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Muskegon, MI 49441

Julia Cook (231) 780-8559


National Honor Society

Mona Shores High School- Norton Shores, MI Inducted into the National Honor
September 2015– May 2019 Society in September of 2018

● Diploma pending: May 2019 Section Leader in Band

● Special Coursework: 8 Advanced Placement Classes (Human Led the clarinet section within
marching band as well as being
Geography, United States Government, Language and Composition, the 1st chair player in the wind
World History, Biology, Literature and Composition, Statistics, and ensemble

Psychology) Argonaut Gold Card Recipient

● Exceeded in all Honors classes available to students 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and
● Maintained a Grade Point Average of 3.9
● Tutor freshman in all studies Member of the Tri- M Music
Honor Society
Induction is pending for February

Red Lobster, Muskegon, MI— Hostess

July 2018- Present SKILLS
● Greet customers Microsoft Office 2016
● Seat customers Contain basic skills in Excel,
● Answer phone Word, and Powerpoint
● Accurately communicate with customers
Google Drive
Contain basic skills in Doc,
Spreadsheets, and Powerpoint

Norton Shores Library, Muskegon, MI

Foreign Language
June 2017- August 2018
Spanish (2 years)
● Greeted individuals
French (1 year)
● Helped the librarians set up crafts for the children
● Helped sign kids up for the Summer Reading Program Customer Service
● Sorted books in alphabetical order Understand how to work with
individuals to make them feel the
most comfortable
Kids’ Food Basket, Muskegon, MI
June 2017- August 2018
● Prepared sandwiches
● Cut watermelon
● Drew on the paper bags for the children
● Placed the sandwiches in the paper bags