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I Definition of Cosmic Philosophy..

lntroduction - The Truth about Truth
Magnificent Perception.


I Perception and Conception

Body, Mind and Consciousness. . 23

I Consciousand Sub-consciousMind
Man Is a Four SenseBeing
The Highway of Progress 36

t Faith
To Be Born Again

It Emotional Balance. .
Free Will or Self-Hypnotism?
The Languageof the Cosmos. .

t The Chemical Universe
Ancient Wisdom or Modern Progress?
PastCivilizations 75
I The Parableof the Apple Tree

t Practice 87

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Philosophy has been defined as the rove of

A systematicgeneralconceptionof principle as
a_philosophyof life. The knowledge of the
causeof all
phenomenaboth of mind and matter.
cosmic philosophy embracesthe universe conceived
as an orderly and harmonious systemcomprete
in itserf.
our presentperception of mind and matter must
expanded to the realm of cause in order to understand
and take our place in the class room of everlasting
observation is our greatestteacherbut we must learn
to see the cause or the related purpose of all forms
Principle, or source of origin, and nature,slaws re-
main forever the same for they are immutable. Man,s
concept of the law expands as he desiresto know more
and more of his purposein relation to the cosmos.
our neighborson the sister planets of our solar sys-
tem came to the realization a long time ago that every
minutestparticle in the cosmos is inter-relatedwith every
other particle. Thereby in order to have even a small per-
ception of the purposeof life, each phasemust be studied
in relation to the whole. They shared a theory with all
who were interested and gradually theories grew into
facts as they explored further and further and unified ail

life. A humble reverence and love for the All Knowing I ntroduction
Intelligence as It expressedin every living form became
their inspiration. Human relationship and behaviorism THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUTH
was taught to their children to aid them in individual
expressionof their own divinity. Political factionsare clamoring againsteachother for
The following lessonsI humbly present with the hope the right of opinion; philosophersand scientistsare argu-
that they may act as..steppingstones in your quest for ing about the truth of their various theories;all ove. it.
knowledge. world conflicting thought centersare springing up, each
professingitself the only dispenserof the absolutetruth
and man finds himself wondering just what is truth.
As long as man has been in existenceI supposehe
has sought for truth without recognizingit when he had
it firmly in his grasp.
Many generationsago when the Roman Empire was
at the height of her glory and the weight of her dom-
inance was felt by a host of people there arose in her
midst a master mind who said to those oppressed,"you
shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."
And the people eager for deliverance,cried out, "The
truth! Give us the truth that we may be free!" They were
told the meaningof truth but they could not comprehend
and so we hear the echo of thosewords and of the billions
like them quivering down the ages with an insistent
appeal- "The truth! what is truth?"
r\nd for every such questioningvoice there is another
calling, "Follow me, I alonecan give you the real truth!"
And blindly the people follow, little knowing or under-


standing the purpose of life. a man will accept and truth to each man is only that
So to you of this present day - you who have ac- which he has experiencedeither by mental realizationor
quired much knowledge of many things, I ask, "What physical expression,and yet truth is universal.It is the
is truth?" sum total of action. Every smallestquivering frequency
Those who are idealistically inclined will answer, "ft in the whole cosmosis truth - true becauseit perpetu-
is reality!" And those who are founded upon a cold sci- ates action. I shall bring all of my statementsdown to a
perfectly logical, matter-of-factfoundation.
entific basis will answer, "Fact." Others will say that
Most of the world's intoleranceis due to the miscon-
truth is that which is opposed to untruth or is that which
ception of truth. Men fight to death for their individual
is good. To those who gave the first'two answers I shall
conceptof it when a little wisdom would show them that
say you are correct so far as you have gone but I shall
they are only a stepapart in the samehall of learning,but
proceed to catch you in a net of your own weaving. The
d u e t o t h e f a c t t h a t e v e r y i n d i v i d u a l i n t e l l i g e n c eh a s a
latter answer that truth is that which is good is utterly
slightly different degreeof understanding,truth to each
misconceivedand evasive.
is slightly different.Intoleranceis a mark of ignorance,
Let us, therefore,get down to real analysis.Just what
for a developedintelligenceis able to view sequencesof
is the truth about truth? You have said that it is Reality
action that shows each separateaction to be relatively
and if I were to ask you to define reality you would be
true. And becauseall sidesof a question are understood
compelled to admit that it is that which has actual exist-
he is bound by none. This type of intelligencedoes not
ence, and yet you speak of the real and the unreal. You
condemn those who see only one phase of the whole
have a set standard for Reality. Does not everything that
t r u t h . I n s t e a dh e w i l l p o i n t o u t t h e p i t f a l l so r l i m i t a t i o n s
is known have apparent existence?How else should it
that follow the course of thought that the individual is
have become known?
i n d u l g i n gi n .
What of those that say truth is fact - explaining
Truth is action- the whole action of which every
further that it is that which can be proven. Let me ask part is true. Small truths lead into greatertruths anclone
you this - proven to whom and by what and for how
small truth cast out as false can block the progressof a
long? Again you must have a set standard of discrimina- civilization,as has beenshown by the historyof the past.
tion. Must it be proven by man's laws or theories that Becausemen do not understandthe meaningof truth
have already been given recognition? Then you are and are thereforeintolerant,therehasbeena spanof over
putting a limitation on truth. Must it be proven to all a thousandyears of scientificdarknessthat might lrave
people or only to one who is able to see beyond the been used to bring the slowly evolving civilizationto a
perception of his fellow-men?Proof can only go so far as

Cosmic PhilosoPhY
higher standardof human expression.
"You shall know the truth and the truth shall make
you free." And the truth is that all things are true - tlug THE MAGNIFICENT PERCEPTTON
in a relative sense, I grant You,- relative to all other
parts, but until men recognizeand give due consideration PRELUDE
to the Cause of all actions they will never be free' Only
in uniting our efforts, acknowledginga common purpose The roll of the tides and the waves and the rising and
can we bring civilization to a unified state of under- setting of suns, the whirling of atoms and worlds are all
standing and progress. tuned to the cosmic Plan yet are subject to time and to
Truth is like a great picture puzzle- a mosaic, as it space.
were, and each man's individual expressionis a part of Time is the instrument used to measure the move-
the total composition. The mature individual realizeslife ment of Beings- the element action createsin its path
as a successionof duties to be performed. Becausethere from the formless to the formed. In Eternity always you
are diversified concepts of life does not mean that only are, but in time you're unstable,inconstant.
one can be correct. No, all are true. Whatever is con- Sit here at the center of all and look out on your flux
ceived in the mind of man is true to him for the moment of expression.As the moon to the vision of man passes
just as every act of nature is true whether it be of creation through all the various phases yet remains still an orb
or disintegration. Man's ideas may be used unwisely complete without change or point of division, So you
becausehe has not enough knowledge to use them con- through your phases shall pass; mortal eyes shall see
structively in relation to other truths, but that does not change and division yet you are a circle complete -
mean that the results establisha fact' you're endless,eternal, abiding
judge Look forth from these eternal heights, from the heart
our purpose in life, then, is not to personally
of your
between the true and the untrue but to so coordinate our unified being; look down towards the plains of
desire where your destiny finds its fulfillment. Look
own being with nature that we may unite the knowledge
closely and firmly perceive that the break which you one
of Cause and Effect.
time envisionedis nothing but mortal illusion; that there
is but the unified whole.
Always you are One, you are All, as a centralized
point of Being. Undying, unchanging- the Conscious-

Cosmic Philosophy
Infinity swayedto the Heart-beatof the Mighty Oneness.
ness, Cause, and the Action - sy6lving, transmuting a Rhythm on rhythm rose and fell in one great undivided
form to a unified state of awareness. harmony, for deep within the bosom of the Word there
From action to action you pass like a great shuttle surged the wondrous Love Song of Creation.
weaving new patterns - on the loom of Eternity weaving Greater and greater the Heart of Space was stirred
^ pattern of beauty called Life. The fine silver thread until at last the Song was breathedinto a living thing.
which you use is Cosmic Consciousness,binding together Each motion as an elemental tone within the mighty
each stitch in true lines of perfection; creating in patient symphonyand every tiny particle of substancewas tuned
evolvement the unified Love Mantle of All. Each thought into accord with every other unit in all space.And thus
and each consciousemotion weaves the Pattern of exact the impulse of Cosmic Will becamea law that ne'er can
direction, in time uniting the parts and the Allness, broken be within the scope of everlastingaction. (This
absorbing the All in the One. Law involvesthe principle of true affinity.)
Were it possiblefor any of the Cosmic vibrations to
THE WORD unite contrary to this Primal Law and causea discord in
the mighty paeon their span of such expressionwould be
In the beginning there was but the Word: no mortal contained within one moment's quivering vibration, for
mind can know the Word in full for it contains all knowl- discord cannot last within the Whole whose very fact of
edge and all Power, and only that which is Itself the being rests upon the immutable law of harmony. There
Word can know or understandpotentially. But through a is no loss of equilibrium within the scope of Cosmic
mighty action the Word was imaged into primal form; in Rhythm that shall not be again absorbedand reunited
form so fine that only Cause could know its attributes or into Wholeness.For nothing can break the Melody that
view its being. It incarnated through the whole of sub- has forever throbbed within the Heart of That which is,
stanceand impregnated all matter with Its presencetill in ftself, Infinity.
the place of a tremendous void there grew the second or Creation as a whole makes up the song that rises and
the form-creation. falls in its impassionedcadence,expressingin the glory
Virgin was this creation in the image of the Word, of calm Silence all that the Word has been, is, and shall
and filled with all the power of pure wholeness,for it was be; voicing with soundlesssounds and formless beauty
but one great united form, the body of Cosmic Cause the pulsing force that blends and inter-blendsinto new
whom we in reverencehave called "The Word'" rhythrns. The Breath of the All-Creative Intelligence is
Throughout all space the Word reverberated;It set in sent forth in peaceful, silent tones of consciousnessand
motion all the Primal Essence until the whole span of

Cosmic Philosophy
affinity, the great magnetic principle of attraction, and all
in the womb of illimitable space each new creation stirs that therein grows and multiplies is of the one and only
with quickened life and becomesanother true note in the Cosmic Power.
endlessSong of Action. Each form that with our mortal eyeswe view is but a
Out of Cosmic Cause are worlds and planets whirled point of action in the whole - a minute bit of elemental
into existence;out of such formless beauty has evolved substancemoving to ever changing patterns and designs;
form upon form until at last there came one form so per- impelled and impregnatedwith all-abiding consciousness.
fect in its geometric pattern that it possessedthe possi- There is no tiniest unit in the Whole that does not bend
bilities of understanding Cause. And so into this form an ear to the Law which Fathers it and causesit to be.
was poured the Breath which speaksthe rhythm of crea- And all that we perceivewith mortal eyesand know with
tion into being, and it was given power to perceivd all our consciousnessis but the effectiveimage of the Cause
existence; and it was also blessed with power to name Intelligence, which formless is, yet causes forms to be;
that which before had been but nameless. which knows no limitations and no bonds yet creates
And this creation, highest of them all, was known as transient dense conditions that move and change within
Man, born out of That which has no ending; given the bosom of incomprehensibleEternity.
dominion, consciousnessand love and power over all the And every unit in the whole of Being, each atom and
lesser things. But he descendedinto depths of sleep, be- each spark of consciousnessreveals without a mark of
came unconscious of the vaster kingdoms, forgetful of limitation, if we but seek its heart, the perfect image of
the Glory that existsand dreamed,instead,into existence, Infinity. And each of the little passing points of action
the changingimage of mortalitY. which we in earthly terms have labelled time, speak
oh, son of God and son of Man, lift up all things within the moment of their being the fullnessof Eternity.
within your sight; let your heart make known that which Just as the drop of water from the ocean reveals the
the sight doth not reveal and from the womb of Cosmic character of that from which it came; and every sunbeam
Cause which is the sourceof all creation awaken into traveling through space reflects the composition of the
birth of a Magnificent Perception.Awaken into the realm sun and revibratesthe image of that orb in all of the glory
of true Being. Let the strong fingers of your will of its full expression.
you again inio full consciousness. Rise from your earthly We, as children of the Cosmos,are in the processof
couch of slumber and perceivethe beauty of your reflecting the understandingof our Source. All action is
Existence. the echo of the Word as It passesthrough the vast arcades
This Planet earth that we call our home was brought of space,and in lts passingcreatestime and form.
law of
into its presentstate of being through that cosmic


