ud‑Dawa, and JeM military figures floated the idea of "main‑ the government rather than by donations.
BBC they had "seen all of this before". Jaish‑e‑ remained loyal to the Pakistani state, streaming" some of those linked to militant The traditional shalwar kameez garment
Mohammad was founded by Masood Azhar in although many of their fighters, particularly groups. Shortly afterwards, ahead of the elec‑ worn by the security guard at the madrassa
2000, shortly after he was released from from JeM, defected to anti‑state groups. tions that Imran Khan won, supporters of is even still embroidered with the now offi‑
prison in India following the hijacking of an Pakistan's security forces have been JuD (and LeT) founder Saeed created a politi‑ cially banned group's name: JuD.
Indian airline by fellow militants. remarkably successful in reducing the capa‑ cal party. Although they were unable to win a Courtesy BBC News
20 March 16-22, 2019 SUBCONTINENT

Pakistan to upgrade group of

banned outfits to 'high risk'
Islamabad: Pakistan has decided
to upgrade a group of banned Iran warns Pak over inaction
outfits, including the Jaish‑e‑
Mohammad (JeM), to the "high against state‑sponsored terror
risk" category and start monitor‑ New Delhi: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stepped up pres‑
ing and re‑examining their activi‑ sure on Pakistan by asserting that Pak‑based sources and sponsors
ties to comply with the require‑ of cross‑border terror funding are "well‑known" and warned that
ments of the Financial Action inaction against terror groups will undermine Iran‑Pak ties.
Task Force (FATF). The Iranian leader asked Pakistan to rein in terror groups on its
The Paris‑based global watch‑ territory and said a number of terror attacks in the country have
dog against financial crimes had been traced to across the border in Pakistan.
expressed dissatisfaction over Speaking to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan over phone,
considering these entities as low Iran's president Rouhani said,“We are witnessing many terrorist
to medium risk and said Pakistan attacks by terrorists who are unfortunately located on the Pakistani
did "not demonstrate a proper soil, and in dealing with these terrorists, whose existence are not in
understanding of the terror favor of us, you and the region, we are fully ready to cooperate with
financing risks posed by the JeM, Jaish‑e‑Mohammad chief Masood Azhar. the Pakistani army and government".
Islamic State (IS), Al Qaeda,
Jamaat‑ud‑Dawa (JuD), Falah‑i‑ greater scrutiny by all agencies Federal Investigation Agency, council on FATF led by Finance reviews. The FATF would make a
Insaniat Foundat ion (FIF), and institutions of the country, Securit ies and Exchange Secretary Arif Ahmed Khan as fresh review of Pakistan's cur‑
Lashkar‑e‑Taiba (LeT), Haqqani starting from their registration Commission of Pakistan, State part of a series of meetings to rent progress and whether the
Network, and persons af filiated to operations and from their Bank of Pakistan, Nat ional comply with the watchdog's obli‑ country should be moved out of
with the Taliban", Dawn news fund collection to bank accounts Counter‑Terrorism Authority, gations. the "grey list" it imposed last
reported. and issuance of suspicious trans‑ Financial Monitoring Unit, Khan had led the Pakistani del‑ year or be downgraded to the
All these g roups have now actions, information sharing and among others. eg at ion to Paris during the "black list" having serious finan‑
been described as "high‑risk" so on, an informed official said. He said these decisions were February 18‑22 meetings of the cial and economic repercussions
entities and would be subject to The institutions include the taken at a meeting of the general FATF plenary and its g roup in case of serious shortcomings.

Fugitive Taliban leader Attack on Myanmar‑Bangladesh

Mullah Omar 'lived border construction work
Nay Pyi Taw: Security forces sta‑

close to US bases' tioned to supervise Myanmar‑

Bangladesh border fencing work in
Amsterdam: The Talibanʼs Buthidaung township in
elusive one‑eyed leader Myanmar's Rakhine state came
Mullah Omar lived within under attack from the Arakan
walking distance of US bases Army (AA), an ethnic armed group,
in Afghanistan, a new book of ficials said. The 200‑strong AA
has claimed. members launched the attack from
Bette Dam's "The Secret the Bangladesh side separately
Life of Mullah Omar" says the between the border posts BP‑67
leader never hid in Pakistan and BP‑68, Xinhua news agency
as believed by the US, the reported, quoting the Of fice of
BBC reported. Commander‑in Chie f of the
The Myanmar‑Bangladesh border fence
Instead, he lived in hiding Defence Services of Myanmar.
construction work is underway since 2010.
just three miles from a major Myanmar security forces have
US Forward Operating Base warned of a military operation and properties of the people. underway since 2010, under four
Taliban leader Mullah Omar against the AA for safeguarding The Myanmar‑Bangladesh bor‑ phases to prevent illegal entry
in his home province of
died due to illness in 2013. the territory as well as the lives der fence construction work is from the country's western gate.
Dutch journalist Dam spent five Despite claims by the militants,
years researching and interviewing
Taliban members for her book.
Omar could not run the Taliban
group from his hiding places. No 'vacuum' in Afghanistan
She managed to speak to Jabbar Mullah Mohammed Omar signed
Omari, the man who effectively
became Omar's bodyguard when he
of the Taliban over to his
Minister, Mullah
needs to be filled: China
went into hiding after the ousting of Obaidullah, in December 2001. Beijing: There is no "vacuum" in the sidelines to build a momen‑ Afghanistan to set store by the
the Taliban regime in 2001. He lived three miles from Forward Afghanistan that needs to be tum for dialogue, Wang said at a greater good of the country and
Omari hid the Taliban leader until Operating Base Wolverine, home to filled because that land belongs to press conference on the sidelines the people, seize the major oppor‑
his death from illness in 2013, the 1,000 US troops and where US Navy the people of Afg hanistan, of the country's annual legislative tunity for political reconciliation,
report quoted the Dam as saying. US Seals and British SAS forces were Chinese Foreign Minister Wang session. settle dif ferences through dia‑
forces even searched the accommo‑ sometimes based, Dam's book Yi said as he called on the inter‑ "Pursuing peace requires more logue, beat swords into
dation on one occasion, but failed to claimed. national community to support courage than stoking conflict," ploughshares, and join hands to
find his hiding place, it added. Omar would sometimes hide in the "Afg han‑led and Afg han‑ Wang said, adding that push open the door to peace," he
He later moved to a second build‑ irrigation tunnels to avoid detection. owned" reconciliation process. Afghanistan was at a critical said. "As Afghanistan's neighbour
ing just three miles from another US He lived in isolation and eventually China calls on the international moment as there were both the and friend, China will respect its
base, home to about 1,000 troops, invented his own language. He died community to give firm support potential dawn of peace and the people's wish and needs, continue
Dam said, adding that Omar got his on April 23, 2013, and was buried for the "Afg han‑led, Afg han‑ buildup of risks and challenges, to do its best for reconciliation
news from the BBC's Pashto lan‑ without a coffin in a featureless owned" reconciliation process Xinhua news agency reported. and reconstruct ion in
guage service. grave, Dam said. and play a constructive role from "We appeal to all parties in Afghanistan." INTERNATIONAL March 16-22, 2019 21

All 157 on board killed as Ethiopian Airlines Boeing crashes

Addis Ababa: An E thiopian
Airlines jet crashed shortly after
it took‑of f from here, killing all
China grounds all Boeing 737 Max 8s
157 people on board. Beijing: China grounded all Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets, after an Ethiopian
The airline said 149 passen‑ Airlines plane of the same model crashed shortly after take‑off killing
gers and eight crew members everyone onboard. The Civil Aviation Administration of China said in a
were on flight ET302 from the statement that all domestic Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets would be out of
Ethiopian capital to Nairobi in action for sometime, due to its principle of "zero tolerance for safety
Kenya, the BBC reported. hazards", the CNN reported.
Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde They said they would contact Boeing and the US Federal Aviation
Gebremariam told a press confer‑ Administration to confirm "flight safety" issues, before allowing the
ence that passengers from more planes to fly again.
than 30 countries were on board "Given in both air crashes, the aircrafts were newly delivered Boeing
the flight. 737 MAX 8, and both accidents occur during the take‑off, they share
He said they included 32 certain similarities," the administration said in the statement.
Kenyans, 18 Canadians, nine
Ethiopians, eight Italians, eight However, the pilot had report‑ helicopters at the scene now."
Chinese, eight Americans, seven ed dif ficulties and had asked to Boeingʼs 737 Max‑8 aircraft is
Britons, seven French citizens, six return to Addis Ababa, the airline relatively new to the skies, hav‑
Egyptians, five Dutch citizens, Wreckage of the Ethiopian Airlines' aircraft. said. An eyewitness at the scene ing been launched in 2016. It
four Indians and four people told the BBC there was an became a part of the Ethiopian
from Slovakia. There was also one passenger The crash happened at 8:44 intense fire as the aircraft hit the Airlines fleet in July 2018.
Three Austrians, three Swedes, each from Belgium, Indonesia, am, six minutes after the months‑ ground. "The blast and the fire Boeing said it was "deeply sad‑
three Russians, two Moroccans, Somalia, Norway, Serbia, Togo, old Boeing 737 Max‑8 took off. were so strong that we couldn't dened" by the crash and offered
two Spaniards, two Poles and two Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, It is not yet clear what caused get near it," he said. "Everything to send a team to provide techni‑
Israelis were also on the flight. Uganda and Yemen. the accident. is burnt down. There are four cal assistance.

