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1 Blowdown of a boiler controls pH of TDS of

feed feed water -

2 Preservation of boiler is required At least When

twice in boiler is
its life not used -
period for longer

3 The material used to control SOx in the FBC boiler is ………… Alumina limestone -
4 Which of those fuels has the highest heating value? LPG Hydrogen -
5 To regulate and control the ow ……. Types of valves are Swing Globe
normally used. check valves -

6 The latent heat of the steam at atmospheric pressure is ………… 860KJ/kg 2257KJ/kg -
7 A boiler is generating saturated steam of 2 tones/hr. at a Your
84% Correct
82% Read
pressure of 7.0 kg/cm2 (g).Question
The feed water temperature is 80o Answer Answer
C and furnace oil consumption is 140 kg/h. What is the -
ef ciency of the boiler by using direct method? (Calori c value
of FO is 10,000 kCal/kg, enthalpy of steam is 660Kcal/kg).

8 At the critical point, speci c volume of water is equal to ……. 0.00317 0.00317
m3kg m3kg

9 Discharge pressure of a centrifugal BFW pup depends upon Diameter All the
…….. of above -

10 The entropy of water at 0oC is …….. 4.3 0 -

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