We must open our eyes of consciousnessand view in Little by little man's awarenessof that which he en-
all Its magnitude and beauty, the living, breathing image countersexpands,and clearer grows his vision till at last
of the Word. his consciousawarenessbeholds the transcendentCause
behind the Name.
THE NAME Out of the Primal Essencehas come forth, charged
with the Power of the Word, the manifestedutteranceof
The Word is changeless,whole and complete. The Cause.The planets,worlds,the moon, the starsand suns,
Name personifies the Word - divides Its vastnessinto the leafing trees, the song bird and the rain, the beasts,
many parts, gives place and form to each and every part the crawling reptilesand the dew, each in its own tongue
and power of utterance in an auditory state.The whirling expresses the Word. But man has given unto eacha Name
mass of substancecalled the Earth is to the mortal ears a and it is there that his attentionlies. Manifestationhas
mighty name, for on its surface humankind evolves and become his God and he has placed the Name above the
learns a tongue with which to speak the Name of That Word, which namelessis and silentand unseenyet causes
which in Itself is nameless,yet Earth shall change and all the namedthingsto be.
pass away in Time, to reunite within the Cosmos. The
Word has always been, will always be, the Name has a RELATIVITY
beginning and an ending.
The Word has never given forth a Name and never Matter manifests as an effect of the Cause impulse
shall, for in such act would lose its endlessand eternal that rises from the Word. As a pebble dropped in the
state of Being. But Man, to whom free-will and power center of a still pool will send an impulse through the
was given, who slumbers deep and dreams his mortal whole clear mass and stir its farthest boundaries into
dreams, has in his waking moments labelled action and motion, so was the Primal Substancecausedto vibrate by
given name to consciousnessand form. His eyes at first the Cosmic Impulse. And as the nearest wavelets are
were dim with mortal slumber; he saw but vaguely finer than those at the ultimate extreme so is the sub-
through the mist of sleep, and only felt the coarsest of stanceclose to the heart of Creation finer than that upon
frequenciesthat shaped the holy substanceinto form, but the outer edge.Each impulse of the Word that has mani-
those he named so he might build a memory of parts to festedin the realmsof matter has evolvedinto its formed
guide his future waking states, for only by such means state of being through a primal motion or centralized
can he evolve to recognition of Cosmic Allness. impulse,out of which grew a heaviermotion, swellingto
greater perceptibility. The primal frequency goes into

Cosmic Philosophy
acts eternally, passingfrom form to form and in its pass-
expansion without the smallest loss of energy.
ing chargesall substancewith emotion and createsripples
We know that in the pool of clearest water the first
wave that was started, in its passing,gave to the next its on the Seaof Being.
substanceis in the processof evolvement;conscious-
force and animation.And that, in turn, imparted added
ness,in the processof expression.up and down the vast
motion unto the following molecules of water. Without
scale the force moves rapidly into expression,touching
the unity of the whole mass no particle could know the
one particle of matter, then another - blending the two
primal action. The cosmos is like unto the pool from out
or more into a chord of harmooy, just as the fingersof a
whose center flows the rhythmic m6tisn - it is the clear
whose surface man pluck music from the mute strings of his harp. To
calm sea of undivided consciousnessupon
produce a perfect melody the strings must be set in mo-
there arises innumerable wavelets of vibration. Each
tion many, many times, making new tonal combinations
form, in turn, contains the same- beginning with one - now soft and low, now rising to crescendo;one time
basic impulse evolving to countless particles of motion,
in rapturous swinging rhythm, then changingto a linger-
each one attuned unto the primal urge. Again, each tiny
ing minor key - all strings awaiting the touch that stirs
central point of action is offspring of the Great Heart of
them to life within the melody. Each string is vital to rhe
motion. To the understanding of the mortal man these
total Song.
countless points of action are perceived as separate en-
So it is with the Song of Creation- gssh atom of
tities within the varied kingdoms. Upon the earth man
substanceis used eternally, now making up a rose bush
gives the name of mineral unto the densersubstancethat
or a tree; now mingling within man, now in the beast:
he sees; a little higher is the vegetable,and then there
descendinginto form and then once more ascendingto
comes the animal and fowl, which leads up to the con-
invisibiltiy; expressingthrough fire, water, earth and air,
sciousnessof man who separatesthe Allness into parts
and ether finer than man can know; from the coarsepul-
and draws a line where no such line could be, for through
sation that produces stone to a motion higher than the
the whole vastnessof the Cosmos the Primal Impulse in-
speed of light; from radiation down into vibration and
carnates itself and as the ripple in the pool gave up itself
back again the Primal Essencemoves. From the formless
to create somethinggreater,so does each manifestedform
into densestmatter and back again into the higher state,
of each kingdom releaseitself into evolvement. The in-
each atom relative unto all others, cooperating and ex-
nurnerable minerals give up their impulse to plant life,
changing places.
the plant, in turn, releasesenergy unto the higher con-
Within the Cosmos there is no destruction but only
sciousnessof flesh. There is nothing that can live alone,
newnessby a ceaseless action; all substancechangingand
nor any spark of energy destroyed.All impulse lives and

Cosmic PhilosophY
transmuting but never for an instant's time witholding. In
an endless array of patterns and designs from formless T
into formed in unfolding the wondrous picture of eternity.
There is no greater law than that of consciousaction,

"What man can conceive he can also achieve," has

for upon it rests continuous Creation. Energy acting
upon itself gives birth to time and space, the relative ele-
ments of the Cosmos that cause conception of the state
called form. Each thing dependsin part upon another and
t I
been said, but betweenconceptionand achievementthere
lies a middle step which is perception.we are familiar
with the use of the word perception as used in relation to
may be traced back to a common source' H I
a faculty of receivingknowledgeof externalthings by the
medium of the senses.This samefaculty may also be used

H to alert the sensesto a CauseIntelligencewhich is beyond

its effectivescope of perception.Conception is constantly
taking place within man; the consciousintelligenceof the
cosmosis eternally incarnatingin matter, but unlessthere
is awarenesson the part of the mortal sensemind these

thoughts are liable to pass on without ever being recog-
nized in the world of form. We know that thought is the
basis of human action and there are millions of thoughts

+ that pass over the highway of mind every duy, but man
perceives approximately one thought out of every hun-
dred which is conceivedwithin his mind.

+ There are myriads of thoughts bombarding man's

mind every second; some are personal, some are imper-
sonal, many are beyond the conception of the average

sensemind. It is true that each thought that entersman's
being impressesitself upon the individual cells of his
body but the mortal sensemind as a whole does not be-
come aware of it. Conception while being of Cause does
not raise man to the Cause state; it is perceptionwhich

t :

Cosmic PhilosoPhY
know, "the only true God," but the applicationas to just
producesgrowthinthemortalman.Intheaverageman how this is done is not explained. To know God the
rate of 1 100
the thoughts are passing at the approximate Father is to perceiveCosmic Cause. Conception has no
the thoughts run
per secoiA. tn u trigttty developed person limitations for it is cosmic, and that which is conceived
The mortal grows
about one-half million per second. can also be perceived by the mortal mind so p€rception
which is perceived con-
through experience and only that knows no beginningor endingi its vastnessis all-inclusive.
sciouslycanbetermedaSexperience.Awarenessisthe Perception includes not only recognition but also
to human thought
key to wisdom and the only Lhunnel comprehension.We cannot fail to recognizethe fact that
action so
Awareness must be combined with we are sons of the Cosmic Father Principle and heirs to
"*iunriorr. cosmic cause incar-
that intelligence may be expressed. all there is, but how many are there in this world who
mind of man is con-
nates in matter whether thi mortal have actually perceivedwhat that sonshipmeans?
perception of that action Lack of perception leads always to a lack of confi-
scious of it or not, but through
of growth. The mortal dence which prevents man going forward into greater
the mortal expands in the RLta
from the Whole, must accomplishment.The man who fails to understandhis
sense mind, having divided itself
e v o l v e a g a i n i n t o t h e o n e n e s s b y p e r c e i v i n g t h e C a u s of
ein relationship with the whole is but a wandererhaving no
In the cosmos everything Lxists and we, being purpose in life. Lack of perceptionis the greatestof the
us. If we perceivethat sins of omission;why should a man remain in ignorance
the cosmos,have everythin! within
to bring it into mani- when all things lie before him and the very fullnessof life
which is within us we url able
we actually "moth€r" or prevails within his being awaiting the command to come
festation. Through perception
..father,,athingintog,o*tt,.Thewholescienceoflifeis forth.
- thlsugh conception and perception When an unselfish idea is conceived it is to be per-
based on theseI*o
a r e a l l t h i n g s b r o u g h t i n t o u " i n g i n t h e w o r l d o f e f f motion
ects. ceived and brought forth into manifestationjust as a soul
putting Cause into conceived in the womb of a mother is to be given birth in
Conception is '"'p6n'ible for
may take place physical form. Whatever one becomes aware of that is
and bringinf toritr acrion. conceprion
withoutanyawarenessonthepartoftheintellectbutthe not contrary to natural law must exist, for how can it be
a c t i o n w h i c h t a k e s p l a c e d u e t o c o n c e p t i o n b rsensation'
ingfortha possibleto perceivethat which is not existent?
we know as There is really very little difference betweenconcep-
quickening that pttdu"ts what
Perceptionistheactofbecomingawareofsensationand tion and perception;the former is the causesoul aware-
nessand the latter is mortal senseawareness, and the two
knowing its source'
referencesto "Life Eter- should be alwaysunited.
In our christian bible we find

Cosmic Philosophy
One of our noted scientistsonce said, "[ find ofttimes '{
that in the moments when I have ceasedponderingover
a problem the greatestrevelations.come to me." Such rev-
elation is true perception,for the time when the mor-
tal sense mind and the cause intelligence unite. Such

The term consciousness seemsto be the foundationof

awarenessis called intuition, and the man who acts intui-
tively is always right. The mortal mind is usually unable
to perceive the thoughts which are conceived from the
all creation.It is not a physicalthing, yet it measuresall
expressionsof physical forms. Without it no form could
be or exist for consciousness is life itself. It is the power
cosmic source for it is in a constant state of friction and
wonderment, lost in the perception of the innumerable
forms of the effective world and so unaware of the new
which gathersthe elementsinto the formed stateand it is
the intelligent force which causesawarenessand anima- I
ideas that are waiting for birth. It is necessaryto perceive tion within the form. Conscious awarenessof the All-
the possibilitieswithin anything before those potentials Inclusive consciousness is that tremendouspower which
are able to become a reality in one's life. True perception is referred to in the Scripturesas the Holy Ghost. It is a *

goes beyond the apparent into the cause of the appear- dweller, as power, within that which is created,perpetu-
ance, it goes into the invisible and brings newly conceived ating the growth of the form by the constantaction which
is the law of lt's being.
ideas into manifestation. Many people consciously per-
ceive wonderful things but have not enough faith to bring
them forth.
Learn to believe in your power of perceptioni give
The story of creationas recordedin Genesissaysthat
God created man from the dust of the earth; out of the
elementsHe molded a form in His image and likenessas
recognition to those things of which you became aware
and you will find yourself enjoying a feeling of happiness
and well being. Your vision will gradually expand to
a sculptor createsa beautiful statueout of clay. This He
did with intelligenceand power, and having looked upon
His completed form creation He was well pleased,so He
where you can feel the pulsation of life in all forms. And
you will understand the Universal Language of Life, and
incarnated into the form as the Breath of Life and man
becamea consciousbeing,a living soul, having the power
of intelligentaction, which we know as life.
the limitations that have bound you to the personal ego
This intelligent force, then, is actually the Cosmic
w i l l v a n i s h i n t o t h e i l l i m i t a b l e v a s { n e s so f C o s m i c
Whole, for Its limit of knowledgeis no where. It is the ;
creator of everything that was, is, and will be. It is not
only the soul of man but the very soul of all things, the

