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(ey) ones rina PARLIAMENT ’ 2a March 2019 ‘Advocate Shamil Batobi National Director of Public Prosecutions GM Bing {Comer Westoke& Hartley) 323 Westlake Avenue \Wesvind Part, Siverton eetra,184| Per ema sbatohi@npa.govz3 Dear Advocate Satoh Request i © ‘on behalf of the Democratic Aliance, | congratulate you on your appointment and welcome you to ‘your ne oleae South Afc's National Director of Public Prosecutons We wish yovallthe very best {and have full confidence in yourindepandence and aby "hereby wee to request that you urgently investigate the multitude of informations your disposal in order that the ANC as an organization can be charged and prosecuted as soar a= possible for systematic and calculated faud, racketeering, eorupton, leting of publ money and related ‘offences over the past two decades The ANC s demonstrably a criminal enterprise. More than enough evidence ens > prove that the ANChas been invotved in organized erime and racketeering ona grand scale for some twenty years It must be held accountable 25 an organisation. I is nether logical nor sufient to only old Individuals within the organization responsible sit indvdual acts of wrongdoing aren no way part of larger, organized, systematized programme of cminaity. ‘The following enquities reveal rau, theft and corupton on a breathtaking scale: “+The Sate Capture Enquiry headed by Deputy Chief ustce Zondo ‘The SARS Commission headed by ratired Justice Robert Nugent + The PIC Commission headed by former Supreme Cour of Appeal President, sie Lex Mpat ‘The NPA Commission heeded by former Justice ofthe Consttutional Cour Justice Yenne Mokgoro ‘Then we have the VBS collapse and it colateral damage and the revelations regarding Bosasa. Athi information, put together Ia logeal sequence, points ineucably to a criminal enterprise being Conducted with the resources of he State ‘The overlapping ofthese matters cannot be» coincidence, and none of his large sclecoruption on ‘national scale could have been contemplated in solation. it can only be the resuk of coordinated effortson the part ofthe governing party tofaitat corruption. ‘Tha recent revelations of Boss's funding ofthe ANC election “war room” in t las the past two lectons Is a dear demonstration of the ANC operating as @ criminal sydiate. Is simply ‘nconelvable that the organization and ts structues were unaware of where the money came fom and how it was obtained, Furthermore, the High Level Panel Report ofthe State Security Agency is yet more evidence tha the [ANC sa criminal enterprise tis clear from the report thatthe apture of the SSA was an objective planned atthe highest echelons ofthe ANC, implemented with callous disregard forthe interests of ‘the country. The panel finds that the SSA became 2"cash-cow” for many inside and outside the ‘Agency, Including very high-ranking cabinet members and other members ofthe ANC. {All this information, already in the public domain, must be investigated ond confirmed, and turned into admissible evidence, inorder that persons implicated, alongwith the ANC as an erganiaton, an be charged and prosecuted for racketeering and related offences as oon as possible ‘Over the years, the DA has lld numerous criminal charges against the ANC and/or its members, fora variety of serious fraud and corruption elated offences. Nothing has come of these. The investigations make no progres, no interaction is undertaken with the complainant nthe mates, and certainly no aress or charges ever ens, “The charges inthe Estin Ose Project matter have been withdrawn The charges agsinst Dudurane Zuma have been withdrawn, No other prosecutions have followed, despite this overwhelming mass of information related fo erminal ett. ‘The members ofthe Gupta family were allowed to leave South Arca without any difiuty, despite the serous allegations aginst them, This could not have been an oversight. No scion was faker ‘agaist them, and it must have been deliberate. Oays after thelr departure, having had months to {ean up and take thel-gotten gains offshore, the authorities raided their empty premises, in the use of taking lagtimate action, South Africa has raft of esti to prevent an punish corupt activites. I propel implemented bythe criminal justice system, thes laws woud protect the country adequately fom these types of activity. This, owever, requires a criminal justice system that is functioning optimal, operating without fear, favour or prejudice, and supported by 2 competent, resourced Independent Investigative component in the South African Police Sence But the criminal justice system hasbeen sytematlely decimated, and we are now faced withthe results ofthis systematic destruction of capacity. Thi has enabled the ANC to set up a variety of lentereies designed to channel pubic money into a varity of font enterpies that can ony be termed crinal. This has enabled the ANC to effectively steal public funds to enrich the party and entrench ts power 35 well aso enrich select number of its member and ther faiies, ends and ‘connected business interests, Tis hasbeen done with impunity, "thus iterate my request that you ugenty investigate the enormous amount ofnfoemation at your ‘posal, so thatthe ANC as an organaation can be charged and prosecuted at socn as possibe for systematie and caleulated fraud, racketeering, cocrptin, looting of public money and elated offences over the past two decades. {attach a document laying ou my equest andthe evidence In greater deta, South ira’ crises are many and deep, They require urgent intervention south Acar need to be able to pu this clsastrous chapter behind us and move forward asa Constitutional Democracy tree {om the shackles ofeorrtion andthe devastation i has wrought. This important ak also yOu. hope and believe that you wil ise to the challenge that has been laid before you. ‘Your sincecely Morven Mom Lear ofthe Democratic lance, RSA Leader ofthe Opposition in RSA Parament