UK strips 2 Satellite images reveal activity

more IS brides' at North Korean rocket facility
Washington: Satellite images sug‑

gest that North Korea could be
preparing to launch a missile or
space rocket in the near future,
American analysts have said, sig‑
naling a potential blow to
Washington‑Pyongyang relations.
The commercial images, taken
Previously, ISIS
on February 22 by imaging com‑
bride Shamima
Begum was pany DigitalGlobe, revealed an
stripped of her uptick in activity at a facility in
citizenship. Sanumdong, a Pyongyang suburb,
CNN reported.
North Korea has previously
assembled some of its interconti‑
nental ballistic missiles (ICBM)
and satellite‑launching rockets at
The release of the images fol‑
lows an assessment by respected
London: Two more Islamic State in 2015. She has also been North Korean leader Kim Jong‑un.
North Korea monitoring website
(IS) brides from the UK, held stripped of her citizenship.
38 North that the Sohae satellite
with their children in Syrian
detention camps, have been
According to The Sunday
Times, Reema and Zara's par‑
launch facility, which had been
partially disassembled as part of
Trump open to third
stripped of their British citizen‑ ents are originally from
ship, the media reported. Pakistan, but it is not known if
disarmament steps, is now back to
normal operational status after a
summit with Kim: Bolton
Legal sources have said that they have dual nationality.
flurry of restoration work in S National Security Adviser (NSA) John Bolton has said that
Reema Iqbal and her sister, The sisters left for Syria in
recent weeks. "We're seeing a lot President Donald Trump was open to a third summit with
Zara, who between them have 2013 after marrying IS fighters
of vehicle activity at the North Korean leader Kim Jong‑un, although nothing has been
five boys under the age of eight, with "close links" to the filmed
Sanumdong facility and also at the scheduled.
have had their UK nationality murders of western hostages.
rail transfer point where it would "He (Trump) said he's open to a third summit, none has been sched‑
removed after marrying into a Zara was heavily pregnant
be loaded and taken to Sohae," uled... But he's prepared to engage again because he does think that
terror cell linked to the murder with her second child when she
Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East the prospects for North Korea, which he's been trying to persuade Kim
of western hostages, reports travelled to Syria and later gave
Asia Nonproliferation Project at Jong‑un to accept if they denuclearized, are really quite spectacular,"
The Sunday Times. birth to a third.
the Middlebury Institute of the NSA said.
The development comes after Reema has one son born in
International Studies at Monterey, Bolton said that Trump would be very disappointed if there was
the newborn baby of another IS the UK and another born in
who has studied the new images, another test launch from North Korea.
bride Shamima Begum's died of Syria. In response to the sisters'
told CNN. "The president said repeatedly that he feels the absence of nuclear
pneumonia at a Syrian refugee case, the Home Office said it
"I think the evidence points to a tests, the absence of ballistic missile launches is a positive sign."
camp. did not comment on individual
satellite launch, and not just the
Begum, a 19‑year‑old British cases, the BBC reported.
evidence at Sanumdong, but also programme made strides in 2017, of the US. Kim and Trump held
teenager of Bangladeshi Decisions to withdraw citizen‑
the evidence from Sohae." with Pyongyang saying it success‑ their second summit in Hanoi,
descent, gave birth to her son ship from individuals were evi‑
The US State Department has fully test‑fired three ICBMs. The Vietnam, on February 27‑28 but it
in a Syrian refugee camp in dence based and not taken
declined to comment on the devel‑ Hwasong‑15, which was launched ended abruptly without any
February. She ran away to Syria lightly, it added.
opment. North Korea's missile last November, can likely hit much agreement.
22 March 16-22, 2019 BUSINESS

ArcelorMittal's Rs 42,000 crore Toxic IL&FS bonds

bid for Essar Steel cleared may have infected
Ahmedabad: The city bench of the time and again by courts at all lev‑
National Company Law Tribunal
(NCLT ) on Friday cleared
the armed forces els," an Essar spokesperson said
after the judgment.
ArcelorMittal's Rs 42,000 crore "We are also confident of the
resolution plan for insolvent Essar legal validity of our said offer made New Delhi: The IL&FS contagion fare of members of the Armed
Steel, probably putting an end to under Section 12A, which provides continues to spread aggressively, Forces and paramilitary forces and
the long‑drawn battle for the steel for the withdrawal from the IBC the latest casualty being the Indian their dependents. At the end of
asset. process by making full payment to armed forces. Several lakhs of March 31, 2018, the total expendi‑
The decision, which paves the the creditors. We are awaiting a salaried workers across public sec‑ ture was Rs 64.75 crore, whole
way for ArcelorMittal's entry into copy of the NCLT order, and will tor undertakings and Postal Life receipts were Rs 83.85 crore and
India, came after 583 days of the take a call on next steps after exam‑ Insurance have already been infect‑ the total cumulative balance was Rs
stressed asset being referred for ining the same," he added. ed with these bonds. Now, it is 1115.18 crore. There is also a
insolvency proceedings, instead of Further, the NCLT Ahmedabad learnt, the virus has also spread to department for ex‑servicemen's
the mandatory resolution period of bench dismissed the application the armed forces. welfare which gives benefits to the
270 days as per the Insolvency and filed by the suspended board of IANS learns that a few sections of widows of fatal battle casualties.
Bankruptcy Code (IBC). directors of Essar Steel to view the the armed forces, primarily the This pertains to death due to acci‑
T he NCLT bench approved resolution plan. On its verdict on army, have invested their corpus of dent in course of duties, death due
ArcelorMittal's resolution plan, ArcelorMittal's bid, the bench said funds in the once AAA rated IL&FS to terror violence, death during
which was voted as the winning bid Lakshmi Mittal, ArcelorMittal it cannot impose a judicial view bonds to secure their future. The enemy action in war or border skir‑
in October 2018 by the Committee
Chairman and CEO with wife Indian Army has three specific mishes or against militants/terror‑
over the banks' wisdom. However,
Usha at the wedding of Akash funds in which fellow countrymen ists and death during enemy action
of Creditors (CoC) and which the Ruias are not yet ready to sur‑
Ambani and Shloka Mehta in can contribute ‑ Army Welfare Fund in war or warlike engagements
included an upfront payment of Rs render the 10 million tonne steel
Mumbai. (Photo: IANS) Battle Casualties (set up in 2016 specifically noted ‑‑ the benefits are
42,000 crore and a post‑deal infu‑ mill, which owes Rs 49,000 crore to
sion of Rs 8,000 crore in Essar financial creditors. Sources in the after the Siachen avalanche disaster given in the following way, which is
pass an order itself.
Steel. "We welcome today's pro‑ group said once they get the court and the Pathankot/Uri incidents), Rs 10 lakh each in the first two
While the NCLT verdict came as a
nouncement by the NCLT order, they would definitely go for Army Central Welfare Fund and the cases and Rs 15 and Rs 20 lakh
major setback to the Ruias who
Ahmedabad. While we will need to an appeal in NCLAT and if need be, Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre respectively in the latter two cases.
wanted to retain control of the
review the full written order once it may even approach the Supreme Pune ‑ towards the members/fami‑ Various other benefits are provided
company and had of fered Rs
becomes available, we hope to com‑ Court. Earlier, Essar's appeal in lies of the armed forces who have to war widows. These funds, formed
54,389 crore after the CoC
plete the transaction as soon as these two higher courts had been made the supreme sacrifice for the by servicemen with the objective of
approved ArcelorMittal's bid, the
possible," ArcelorMittal said in a dismissed. Essar Steel is among the nation. It is still not known whether supporting fatalities and army wid‑
promoters of Essar Steel believe
statement after the verdict. largest single location steel produc‑ these funds have invested in the ows, have invested in these bonds
they still have a chance.
T he Nat ional Company Law ers with a 10 million tonnes per virus‑laden bonds. considering the ratings and safety
"We continue to believe that our
Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) had annum liquid steel capacity. The There is also the flagship National assurances portrayed by the rating
settlement proposal of Rs 54,389
last month directed the NCLT integrated facilities comprise hot Defence Fund which was set up to agencies. The corpus has member‑
crore is the most compelling one
Ahmedabad bench to take a final rolling facilities, cold rolling facili‑ take charge of voluntary donations ship of armymen and provides sup‑
available to Essar Steel creditors
decision on ArcelorMittal's bid for ties, plate mill, among others locat‑ in cash and kind received for pro‑ port to millions of armymen and
and fulfils the IBC's declared over‑
the acquisition of Essar Steel by ed in Hazira, in the western coast of motion of the national defense their widows in case of eventuali‑
riding objective of value maximiza‑
March 8, failing which it would Gujarat. effort. The Fund is used for the wel‑ ties.
tion, which has been established

RBI MAY BAR DUAL Nirav Modi tracked down in London

London: Fugitive diamantaire Nirav
FUNCTIONS OF Modi fled India in January 2018
only days before the epic Punjab

