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TERM/WEEKS: 2 YEAR LEVEL: 8 LEARNING AREA/TOPIC: Humanities and Social Sciences

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom:

Students will each have their own Macbook Air laptops.

LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Week 2  Outline the context  Formative assessment: using a Introduction

History of the Black Death KWL activity to assess the  Complete the KWL activity as a motivation. Introduction: K-W-L
L1 Creator: online K-W-L
individually using an understanding of the Black  Students are to write their answers to ‘What I Know’ and
The causes and ‘What I Want to Know’ using the online K-W-L Creator. chart for diagnostic
event map to Death prior to teaching the
symptoms of the assessment:
answer the 5 W’s content.  The class will view a short Youtube clip on the Black Death
Black Death and http://www.readwritethi
the responses of and 1 H questions.  Discuss the origins, causes and symptoms of the Black Death
different groups  Summative assessment: that were mentioned in the song with a partner using Think teractives/kwl_creator/
in society to the  Recall at least one submission of mind map to Pair Share.
spread of the type of plague that assess the students’ Youtube clip on the Black
disease, such as Body Death:
made up the Black understanding of the causes
the flagellants and  Students are to complete the event map on the context of the
Death, including its and symptoms of the Black
monasteries Black Death, using pages 278-79 in their textbooks. m/watch?v=rZy6XilXDZQ
(ACDSEH070) cause and symptoms Death.
 Jigsaw activity: the class will be separated into three large
in a group.  Rubric for the mind map –
groups, with each group researching a type of plague (bubonic,
key points: lists one main Event map of the Black
pneumonic or septicemic) that made up the Black Death. Death worksheet.
 Construct an cause and at least three
interactive mind symptoms for each plague
map, including (bubonic, pneumonic and  Students are to find information on the main cause of the type Oxford Big Ideas
images, of the main septicemic), includes images of plague, and at least three symptoms experienced. Humanities and Social
cause and at least and adds colour.  Research notes will be typed onto a worksheet. Sciences 8, pg 278-79
three symptoms of  Students will be separated from their group and sorted into new
Encyclopedia Britannica:
each of the plagues groups, comprised of three group members who have each online encyclopedia for
that make up the researched a different type of plague. research of articles
Black Death in small  The students will each take turns to share their knowledge
groups. on the cause and various symptoms of each of the types of The types of plagues of
plague with their group members. the Black Death
 Students will fill out the rest of the worksheet, taking notes
on the other types of plague. Popplet: online
 In their groups, students are to construct a mind map using mindmapping and
Popplet that showcases the three types of plague that made up brainstorm app
the Black Death.
Encyclopedia Britannica:
 Students should include:
online encyclopedia for
 One main cause and at least three symptoms of each type images
of plague (bubonic, pneumonic and septicemic)
 At least three appropriate images of artwork depicting the
Black Death (i.e symptoms)

 Students are to submit their completed mind maps to the K-W-L Creator: online K-
teacher by sharing the link via email. W-L chart for revision:
 Complete the KWL activity by calling upon students to type
‘What I Learned’. teractives/kwl_creator/
 The teacher will call upon each student to contribute their
answer of at least one thing they have learned this lesson as
their ticket out of the classroom.
LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Week 2 History  Illustrate the  Formative assessment: using a Introduction

response of at least Socrative quiz to revise the  Use a value line (strongly agree – strongly disagree) as a
L2 The causes and one group in previous lesson’s content. motivation – “Could the Black Death have been avoided?”
symptoms of the  Call upon students in each part of the line to justify their Introduction: Socrative
society to the Black
Black Death and online quiz to revise
the responses of Death in a cartoon  Formative assessment: position.
different groups in strip, individually. submission of Storyboard That  Students will complete a Socrative quiz for revision of the https://www.socrative.c
society to the comic strip to assess the previous lesson’s content. om/
spread of the  Compose a 2-3 students’ understanding of the
disease, such as Body
minute iMovie response of different groups to
the flagellants and  The teacher will present a short keynote presentation on the Keynote presentation:
presentation in the Black Death.
monasteries responses of the different groups in society to the spread of the responses of different
small groups (3-4)  Rubric for the comic strip – groups to the Black
Black Death.
that explains the key points: 3 images Death
 Each student will be assigned one group to investigate (Jews,
causes and (responses of group before,
Flagellants or Sinners).
symptoms of the during & after the Black Oxford Big Ideas
 Students will access a QR code given by the teacher to Humanities and Social
Black Death and Death), includes background,
conduct further research on their assigned group. Sciences 8, pg 286
the responses of characters and speech
different groups to  Students will use Storyboard That to create an online comic
strip. QR codes: allows quick
the disease. access to videos,
 Composed of three images: the group before the Black Death,
websites, images etc.
the effect of the Black Death, and the group’s response to the
(Jews, Flagellants and
disease. Sinners)
 Students will get into small groups and share their assigned
group’s response to the spread of the Black Death. Storyboard That: online
 Students will be put into groups of 3-4 and assigned an iMovie storyboard creator to
project on the Black Death. create comic strip
 The iMovie presentation should be 2-3 minutes and include https://www.storyboard
the students’ creation of an interview/news segment on the
Black Death, including the causes and symptoms of the Black
iMovie: video editing
Death and the responses of different groups to the disease.
 Students will submit their Storyboard That comic strips for
Random name
marking. generator:
 The teacher will use a random name generator to call upon https://www.teachstarte
students to answer questions to review the lesson objectives.
LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Week 2 History  Compose a 2-3  Formative assessment: using Introduction

minute iMovie Padlet to revise the previous  As a whole class play Black Death word scramble game as a Introduction: The Black
L3 The causes and Death Plague - KS3
presentation in lesson’s content. motivation.
symptoms of the  Whole class brainstorm of the various responses to the Black History Games:
small groups (3-4)
Black Death and http://ks3historygames.
the responses of that explains the  Summative assessment: Death by different groups using Answer Garden.
different groups causes and submission of iMovie me/index.html
in society to the symptoms of the presentation to assess the
 Students are to continue working on their iMovie presentation
spread of the Black Death and students’ understanding of the Answer Garden: online
disease, such as with their group. brainstorming tool to
the responses of causes and symptoms of the
the flagellants different groups to review previous lesson’s
Black Death and the responses Conclusion
and monasteries content:
the disease. of different groups to the  Students will submit their completed iMovie presentations for https://answergarden.c
disease. marking. h/
 Rubric for the iMovie – key  Play a whole class game of Kahoot to review the content taught
points: a 2-3 minute in the previous lessons, including: iMovie: video editing
interview/news segment that  the causes and symptoms of the Black Death app
includes the date of the Black  the responses of different groups to the disease.
Kahoot: online game-
Death, causes and symptoms
based assessment tool
of the three types of plague, to review lesson
and the responses of groups content:
(persecution of Jews,
Flagellants and Sinners) to
the disease. Showcases
iMovie features such as
titles, background,
transitions and audio.