Cosmic Philosophy WHAT I S CO NSCI O USNESS?
Father-Mother principle of the Cosmos. lie within him - ideas which only he himself knows un-
As far as we know consciousness had no beginning lesshe expresses them in words, and which eventhen may
and will have no ending for it seemsto be all in all, the not be understoodby another.
Alpha and Omega, and is made up of the Trinity; first the consciousnessis the very substanceof all forms, yet
power; second, the intelligence; and third, the created itself is formless.It is the ruler and keeperof all elements
form. John tells s5 -'(lp the beginning was the Word which composeit in the field of form-action,for through
and the Word was with God and the Word is God.' What this intelligent force the elementswhich make the form
is a word? Is it not a thought expressed?And does not becomeconscious.It builds form and disintegratesforms
thought depend upon consciousnessfor it's being? Then yet it knows neither life nor death. It is motionless,yet it
we must admit that "in the beginning was consciousness is the all-activepower by which the cosmosis maintained;
and the consciousness was with God and consciousness is placeless,yet it is everywherefor outside of it there is
God." Out of consciousness,again, proceeded thought so nothing; inert yet composedof unlimited power.
"in the beginningwas thought and thought was with God The growth of earth and the growth of man is the
and thought is God." And thought becoming expressed actual evidenceor testimonialof consciousness. Thought,
returns us in proper sequenceto the Word which is with itself, is composed of consciousness. All things of the
God and is God. (Cosmic Cause) The incarnation of heavensand the earth have been and will continue to be
these three through action brings forth manifestation conceived in the womb of this mother-fatherprinciple.
which is concreterealizationin form of that which exists Man was born - into a physicalform and will grow old
always in consciousness. and perish while consciousnessremains everlastingly
Everything from the mineral to the Cause kingdom young in existence.
is changed, moment by moment, by the everlastingactiv- One's breath is measuredby consciousness, and Hea-
ven is but a man suspendedbetweenthe Soul conscious-
ity of consciousness.It is the avenue of progress; the
ness of Eternity and Man's consciousness of eartlr. It is
stream of life ladened with ideas which drop into the
the mark or centerof balancewhere the true understand-
consciousnessof mortal man with great rapidity and
ing of the cosmosexists.Each consciousbeing is but a
which may be used or discarded, depending upon the
focal point of action within this great limitlessocean of
understanding of the individual. Consciousnessspeaks
intelligent force. There is no separationbetweenany one
the language of ttt. Soul, for it is the Soul. This Cosmic
of thesefocal points of consciousaction and the Whole-
languageis soundless,yet it roars with a voice of thunder,
nessof consciousness.
reverberating with a tremendous force upon the mortal
Those who have become consciously aware of con-
form, producing a state of awarenessas to the ideas that

Cosmic Philosophy
ciousconsciousness throughthe ageshaveknown this and
have used the knowledgein their daily life. They have
recognizedthemselves as the unlimitedconsciousness and
thereby have become the controllersof it. The average BODY, MIND AND CONSCIOUSNESS
m a n w h o c l a i m s h i m s e l f a c o n s c i o u sb e i n g h a s t h r o u g h
the developmentof a personalego blinded himself to the Until quite recentlymind and matter have beencon-
realityof his beingand understandingof causeconscious- sideredas widely separatedas the poles.The materialist
nessso that he is expressingnot more than one tenth of has exaltedmatter into predominanceand the metaphysi-
one percentof his potentialability. Think of the possibili-
cian has given the supremacyto the mind, while con-
ties ahead of man when he shall have enlargedhis field
sciousnesshas received scarcely a consideration.There
of at'vareness.
have, of course,alwaysbeen alertedminds in the world
We have been taught that all things are possiblewith
who understandthe inseparablerelationshipof mind,
God. God is consciousness, and man cannot separate
matter and consciousness and have made use of this
himself from consciousness for he is that. Are not all
knowledgein the field of practical evolvement,but the
things also possibletherefore,with man? Jesusthe Christ
world in generalhas chosento remain in the mysteryof
understoodthis unlimitedcapacityfor expansionwhen he
c 6 i d - " G r e a t e r t h i n g ss h a l ly o u d o t h a n I h a v ed o n e . " H e
Sciencehas done much in proving many thingswhich
p u t n o l i m i t a t i o n su p o n h i m s e l f o r u p o n a n o t h e r .I t i s
the majority of the peopleof the world previouslyrefused
t h r o u g ht h e u n d e r s t a n d i n og f t h e c o n s c i o u s n e sws h , ich is
to accept.It has proven, for instance,that all forms are
one.self, expressingthrough all forms that gives one the
made up of cells which are composedof the same ele-
power to control all elements.Cannot a being command
ments as the earth, air and water. It has revealedthe fact
h i m s e l fi n t o a c t i o n ?C a n n o t c o n s c i o u s n e sdsi r e c t i t s o w n
movement.s? This mighty Cosmic force, with poWerto do
that the human body is no difterent in compositionthan
any other form in the mineral,vegetable,or animal king-
and the intelligenceto direct, is the most generousgiver
dom. These cells or atoms of matter possessa certain
of all things to those who utilize every fleetingconscious
m o m e n t ,b u t i t t u r n s a r e l e n t l e sesx e c u t i o n eirn t h e h a n d s
o f t h o s ew h o p a y n o a t t e n t i o nt o i t s g i f t o f i d e a s .
amount of intelligenceand are actuallylittle entitiesnot
unlike the human being, but the world has not easily
accepted the belief that a particle too small to be seen
without the aid of a microscopecan be the possessor
mind, or intelligence.Sciencehas now brought forth the
of a I
proof of this. It speaksof living and disintegratingatoms


Cosmic Philosophy
of matter, and in working with these tiny cells it has

l e a r n e d t o r e l e a s ea f o r m o f e n e r g y f r o m t h e a t o m w h i c h
is seen as a ray of light. One professor of science has
spoken of this as the soul of the atom, which certainly
of intensetrembling throughoutrhe form. If the thought
is changed to one of joy the body again respondsand
matter is molded accordingto an entirelydifferentpattern

i m p l i e si n t e l l i g e n c e . F|, - the eyesglow with a soft light, the featuresare relaxed,
and the whole form becomesone of simple grace, a sym-
It needed not the aid of science, however, to prove
I phony of harmoniousaction.

t h e i n t e l l i g e n c eo f m a t t e r , f o r t h e v e r y f a c t t h a t b o d i e s a c t
a n d g r o w p r o v e s t h a t t h e c e l l s m u s t p o s s e s st h e c o n s c i o u s -
n e s st o r e c e i v ei n s t r u c t i o n s f r o m a h i g h e r i n t e l l i g e n c e .W e
FI Mortal thought, however,is not the intelligence,it is
but an idea projectedby consciousness. It acts as a mes-
sengerbetweenthe senderand the receiverjust as an idea

know that nature takes its own coursein healingthe body
when called upon; that a thought given by a man is
i m m e d i a t e l ya c t e d u p o n b y t h e c e l l s o f h i s b o d y , s o m a t t e r
FI consciouslyprojected into a microphone travels on the
mind of a radio (the ether waves) to the receiver.The

m u s t h a v e a m i n d w h i c h i s c a p a b l e o f r e c e i v i n gt h e c o m -
mand of either man or nature or it would not act accord-
ingly. Mind, itself, is nothing more than the highway
Ht great unlimited force of intelligence,which is conscious-
ness, broadcastsa messagein the form of thought; this
messagetravels upon the highway of frequency called
o v e r w h i c h c o n s c i o u s n e s sp r o j e c t s i d e a s t o s e t m a t t e r i n
m o t i o n . I f m a t t e r w e r e n o t t h e p o s s e s s o ro f m i n d t h e r e
would be no avenue through which it could receive the
t mind and contacts every part of the body. Since every
cell is the possessorof mind the idea impresseseach of
them at the same time and they as a whole give expres-
t h o u g h t i m p r e s s i o n s ;i f i t d i d n o t p o s s e s si n t e l l i g e n c e i t
c o u l d n o t a c t u p o n i m p r e s s i o n s ,a n d i f i t d i d n o t p o s s e s s
c o n s c i o u s n e s si t w o u l d b e t o t a l l y u n a w a r e o f t h e c o m -
H sion through and upon the body. This is the same prin-
ciple usedin the operation of radio. Once the messageis
given over the microphone all space is affectedsince it
mand and would remain in a state of complete inertia.
w e k n o w f r o m a c t u a l e x p e r i e n c et h a t w h e n a t h o u g h t
H can be picked up anywhere by a good receiving set.
Thought affectsthe whole of matter in the samemanner.
is sent over the highway of mind that all of the cells of I
The radio frequencyis carried on the wavesof ether and
the body respond in a perfectly unified state in producing
that impression in outward form. It is not difficult to
F is neither seen nor heard outside the studio unless it
passesthrough a receiving set. In this same way con-
know if a man is joyous or angry. The thought of anger sciousnessprojects itself as an idea through spaceby an

will mold the matter composing the body into an exact
image of itself - contorted features, flashing eyes,
H instantaneousaction affecting all spaceat one time and
the idea which is supportedupon the wavesof mind be-
c l e n c h e d f i s t s ,s e t m o u t h e t c . I t m a y e v e n p r o d u c e a s t a t e
ilF come manifestonly after passingthrough the instrument
of matter.In other words,mind is the channelover which


C osmic PhilosophY

lnan is supptied with consciousawarenessjust as the exist if it were not supported by consciousness.Con-
ether waves are the channel over which we receivethe sciousnesscould not expressitself in matter were it not
musical and oratorical expressionof the consciousness for the conveyer over which it travels, and mind would
b r o a d c a s t i n tgh e m .
The sensemind personifiesthe impressionsreceived il be a uselessnothingnesswere it not acting as a channel
between the two.

and distortsthem with self opinions. If the radio ethers Remember, mind has the possibilitiesof expansion.
are disturbedwe on the receivingset get the disturbance Matter, again, is in the processof evolution; so neither
catledstatic,which meansthat we cannotget the program mind nor matter is all in all.
clearly.This is also true with man, for when the mind of
man is disturbedthat which is corfringfrom the broad-
is not revealedperfectly
casting station of consciousness
and matter goes into action with a distortedconception
of its mission.The resultis a stateof confusionwithin the
body. Cosmicconsciousness is neverconfused,it is always
in a unified state,so the harmoniousmanifestationof an
icleadependsupon the stillnessand impersonalattitudeof
the mind. A clear peacefulmind will alwaysbring desir- f
able conditions.A disturbed mind will cause distorted
conditions. tI
This proves to us then, that mind is not all there is
sinceit can be usedone way or another.Evolution is not
the expression of mind but the expansionof mind. Just as
an ungradedroad is broadenedand leveledin order to
accommodatemore traffic upon it, so must the highway
of mind be expandedand smoothedin order to allow con-
sciousness to project more numerousvehiclesof thought
;t r
to their proper destination.Mind is only the channelof
expression,the avenueby which consciousness
itself in matter. Body, mind and consciousness,
then, are
one and inseparable.The body of matter would ceaseto
H r

the sensemind executesthe impressionperfectly,so that

it may partake of the experienceof right action. Just as a
teacher would tell a child to do somethingin a certain
CONSCIOUS AND SUB.CONSCIOUS MIND way and the child did not do it, but made a mistake,if the
teachershould allow the child to go on that way, would
There has been, and is, widespread misunderstanding it ever know the right way of doing that which it was told
regarding the status and function of the subconscious to do? No. Therefore the teacher,in order that the child
mind. This lack of knowledge has caused many people may know the right way, insiststhat it be done over and
to get lost in mysteries which are of no value to human- over until it is done right and by so doing the child has
kind. There are books and teachings regarding the sub- the practical experienceof how it is done.
ject, which we find by research to be wrong. We know To bring ourselvesinto a broader state of conscious
that the so-calledconscious mind, which is the intellect awarenesswe must transfer the controls from the sense
that we use daily to govern our normal activities, is very mind to the All Knowing consciousness; and by so doing
f i c k l e a n d w e a k . T h i s m i n d r e c e i v e si m p r e s s i o n sf r o m t h e we transform the body into its natural state. The con-
s e n s e sa n d f o r m u l a t e s i t s o w n o p i n i o n s a n d i s s u b j e c t t o sciousthoughtsthat we entertainin our mind draws like
uncertainties,fear, or any emotional change that comes conditions unto us. If we wish to expand in conscious
i t s w a y . T h i s m i n d g i v e s c r e d i t t o a s u b - c o n s c i o u sm i n d awarenessof that which we really are we must place the
w h i c h i t f e e l s p o s s e s s e sm e m o r y o f p a s t e v e n t s a n d a past conditions which have already served us in their
greater knowledge of things unknown to itself. proper place, and progressinto the vast understandingof
T h i s s o - c a l l e ds u b c o n s c i o u sm i n d i s i n r e a l i t y o n e i n a limitless being.
c o n s c i o u s n e s sw i t h t h e e v e r p r e s e n t C o s m i c I n t e l l i g e n c e . Knowing what we are, we then have to hold fast to
It is the Soul mind in the body of man; that which built that which we want and eliminate from the conscious
and maintains the body. It fears nothing and respects sensemind that which we do not want. we are bound to
n o t h i n g i n t h e s e n s eo f p e r s o n a l r e s p e c t . T h e s e n s e m i n d get resultsif that which we want is the right thing for us
is negative and the All-knowing mind is positive and they to have at that time. otherwise we will get what we need
are one. In order to enjoy the full benefitsof each, man at the proper time.
m u s t d i s c i p l i n e t h e s e n s em i n d t o f o l l o w t h e d i c t a t e s o f But man must have faith and confidencein the work-
t h e S o u l m i n d . T h i s m i n d g i v e s i m p r e s s i o n sf o r a c t i o n ings of the eternal law; if he has any doubt he will block
that is sometimes beyond the perception of the sense the condition from appearing. A doubt as small as a
mind, and will continue to do so from time to time until mustard seed will keep it from him, but should he have