RATING AGENCIES National Bank (PNB) Swift scam

broke. Even as invest ig ators
swooped down on PNB, it was clear
New Delhi: The Reserve Bank function. that Nirav Modi and his uncle
of India may disallow credit The changes have become Mehul Choksi have ingeniously
rating agencies from the dual imperative post the IL&FS defrauded the PNB of Rs 13,000
role of being advisor‑cum‑rat‑ fiasco where the role of rating crore using Letters of Undertaking
ing agencies agencies for the malady exercise. Nirav
for companies. came into Modi, whose whereabouts have
T he move question. remained a mystery since he has
aims to prevent Just a been "seen" in New York, Hong
such ent it ies month after Kong and other parts of the world,
from making giving high has now surfaced in London where
biased assess‑ ratings for apparently he has been living for
ments about debt papers several months now. His former
the financial of IL&FS shop Nirav Mo di in Old Bond
condit ion of bonds in Street, Mayfair, London closed
their clients August, the down and seized in July 2018 (see
and restrict ratings were The shop that belonged to fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi,
in Old Bond Street, Mayfair, London that was closed down
conflict of interest that may brought down several notches This was done at the authority of and seized in July 2018.
seep in. follow ing the company the landlord. IANS has a copy of
Official sources said that the defaulting in interest pay‑ the Take Notice (see copy) where‑ February 2018, IANS tracked down who has been in his pursuit for
banking regulator may soon ments on its bonds. by the property was seized. his old establishments here. over 15 months.
initiate a dialogue with mar‑ Credit rating agencies are Shockingly, despite Interpol having T he fact that Nirav Modi has It shows our investigators and
ket regulator Securities and jointly regulated by both Sebi issues a Red Corner Notice against been living and working here with foreign of fice in poor light that
Exchange Board of India and RBI as these firms rate him, he has been brazenly living in a National Insurance number in they have been unable to move for
(SEBI) to flesh out new regula‑ bank loans and NBFCs, which London and doing business in recent months from the his extradition. The Central Bureau
tions that would impact the constitute 70 per cent of their high‑end jewellery and watches. Department for Work and Pension, of Investigation is now asking the
way credit rating agencies business. While his passport was revoked in compounds the agony for India Interpol for his immediate arrest. SPORTS March 16-22, 2019 23

Australia beat India in 4th ODI, level series

Mohali: Australia rode a power‑
ful batting effort to defeat India
by four wickets in the fourth On‑
Pakistan wants ICC
Day International (ODI) and level
the five‑match series at 2‑2, here.
Chasing a formidable target of
action against India
359 runs, Peter Handscomb's Islamabad: Pakistan
maiden ODI century and half‑ Foreign Minister
centuries from Usman Khawaja Shah Mehmoo d
and Ashton Turner took the visi‑ Qureshi expressed
tors past the line with 13 balls to disappointment at
spare. Indian cricket
The Australians chase was of f team's decision to
to a rocky start as Aaron Finch don army caps dur‑
was bow led by Indian pacer ing its match
Bhuvneshwar Kumnar in the very against Australia,
first over. Radio Pakistan
Jasprit Bumrah dealt another reported.
blow when he sent back Shaun Qureshi was
Australia's Ashton Turner and D'Arcy Short celebrate after winning the
Marsh in the fourth over with an speaking to the
fourth ODI match against India in Mohali. (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)
excellent fuller length delivery media in Sukkur.
Indian players don army caps during the third ODI
that uprooted the off‑stump. He is the second
next eight overs, Turner smashed mered every visit ing bow ler between India and Australia in Ranchi, a gesture
However, that was destined to government official that left Pak fuming. (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)
a quickfire half‑century lower before Rohit fell, five short of his
be the only bit of celebration for to point out the
down the order to turn the match hundred.
the Indian players. The capacity "politicization of the gentleman's announced on Friday that the
decisively in Australia's favor. But Dhawan maintained his
crowd at the IS Bindra Stadium game". The Indian cricket team Indian team would be wearing
T he all‑rounder remained aggressiveness, taking every
witnessed laying of the founda‑ had worn the camouflage caps camouflage caps during their
unbeaten on a breezy 84 with bowler to cleaners.
tion for a successful chase by during its match ag ainst third ODI match ag ainst
five boundaries and six hits into T he Indian openers started
Khawaja and Handscomb with a Australia on Friday "as (a) mark Australia in Ranchi "as (a) mark
the stands studding his 43‑ball cautiously before they accelerat‑
192‑run stand in 178 balls. of tribute to the loss of lives in of tribute to the loss of lives in
stay at the crease. ed the innings to race away to 55
Handscomb scored 117 runs Pulwama terror attack and the Pulwama terror attack and the
Bumrah was the only Indian runs in just 9.2 overs. The duo
of f 105 deliveries, hitting eight armed forces". armed forces".
bowler who could trouble the seemed brutal as most bowlers
boundaries and three sixes along Late on Friday, Pakistan The BCCI has in fact also said
Australian batsmen with figures were hammered to every part of
the way. Khawaja's 91 runs came Information Minister Fawad that every year during any ODI
of 3/63 in his 8.5 overs. the park and lifted the team to
of f 99 balls and included seven Chaud hry asked the game, the Indian team would be
Earlier, India rode scintillating 100 runs in 17.2 overs.
hits to the fence. International Cricket Council donning the army caps as a
kno cks from openers Rohit Continuing their sensible and
Bumrah finally broke the part‑ (ICC) to take action against the mark of respect for the armed
Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan to destructive play, the duo took
nership when Khawaja tried to Indian team for "politicizing" the forces. "It's just not cricket,"
post a mammoth 358/9. India near the 200‑run mark
pull a short pitched delivery just game by donning army caps Chaud hry tweeted late on
Both Dhawan (143 of f 115) before pacer Jhye Richardson
outside the off‑stump only to see during their third One‑Day Friday. By wearing the caps, the
and Rohit (95 of f 92) were in came with a big breakthrough.
Kuldeep Yadav latch on to the Internat ional (ODI) match Indian team has politicized the
brilliant touch right from the He sent back a well‑settled Rohit
top edge at fine leg. against Australia. Gentleman's Game, Dawn quoted
start and also recorded the high‑ in the 31st over.
Although the hosts claimed a T he Board of Control for the Information Minister as
est opening stand (193) for India Rohit's knock contained seven
couple of more wickets over the Cricket in India (BCCI) had saying.
against Australia. The duo ham‑ boundaries and two sixes.

Manjrekar backs You can't have 11 Kohlis

Shankar for
No 4 slot in WC in team: Muralitharan
New Delhi: With Australia chasing Sachin Tendulkar‑s or Don Bradman‑s.
New Delhi, : With the fight being still on for Team India's
down India's total of 358 in the fourth But that cannot happen," Muralitharan
number 4 batting slot for the upcoming World Cup
ODI in Mohali and squaring the five‑ added.
2019, former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar believes
match series 2‑2, pundits and fans Coming to India's spin bow ling
Vijay Shankar should be considered for filling the posi‑
have been quite critical of the perform‑ department, the wizard believes that
ance of the Indian players. the spin arsenal is well‑equipped with
Ambati Rayudu's name was being earlier considered
While some have questioned the Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal
for the slot, which plan, however, did not work out.
bowlers' inability to defend a mam‑ at the fore.
Manjrekar said Shankar's abilities to rotate the strike,
moth total on a decently big ground "I think they are doing a good job.
beside being quite capable of going big when required,
like the PCA Stadium in Mohali, others Both are quality performers and the
fits him in the crucial batting position.
have questioned Virat Kohli's captaincy fact that they have done well in all con‑
"Vijay Shankar is my number 4 for his ability to hit
skills in the absence of MS Dhoni, ditions bears testimony to their talent.
sixes as well as rotate the strike. Play him as a batsman.
known to guide the skipper on the Also, why do you think someone of the
As a bowler, he's worth only three‑odd bonus overs, not
field. Speaking to IANS, former Sri calibre of R Ashwin is not being able to
seven or the full quota of 10," the former cricketer was Former Sri Lanka spinner
Lanka spinner Muttiah Muralitharan squeeze into the limited‑overs team? It
quoted as saying by the Times of India. Muttiah Muralitharan.
begged to differ with the criticism that is because these two have done well.
On Rayudu, Manjrekar said: "After his 90 against New
has come India's way after Australia really well and are trying to experi‑ Just one bad game (in Mohali) can't be
Zealand in Wellington, I was sure he had cemented his
won the fourth ODI. ment with the World Cup round the enough to criticize them. We are not
spot. But three low scores and the rise of Vijay Shankar
He fee ls that people need to be corner. You will get failures on the dealing with robots here," he pointed
thereafter have put his place in question."
patient as one cannot have 11 match‑ road to success as there cannot be 11 out.
He also said skipper Virat Kohli shouldn't demote his
winners in the team and it is also Virat Kohlis in the team. Not everyone With the showpiece event round the
batting position as No.3 slot perfectly suits him.
important to try out various combina‑ can be a match‑winner," he said. corner, the former Sri Lanka World
"He (Kohli) must bat at No. 3. There is no point in
tions going into the World Cup. "You will win some games and you Cup‑winner feels that the fans too have
demoting our best batsman, who has set the winning cul‑
"You have to be patient with the will also lose a few. Otherwise, every a role to play if India are to win the tro‑
ture in this team," he opined.
team. The Indian team has been doing team must be filled with 11 Kohli‑s or phy in England in a couple of months.
24 March 16-22, 2019 SELF HELP

Tax season tips to avoid scammers and robocalls

The IRS website points out that they will always make
attempts to reach you via postal mail first and they will
never ask you for a specific form of payment.

