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Fantastic in Fifth   March 13, 2019 

Be sure to keep up with Class Dojo and our website: 

Topics of Study 
Reading​: Figurative Language 
Students will identify figurative language like similes, metaphors, idioms, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, and personification. 
Writing​: GMAS Constructed Response Writing Practice 
Writers will continue drafting, revising, and editing their work. 
Social Studies​: Economics 
Students will use the basic economic concepts of trade, opportunity cost, specialization, productivity, and price incentives to 
illustrate historical events. Students describe the functions of four major sectors in the U. S. economy. Students describe how 
consumers and producers interact in the U. S. economy. 
Math​: Module 5: A
​ ddition and Multiplication with Volume and Area 
Students are solving for both area of 2D rectangles as well as 3D rectangular prisms.  
Module 6: Coordinate Planes is assigned digitally on Zearn 
(Yes, Zearn can still be completed at home!!) 
Science​: Physical and Chemical Changes 
Students are investigating the difference between physical changes to matter and chemical changes to matter. Be sure your 
student knows the difference between reversible and irreversible changes!  

Homework  Mark Your Calendars! 

SEE ​agenda​: ​Homework may vary.  Please c​ heck​the monthly calendars for all events.  
Read 20 minutes nightly, using #Hessereads   
as a guide for options. Turn in signed  Thurs., 3/14 T​ exas Roadhouse Spirit Night 
#Hessereads every Friday.  
Fri., 3/15​ Report Cards Issued 
● Vocabulary Packet as assigned  March 18-22​ Spring Break! 
● Spelling homework as assigned   
Wed., 3/27​ Last Day of Tutorial 
● Nightly math homework by lesson    
March 28-April 5​ Spring Book Fair 
GMAS Testing Days: A ​ pril 8 - April 12 ELA and Math   
*UPDATED* A ​ pril 24 - April 25 Science and Social Studies  

Announcements and Reminders 

● The final tutorial dates for this semester are today (3/13) and the Monday and Wednesday after Spring Break 
(3/25, 3/27). 
● We are now in the fourth quarter of the school year - WOW! As we finalize our academic units, we will begin to 
review the information we have learned all year in preparation for GMAS. 
● Spring Break is approaching - but isn’t here yet! Please encourage your child to be present and on time daily until 
that break begins. Also encourage your student to adhere to all school rules and procedures to learn as much as 
possible before break! Thanks! 
Be present. Be punctual. Be engaged. Behave!