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ry evento ane Crete! Reet ena aoe FOUNDED IN 1937 . = — Senos =. a Secretary Teaser ae BARBARA OHNEON core ‘We are taking this opportunity to welcome you to the United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 1776. You are ‘working for an Employer/Company that has 2 Collective Bargaining Agreement (Union Contract) with Local 1776. It is condition of employment with this company that you become a member in good standing with Local 1776, Previously we sent you~ 'a copy of the present contract that was negotfated, voIed UpOM and approved By your Fellow co-workers that are members of Local 1776, Your union contract sets forth conditions of employment, hours of work, wages, fringe benefits, health and welfere and pension benefits where applicable and when eligible, as well as ths grievance procedure. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. Also, please find attached your membership card. According to our records you were bired on INI therefore, you wil be afilited into our union ors. The dius rat for your present classification is your hourly wage rate Weekly, plus an additional $6.67 if you are ull timo; if you are part, time an edtfona $3.52 wil be added to your weekly hourly wage rate. Dues are payable one month in edvarce, therefore your employer has been Inructed to make these dedutions trough payroll effective inthe month in which you were hired which wil be applied to tie month you are affiliated. The ination fee for your present classification i $200.00. This fee willbe deducted through payroll over several pay periods. In order to protect your rights as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, itis your responsibility to reroain in ‘good standing with Local 1776. If you fail to maintain this obligation, your Employer is required to remove your name from the ‘work schedule and you will not be permitted to work. Ifyou have any questions, problems or grievances, contact the shop steward at your work location or your business representative Questions regarding dues can be answered by our ‘Membership Services Department. Again, welcome to United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 1776. Fraterally yours, Wendel fung, IV Michele L. Kessler Predatnt ocretaryTreasi Sooretary (Treaster 4 MAIN OFFICE (NE PA DIVISION ‘WALTON CAMPUS PITTSTON ‘3081 AWaton Read, Sut 201 2007 Highway 315, Suite 100 Piymouth Mosting,PA 19462 Piston, PA i884 Login to WWW.UECW1776.0RG for up to date 810-940-1776 800-622-9757 570-485-6800 Union information. 288-920-1778 00-65-6004 eee, : CENTRAL PA DIVISION ‘3161 Chambersburg Road 150.8, A3rd Street, Sto. 214 Biglevlle, PA 17307 Norrishurg, PA7HA 900-332-9421 866-320-1776

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