tʼs tax season. The time of year when you donʼt answer, they may also leave customers want to stop scam calls com‑ across networks.
phone scammers get particularly “urgent” callback voicemails via robocalls. pletely, they can turn on Scam Block. With
aggressive trying to trick you out of Recognizing these tactics can help you these tools in place, in the last two years, Know Your Rights
your hard‑earned money. And scam calls stay safe. If you suspect a call (or a voice‑ T‑Mobile has alerted customers to over 10
While scam‑blocking technology can
and robocalls are a growing problem for mail) is a scam, hang up. If you want to be billion Scam Likely calls. And in 2019, T‑
help you filter out scam and spoof calls,
everyone. Here are a few tricks to help you sure, donʼt call back the number provided Mobile reports warning customers of 225
itʼs also important to know your rights.
dodge scammers and give you peace of but instead, look up your local IRS million Scam Likely calls each week. Many of these calls use intimidation tac‑
mind. Customer Service number on the Internet Others wireless providers usually also tics to scare consumers into divulging sen‑
and call the IRS directly. offer customers app solutions to help
Know the Signs identify scam calls for a small monthly fee.
sitive information over the phone. The IRS

Scam call technology is always changing,

Use Protection Tools Check with your provider to see what is
website notes that they will always make
attempts to reach you via postal mail first
so itʼs important to stay vigilant against Check out what technology your wireless available. and they will never ask you for a specific
scammersʼ attempts to get you to answer company offers that can protect you from New standards from the Federal form of payment. You should know that
your phone. Every year, they make mil‑ scam and spoof calls. For example, T‑ Communications Commission, called you always have the right to formally con‑
lions off innocent victims with new tech‑ Mobile offers free scam and spoofing pro‑ STIR/SHAKEN, are also helping protect test the amount owed, and the IRS will not
niques. Their latest method, known as tection for customers with Scam ID and consumers. T‑Mobileʼs implementation of make threats against you or your family
number‑spoofing technology, could fool Scam Block. These tools are made avail‑ STIR/SHAKEN, Caller Verified, lets you regarding arrest or deportation. If you
even the savviest consumers into answer‑ able to all postpaid customers and live on know when a call made on the T‑Mobile have any elderly or susceptible family
ing the phone. Number‑spoofing makes a the T‑Mobile network, so no app is network is authentic and not intercepted members, talk to them about how to avoid
scammerʼs number appear as either a required. As soon as a call reaches the net‑ by scammers and spammers. Once other such scams and consider setting them up
familiar number with a local area code or work, itʼs analyzed and if itʼs scam, the wireless providers implement STIR/SHAK‑ with the latest technology to help them
even come up on Caller ID as the “IRS.” If incoming call is tagged as Scam Likely. If EN, Caller Verified will work on calls made stay safe.

5 ways to protect Why breakfast really is the

jewelry and valuables most important meal of the day
ouʼve probably heard the saying, “breakfast
rom engagement
Making breakfast your largest meal of
is the most important meal of the day.”
rings to family heir‑ While there is some conflicting research the day, also known as “front-loading,”
looms, your jewelry that questions the importance of eating breakfast can lead to a healthier weight.
and other valuables are for weight loss, many other researchers conclude On the other hand, if you skip
timeless and important. there are, in fact, many benefits for starting your
Luckily, there are steps
breakfast, you’ll likely overcompensate
day with a morning meal.
you can take to help keep Briana Rodriquez, a Registered Dietitian with
later, eating your largest meal at night
these items safe. Jenny Craig, offers the inside scoop on breakfast because you’re extremely hungry
Insurance experts from and why thereʼs still truth in that old saying, espe‑
Travelers have put togeth‑ cially for those trying to improve their health.
er the following tips to “Breakfast literally means ʻbreaking the fast,ʼ”
help you protect your Rodriquez explains. “Blood sugar, also known as
most treasured posses‑ glucose, powers your muscles and brain. After 7‑9
sions: hours of sleep, blood sugar is naturally low and
1. Insure Your Engagement Ring ing jewelry clean. Harsher methods, you need to replenish your energy stores.”
Immediately: Engagement rings such as ultrasonic cleaners, can But what if thereʼs no time to spare in the morn‑
hold great sentimental and mone‑ damage certain stones. ing? Rest assured, there are quick, easy breakfasts
tary value, but many individuals 4. Monitor Extreme Temperature you can grab on‑the‑go. Although skipping meals
donʼt think to cover them under an and Light Exposure: Light and heat or eating very little in the morning may seem like a
insurance policy. Valuable items can affect the color of gemstones sure‑fire way to lose weight, Rodriquez explains itʼs an example of what Rodriquez suggests a typical
policies, such as a personal articles and metals. Extreme temperatures not so simple. “When you skip breakfast, youʼll day should look like:
floater (PAF), insure individual can also damage clasps, making it likely overcompensate later, eating your largest • Breakfast and lunch should be satisfying, pro‑
pieces that have a value that may easier for stones to fall out of meal at night because youʼre extremely hungry. tein‑rich and include a small amount of healthy fats
exceed the limits of your homeown‑ beloved pieces. And thatʼs not good if your intention is weight and carbohydrates.
ers policy. Travelers also offers the 5. Know Your Homeowners loss.” Making breakfast your largest meal of the Think: an egg and veggie scramble with a piece
option to insure the ring at the Insurance Policy: While homeown‑ day, also known as “front‑loading,” can lead to a of fruit for breakfast or chicken with veggies and
same time you insure your wedding. ers insurance covers your home and healthier weight. pasta alongside a green salad for lunch.
You can learn more by visiting pro‑ its contents, typical policies only “Since digestion slows during sleep, late‑night • Dinner should be light and include a lean pro‑ cover up to $1,500 of jewelry. If calories are less easily metabolized and will likely tein and lots of non‑starchy vegetables. Rodriquez
2. Store Your Jewelry in Unlikely your jewelry has a higher value be stored instead of used as energy,” Rodriquez suggests decreasing carbs in the evening.
Places: Burglars often know exactly than that, itʼs worth considering an explains. “A balanced, substantial breakfast works Think: Meatloaf with veggies or something like
where to look for jewelry and other additional policy, such as a PAF or with your metabolism at its peak, helping support Jenny Craigʼs Three Cheese Macaroni with Broccoli
valuables. Storing your most prized the Valuable Items Plus program weight loss efforts naturally.” and Carrots.
pieces in uncommon spaces, such as from Travelers, both of which pro‑ An added bonus? Weight loss isnʼt the only • Snacks are an important part of the equation
a bookshelf or your bathroom, can vide coverage for items of higher potential benefit of having a good breakfast; a too. Have snacks under 200 calories, spaced
add an extra layer of protection. value. You can ask your insurance 2013 study published in “Obesity” suggests other between meals. Choose something with protein
3. Use Safe Cleaning Methods: agent or carrier about other policy health gains in addition to weight loss, such as and fiber to help keep you feeling full.
Many people are surprised to hear options, including what their limits decreased risk of heart disease and Type 2 dia‑ Think: a small apple with a teaspoon of nut but‑
that warm water and dish soap are are and how to add them to your betes. ter, or nonfat Greek yogurt with a handful of
among the best methods for keep‑ overall insurance program. The quality of food you eat also matters. Hereʼs berries. Text and pix: Statepoint BOOKS March 16-22, 2019 25

Sacred yet erotic: Radha and her love for Krishna

By Mohammed Shafeeq of in a way that is almost more Sanskrit song written by Jayadeva
elemental than mythical. Finding Radha ‑ in the 12th Century AD, in which

his anthology is a tribute Edited by Malashri Lal, a profes‑ The quest for love; the passion of the cowherd god
to Radha, whose character sor at the University of Delhi, and and his beloved milkmaid was cel‑
Edited by: Malashri Lal and
has remained a mystery writer‑publisher Namita Gokhale, ebrated in a language and style
and captured the imagination of the anthology deals with the his‑ Namita Gokhale; that took all of India by storm.
many writers across centuries. torical as we ll as the artistic Publisher: Penguin "Amorous love joins two lovers
Considered the first of its kind, dimensions of the eternal Random House India; on the same level in mutual satis‑
this book is a collection of poetry, romance of Radha and Krishna. faction. This equality coupled
Price: Rs 399
prose and translation focusing on As many as 22 scholars and with intensity makes possible a
Radha, the epitome of love, who writers have contributed their der would have been and still is level of rasa unknown elsewhere.
defies all conventional codes and perspectives on topics including exhilarating and liberating in a Because of its finite basis, howev‑
transcends social prohibitions how the visualization and iconog‑ prescriptive and regimented soci‑ er, this worldly love ultimately
through the power of the spiritual raphy of Radha evolved, through ety. "Radha, the bucolic milkmaid, gives rise to feelings of disgust
and the sensual, the sacred and the Chaitanya school of follows the dictates of her heart, and aversion. It cannot lead to
the erotic. Vaishnavism, and the philosophi‑ of her instincts, her passion, to infinite and eternal bliss, and it is
No other goddess combines the cal and poetic interpretations of seek union with her innermost to this that the human quest
elements of bhakti and Shringara the Bhakti movement. self. She is her own mistress even tends," observes Shrivatsa
quite as exquisitely as the divine Gokhale in the introduction in the act of surrender to her Goswami.
milkmaid. She spans a vivid range describes Radha as "an all‑too‑ belongs only to herself”. beloved. And it is this aspect of He believes Radha and Krishna,
imagery ‑ from the playfulness of human goddess, a sublime yet According to Gokhale, the her that is worshipped, if not the subject and object of love,
the Raas Leela to the soulfulness sensual emblem of mortal and essence of the re lat ionship emulated, in shrines, temples and provide absolute bliss to each
of her undying love, from the divine love. She is subversive in between Rad ha and Krishna festivals all across India even other through their lovely dal‑
mystic allure of depictions in that she possesses an autonomy resides in its spontaneous acqui‑ today." liance (rasa). Their mystical union
poetry, art and sculpture to her rare ly available to feminine escence to the moment of joyous Among the contributors, is the ultimate rasa. In it separa‑
enduring legacy in Vrindavan. deities. She lives by her own rules union, and its disreg ard for Devdutt Pattanaik points out how tion gives rise to the pleasure of
In a way that sets her apart and not those by the world. She is imposed social boundaries in the idea of favorite milkmaid union, and conversely union con‑
from other female consorts. the essential Rasika, the aesthete love, sacred or profane. T his reached its climax with the com‑ tains a loving feeling of separa‑
Radha is idealized and dreamed of passion, and her wild heart sense of abandonment, of surren‑ posit ion of 'Gita Govinda', a tion.