28 29
Cosmic PhilosoPhY
faith as small as a mustardseedhe shall have the desired
Man has risen from the savagestate to the present
civilization only by wanting the better things of life,
knowing that he could havethem.
One of the greatestbits of wisdom ever given to man
by the outstandingphilosophersof all agesis composed
of two words: "Know thyself."That one assignmenthas
kept the seekersof knowledgehard at work for billions
of years,and it will still be a supremeadmonitiona bil-
lion years hence.It is an eternalstudy, for man himself
is eternal. In that one statementthe philosophershave
taken in the whole of the Cosmos.
The desirewithin all men to understandthemselves is
increasing tremendously.Theory upon theory has been
advancedin the endeavorto throw somenew light on the
subject. Of late years we have heard a great deal con-
cerning the senseman,and the control of the sensesas a
meansof living above conditionsand environments,yet
we are still strugglingunder a misconceptionconcerning
We have looked upon ourselvesas a five sensebeing
possessing the attributesof sight, hearing, taste, smell,
and feelingor touch. We havedrifted along idly content-
ing ourselveswith this analysisof our makeup, but re-
cently we have becomequite curious to know just how
thesesenseswork and what they are. In our seekingwe
have run our craft upon a rock. We have been unable to
account for certain elementsof action which we have
encounteredin our daily livesand so to relievethe tension

30 3l

of this uncertainty some of our most learned theorists

have endowedus with a sixth sense.To this added sense
has been attributed all the phenomenathat have been
unexplainablein the five senseman. In fact there have
been those who have sought to add a seventhsense.The
question. we can certainly tell the differencebetweena
bit of garlic and a rose without using the senseof sight,
sound or taste.So it is possibleto prove that four of our
sensesdo work independentlyof each other. But now let
us remove that which is known as the fifth sense;let us
mortal mind seems to have a faculty for complicating depriveman of feeling.what is the immediareresult?The
that which is very simple and therebycreatingconfusion
insteadof understanding. t result is a stateof unconsciousnessi the four other senses
have ceasedto function, even though the organs of sense

If you have acceptedthe theory of the sixth senseyou themselves,are still existing in the body. The eyes,nose,
will no doubt be surprisedby the statementwhich I am palate and ears are uninjured yet they do not see,smell,
about to make, but as one of the great Chinesesageshas taste or hear. Apparently thesesensescannot, then, work
expressedit - "The truth that we least wish to hear is
that which it would be to our advantageto know-"
The purposeof this lessonis to show you by meansof
tP. independentlyof feeling. Does this not prove that feeling
is not a sense,but the consciouspower which gives sen-
sation to the senses?
practical analysisthat man is not the possessorof the
five sensesbut is actually a four sensebeing. This, we
realize may be more difficult for you to accept than the + Each senseis able to operate independentlyof the
other sensesonly so long as it is supportedby the life
force of feeling, but the feeling or consciousness is en-

belief in the sixth sense,for we as mortalscan more easily tirely independentof the four senses.The senseof sight,
accept that which we feel adds to, rather than subtracts taste,smell and hearingmight all be destroyedand yet so
from that which we think we have. However, this sub- long as the feeling remainedman would be a conscious,
traction, as you will find, is not in the natureof releasing
somethingas a loss, but as the processof gaining some-
thing much greater.
Let uS, therefore, analyzethe senseman. You have
believedthat man is endowedwith five avenuesof expres-
tt I
active being, knowing joy and sorrow, peace and pain,
and altogethervery much alive. The feelingis indestruct-
ible. It is the eternal, the everlastingintelligence.The
destructionof the body cannot destroythe feeling, which
is consciousness.It is like the electricity which flows
sion - sight, hearing, taste, smell and feeling. Each of t through the wiresto the bulb to producelight. If the bulb
theseattributesis supposedto have the ability to act inde-
pendentlyof the others.We can closeour eyesand hear,
taste and smell. It is possibleto decipherbetweensweet
t i
is destroyedthe electricity cannot produce light through
it, but the electricityis not destroyed.On the other hand,
if the electricityis withdrawn it mattersnot how good the


and sour without hearing,smellingor seeingthe object in bulb may be, therewill be no light emanatingfrom it.


32 33

Cosmic PhilosoPhY
within the last few years the attention of the world
of sciencehas been attractedto the many cases
pendedanimationwhere the body remainsfor months
of sus-
T h e m o r t a l m a y b e l i k e n e dt o a v i o l i n , w h i c h i s t h e
c l o s e s t o t h e h u m a ne x p r e s s i o knn o w n a s m a n . U p o n t h e
a state of perfect preservation.The senseorgans violin there are only four strings;through the medium of
normal, yet they ceaseto function in a conscious
Why? Becausemost of the feeling has left the body;
those four stringscan the coarsestor the most celestial
melodiesbe played but the instrumentis only a bit of
approximatelyninety-ninepercent of the consciousness
hus left, and while one percentof feelingwithin the body
keepsit from disintegrating,this is not enough to cause
wood and string until it is acted upon by a conscious
intelligentforce. The soundsproduceddependupon the il
skill of the musician.The four sensesin the instrument
any apparentawarenesswithin it. Many of these cases
have reenteredinto active life. The feeling had again
taken possession of the body and reanimatedthe inert
calledman are unableto bring forth any expression of life
w i t h o u t t h e a i d o f t h e A l l - l n c l u s i v ec o n s c i o u s n e swsh i c h
is feeling.
organs of senseproducing in them a state of conscious
u* If understoodrightly thesefour sensesof man
correspondperfectlyto the four elementsof creation,and
Feeling is a state of alertness - when expressed
i m p e r s o n a l l yi t i s c o n s c i o u sa w a r e n e s so f c o n s c i o u s
the so-calledfifth senseis the stimulus which imparts
to them the animation necessaryto produce conscious
When that feelingis no longerplayingupon the senses
they lie inert like the muted stringsof the violin after the I
consciousness of the musician is withdrawn to another
ln other words this senseis merely the unificationof
the four senseswith that unlimited conscious feeling
which controls,Supportsand animatesevery conceivable
channelof service.
In a televisionprogram called "Frontiers of Mind "
the Bell TelephoneCompany presentedan excelt.nt ,.i-
thing in the universe.It is the expansionof the four senses
in the channelof feelingwhich makesof the mortal sense
man, a conscioususer of consciouspower. Through this
entific demonstrationof what touch is and how it reacts
to electricalimpulses.It showedthat touch is not a sense
educationof the sensesthe sight becomesa microscopic
sightextendingbeyondthe grossmaterialforms; the hear-
ing is expandedto catch the soundlesssound frequencies,
organ but acts as a telegraphicsystemvia the nervesto
the brain. It registersthat which it contactsand relays
that reactionas electricalimpulsesthrough the nervous
systemof the body. Touch is inseparablewith feeling,for
etc. Each of the four sensesWill themselvesinto greater
fiel<Jsof awarenessthrough the recognition of Cosmic
Feeling which is the mother-fatherthought supporting
feelinggivessensationto the nerves.
Sciencehas now proven that the so-calledfifth sense
shouldnot be classedwith the other four.


It takes courage and faith to walk the road of prog-

I ress;the doubter will remain forever in the same old rut.

He may turn his vision towards greaterknowledgebut it
will remain forever a dream of mystery unlesshe releases
I Thesagesoftheorientlefttoposteritymanywords
himselffrom the spot upon which he standsand takesone
step forward.
What would this country be today if the pioneerswho
posts along the
of wisdom that might well act as guide
I wayof|ife.AmongtheChineseproverbsisoneStatement
to the effect that
;'a journey of many miles begins with
set sail from lands acrossthe sea had lost faith and cour-
age and spenttheir daysmerelydreamingof the new land
while their ships remainedanchoredin the ports of the

I one steP."
new discoveries,in the babble of uncountedcreeds
old world?
The thousandsof scientificdiscoveriesthat have bene-
fited humankind would be still in the realmsof Causeif
I ingspacecontactsandguidance,andintheuncertain
whirl of diversifiedcircumstances
this bit of wisdom and stabilizeoneselfin the
it is well to contemplate
some few men had not had the faith to bridge the gap
betweenthe known and the unknown and had the cour-
age to take the first step upon the bridge. The many
t that action beginswith one singlestep.That regardless
how far or h; near the goal may be there can be
one step taken at a time. It is the first stride forward

things that we enjoy today may be laid to the credit of the
few who were courageousenough to move forward into
is new realmsof perception.
b a c k w a r dt h a t w i l l c a r r y a m a n i n t h a t d i r e c t i o n 'T h i s
I true of every act of our daily lives and is
[t takes but
as true
step at a
in It is true that the stepinto the wholenessof life carries
us into the unexploredbut what would our existencebe if
our start to live a unified life.
we remainedalwaysin the world of the obvious?Delving
I time to lift us out of the rut of the old habitsand start
on the highway of the new, but that step must be com-
into any subject takes us from stagnationto knowledge
and progress.There is no need for any one remaining in
plete;we cannot put one foot forward and keep the other
the stateof disintegration or staticmentalconditionwhen
I i n t h e r u t , f o r i n s u c h c a s e sw e w i l l h a v e m a d e n o
ress.That is what many people are doing in their effort
- trying
everyoneis privilegedto step into the newnessof things
and study in the school of everlastingadvancement.
t o w a r d sm o v i n g i n t o t h e n e w n e s so f c o s m i cl i f e
I t o g o f o r w a r d i n t o t h e v a s t n e sos f C a u s ew h i l e c l i n g i n gt o
t h g l i m i t e d s e n s ec o n c e p t i o n so f t r a d i t i o n a l b e l i e f a n d
There is no place to which a man is bound; he may go
forward freely whether it be in a world of acts or in the
universeof facts.There is no standingstill; one must go
'eitherup or down, and the upward step is always beyond our presentline of vision. Neither you nor I know
proper one ro take. All of the storehousesof earthly what each new step will bring but the journey must be
icnowledgein which various manuscriptsare treasured made and only faith will revealtruth to us.
c o n t a i n n o t e v e n a b e g i n n i n go f t h e w i s d o m t h a t i s Through our life on earth we have learned a great
w i t h i n t h e s t o r e h o u soef t h e c o s m o s ' deal; how much more we shall learn as we venture into
one step can set a man on the highway of eternal the realms of Cause. We shall know much more beauty
learning- the everlastingrevelationof facts that exist than we have known in the world of effects.Our admit-
only in the laboratoryof Cause which knows no limita- tance to such knowledgeis not diffigu[1- just one step
tions or boundaries.But after you have taken the first can prove itself the key that will unlock the chambers
step, learn the lessonof patienceso you may not try to heretoforeunknown to us. "Thene is nothiD8," we have
travel faster than your understandingwill permit' One been told, "that shall not be revealed."To the vision of
step will set you on the highway,but there are billions of the brave in heart no truth can be concealed.One single
stepsaheadof you, for after you have reacheda goal you sacrifice- the releasementof old thought habits, may
still must travel through Eternity. Man can never attain bring rewards far greater than you have ever dreamed
the totality of all that is to be known, for if he could do possible.
that there would be an end to all things. Knowing that
this is true, why be impatientto forge ahead?Each step
we take is new; each step is the first one from the point
that we have previouslyreached.It is well to have ideals;
we are given glimpsesnow and then of the fullnessof the
life ahead of us so that we may be inspired to continue
action, but if we keepour eyestotally upon the future we
are sure to miss the beauty of the present and we may
stumble into a briar patch and endure much suffering I
while trying to extricateourselves.
Rememberthat youth is the result of constantly re- I
newed thoughtsand life is activity- it is progress.The
first step taken in any field of accomplishmentis an initi-
ation into a new endeavorand requiresa certaintythat is I
born of perception- an assuranceof a vastnessthat lies

38 39

How often quoted is the expressionof the Christ, ..[f

ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed ye shall say to
this mountain, remove henceto yonder place, and it shall
FAITI+ remove; and nothing shall be impossibleto you." * This
statementhas been used to show how little faith is neces-
traith is perhaps ofl€ of the most widely discussed sary to bring forth manifestation. Notice, however, that
topics in the world, yet it is the least understood. Teach- the words are not "faith as great as a grain of mustard
m i n i s t e r s , p s y c h o l o g i s t s ,e t c . , a l l a d v i s e t h e d e v e l o p - seed" but "faith as a grain of mustard seed." Not the
"ri, quantity of faith but the quality of faith is called to note
ment of faith and proclaim it as the basic quality of life
but find difficulty in explaining this particular faculty. in this statement. Let us study the consciousnessof the
We know that all things in the manifested world are mustard seed. Is it ever overcome with fear in regard to
possessedof the positive and negative aspect. Faith is one its personal existence?what causesit to grow? Is it not
o f t h e p o s i t i v e a s p e c t so f m a n ' s c h a r a c t e r s o w h a t i s t h e the conscious impulse force within it which promotes it
opposite of faith? Fear, of course! Therefore, to under- into action? The seedknows nothing but this urge within
stand one we must understand the other; they are the two itself which causesit to expand, burst its shell and pro-
ends of one pole. Fear is the lower expression so let us ceed upward into the light. tt does not seek to resist this
begin with an analysisof it and work upward to faith. force of natural growth nor does it wonder if it is right to
If we analyze fear we will find it to be produced by a act in this manner. It acts unquestioningly according to
state of wondering in regard to our support and safety. In the law or principle of its purpose. It does not look to
most every case fear is focalized about one'S personal effects- neither to man, to earth, water, or sun. It ex-
b e i n g o r s e l f - i n t e r e s t .M o s t m e n l o o k u p o n t h e a c t i v i t i e s pands into a mature bush because the forces within it
of life in the light of the effect that they will have upon command it into such growth.
t h e m s e l v e sa n d t h o s e d e a r t o t h e m . T h e y a r e l i v i n g i n t h e At this point you will, of course, soy, "But the seed
consciousness of the effective world, depending upon could not grow without the support of the earth, air,
outer things for their support, and the recognition of the water and sun." This is true, but as the seed obeys the
instability of outer effectsproduces a condition of uncer- command of the Cosmic or Cause intelligence all neces-
tainty within their own minds. We may say then, that fear sary elementsunite to bring it forth. The seedis not com-
i s t h e s e l f - c e n t e r e ds t a t e a n d f a i t h i s l i v i n g t h e i m p e r s o n a l
' Matthew 17:2O.
state of being. Fear is based on effects; faith is based on
P r i n c i p l eo r C a u s e .

