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SOUTH CAROLINA LAW ENFORCEMENT DIVISION FORENSIC SERVICES LABORATORY REPORT HENRY D.Memasten MARK A. KEEL Geman chi Janay 03,2019 Kelle Hayes DRUG ANALYSIS, Myrtle Bench Police Depariment SLED LAB LOL Oak Steet ‘Your Case No “Mytl Beach, SC 29577 Ineldent Date: 192018 IS]FRULND ‘Tis otea prof the Sout Cina Law afrsnent Din ovr Ses Laborer 61 be we {Soneton witha fica rnin invention Thaw saints wee coded oor asec eto ev SKrmintion fps even itd in cnc hve en rl Ws nae yey oh bay ae. MarcA, Ke Chit Seth Coin Law afranen: vison TEMS OF EVIDENCE: sub lms were received in B2S3484 from Malinda Shadoon of the Mle Beach Police Department. Thom: LA Heat sale bag compartzenalized into the following setions. em: LL Section conning ip lock bag containing pant mater RESULTS: ‘Marijuana (C-l) found inthe sample tested;2 tested. Net weight: 0.97 10.01 grams (40342 +1 0.0008 ounces} Contidence lve forthe weight is 99.7% ‘Total Delts-9-Teushydrocannabional (THC) percent dry weight 0.344. 0.05%, Hem: 1.12 Seaton containing sealed poke! contining plant material, RESULTS: “Marjuans (C-) found inthe sample tested 2 tested. Net weight 0.98 +. 0.01 grams (0.0345 +/-0,0004 ounces). Confidence lve forthe weight is 99.7% ‘Toll Dot 9-Tetmhydroeannabionol (THC) percent dey weight: 043-1 007%, ie 0, Mex 21948, Clb, uth Catina 299211398 Phone (603) 96-7908 (8) 996-7951 mati Page of 3 Item: 1.3 Section conaining box contining paste vial containing roling pape containing plant swat RESULTS: emp found in the simple tesed 2 ested. Net weight 069-46 0.01 grams (00243 H- (0.0004 ounces). Confidence love fur the weigh is 097%, ‘Total Detta-9-Tetrshy dineansabional (THC) prcunt dy weight 0.19 41-03%. ‘his rport contin the conchae, opinions and inerrant analyst whove signe pes ele BE ‘bovglas Robinson Forensic Selon W 1.0.29, Columbia, South Carona 292211595 Pane (80) 396-700 Fax (89) 96-7351 Sarwar 03,2039 Page3of3 |, Douglas 8, Robinson am a Fore Bivision (SLED), ceniied by SLED as a Forense Scietst qualified to poeform esting and analysis for Controlled andlor dangerous substances poibites by law in his tate by Te 44, Chapter 83 ofthe Code of Laws and Rule 61-4 ofthe Depactnens of Health und Environmental Cote have 10-year and 10 months experience asa Foeusic Scicatist. During tht period, Ihave been qualified as an expert winess and vsti ln cout no Tess than $2 Himes. T tave received the fliowing taining es @ Forense Selon. BS. Chemisty, Universi of Sout Carolina, Columbia, SC 2008 vitonmental Chemical nels, GEL Laboratories, Charleston, SC 2005-2008 Sout Carolina Law and Legal Treining, South Carolia Criminal Juste Aeadery, 2008 Training n Forensic rug Aralysis, Soh Carolina Law enforement Divison, 2008 Drug Enforcement Adminisation, Focensic Chemist Seminar, 2009 Sub tems wore roeived in B283454 from Malinda Shadoan ofthe Myrtle Beach Police Depactnest, {tested the shove emg) using the following legelly reliable foresiclboratory procedures approved by SLED: [x] Chemica Test (Ges Chremetopashy [x] Mroeopis Ean [x] Mae Spectoscopy [iad Sparscony [Pat rae [isl Examination [| Pablishe Literstne {Jig Cromtegeshy arene Slontist ge Fe Bouglas Robinson Date: January 63,2019 ¥ smb South Crain 292211398 Phone (HS) 496-1300 Fats) 596-7351