Modi releases 5th Netflix to adapt Marquez's

'One Hundred Years of Solitude'
volume of Dictionary Streaming giant Netflix has bought
the rights to create the first ever
García Barcha, serving as executive
producers, reported The Guardian.
ences of programs in foreign lan‑
guages, the time could not be bet‑

of Martyrs screen adaptation of Colombian

author Gabriel García Márquez's
1967 magical realism novel "One
García said that his father was
skeptical of the sprawling magical
realism novel's capacity to fit with‑
ter." "One Hundred Years of
Solitude" follows the Buendía
dynasty, founders of the rural and
Hundred Years of Solitude". in a traditional film structure, and isolated town of Macondo, and
The book will be adapted into a wanted the story to be told in fuses fantastical and allegorical
Spanish‑language series and filmed Spanish. "But in the current golden elements such as rains of yellow
largely in the Nobel prize‑winning age of series, with the level of tal‑ flowers, alchemy and religious
author's home country of ented writing and directing, the apparitions, with realism, history
Colombia, with García Márquez's cinematic quality of content, and and literary pastiche. García
sons, Rodrigo García and Gonzalo the acceptance by worldwide audi‑ Márquez died in 2014.

Silicon Valley billionaire to fund the Booker Prize

ilicon Valley billionaire tion. The new arrangement will unfortunate, the oppressed and
Michael Moritz and his wife begin after June this year: the orig‑ causes where some help makes all
Harriet Heyman's charitable inal prize will still be known as The the difference".
foundation 'Crankstart' will be the Booker Prize, while the prize for lit‑ "Neither of us can imagine a day
new supporter of the Booker Prize, erature in translation will become where we don't spend time reading
Some of the martyrs of Indiaʼs freedom struggle. its trustees announced last week. The International Booker Prize. a book.

The announcement came a Crankstart was established by The Booker Prizes are ways of
rime Minister Narendra The five‑volume dictionary con‑ month after the Man Group said it Michael Moritz and Harriet spreading the word about the
Modi last Thursday released tains an account of the martyrs was ending its sponsorship of the Heyman in 2000 to support "the insights, discoveries, pleasures and
the fifth volume of the from India's First War of prestigious award for literary fic‑ forgotten, the dispossessed, the joy that spring from great fiction,"
"Dictionary of Martyrs ‑ India's Independence in 1857 till the year
Freedom Struggle" compiled by the 1947.
Indian Council of Historical The Prime Minister said that a
Research (ICHR). nation which does not honor and
The project for compiling the remember those who are an impor‑
series was commissioned to the tant part of its history often does
ICHR by the Ministry of Culture to not have a secure future.
commemorate the 150th anniver‑ "This ef fort is not just a way to
sary of the War of Independence of cherish the past, but also a way to
1857. Speaking on the occasion at secure the future," Modi said.
his residence in Delhi, Modi said: The Prime Minister said the dic‑
"The effort of the government is to tionary includes the martyrs of the
nurture and recall the brave deeds Jallianwala Bagh massacre, the
of the heroes of our freedom strug‑ non‑cooperation movement and the
gle. This will have a positive influ‑ Quit India movement. Soldiers of
ence on the future generations and the Azad Hind Fauj who attained
inspire them to think of 'India martyrdom have also find a place in
First'." the dictionary.
26 March 16-22, 2019 LIFESTYLE

Moment of silence at Chanel's Designers to pay

first show without Lagerfeld ode to sari at
LMIFW finale
New Delhi: A slew of designers will which hasn't lost its relevance pan‑
pay an ode to the six‑yard wonder at India despite Western onslaught.
the grand finale of the forthcoming Today, the sari has seen many innova‑
Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week tive and artisanal renditions to woo
(LMIFW) Autumn Winter 2019, the modern, thinking woman in a
organised by India's apex fashion youthful way," FDCI President Sunil
body Fashion Design Council of India Sethi said in a statement.
(FDCI), The sari, its multiplicity and its "Being a brand that celebrates beau‑
personality will be celebrated by ty, the sari has remained a symbol of
designers Akaaro, Alpana & Neeraj, femininity and versatility, two key ele‑
Amit Aggarwal, Anamika Khanna, ments of our philosophy, making it a
Paris: French fashion house Chanel paid trib‑ "The beat goes on..." written above their heads. Anavila, Anita Dongre, Bodice, Gaurav perfect fit for the ultimate showcasing
ute to Karl Lagerfeld, its late creative director, Lagerfeld, who died on February 19 at the Gupta, Little Shilpa, Neeru Kumar, at LMIFW. What's interesting is new
at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday. age of 85, had served as artistic director of Pankaj & Nidhi, Payal Khandwala, dimensions are being curated out of
The Autumn‑Winter 2019 show, which was Chanel since 1983. Prashant Verma, Raw Mango, Rimzim the existing template of the sari to
attended by the likes of Kristen Stewart, The new collection was designed in collabo‑ Dadu, Rohit Bal, Rohit Gandhi + Rahul make it culturally emblematic," said
Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, started ration with Lagerfeld's successor, Virginie Khanna, TAANI by Tanira Sethi, Tarun Nitin Passi, Joint Managing Director,
with a minute of silence, reports Viard. Tahiliani, Urvashi Kaur and Wendell Lotus Herbals Pvt. Ltd.
Then, Lagerfeld's voice echoed through the Actresses Pene lope Cruz and Cara Rodricks. The event will be preceded by a
venue, musing about how he renewed Chanel's Delevingne, a former model, walked on the LMIFW will be held at the nationwide social media campaign cel‑
desirability, and sharing early memories of his runway as part of the show. Jawaharlal Nehru stadium from March ebrating six yards of magic. FDCI's
time at the brand. In the end, there was a tearful, extended 13‑17. The finale is on March 16. #sixyardsof campaign invites women
An illustrated card left on each seat at the standing ovation, as models walked down the "The grand finale pays homage to across India to post their pictures in
show featured a drawing of Lagerfeld with runway to David Bowie's "Heroes". No one the adaptability ingrained in the warp their beloved saris on Instagram,
Chanel founder Coco Chanel, with the words emerged from backstage to give a final bow. and weft of this traditional fabric, Facebook and Twitter.

Beard it like Abhinandan!

New Delhi: His bravado
apart, Indian Air Force
(IAF) pilot Abhinandan
Varthaman's stylised beard
‑‑ a mix of a thin mutton
chop beard, a classic gun‑
slinger or a Franz Josef ‑‑
has become the talk of the
town. It may not be too
long before it becomes a
trend among people, say
Reminiscent of a beard
sported by meg astar
Rajinikanth in "Petta" or

Goa carnival
Suriya in "Sing am",
Abhinandan's we ll‑
groomed facial hair style
may well be the next big

festivities begin thing for men who have

drawn from shapes sport‑
ed by cricketers Virat Kohli
(Image courtesy:
Panaji: The carnival festivities before the holy season of Lent, and Shikhar Dhawan and For generations altogether, dacoits and even popular culture.
kicked off in Goa with a colour‑ which begins on March 6 this Bollywood star Ranveer Singh in Army and Air Force personnel Remember Quick Gun Murugan,
fully‑decorated float parade year. recent times. have been part icular about the fictional south Indian cow‑
passing through the state capi‑ The festival, which involves "It won't be wrong to say the flaunting a well‑groomed mous‑ boy on television ads and a film,
tal on Saturday evening. public celebration in form of beard sported by the IAF pilot tache or beard and it is part of and the Nathulal of "Sharaabi".
Speaking to reporters after flag‑ long parades of colourful floats, will soon be called India's very their sub‑culture. Other famous men who have
ging off the parade, Tourism with masqueraded dancers, is own Abhinandan style," Darshan "It tells a lot of the soldier's and sported unique moustaches in
Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar led by King Momo, the king of Yewalekar, personal hairstylist to the of ficial's individuality. It is recent Indian history include
gave the celebrations a dash of carnival. actor Ranveer Singh and owner like an expression of their char‑ dacoits Man Singh, Mohar Singh
patriotic flavour: "Viva Carnival! King Momo is usually a local‑ of D Shave Barbershop, told acter and they wear it w ith and Madho Singh, apart from
King Momo has given message ‑ ly‑chosen dignitary who is IANS. Abhinandan, an IAF Wing pride," Yewalekar said. Veerappan.
‑ eat, drink, be merry. Today, given a symbolic key to the city Commander, returned to India , The habit of sporting a distinc‑ Jaipur‑based man Ram Singh
the country is also moving and formally announces the fes‑ two days after he was captured tive moustache is well engrained Chauhan from Rajasthan is the
ahead. Our bravehearts have tivities open. by Pakistan when his MiG‑21 in the Indian psyche, with even a proud owner of the longest
returned after demolishing Similar carnival float parades crashed in that country. saying for great shame based on moustache in the world and a
Pakistan," he said. will be organised in other After the end of the nail‑biting the position of moustache tips. mention in the Guinness Book of
Carnival processions, symbol‑ towns in the state in the coming drama over his return, Twitterati A moustache is seen as an World Records. MDH owner
ic of Goa's colonial Portuguese days. have finally got a chance to mull essential part of masculinity ‑‑ Mahashay Dharampal Gulati also
legacy, are held every year over his unique moustache. from royalty to soldiers to has a moustache to remember. IMMIGRATION March 16-22, 2019 27

By Dev Banad Viswanath, Esq.