40 4l
Cosmic Philosophy FAITH

manded to push through the ground in the cold winter morning, hours before dawn, to sit wringing his hands in
months nor does it seek to grow without that urge from tense anxiety over the prospect of eternal darkness?No,
within. It waits patiently till it feels that the rime for we have no such fear, and the primal reason that we do
growth has come. What would happen if the seed ques- not doubt in this caseis becausethe action of the suns and
tioned the urge to grow as man questionsnew ideas of a planets is greaterthan our mortal mind can conceive and
broader conception of life that try to impress themselves therefore we leave such actions entirely in the hands of
upon his mind? As the seed by not resisting the urge the All-Knowing Principle which understandsand per-
grows into a beautiful bush, so man, likewise, may be petrates all action. In this case we realize our personal
assuredthat if an idea or desirearisesthat is impersonal, insufficiencyand so do not concern ourselvesby exerting
it is there for a purpose and if acted upon will produce mortal effort in regard to it. We simply allow it to take
beneficial results. A desire can be kept from manifesting place.
only through the eftort of the personal will in resisting Do we worry that the rivers will start flowing up hill,
action. For the thought or desire is the actual Cause or drop a weight and hold our breath that it might rise
which fathers the outward conditions. again, or throw a ball into the air and doubt that it will
The developmentof faith in man is the growth out of return to earth? No, for again we know the principle
the personality into the impersonal expansion of aware- governing such action.
ness;from effect to the causeback of all effects. Our lack of fear is not due to our confidencein mat-
There is no such thing as absolute unbelief; there is ter but our inherent faith in the principle supporting and
only a growth from the lesser faith to the greater faith. controlling matter. I say inherent becauseCosmic Cause
As the teacher Zoroaster explained, "Evil is but un- which producesfaith is within every one. It is closer than
ripened good." Likewise, fear is but undeveloped faith. hands and feet and whether or not we as mortals openly
Man has come from Cause Intelligence to the world of admit its existence we do realize it or we would not be
effects; his mortal sensemind lost the memory of Cosmic conscious,living beings.
Cause and he is now in the processof reestablishinghim- It behooves us then to study Principle instead of
self; he is on his way back to onenesswith the Principle focusing all of our attention upon the effects of Principle
where selfishnesswith all of its innumerable effects is (sourceof origin). When we direct our attention towards
dissolved. It is through the recognition and realization of that inner guiding force we become fully awake and feel
Cause that faith is stabilized. the inter-relationship of all life. There has never been a
Why do we have perfect confidencethat the sun will time when one released the personal ego to this inner
rise each day? Have you ever known a man rising each force that he has not seen some immediate result of

42 43
Cosmic Philosophy
action; so as one becomesmore f ully aware of his oneness
with the All-Intelligence his faith is increasedand conse-
quently his fear is decreased.Faith is the result of one's
unity with the Whole, and such unity cannot take place TO BE BORN AGAIN
until every thought of selfishnesswith its whole category
"Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a man be born
of resultant fears steps aside and leaves the highway
of understanding free of barriers. So we may see 'that again he cannot seethe kingdom of God." *
absolute faith is not of easy attainment - it must come Thus spoke the christ, to whom Life had revealedher
mysteries.This statementhas been made the very founda-
through a gradual growth just as all things change by
tion of religion, but Nicodemus of old, who asked of the
degrees. Faith is actually an expansion of conscious
Master, "How shall this be? can a man enter the second
awarenessto include more knowledge and certainty of
time into his mother's womb?" t is not alone in his igno-
rance of the secondbirth.
The Master said, "No man ascendethup to heaven
except he that came down from heaven,even the Son of
Man which is in heaven."f Meaning that the secondbirth
is the consciousreturn into the original Cause state out of
which all things proceedinto the world of form. Man has
descendedfrom Cosmic Cause and he has the privilege to
return again to that impersonalstate of consciousaware-
nessof Cosmic Cause. when he was born into the world
of form he becamelost in the appearancesof matter and
no longer understoodthe vast Cosmos.He has given him-
self over to the dictation of the sensesand his mind is
slow to accept the guidance of the soul. His understand-
ing of the universe has become limited to the effective
world - his whole attention is given to the analysis of
form and he has been blinded to the cause back oi fo.rrr.
so before he can come into his own original self, he will
'John 3:3.
t John 3:4. I John 3: I 3.

44 45
Cosmic Philosophy is the ever presentall-inclusiveintelligence.
have to be born again - born into the unlimited percep- Here lies the answerto the question as to the constant
tion of the All Intelligence. As the first birth has given urge in the heart of every human to know more about
man an understanding of the form world like himself the the compositionof forms as well as the causeand purpose
second birth will expand his awarenessof the unmani- of action, for it is the Cause Parent impressingthe eftec-
fested Cause world. Man's duty now is to burst the bonds tive child to know more about the vast possibilities so
of ignorance - t6 emerge from the matrix of earth and that he may enjoy all that the Father has to give.
perceive the vastnessof Cosmic Cause.
The secondbirth does not necessitatethe death of any
form of consciousnessnor the death of the body; it neces-
sitates only the uniting of the two phases of conscious-
ness into the awareness of oneness. The second birth
produces unlimited awareness,uniting heaven and earth.
The sense consciousnessand the all inclusive conscious-
ness become equally balanced and man begins to learn
about the Cosmos.
Not until the teachers understand this can they save
anyone or themselves.Many scientists are closer to the
second birth than is any so-calledspiritual student. One
of our greatest scientists made the remark, "When I am
fatigued with mental effort and have ceased to ponder
over a problem I find that is the time when the truth of
the question is most clearly revealed to me." This is a
glimpse of the second birth-v7hsn the mortal conscious-
ness is releasedinto the hands of the vast consciousness
the veil of limitation is rent asunder and truth is vividly
It is man's duty to be a happy child in his Father's
house, and to do this he will have to be aware of the
house. He must be aware that he is now in the heaven
that he is seekingto enter and that within his form of self


who cannot live a happy useful life here in the present

world will find it no easierin another world. The Father,
by whose breath we live, has but one Law that governs
EMOTIONAL BALANCE all things.He createdthis planet as He createdall others,
and the sameprincipledirectsits action. All worlds in the
As we all know there is a great unrest all over the cosmosare alike in principleand to one who lives accord-
world. The conditions existing in the national, home, and ing to the Law thereis no divisionof perfection.
personal life all display quite clearly the loss of equi- I n M a t t h e w 5 : 3 4 - 3 5 i s t h e a d m o n i t i o n a g a i n s td i v i -
librium which now exists. Each individual feels the need sion plainly given: "But I say unto you, Swear not at
for security and the people of the earth are demanding all; neither by heaven;for it is God's throne; nor by the
something that will bring about more stable conditions. earth; for it is His footstool;neither by Jerusalem;for it
The desire for equality and balance and sorne feeling of is the city of the greatKing."
assurance have caused some people to return to the Neither heaven, the place of cause, nor earth, the
churches and many to follow the teacherswho professto place of effects,nor Jerusalem;symbolically used to rep-
know all of the answersconcerning the new dispensation. resent the earth's inhabitants,can be called one greater
Unfortunately there are extremely few individuals who than the other.These instructionswere given against dis-
are equipped with this type of knowledge. criminating or calling one part better than the whole.
We find that students who have studied under one Heaven and earth are not two but one, each expressing
teacher or another are very confusedand living in a state the other; man is no lesserfor he is both, an integral part
of dissatisfaction concerning the world they must call of the whole. Divisionsexist only in man's opinionswhen
home. They are looking to the day when they will be he calls one greaterthan the other, for in so doing he is
judging and settinghimselfabovethe Creator.
privileged to become the inhabitant of another planet.
They can see no beauty in this woild, being conscious From the heavenscomes the causeand power of cre-
only of the pain and misery which exists. ation and yet the earth, being the Father'sfootstool, it is
Teacher and students have made the mistake of sep- the foundation upon which He stands. So instead of
arating heaven and earth and so have been carried from desiringto live elsewhereone shourdlearn all there is to
one false balance to another. The impersonal man will know concerninghis presentearth home and recognizeit
as a garden of beautiful, heavenly things, the actual
unite heaven and earth; will incorporate idealism and
gardenof the Father.
practicality; will bring the peace and beauty of the celes-
tial into the concrete materialism of the earth. Anyone Innately every human feels an ideal life that he is

48 49
Cosmic Philosophy
Any emotionalextremedisturbsthe normal frequency
seeking to find but each individual wants this heaven to
action of the chemicalsof the body. Excitement,whether
be according to his specifications.Many groups have
it be causedby extremejoy or fear or anticipation,allows
started with high ideals but when the personal opinions
the normal amount of certain chemicalsthat go into the
prompted by the ego of some of its members have not
blood streamto be changed;therebychangingthe normal
been acceptedthe ideal was lost in the fog of emotional
action of the heart. This in turn affectsthe nervoussystem
and the cells of the body and causes one to feel weak
The everlasting spark of life which allows man to or ill.
expressas a form is never separated from Cosmic Cause; This changeis similar to a high precisionmotor that
when man controls his mortal sensemind to think beyond causesa frictional deteriorationon all of its parts when it
apparent effects he begins to understand the purpose of is not properly synchronized.Each emotional unbalance
life and gain a margin of emotional balance. curtails the free life flow and causesdamage to the body,
The emotional force which rises in the mind when until the mortal senseintelligencecomesto the realization
one's will is crossed by another's is very destructive for it of its limited and destructiveinfluence and releasesits
draws the actor into a whirlpool of unbalanced action, personalego to the Cosmic Life Force.
and he is blinded to reality.
All that man is in reality - is the thought that he is
consciously aware of for the moment. Each moment fol-
lows the preceding moment and the key, if there be one'
is to keep constant vigil over our reactions so that the
next' thought will be one that we can enjoy entertaining
in our mental house.
There is so much bickering over personal opinions,
and what does it profit man? Nothing, for it is a con-
sumer of time and enetgy.This does not mean that there
should not be an intelligent discussionabout a subjectbut
when the mortal sensemind is quiet and receptiveit can
seethe picture clearlY.
Emotional balance maintained under all conditions is
essentialif one wishesto have lasting happinessand good

50 5l


asks him to hold steadily in his mind? If the subject does
this he becomesthe victim of the hypnotist'swill and is
forced to obey whateverthought is presentedto him. The
hypnotist can make his subject believe anything that he
tells him. He can cause the individual to eat onions
The choice is yours, for the acts of today bring the It thinking that they are applesand he will not discern the
rewards of tomorrow. Enjoyable rewards will come to
those who are living according to the laws set in motion
by Cause Intelligence- giving honor to the All-Creative
t il
difference, which proves that the subject has lost his
reasoningas well as his will power.
Religion in the early days held the upper hand over
Principle of Life, and such honor does not incorporate
the characteristicsof emotionalismor self hypnotism.
Religion and so-called spiritual teachings have not,
H l .
the massesthrough such actions as this. The Soul-seeking
populace were thrown into a state of emotional hypnosis
which made them an easy prey to the more clever indi-
in most cases,.brought true realization to the heart of
humanity. Some of these organizations practice rituals
and affirmations which produce a temporary intoxication
Fft IE
viduals who perpetratedsuch methods of worship.
Did you ever attend a camp-meeting where the par-
ticipants threw themselvesinto such a high emotional
during the performance of the rites but tend towards a state that they were finally hypnotized into performing
tremendous "let down" after the service has been com- ; things they could never have done when in a normal state
pleted. Most of the individualsattending,upon returning
to their worldly pursuits revert to the old ways where the
survival of the fittest attitude takes over, and man con-
tinues to take advantageof his brother instead of being
t of consciousness?
spell they were
After coming out of this emotional
asked if they knew what they had done
and the answer would be a negative one. All that they
were consciousof was the fact that the Holy Spirit had
his brother's keeper. In the religious sanctuary the indi- * them under control. This proves that they were under an
vidual feelsthat he would help any one accordingto their imposed influencewhich deprived them of their power of
needs and where hate had been, there arises an emotion
that is interpreted as love, but outside of the sanctuary
theseemotional influenceschange,which provesthat they
il reasoningand will.
some self-acclaimedrruth centers are using this
emotional hypnosis,induced by various methods. Innu-
were nothing more or less than a form of hypnosis in-
duced by the servicethat he attended.
Is it not true that when a hypnotist wishes to put a
t merable individuals are testifying to healings but perma-
nent healing or the regeneration of the body must be
attained through an understandingof the conditions to


subject under his control he suggestssomethingwhich he be dealt with, and the execution of all actions must be

Cosmic Philosophy
taken in a free and consciousstate of will. True faith is
expansion of consciousawarenessin the field
of under-
standingand a systematictraining of the will
not a state of self hypnosis,it is a knowing, a willing of
the personalego will to the guidanceof the AII Intelligent
Cause Will. The Will is the man and if the Will is re-
the deadeningof the will.
The christ said, "Fear not the man that
rather than

srays the
b o d y b u t f e a r t h e m a n t h a t s l a y st h e s o u l . , , T h i s
stricted or held in dominance by another the individual
ceasesto exist as a thinking, reasoningbeing. Man must
ualizedsoul is the reasoningand will-power
Newness, constant action, progression
of man.
understand the forces of his being and control those of thought,
substitution and repracementof ideas
forcesto bring about the desiredeffectsin his life.
It is true that many effects similar to the desired
with life. If you seek a broader understanding
cosmos you need not affirm or deny
keeps one in pace
of the
acti.,onscan be produced through self-hypnosisbut when but use your emo_
tional power with reason for the betterment
the person has returned to his normal state of mind he is of yourself
and others. contror your emotions ;
unaware of the processby which he gained the experi- instead of teing a
slave to them, for uncontroiled emotion
ence. It therefore does not benefit him for he is never able which is tempo_
rary self-hypnosisis the cause of crime. you
to contact that particular experienceagain, and he has may never
take the life of a feilow-beingbut if you
weakenedhis will. The Will is the controlling elementof indulge in serf_
hypnosisyou wi, be guirty oititting jou,
man's being - the elementthat makes the individualized own sour.
consciousness a man or a beast,god or devil.
Successin any endeavor comes not through self-
hypnosis but through self-control. The perverted will is
the cause of all mortal suffering but that suffering cannot
be permanently lessenedby a mere suppressionof the
will through any form of hypnosis.The will and under-
standing must be united to produce a worthwhile life
of service and accomplishment.Emotionalism can very
easily produce illusionary effects and lift an individual
into a temporary state of ecstacy but it will never bring
about the regenerationof the mortal body or the changing
of the ego-will to the cause-willwhich is necessaryfor an
all-inclusiveunderstandingof life and the cosmos.There
is but one way into the sheepfoldand that is through the

54 55

lethargy which may be interpreted as relaxation but such

a condition is no more than the eftect produced by loss of
equilibrium which lowers the frequency of the body cells
RFLAXATTON and puts them in a state of partial coma. Such a condition
is to be avoided for it is actually destructive.Relaxation
One of the most ascribedmethods of attaining phys- does not include the creation of a rnental vacuum or the
ical and mental well-being is the development of the cessationof action. It is the means by which the mortal
ability to relax. Psychology, medical science,athletes, consciousnessreleasesitself to the greater action of the
etc., all acknowledgethe beneficialresultsobtained cosmos and therefore should not and cannot produce a
the body is not tense,but the averageindividual finds dormant condition in any part of the body. If a person
difficult to relax at will' is not aware of a finer and more intense activity tak-
I believe that there is a misconceptionregarding re- ing place within his being he can assure himself that
laxation. It is often thought of as a state of inertia, he is not relaxed but has merely dropped into a state of
people will be heard to remark, "oh, I haven't time indifference.
relax; my work keeps me busy every minute." If relaxa- A person may quiet the body through a form of
tion were truly understood such ones would realize self-hypnosis, but this is not relaxation, for it destroysthe
in work than in
there is ofttimes much greater relaxation free action of the body elements. The body is composed
so-calledperiodsof rest. The law of nature demands of tiny cells in each of which there is a spark of potential
interested in his
poseful aition and if a personis intensely energy capable of unlimited radiation. This spark or
for the
work he is making of himself an open channel nucleus within each cell is the animating energy of the
waiting to be
free expressionof energy which is always body, but becausethe particles surrounding this central
himself in
used. In other words, a person who has lost force are generally held in the tense state they act as bar-
set up the usual
some particular piece of work forgets to riers or resistersto the energy within. when this tense
so opens
mortal resistance to free-flowing energy and condition is releasedthe outer substancecomposing each
I himself automaticallyto its benefits'
Relaxation should be used as a process
of reestablish-
cell becomesreceptiveto the energy at its center and is set
into a higher frequency through the action of the inter-
the true way of
ing harmonious, non-resistantaction; penetrating force.
expressingthosewordsoftheChrist,..Notmywillbut Relaxation reduces the friction within the body by
Thy Will be done'" eliminating the resistanceof one cell-form to another.
Relaxationisnotinertia!Apersonmaybeveryquiet instance, if a large number of fish were placed in
a very
I and still not be relaxed. It is possible to
be in a state of

Cosmic Philosophy
it. Life and energy are limitlessbut we can have only as
small bowl there would be constant friction due to the much as we are willing to accept.
inevitable contact between them, and the action of each The peopleon Venus live this law and therebydo not
would be retarded because of the congested condition have to endure the unpleasantconditions that we must
existing within the bowl; but if thesesame fish were re- c o n t e n dw i t h o n e a r t h
leased into a large pool they would swim about easily Man is capable of expressingthe fullnessof life but
without interferencewith one another.They would be in he must become non-resistantto cosmic energy if he
a position to use the potential energy which they possess. would have it expressthrough him. He has lost the true
The cells in the body act in the same manner and it is the course of action by exalting the personalego; he has cre-
mortal sensemind which must releasethem for free exe- ated the habit of believing that all accomplishmentis
cution of their purpose. brought about through the exertion of personaleffort. He
The average individual does not realize how com- fatigues himself unnecessarilyby trying to force condi-
pletely he is bound and limited by his own opinions. tions which will come about perfectlyin a natural way if
Tensenessis wholly a condition caused by the personal allowed to do so. Much energy is wasted becauseof per-
ego; posseSsiveness,greed, fear, Covetousness and self de- sonal dominance. It is difficult for the mortal to under-
siresall produce a set and unyieldingcondition within the stand that impersonalnon-resistance allows a free flow of
body. The person who is of a very positive nature finds energy,that in peacethere is more intenseactivity than in
relaxation a most difficult accomplishment,for relaxation friction. Man has become so aware of the coarser fre-
consistsof releasementand non-resistance. It is a natural quenciesthat he cannot realize action in its finer, more
stateof being which should be maintained all times but
at quiet and peaceful state. One who does live the non-
cannot be held by one who is absorbed in self interest resistant,receptive attitude has found the highway of
only. true happiness,for he knows no fatigue, no pain, DO
In the beginning, man dwelt in the state of content- disappointment.
m e n t a n d r e l a x a t i o nf o r h e k n e w n o " t h i n e a n d s l i p s " The idea that one must becomestrenuousin outward
he was guided totally by the Father and his every con- action or must display an appearanceof great personal
scious thought was executed freely and perfectly in its effort in order to accomplishoutstandingthings is a false
pure state of perception. It was only when man set up belief. The person who reaches the greatest heights of
resistanceto free-actionthat he became tense;the results accomplishmentis he who holds all of his actions in a
of which are pain, diseaseand death' sereneand peaceful state, recognizingthe fact that he is
When relaxed one is flexible and receptive to unlim- not the instigator or projector of intelligencebut only the
ited consciousenergy which is free to all who draw upon

Cosmic PhilosoPhY
and the
form through which it flows into manifestation;
the greater
more fully the recipient is cleared for action
the action will be-
will but the
It is not the exertion of the personal THE LANGUAGE OF THE COSMOS
will which
releasementof the personal to the impersonal
our lives' we
brings increased energy and wisdom into In recent years there has been a greater trend towards
"self"-ishness and a
need only to remove the barrier of the brotherhood of man than ever before in the history
our being
tide of understandingwill flow in and through of this civilization. The advent of radio, television,etc.,
I until we become immersedin its activity' have united the world into a common relationship.There
has been much discussion among the learned men of
every nation regarding the possibility of formulating a
common languageso that intercoursebetweenpeoplesof
different nations may be facilitated.

t Although few men are aware of its existencethere is

a universal language- a language which includes not
only the expressionsof man but that of every living thing;
a language so simple that even a new-born babe can
We have conceived the idea of a universal language
t among men becausewe are aware of being able to under-
stand the human voice and have developed the habit of
expecting the voice of man to interpret for our benefitthe
I thought which passesthrough his mind, but we have not
included in our efforts of unification any but the man
kingdom. Why should this be so, for are the soundswhich
I make up the various languagesso different than those of
nature itself? As the different races of men speak with
various soundsand combinationof sounds;each form of
I Iife in this world does the same, yet we do not seek to

60 -
Cosmic Philosophy harmony just as it aftectsthe one who is a musicalmaster.
understand them. Man has limited himself to one phase Music is a universallanguagefor it is interpretedthrough
of life and has closed the door upon the vastnessof the the Cardinal Senseof Feeling.
Cosmos.This is due to the fact that he has given recogni- why is one very joyful in the springtimeand vibranr
tion only to the mortal senseswhich gain their impres- with life? why does the feelingof quiet releasement come
sions from outer things. He expects to hear only thoie with the fall of the year? Becausenature speaksthe cos-
sounds that are coarseenough to affect the physical organ mic language and man, though he realizesit or not,
of hearing and so he loses the ability to interpret the understandsthat languageand is affectedby it.
cosmic language as a whole. And what is this cosmic If it were not true that a universallanguageexists
language?It is consciousfeeling - the voice that speaks how is it possible to train anirnals to act according to
through every form arid which, therefore, unites All into man's command?Even a little insectlike the flea cai be
an inseparableunit. There is nothing in the cosmosthat trained to perform perfectly.It is certainlynot the human
cannot speak to man with the voice of consciousfeeling voice or the words spokenin French,English,Spanishor
and there is not one thing that cannot understandthat any other tongue that guidestheir actions;it is the voice
language.It speaksas clearly through the smallestthing of consciousfeeling which speaksmore clearly than any
as it does through the greatest. audible word.
You are related to everything in the cosmos. The The language of the cosmosis the vibration or fre-
language of consciousnessis spoken by all, and if you quency of sound, of light and of thought.It is all one
will be continuously aware of this fact the time will come voice _- the great voice of feeling. It speakswith deep
when you will understandevery living thing. The leaves reverberationin the thunder and it speaksin the silence
upon the tfees, the chirp of the birds, the croak of the of our deepestrepose.
fiog, the hum of the bees- all will speak to you and you Man's greatestpower lies in his recognitionof this
will understand life as it manifests through each indi- cosmic language,for when he realizesthat every tiniest
vidual channel. Every slightestsound will become a voice atom is able to comprehendthe languagehe speakshe
no different than the voice of another human and you will impersonallycommandwith greatercertaintyand all
shall partake of the consciousness of each thing that lives' lesserforms of life will obey him. Man, himself,will rise
WtrV is one affected by music, for instance? It does to vasterheightsof accomplishment for he will know the
greatestand the smallestand can guide them into united
not speak words as a human speaksand still one melody
will produce a feeling of great joy, another of sadness, action.
and still another will carry one into a stateof exaltation' we have spoken about this ranguageas it expresses 1
It effects a person who has never studied the scienceof \

63 il
Cosmic Philosophy
I through the medium of sound, which is one of the lower
voices of consciousness,but let us now consider thought.
whole systemis a word spoken by the voice
of conscious-
Here we have taken a step higher for through this form ness and when man has arertedhis mortar
I sensemind to
of communication we have eliminated time and space. the place where it becomesaware of even
the srightest
Through the medium of thought we are able to speak to motion of energy he wilr have torn away the
veir of"-ys-
tery that separateshimself from the bosmic
I another although we are thousandsof miles away and the
contact is made almost instantaneously.Through this
means of transmitting a messagewe can contact another
Halls of

J person even though their body is in the state of sleep.