Fairness for High‑Skilled

& Michael Phulwani, Esq.

he Fairness for High‑Skilled
Immigrants Act of 2019 is

Immigrants Act of 2019 Explained

intended to remove the per‑
country limit for employment‑based
immigrants and raise the per‑coun‑
try for family‑based immigrants
ment based immigrants. One rule and daughters from Mexico had to help the backlog and reduce the

from 7% to 15%. This bill will not
change the overall number of family states that in fiscal year 2020, 15% wait over 15 years for their priority wait times for a foreign individual
or employment based green cards of the immigrant visas in EB‑2, EB‑ date to become current. To make to become a permanent resident

issued each year. 3, and EB‑5 categories will be the wait time even longer, if a son through either their employer or a
Currently, the amount of time a reserved for beneficiaries “who are or daughter were to get married close family member. The bill would
person waits for an employment native of countries other than the while waiting for their priority date also increase the number of
based immigrant visa is determined two countries with the largest to become current they would as a employment based green cards that
by where they were born. This sys‑ their priority number to become aggregate numbers of natives who matter of law convert to the F3 cat‑ are granted permitting more high‑
tem does not seem to allocate visas current. The new bill does contain are beneficiaries of approved peti‑ egory making the wait time even skilled workers to enter the U.S. and
fairly because a qualifying employ‑ a transitional rule for currently tions.” The bill would definitely ben‑ longer. unite families who have been sepa‑
ee from Poland may wait less than a approved beneficiaries. efit the high‑skilled workers from The goal of passing this bill is to rated due to the long wait times.
year for a green card, while a simi‑ The provision states that no one India who would like to work in the
larly qualifying employee from who is the beneficiary of an employ‑ U.S. Dev Banad Viswanath is the Principal Attorney of
India may have to wait over a ment based immigrant visa Increasing the family per‑country The Banad Law Offices PC in the United States,
decade for their priority date to be approved before the billʼs enact‑ limit to 15% would help U.S. citizens and Banad Immigration in India for which
current so that they can receive a ment shall receive a visa later than who have waited an extremely long Attorney Michael Phulwani is also affiliated as Of
green card. According to the if the bill had never been enacted. If time for their close relatives in the Counsel. With Offices in Manhattan, Queens,
Department of Stateʼs (DOS) the bill becomes law this year it family based visa categories. Bangalore, and Mumbai, the firm is able to assist
February 2019 visa bulletin, an would mean Indians in the EB‑2 and According to the February 2019 clients with all facets of the immigration process,
Indian national who filed a green EB‑3 categories would be limited to visa bulletin, in the F1 category including Employment Visas, Consular Visa
card application in the employment (unmarried sons and daughter of Assistance, Student Visas, Removal &
no more than about 29,000 immi‑
U.S. citizens) the priority dates are Deportation, US Citizenship and Green Card
based second preference (EB‑2) in grant visas in fiscal year 2020 and
Applications based on Family or Employment.
April 2009 is only now eligible to about 31,000 in fiscal year 2021 March 2007 for the Philippines and
Dev B. Viswanath can be reached at
receive a green card. That Indian and 2022. The bill also contains a August 1997 for Mexico. This and 718‑361‑5999.
national had to wait TEN years for few transitional rules for employ‑ means that these unmarried sons


Microsoft How Indian parents are nurturing

screen addiction in toddlers
launches AI New Delhi: If you are one of those parents who hand over
a smartphone or a tablet to your toddlers while feeding

business school them or to keep them entertained, beware this habit can
not only make them sedentary but also push them into
severe digital addiction in their formative years.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP),
San Francisco: Microsoft on Monday announced a business
only 15‑20 minutes of screen exposure is healthy and
school in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will help compa‑
acceptable for babies under 18 months of age.
nies improve decision‑making in integrating AI across their
However, busy schedules and an over‑protective
approach towards the physical safety of toddlers have
INSEAD, a graduate business school with campuses in
increasingly convinced parents, especially in the metros,
Europe, Asia and the Middle East, partnered with Microsoft
to hook their children onto smart screens, say the experts.
to build the AI Business School's strategy module, which
Instead of playing with toys or being part of an outdoor
includes case studies about companies across many indus‑ According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP),
activity, over‑exposing them to screens so early in life
tries that have successfully transformed their businesses only 15‑20 minutes of screen exposure is acceptable for
could hinder their holistic development, damage their eye‑
with AI, the company said in a statement. babies under 18 months of age. (Photo:The Tribune, Punjab)
sight and cause childhood obesity which can lead to dia‑
A series of short introductory videos provide an overview
betes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. in "open‑ended" content on screens. This would help them
of the AI technologies driving change across industries, but
"Toys generate more visual and tactile information to to be creative in interacting with the app, which could con‑
the bulk of the content focuses on managing the impact of
the toddler's brain. Screen interactions are just too fast for tribute as cognitive development than mere reward or dis‑
AI on company strategy, culture and responsibility, the
a toddler of less than two years of age to comprehend any traction. However, screen exposure for a short period
company said in a statement.
information and learn anything out of it," Soumiya under supervision cannot be harmful.
"There is a gap between what people want to do and the
Mudgal, Psychiatrist, Max Healthcare, Gurugram, told "Under supervision, 15‑20 minutes of letting toddlers
reality of what is going on in their organisations today, and
IANS. interact with screens while eating, bathing or getting a
the reality of whether their organisation is ready," said
The increased screen time can also push toddlers to lazi‑ haircut could be allowed as a reward for the child because
Mitra Azizirad, Corporate Vice President for AI marketing
ness and permanently damage their cognitive abilities there is no evidence of it causing addiction in that little
at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington.
such as solving problems, paying attention to other people duration," Mudgal said.
"This school is a deep dive into how you develop a strate‑
and falling asleep on time. Media diets should be rich in educational content and
gy and identify blockers before they happen in the imple‑
Health experts suggest that the "ideal" age for children should be based on the science of learning approaches in
mentation of AI in your organisation," she added.
to be exposed to moderate screen involvement is 11 years. creating content that triggers the intuitive senses in kids
According to Nick McQuire, analyst with market research
But, a recent survey by UK‑based online trade‑in outlet at that tender age.
firm CCS Insight, more than 50 per cent of the companies
musicMagpie found that 25 per cent of children aged six "Technology should not hamper the child's normal social
his firm has surveyed are already either researching, tri‑
and under already have their own mobile phones and interaction and environmental learning," Mudgal noted.
alling or implementing specific projects with AI and
nearly half of them spend up to 21 hours per week on Once children become habitual to interacting with smart
machine learning.
their devices, playing games on screen and watching displays, trying to cut down their screen engagement time
However, very few are using AI across their organisation
videos. later could result in problematic withdrawal symptoms
and identifying business opportunities and problems that
Since screen exposure is inescapable for toddlers, par‑ like irritable behavior, disobedience, repetitive demanding
AI can address, he added.
ents are being advised by experts to engage their children and tantrums in sleeping, eating or even staying awake.
28 March 16-22, 2019 HUMOR

Humor with Melvin Durai

Too many possessions

that we donʼt need
y wife and I recently moved from all about – accumulating stuf f? The more
one house to another. The two hous‑ stuff you own, the happier you will be.
es are three miles apart within the “When you die, you canʼt take it with you,”
same college town, but it was nevertheless a someone will inevitably say. Thatʼs true, but
stressful move. Thatʼs because weʼve accumu‑ you can at least leave it for your kids, so they
lated too many possessions in our 17 years of can have the pleasure of organizing an estate
marriage. Only three of our possessions are sale. Until then, youʼll just have to haul all
priceless, and moving them was fairly easy. your belongings from one house to another,
All we had to do was say, “Kids, the ice cream while wondering why you need all this stuff.
has moved to the new house!” Unfortunately, You realize that your belongings fall into six
these three valuable possessions have posses‑ main categories:

BEST sions of their own, and it was up to us to

make sure they were moved. We are a family
1. Clothes. Some of your clothes you wear
regularly, some you wear only on special