Conscious thought is a messengerthat works unhampered
by time, spaceor conditions.

I It has been said that such form of communication

cannot be relied upon but that is untrue. We are being
guided constantly by the voice of conscious thought,

I whether projected from a cosmic sourceor through a per-

sonal channel.There is no man who is not to some extent
aware of his power of intuition which is nothing more or
t lessthan the voice of consciousness.
When the Christ, made the statement,"f and the
Father are one" He was professingabsoluteknowledge of
; the cosmic language,for the Father is AII and how could
the Christ be one with all unlesshe was able to enter into
communion with it and acknowledgehis relationshipto it.
I The Great Ones who have performed so-called mir-
acles in the controlling of elementscould not have done

I those things if they had not understoodthe languageof

feeling and realizedthat every living thing also possessed
the same awareness.Intuition in man, instinct in animal,

I affinity and attraction of atoms in matter are all evidence

of the cosmic language.Every smallestfrequency in the

: 64

labels it the "work of God" and acceptsat its surface

value but the men of sciencehave gone beyondthe sur-
face and uncoveredthe interestingand illuminatingfact
THE CHEMICAL UNTVERSE that life as a whole is the effectof an eternalprocessof
chemicalizationand that in the knowledge of Cause
There is nothing in this world that does not speak chemistrylies the victory over life and death,creationand
universal language and reveal the secretsof the recreation,joy and pain. The universeis nothingmore or
which we ob-
if we are ateiteJ to the frequency of that less than an immensechemicallaboratoryin which ele-
that we can
serve. lt is through this small world of ours ments are combiningconstantlyto producethe innumer-
gain our understandingof the cosmos,and such able forms of expression or manifestation. The water,fire,
edge can come through unceasingresearchregarding earth, air, and the inconceivablyfine ethers above the
and the
elementswhich compose our earth, atmosphere, atmosphereof the earth are all chemicalcompositions.
various forms uPon the earth' L i g h t a n d d a r k n e s s ,l o v e a n d f e a r a r e a l l c h e m i c a l
The Cosmos is ever active, constantlychanging, reactions.
has in
regardlessof how little interest the averagelayman Even our thoughtsare of chemicalcomposition.We
in the world
scientificsubjectsthere is not one individual are well awarethat our bodiesare composedof numerous
which is
who is not consciousof that ceaselessactivity chemicals;'weare also awarethat our bodieswill not acr
goingonabouthimeverymoment.Thegrowthofflowers exceptwhen permeatedwith a consciousthought.When a
and trees,the falling of rain and snow, the evaporation man is in a stateof unconsciousness his body is inactive.
liquids, the of metals under the influenceof It is true that the organsof the body continueto function
"*punri,on the fermentation
heat and their contraction uncler cold, due to the slight chemicalreactionwhich takesplace be-
minerals, the per-
of vegetablematter, the oxidation of tweenthe composingcellsof the structurebut eventhiswill
forms cannot
petual construction and disintegration of not continueindefinitely.The movementof any body will
least observant
possibly escapethe attention of even the not take placewithout a chemicalreactionof the elements
all the gasesthat
of men. [f we were to carefully gather composingthe body, for it takeschemicalreactionto pro-
that were left after
rise from a burning log and the ashes duce energy. Potential force existsas the Father-Mother
find that nothing had
the fire had done its work we would Chemicalwithin eachatom of matterbut it is the reaction
There is no
been lost in the processof transmutation' of theseelementsthat produceswhat is known as kinetic
religionistlooks more
such thing as total destruction.The energywhich is necessary to the serviceof any form-action.
or lessindifferentlyupon all of this Only anotherchemicalwill producechemicalreactionand

66 67 ti
I Cosmic Philosophy
the fact that thought is necessaryto the action of the body
means,then, that thought itself is chemical.For instance,
I when a person is in a peacefulstate of mind he can par-
take of food and his body will assimilatethe minerals
without the least opposing reaction,but eat a good meal
I and then take into the body a highly concentratedthought
of hatred or fear - the reaction of the chemicals will
There is some strange characteristicof the human
mind that seemsto find a great satisfactionin glorifying
the past. The Oriental has expressedthis characteristic
very soon demand either the doctor or a good dose of
I bicarbonate of soda. Fear, hate, selfishness, envy, etc.,
are elementswhich produce violent reactionswhen incor-
in his ancestorworship; the Occidental has always had
its hero-worship for deceasedgreatness;the patriarch of
all nationalitiessits back in his easychair and reminisces
t porated with the chemical contents of the body. A fit of
anger, which is nothing more or less than a chemical
combustion, will tear down the body structure to a sur-
on "the good old days." Perhapsit is that time assuages
the actual realitiesof the past and leavesonly the colorful
pictures of self-createdimages.Perhapsit is that distant
I prising degreeand produce what is known as pain. If the
scientistin his laboratory combinescertain elementsac-
cording to the law of affinity and producesa harmonious
fields look greener on which ever side of us they lie, but,
in any case,we find so many peopleliving in the past that
we wonder what good the presentis doing at the present
result he is rewarded,but if he mixes the wrong chemicals
; time.
he may blow himself to bits. Just as logs placed upon a
Among many religiousgroups,and particularlythose
fire serve their purpose and their elementsare changed
of an occult nature,we hear much about the greatwisdom
I but not destroyed,the original elementsof any form are
eternal. A place where water has been may becomedry
of the ancients. "If you expect to evolve to a state of
masterful action," we are told, "you must go back and
but the hydrogen and oxygen which composethe liquid study the teachingsof the old." It soundsa little twisted,
go on forever and may at any time return into form. It is doesn't it? To evolve we must go back! But why? Evolu-
the action and reaction of chemicals that produce the tion is an expansion,a growth. Does the tree in its process
personality which consequentlymust be ever changing,
I but the soul which is the sum total of the originalelements
remains forever the same- indestructibleand eternal.
of attaining maturity grow backwardsinto the roots? If
it did I am sure we would nevertasteits fruits.
I supposeno man ever appreciatesthe thing that he

I has in his hand, and while it is right that he should reach

out for something new let it be an advancement,not a

t 68
Cosmic Philosophy
on the slow-movingvehicleof ancientmyth and ritual.
retrogression.Why dig up the peaceful past - it has We are moving fasterthan we have ever done and we are
servedits purpose. It brought us to the presentday - let compelledto keep up with our existingstateof progress.
it rest. The works of the past cannot serveus now and so Our mental expansionmust coincide with and support
far as the laws of the past are concernedwe are now using our mechanicalprogress.Those who live too much in the
them. for there is in the whole cosmosonly one.principle past ask why we are rushingand wherewe are going;-
of action. It is usedin the billionsof varyingmanifesta- may I answer in this way, we do not need the aimless
tions but itself never changes.The only way in which we rushing but we must keep pace with the fast moving
can prove the principle is by the effects produced and eventsof life.
surely we are producing effects on a much vaster scale There are thosewho prophesythat this civilizationis
than did the ancients.In those days if a man discovered nearing its destructionbecauseof its lack of wisdom.
something of use to humanity he was considereddivine Well perhaps,but what would it profit us to go back and
and his revelation a miracle. Today we have a new in- study the wisdom of the ancients?You could say that the
v e n t i o na l m o s td a i l y a n d t h i n k n o t h i n go f i t . ancient civilizationsdid not heed the words of wisdom
"We have not yet been able to discover the whole that were given to them, and that is true. Lemuria,Atlan-
greatnessof the Ancient Wisdom," we are told. Well that tea, Egypt and Rome, were all great civilizationsand they
may be true, but I dare say if a few of the ancientssud- are gone. This is a new day with new problemsand the
denly found themselvesin one of our big citiestoday they door to the Cosmic Storehouseof Wisdomand Knowledge
would stand aghastat the miraculousworks of our people. is wide open for each individual to enter. Our present
They would probably assumethat they had reachedsome problem is to maintain our balance;living in the world
World reservedfor especiallyadvancedminds, and after of effectsand understandingcauses.
having lived here for a while and trying to adjust them- The Hindus have a saying to the effectthat the more
selves to our present understandingwould decide that wood you pile on the campfire at night the greaterbe-
they were not of the elect and must have stumbled into comesthe illumination but greateralso becomesthe circle
t h i s a m az i n g P l a c eb Y m i s t a k e . of surroundingdarkness.Our presentwisdom like the
Why should we base our life of today upon ancient light of the campfire is great and the more we learn the
philosophies?Should we enjoy going back to the ox-cart? greater becomesour scope of perceptionregardingthe
I am sure that a great percentageof the population of the i.. possibilitieswe have not yet deciphered.The more knowl-
world wogld starve with only ox-cart transportation' -i edge we acquirethe more we know how much thereis yet
-f " )i
Some of our so-calledspiritual studentsare starving on r-
to learn. Our field of perceptionhas becomeso vast that
the meager su.pplyof mental food that is carried to them

f t ' t - ' '

,2 7l

I Cosmic Philosophy
the encircling darknessis almost appalling but the very

we are expecting an era of brotherhood among men

I fact that we have such a vast perception of unproven

things meansthat they shall one day be proven. We have
of this earth and it is sciencethat is making the giatest
strides towards this accomplishment by unveiling the
had the perception of ships traveling through space to actual laws of action. Scienceis working under the law of

I other planets and that day is not too far in the distance
when this becomesa reality just as jets and airplanesare
relativity while religion is working under rhe law of divi-
sions. The work of scientific research carries one into
now a common meansof conveyance. such a vast conception of the universe that there is no
t We hear a great deal about the alchemistsof the early
days - p3lscelsus, for instance, who was supposed to
room for egotism, bigotry, fanaticism br intolerance.The
individuals who really study creation are so absorbedin
have transmuted baser metals into gold. "Miraculous!" its unlimited activity that they become undiscriminating.
I the people say. Our scientistsof today are able to produce
gold from other substances;but the processis too costly
They regard all men, whether they be black or white, as
brothers and grant them the right to believe according to
to be of practical use. their ability to understand.They are not bound uylhe
I The priestsof the ancientswere the only scientistsof
that day and whatever they achievedwas used for selfish
limited conceptsof cast or creed or dogma but are ahvays
open to new revelations. They do not allow even the
purposesof dominating character. It is said that they human form, itself, to block their path of researchin the
I could prepare chemical substanceswhich when used as
incensewould put an individual into a trance state,but
field of knowledge, for they are willing to sacrifice their
own bodies for the benefit of other researchersand man-
what benefit was actually derived from such practice?No kind as a whole.
I doubt there was quite a bit of benefit to the priests, for
while their subjectswere under such a spell they could be
science has progressedvery rapidly in the last few
years. Now, with the aid of fine instruments,the t.G.y.

I very easily relievedof all of their possessions

laid at the door of the most convenient gods.
and the act

Today our chemistsmake practicaluseof their knowl-

researchand the satellites,the scientistsare able to delve
deeper and deeper into the realms of cause. They are be-
ginning to understand and use Nature's Creative Mathe-

I edge. They produce new metals to meet the needsof in-

creasingmechanicalachievementsand are harnessingthe
matics; which is, one and one equalsthree.old accepted
theories are being replaced with more factual knowledge
as the field of researchbroadens.
forces of nature to facilitate the turning of the wheelsof

I progress.They whom the religionistshave called godless

men are today becoming the mastersof the elementsby
we can say that scientific research is allowing the
people of the world to have a closer view of cosmic
acknowledgingthat One Principle governsall things. Reality.

I :
72 73
Cosmic Philosophy
The sciencethat we speak of here has referenceto the I
abstract scientistswho work from cause to effect; not the
dogmatic orthodox ones who refuse to see beyond the
effective world.
Perhaps I should explain why one and one equals I have recently reread the accounts of Lemuria and
three in Nature's Creative Mathematics. When a positive
and a negative get together there is a manifestation; in
the Triterian race, and will give them to you for whatever
points of interest you may find in them. My friends from I
electricity it is light, with male and female it is an offspring other planetshave told me that many of the peopleliving
and so it is with all nature. In order to understanda mani-
fested eftect the conditions that caused it to be must be
on their planet at presenthavelived upon the earth.
In the cosmic book of memory, often referred to as
understood. the Akashic Records, there lies the story of action as it
has passedthrough milleniums of time. The ever-active
fingers of consciousnesshave inscribed upon the primal
Essenceof the Cosmosthe indisputableand indestructible
pattern of all motion and manifestation.The history of
man as written upon the tablets of stone or upon parch-
ment or paper is but a limited record of existenceand is
easily lost to the knowledgeof future generations,but the
Cosmic Record is a permanent structure and he who is
able to read therefrom need have no missing pagesin the
history of life.
Out of the Book of Memory, which the scriprurestell
you shall be opened unto all, we have read the story of
Lemuria, that mysterious land which sank beneath the f
dark watersof the Pacific Ocean.
Lemuria was a vast continent which included most of
the islands of the Pacific- Hawaii, the Easter Islands, ,l
New 7*aland, the Philippines and other smaller island
groups. These islandswere at one time the highest moun-
Cosmic Philosophy
for worship as they were a monument of beauty dedicated
tain peaks of the now submergedland. Lemuria was at to the All-Power whom they servedin their daily actions.
one time a civilized part of the world; her people were For these ancient people needed no temple in which to
highly cultured and possessedadvanced knowledge of worship - they recognized the All-Being dwelling in
cause and effects.They lived not for self but for the All, themselvesand in every form of life upon the earth. rn"i,
recognizingeach form as the expresserof Cosmic Intelli- idealism in the beginning was the virtue of God which
g"n"". gain individual knew himself as a servant of the was meant to be expressedin man, and becauseof this
universal force. They went about their duties in a peaceful idealism they were bestowed with powers unknown to
manner without thought of one man being greater than man today. The Lemurians did not abuse or misuse the
another, of of one piece of work being more important Iaws of nature and while they were building up their
than the rest. No jealousy or greed existed among them empire it was an actual heaven upon earth. But like
- [-srnurian land was the home of one happy family practically all civilizations they had their downfall in
where discord was unknown and equality reigned. time. virtue became lost in greed and selfishness,and
The Lemurians were of the brown race and their towards the end of their existencethey were no different
average height was about five feet three inches, while than the present civilization. At last nature took a hand
here and there a giant would appear. The Alaskans of and sunk the land beneaththe waters of the pacific ocean.
today resemble them more closely than any other race' The Golden Age of the Lemurians rastedfor approxi-
They were a very industrious and active people, high- mately three thousand years. During this time they were
ly sensitiveand intuitive. They were able to converse in contact with Egypt and in fact all of the Asiatic coun-
each other through a form of mental telepathy and their tries but it was not until the fourth of the thousand year
actions were *uinty guided by the greater intelligence periods that their country was invaded by self-seeking
their being so they were able to obtain marvelous results' individuals from other parts of the world. At that time
They *"r. highly advanced in the scienceof the cosmos there were people who came from the territory that is now
and through tt understanding of the laws of action known as Greece and Rome and settled in Lemuria.
"i. of the
they had a remarkable control over the elements These people were of the lighter races;they won the con-
earth. fidence of the Lemurians, intermarried with them and
in the
Because of their alerted feeling the minerals gradually perverted the pure thought of the happy people.
use of
earth were not hidden from them and they made This foreign element slowly took upon themselvesthe
all of the elements. rulership of Lemuria. They were hard, fearful rulers and
Their architecture and works of art were magnificent greedy for wealth and power. They began to show favor-
in structure and beauty. Their templeswere not so

itism and to instill in the minds of the Lemurians the creation and the suggestionof an Eden where
man dwelt
thought of inequality. Where the people had once served in the perfect state of being, but there is rittre more
each other for the love of action they were now forced to than
the suggestionand it has been acceptedby humankind
serve to enrich and empower the few. They learned the as
a beauriful bit of mythorogy that his an indifterent
meaning of rebellion and selfishnessand greed those effect
upon the progressof man in his presentstateof being.
things which had never before found place among them. In
the annals of consciousness, however,is revearedthe tlruth
They learned to follow the example of their rulers and concerning a race of God-menand their Edenichomeland.
work for self instead of the All. They closed themselves This civilization was called the Triterian race
to the guidance of their creator and turned into the mor- from the memory of those people rose the Triton
God of
tal channel of expression. the early Greeks. This Grecian god was pictured
as harf
This went on for several hundred years until at last man and half fish, symbolically correspondingwith
the forces of nature demanded payment for their unbal- cosmic record which speaks of the iriterions as
anced conditions - the payment of suffering. They were "people of the waves." They were not, of course,
given warnings of their future destruction if they contin- man and half fish but they were the mastersof both the
ued in their unbalanced state but they heededthem not, waters and the earth.
so the elements turned against them. The earth became Idealists have ofttimes visualizedthe perfectman as
unsteadybeneath their feet; tidal wavesswept their shores an etheric being who dwelt only in the planesof celestial
and eventually a steady trembling took hold of the entire glory and had powers to overcomethe lawsof nature,but
Lemurian country. For approximately seven months the we find the Triterians to be dwelling on the earth in

earthquakes continued and gradually the land began to I

physical bodies and cooperating fully with the laws of
sink. The waters rushed in and covered the one-time e '--t]l
Heavenly kingdom and another civilization was lost." These were large people and their color may be lik-
The earthquakes and the sinking of the continent
were due to natural causes.A shift or change of the sur-
face of the earth comes at certain intervals,but the people
t ened to our bronze or rust, which wasprobablycausedby
the intensity of the sun's rays which shoneupontheearth
at that time.
of Lemuria had become so emersed in the mortal world
of effectsthat they paid no attention to the warningsgiven
by nature. Had they been alerted to these signs they
t These master-menwere cosmic beingsandduring the
time they spent in gaining their earthlyexperience they
did not once separatethemselvesfrom the Totality.They
could have moved to safer territory.
In the bible of every race there is an account of
t worked with the elementsof the earth as menwork with
them today but they understoodthe causeof their mani-

t 79



: festations. They were sent to this solar system to partake and indestructible and that there wourd arways
of the knowledge of matter and this they did under the be suf-
ficient to meet every need. No man among them
I guidance of Cause Intelligence.This was easyfor them to
do for they were aware of the natural laws governing all
himself in the accumulationof materialwealth.
There are no descendantsof the Triterians,
for they
action and they were wise enough to use their knowledge served their destined time on this planet earth
and were
without perversion. The Law of Affinity held no mystery transferred by space craft to another solar system.
for these people and the elementsobeyed their commands This
is the race which dwelt upon the earth prior fothe
to the fullest. The earth was a perfect expression of records. The fall of man was not brought about
t Edenic beauty.
The Triterians had no religion as it is accepted today
advent of the Lemurian race. The Triteiians reft
in a virgin state and went on for greater service,
until the
the earth
but all
- they were a race of scientists,for they worked not on
t supposition or myth but on facts. They had no gods but
recognized the all-intelligent force and themselves as
of the races who folrowed them aie stiil endeavoring
regain their cosmic birthright. The Triteriansworked
the cosmos through intuition and obedience;the

t expressersof it. They did not make the mistake of allow-

ing their mortal mind to judge the creator for they under-
stood cause and effect. They gave no thought to any
races have chosen to gain their perception through
ing and the observation of effeits; living in the bondage
of mortal concepts.

I division between themselvesand the cosmicconsciousness;

they acted with a freedom and assuranceof results.There-
fore life was peaceful and harmonious. They were not
our return to our natural heritageshall be as glorious
as that of the Triterians if we allow ourselvesto awaken
once more into the unification of all tife!

I bound by gods or devils for their only state of awareness

was that of interblended action. They recognized the
necessityof duality in creation but they did not separate
The Brothers have told me that they have records
that have been kept on their planet regarding the civiliza_
tions on the earth, and that these accounts of Lemuria
the force into good and evil. and Triteria are correct.
; Due to the lack of friction or resistanceto the life
force their bodies remained always youthful and death
I as we know it did not exist.
There was no greed or selfishnessamong these mas-
ters of the earth. (In our terms of today we could say that
I they had achievedtheir Master's Degreein everysubject.)
They knew that the substanceof the universeis unlimited

I 80 8r
from the parent.If the apprewere rike man
it wourd exurt


in its own beauty and free-will,developingthe
the world of eftectsonry, forgetfur oi the
self ego in
cause pa?ent.
"Man has not experiencedthe fulr potentiar
of his

It was a warm evening, the discussionwhich for me

being, for he too is forgetfur of his cause parent.
result he wandersin a mazeof effects,ever
As a t
that which has lastingvalue.
was all absorbing overshadowed the beauty of the night,
as we relaxed in a patio in suburban Los Angeles.
Firkon and another gentleman had brought me to the
"{Jntold opportunitiesare grantedto
man to return to
his Father's householdfor there is no smallest
part of
essenceor intelligencethat is lost or is
not ever active.
home of some of their people who are living here.
Firkon addressingme said, "We had planned to have
you meet the One you call the Master, who we call the
when the garment known as the body, rereases
of life to continue its activitieselsewhere,
the flame
the cell intel_
Iigenceis busy changing the erementsof
Wise One, but as those plans were not possible to carry
through, He asked me to give you this parable to be
the dust from whence they came. But the flame
mic lntelligencehas found a new vesselwhich
the body into
of cos-
shared with the people.
renewed energy, in which to express.Thereby
"The apple tree lends itself very nicely as a symbol of contin-
ually granting to individualizedportions of
creation and re-creation. The tree as a parent for the matter the
opportunity to evolve to a higher state of
apple started from a seed within whose heart was the service and
cosmic urge to express. Firkon continued,"As we have tord you before,
"From the bosom of mother earth the seedgrows to a your
book of records that you call the Holy Bible,
beautiful and productive tree expressingits full potential coniains
theselaws that we tell you of, for did not J.rus
in bringing forth fruit. According to the seasonq tender the christ
say to the thief on the crossbesideHis, .Verily
I say unto
new leavesgrow into maturity, delicate blossomsproudly
display their color and fragrance attracting pollen and il thee,Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.,? * Therein
the elements required for the growth of the individual
"Tomorrow you will be privireged to I
apples. Slowly the blossomsreleasetheir beauty that the
fruit bearing the re-creativeseedmay fulfill its purpose. il that you have known as your earthly wife. she
meet the one
is now a
"When the fruit is fully mature it is either picked from
young woman living on venus. Shewill not
as her husband,but rather as a cosmic brother. I
the tree, or it drops to the ground - thus it is separated
il . f - u fe 2 3 : 4 3 .

82 H 83
Cosmic Philosophy
] will she wish to be reminded of her life upon earth, for
her present life is free from the bondage of self and self

I interests."
on the following day this promisewas fulfilled. It was
an experiencethat I shall never forget and proof positive

The old acceptedthought patterns of peopre

ail over
I that we never die. the world are changing .upiaty. rr," undeiprivireged
crying for peace and equar rights with
those who have
enjoyed the good things of rife. Even the
I shifting her position and yielding to rhe
are playing upon her body. There is nothing
orb of earth is
supernaturalin change, it
I every cycle.
-this is an urge that is felt by
the earth and the inhabitants upon it at
the change of

We are in the Space Age and many of man,s

I tistical opinions will have to go to make room
for our
place as a member of the interplanetaryfamily.
will be replaced with facts, and our
ierception will be
broadened to encompass,to even so smail a aegree,
possibilitiesand purposeof Iife.
Those who have acceptedthe reality of visitors from
other planets are most desirous to meet these people
and wonder how they can tell the real ones from
And the peoplemay trury wonder, for our new friends
will be recognized only by those who are consciously"
alerted to impersonalfeelingsithey will not be recognized
by their personalappearancefor they will be u, uny other
person upon the street, but they may be known by their
words which will be totally impersonaland withoui judg-

Cosmic Philosophy
ment of any condition or person.
Appearances! what imps of deception they are! I
Shall we know the space people by the miracles rhat PRACTICE
they perform? Shall we acclaim a man Messiah because
he may walk through fire unscathedor multiply a loaf of An easymethod that you may use if you wish to keep
bread to feed a multitude? No, for there are many ma- a check on your thoughtsthrough the day is this:
gicians who can to all appearancesto the physical senses
do the same; and did not the Christ say of the latter days
Make a ledger-
On this sidewrite And on this side
of his dispensation, "False Christs and false prophets Unselfish - Understanding. Selfish
shall rise and shew signs and wonders to seduceif it were
possible even the elect." So we cannot tell a man's true
Thoughts that remind me of
my Cosmic Unity with All
value by his ability to read our mind or perform works Judgmentof
of magic.
The space people will speak of nothing but the prac-
tical life - a life that is establishedupon earth, for earth causes.
is an integral part of the universe- a life that is livable Become the observer of your own mental processand I
here and now, for if there is to be heavenit must be estab- p l a c e a c h e c k u n d e r t h e c o l u m n r e p r e s e n t i n gy o u r
lished upon earth. No visitor from another planet has yet
given any teachings that were impossible to live in this
world; they all work according to the law of the Cosmos
thoughts. At the end of the day tabulate your score.If
this is done over a period of time you will find that your
old thought habits that causedconfusionand disorderin
which is itself practical. They, as the wayshowers who
have come before, will teach nothing that is mysterious
or fanatical nor will they deal in emotionalism.They will
the mind and body have disappeared.
speak of the unity of all life by the Breath of the Cosmic
Father expressing through the forms made of the sub- T
stance of the Mother Planet.