RATE of five,
w h i c h
occasions, and
some you never

FOR means
that we
wear. The latter
i n c l u d e s

INDIA had to
move five
clothes that
donʼt fit you

AND times as
m u c h
anymore, but
youʼve been

PAKISTAN junk as a
saving for
years, just in
person case a miracle
would. happens and
New York Head Quarter Not all of our stuff is junk, of course, but as I you wake up one day 20 pounds slimmer.
moved our clothes, books, furniture and an 2. Shoes, sandals and slippers. You need
422‑S Broadway
assortment of other items, I realized that Iʼd shoes to match every outfit, of course, and
HICKSVILLE be quite happy to live with only one‑fifth of it. shoes for every type of weather: sunny shoes,
NY 11801 Yes, I could easily manage without all the rainy shoes, snow shoes, hurricane shoes.
belongings of other family members. Some of your footwear, you never wear. But
516‑827‑1010 Actually, most of my belongings are as you donʼt feel guilty about this, because they
unnecessary as my wifeʼs or childrenʼs stuff. still serve an important purpose, whenever
We could get rid of them and still be quite the kids misbehave.
content – at least until we visit a friendʼs 3. Furniture. All you need to get through
home and see all their stuff. And then weʼll be life are two pieces of furniture: a chair and a
eager to get more stuff. Isnʼt that what life is TV stand. Everything else is superfluous.
Sofas are nice to have, but they are a pain to
move. Thatʼs partly because sofa manufactur‑

Laughter is the Best Medicine ers are a sneaky bunch. They create sofas that
expand gradually with age, making them easy
to move into a home, but almost impossible to
move out. Sofa manufacturers are hoping
youʼll just leave your sofa in the old home and
By buy a new one. I outsmarted them though. I
Mahendra cut my sofa in half, moved it out, and glued it
Shah back together in the new home.
4. Kitchen utensils. All you need to cook is
Mahendra Shah a pot, but you own a dozen pots of different
is an architect sizes. You also own a variety of pans, includ‑
by education, ing one cast‑iron pan thatʼs so heavy, the only
entrepreneur by time youʼve lifted it higher than your head
profession, was the unfortunate night in 2015 when you
artist and mistook your spouse for a burglar.
humorist, 5. Memorabilia. You have several boxes of
cartoonist and memorabilia, which includes not just photos
writer by hobby. of your children, but also all their certificates,
He has been medals, trophies and concert programs.
recording the Youʼve saved all their artwork, even the “nap‑
plight of the kin art” that your daughter made with
immigrant ketchup and mustard at McDonaldʼs.
Indians for the 6. Books. You own hundreds of books,
past many year some of which are extremely heavy. You
in his cartoons. moved your piano easily, but needed extra
Hailing from help to move Leo Tolstoyʼs “War and Peace”
Gujarat, he and Vikram Sethʼs “A Suitable Boy.” On the
lives in bright side, you can get rid of all your furni‑
Pittsburgh, ture, sit on “War and Peace” and set your TV
Pennsylvania. on “A Suitable Boy.”
As my wife always says, books can bring
you more happiness than furniture. ASTROLOGY March 16-22, 2019 29

Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874

By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899;

MARCH 16‑22, 2019

Aries: Promising week is foretold to Cancer: You will continue to be Libra: Special professional assign‑ Capricorn: Changing job would be
pursue your professional goals. Your resourceful and capable of achiev‑ ment brings you in the limelight. a re lief from mental tensions.
ability to take risks would even ing your goals. Family front seems Those looking for employment However you need to work hard to
impress the hardest of your critics. There little disturbing. Need of the time is to opportunities may not find the coming prove your mettle. Success on your part
are chances that you could suf fer from work in close cooperation with them to week favourable. You need to try your would enhance career prospects.
some reoccurring joint pains. You need to share the ups & downs of life. luck somewhere else to find positive You will enjoy a bloom in health on get‑
handle all financial transactions carefully. Academically, you are likely to have a response. ting rid from prolong illness. You will have
Long separation in love is likely to end on steady prog ress. You w ill remain Wasting time in one‑sided af fair would to remain cautious for the sake of love life.
meeting love companion. untouched by health problems. It is advis‑ spoil your mood. Illness to an infant in the As far as possible avoid getting too friend‑
Taurus: Engineers will be able to get able to be careful regarding your safety, family requires immediate attention. ly with casual acquaintances.
new contracts. Let family tension while traveling. Scorpio: If thinking to change your Aquarius: You w ill be utterly
not divert your attention. Keep in Leo: Investing in property business job a met iculous planning is delighted as an unexpected acco‑
mind that bad times teach us much more sounds very appealing this week. required on your part. A long‑await‑ lade comes your way. Compassion
than good. Success is strongly indicated on the ed message from a distant relative con‑ and understanding at family front get
A sound financial position would enable to professional or academic front. Imbibing veys good news for the entire family. You rewarded. Donʼt forget to pay attention to
live life luxuriously. Keep positive thinking positive attitude will keep you shining and are likely to suffer in romance on allowing make yourself physically and mentally fit.
going and not to surrender to tough/ happy. Teaming‑up with a set of ambitious yourself to be possessive. Try to cooperate You need to devote as much time as possi‑
challenging situations. A short trip with people who share ideologies would augur despite obstacles. Stomach ailments are ble to make the happy relationship mov‑
lavishing experiences will be right thing well for your future. You bring happiness indicated due to overindulgence in junk ing. Your financial health would begin to
for you. in the gloomy life of love companion. food. improve and cover up for the lost time.
Gemini: Raising controversial issues Virgo: You are likely to control Sagittarius: A special week is fore‑ Pisces: Minor preparations before
in love would only mar happiness. weight by avoiding spicy and non‑ told as it brings the gift of love in you travel overseas will make your
An auspicious week is foretold to vegetarian food. A new vision with your life. Be a little careful against trip a lot smoother. T here are
execute your ambitious plans. Careful regards to work and relationship with sub‑ some allergic items, which do not suit you. chances that your failure to understand the
planning will bring desired results, while ordinates would help you to change the At work, setting goals will not be suffice. A feelings of partner could weaken the bond.
hasty decision might backfire. Money wise things for better. However, keep future strong determination and ability to take A definite action is to be taken to give a
a balance week as your income and expen‑ interests in mind before doing anything. quick act ion on your part is hig hly direction to your ef forts to carry you
diture keeps a balancing act. You enjoy a Some of you are likely to get another required to succeed. You are likely to lend through. Perfect strategies with timely exe‑
sound health on conquering distressing chance in love as partner decides to renew a helping hand to spouse in domestic cution would bring monetary gains. Health‑
situations with ease. the bond. chores to lessen the workload. wise, you will enjoy a good period ahead.

March 16, 2019 between your stable and flourishing

Number 7 and Neptune will be ANNUAL PREDICTIONS: FOR THOSE BORN IN THIS WEEK career, so donʼt overlook it. Pool of
good enough for you. Your ability to talent is what todayʼs generation
develop consensus with proper moni‑ your childhood. Your round the clock need of the hour will comes to you March 20, 2019 known for, they live upto the expec‑
toring and guidance takes you far watch on your children education through love, admiration and affec‑ Stir up by number 2 and Moon, tation of todayʼs market. Advice to
beyond your imagination and will will makes them winner in their life. tion. Journey to a sacred place will Your willingness to be a good learner make a diet chart and also follow it to
bring never ending name and fame to Now audience will like your flicks of fill you with peace and placid feel‑ will make you to lay strong founda‑ be in good and toned position. Love
you. You influence others through different genres. You have very close ings. You will move to and fro from tion for new and expanded links in will be on its full spectrum and
your personal attractiveness and cre‑ ties with your friends and family. your workplace to other places. all front of life. You are likely to pur‑ sparkle its feathers on you. Undue
ativeness. As honey catches more Monetary gains will be in your offing. Number 8, planet Saturn, months of sue the idea of your business deal favors from your admirers will fillip
flies then vinegar in the same way You never let your plans to be on March and April will bring wonders more actively. Your primary concern your confidence in them. Your formu‑
you are well surrounded by coopera‑ paper only, rather execute them for you. should be your composing talent la for leading a contented life on
tive persons. You have a good leader‑ without anybodyʼs intervention. which will enhance your career path. your own may not work smoothly
ship quality and this will help you to Because of choked in adamancy you March 19, 2019 Bored from your mundane work, go but experience is the key to all your
do well as you are promoted to high‑ may become a subject of avoidance Number 1 and Sun might change further and plan an exotic trip to worries. Healing time for you would
er level of the hierarchy of your for others and you feel this but never your status from unmarried to mar‑ some exciting and thrilling destina‑ be July and August.
organization. This year you will be shows. On the flip side of life you ried, bachelorhood ought to be over tion. Your anticipation at times might
rewarded for all the efforts you make might have some tensions which soon. You believe in one thing “No lead you to crisis. Circumstances March 22, 2019
to get success. Sometime, in the race affect your peace of mind. Your con‑ pain no gain” so you never left any might revive the old debates with Ruled by number 4 and planet
to become winner, you might evade tribution to your country would be stone unturned that comes to your people around you resulting in their Uranus, you will show high‑spirited
your fellow workers. You should be unparalleled. A pleasing and cherish‑ way. Your genuine and realistic feel‑ dissentful behavior. They might try merriment. You are dynamic and
loyal to your colleagues otherwise ing date is waiting for you. You will ings for your blood relation will do to make some distance from you as have taxonomic approach. You over‑
fractions will be created. Though start enjoy ing each and every wonders for you as you might get lot your pointing finger nature irritate come your agony and stress by your
family is more important to you than moment of life from now. Boosting of surprises from their side. You them, so your primary role is to good sense of humour and sterling
anything else but you are left with time period: February and March. always believe in segregating the make a shift from your vexing think‑ performances in whatever the work
less time to spend with your family work according to human resources ing. Without dissimulation you tend you undertake. Your upbeat and high
members. You should stop thinking March 18, 2019 making everybody to give their best. to win the heart of all the people. You spirits makes huge impact on every‑
about petty problems, as they are Mars and number 9 will take you Your tendency to interpret others should act on the poem “Early to bed, bodyʼs heart in the society. Your bat‑
going to solve themselves with the to the sky, resplendent and coura‑ advice from dif ferent perspective early to rise, makes a man, healthy tle to halt your covetous and envious
passage of t ime. Cash flow w ill geous are your defining traits. You makes you a perplexed person. You wealthy and wise.” High education is feelings will comes to an end. A new
improve this year as you are going to always keep yourse lf update by are a storehouse of energy as before what predicted for you and that too ray of hope will change your life alto‑
inherit something from your parents. jumping on the bandwagon. Passion signing of f for the day you always from some world class university. gether. Time has approached when
You are appreciated by your partner for learning and exploring things there to help your better half in her Wonderful time for you is in the you build your own team, make
and both of you will come closer to needs unified and concentrated daily job. Prevention is better than month of September and October. friends, and fend for yourself. You
each other. Those who are engaged efforts. Your flaunting ability might cure is what, you need to follow in workplace pattern will change phe‑
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health. You will get significance in check your toad like features who suggested for you and for your fami‑ Regulated by number 3 and planet recognized for your huge contribu‑
the month of May and June. loves to be in his area only, conserva‑ ly members. Destiny will take you Jupiter, you use your abilities to the tion. Your sources of income will
tiveness and introvert. Count of your where there is no limit for you to fullest to seek career success. You increase by leaps and bounds which
March 17, 2019 admirers might show a downward gain financially. Time for profession‑ are thoughtful by nature and this makes your savings intact with you.
Your originating ideas would equip trend which might bother you as you al to either turn to be an entrepre‑ trait is continues to be the fastest Mounting monetary front and likely
you w ith most coveted skills. may feel lack of supporters to boost neur or get promotions. Your love growing in you. You tend to awake to hit the bulls eye through lottery
Implausibility instinct might make you up. Medical bills might make innings will get potent start and will your composing skills which might will be high on your cards. Health
you a renowned personality in near your cheque book to be in running satisfy you by all means. You are like‑ acclaim you to win some prestigious related matters need your reconcilia‑
future. Your rational and unpalatable mode. You tend to surpass every‑ ly to meet your childhood friend and awards. Your business rivals will be tion for your family members. Your
behavior brings all your colleagues bodyʼs expectation by clearing highly you both will spend quality time worried than ever before on your spouse will treat you with immense
under your umbrella. Patience is the competitive exams and make your again. Expectation comes to reality in uprising value in the market. aplomb and love. Consequential time:
key to success which you have from own way. Satisfaction what is the the month of July. Re lo cat ion w ill bridge the g ap October, December and April.
30 March 16-22, 2019 SPIRITUAL AWARENESS

We may feel that God only
exists when everything
By Sant Rajinder Singh
Ji Maharaj goes our way. We ignore
et us recount the many the good things such as
L things for which we owe our
gratitude to God, the Giver.
First, we are extremely fortu‑
our physical gifts,
intellectual gifts, and
nate that our soul was born into
a human body. If we look around emotional gifts from God.
at all the various species of life,
we see what a difficult existence We forget that
they have. They have a life in
which they have to find shelter everything we receive‑
from the elements and live in
fear of predators. While many
comes from God.
people treat their pets as well as Instead, we set up a
their own family members, pets
are still enslaved. Even though condition that we only
there are now pet beauty salons,
pet therapists, and pet yoga believe there is a God if we
classes offered, animals lack the
faculty that we have in which we get whatever we want
can be conscious of who we are.
Their lives are restricted to feel‑
ings and survival instincts. They we enjoyed his or her company condition, even though we can lose them through death or sepa‑ search for God and cannot rest
cannot contemplate who they and instead blame God or say still function, we should look at ration. Let us take time to thank until we meet God. We are no
are, why they are here, and there is no good in our life. We those who have serious handi‑ God for them and also show them longer satisfied with the attrac‑
where they are going. We are for‑ may have been healthy for forty caps that make them dependent how much we appreciate them. tions of this world; we want
tunate that we have been born years, but the one major illness on others, and then reevaluate We also have received spiritual something lasting.
into the only species who can we have we say, "Why is this hap‑ our own situation. Some people gifts. This includes the gift of our God is gracious and works
know ourselves and know God. pening to me? There must not be have handicaps, yet are so grate‑ soul longing for God. Many may through spiritual Masters.
For this, we should thank God. any God." We may win all our ful they are alive or that their feel God has forsaken them. They Masters point the way back to
How many thank God for our sports games, but the one loss suffering is not worse. They are do not feel God in their lives. God's Abode. A spiritual Master
health? When we are in the causes us to say, "God doesn't grateful to God for whatever Some even deny the existence of roams the earth ready to show
throes of a serious illness or have care about me." Think about the blessings they do have. Let us God. Why? seekers the way back to God.
an accident and are in pain, we plight of God. With all that has thank God for our health and be When we are so focused on our Masters are like lighthouses
send loud prayers to God to help been given to us, we blame God grateful our ailments are not outer life, we do not see what is beaming out rays to invite our
us, to take away our pain and when one thing goes wrong. How worse than they are. For each day coming to us from our inner life. lost ships back to a safe harbor. If
heal us. Yet, how many of us send would we think God feels when that we are able to do our work, We are only facing in one direc‑ our eyes are facing the darkness
prayers to God in gratitude for that happens? Few are grateful enjoy our family and friends, and tion. and mist of the seas, we do not
our health? We may utter a to God for the good they receive meditate, thank God. Spiritually, we are blessed. Our see the lighthouse. The moment
"Thank God," when our illness or so that when something goes Have we ever thanked God for soul is a part of God. Each of us is we are threatened by storms, we
our pain ends, but then we often wrong they tell God, "It's okay, our spouse, our parents, or our blessed with a way to find God turn our eyes in every direction,
do not thank God for each day God. I still love You, I am grateful children? We often find reasons who sits within us. In this search, seeking the guiding light of the
thereafter that we are healthy. to You, and I know You are there. to complain about those in our some people stop at the level of lighthouse. That moment is our
We may feel that God only What happened must have been family, but we seldom realize going to their places of worship spiritual awakening when we
exists when everything goes our something that was best for me, how helpful it is to have a family. and reading scriptures. For them, realize we cannot brave the
way. We ignore the good things or was due to my karma that I Some may be living alone now, this is a beginning of a connec‑ stormy seas of life alone and
such as our physical gifts, intel‑ created, or is a part of nature and but when they were growing up, tion with God. Outer religious need help.
lectual gifts, and emotional gifts life and is okay, under Your will." they lived with the family. Think practices provide some time in We do not know how to access
from God. We forget that every‑ How many people take such a about how difficult life would be which people can think about God. The Master is a catalyst who
thing we receive comes from grateful attitude to God? without parents, a caretaker, sib‑ God, sing God's praises, and wor‑ puts us in touch with God
God. Instead, we set up a condi‑ There are people who undergo lings, a spouse, children, or rela‑ ship. These gifts focus our atten‑ through a process of initiation
tion that we only believe there is a tremendous amount of pain yet tives. Friends can help us only so tion on God. However, for our into the inner light and sound
a God if we get whatever we remain grateful and thank God far, but family members are com‑ soul to directly experience God and teaches meditation on that
want. We take for granted what on days they are pain‑free. Most mitted to being there for us requires more than outer wor‑ current. Through meditation, our
God has given to us and focus on take good health for granted. through thick and thin. When we ship. There is a part of us that soul can travel on that divine cur‑
what God has not given to us. Even if we have some physical are sick, they help us. When we wants to know God and is not rent back to its true Source.
We may have had a job for problems or some pain we have have no money, they are there. satisfied with only reading about If we have asked the questions
twenty‑five years, but the one to live with, we should thank God They are there to listen to our God in scriptures or doing outer about who we are, if there is God,
time we are laid off due to a com‑ for what we still can do, whether problems and to help us. We practices to worship God. When and what the purpose of life is,
pany downsizing we say there is it is waking up in the morning, or often find a reason to complain we have a spiritual awakening in we should be grateful to God. If
no God. We may have had a lov‑ going to work, or finding some to God about our family mem‑ which we realize the need to find God has put us in touch with a
ing family relationship for fifty moments of enjoyment in our bers, but how many thank God God, we begin to yearn to receive living Master, we can express
years, but when one member lives. If we spend time complain‑ that we have them? Often, we a firsthand experience of the gratitude.
passes away, we forget how long ing to God about our physical only appreciate them when we spark of the Divine. We start a (For more visit March 16-22, 2019