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A Walk to Remember: A Story of Growth and Redemption

Most people believe that “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks is a story of

affection and romance. Yes, it is a love story. Like one of those tragic play written by
Shakespeare himself during the renaissance period. However, the main theme of the story is
more than that. It focuses on Landon’s journey of growth and redemption that started with his
first experience of true love that involves change and faith.
The prologue of the novel began with words “When I was seventeen, my life changed
forever”. This opening statement already prepares the readers that it is a story of a development
of a character. The prologue establish the content of the story, that it will be told as a flashback
by a 57-year old Landon as he perceive the events and his feelings when he was seventeen years
Chapter 1 sets up the character of Landon as self-centered and an immature teenager. He
is merely an observer, describing all the events around him and often making fun he views as
different. It is also in this chapter where he discussed his family conflict, his distant relationship
with his father that made him “something” of a rebel. One of this rebellious behaviour is when he
sneaks out at night with his friends to soap up car windows and eat boiled peanuts in the
graveyard. This action marks him as a “bad boy”, as he said it, by the people around him.
Furthermore, this he said that this late night peanut eating was fairly important for him at that
time. When selecting a class, he particularly chooses drama class saying “it was either that or
Chemistry II”. He thought it would be a blow-off class where he won’t have to study for a quiz,
thus implicating that he doesn’t really like to exert effort. What matters for him is that he could
only pass by smoothly at this point of his life.
In the second chapter, Landon realizes that he hasn’t work hard enough to be able to
attend his or his father’s choice of college. This part further emphasizes Landon’s immaturity as
he enumerate the things that he could only do: tying eight different types of sailing knots; walk
barefoot across hot asphalt; and balancing a pencil on his finger for thirty seconds. This is what
he thinks his greatest skill which he knows would not really a big help in his admission for
college. Also, it is shown that he was somehow intimidated by his father saying “My father’s
word was law.” When Landon he run for student body president, it was shown that he’s the kind
of guy who only exerts efforts as little as what is required of him. He is also pressured by what
people will think of him. Example of that is when he was required to attend on the homecoming
dance and he doesn’t have a date. He realizes that his only option as a date is Jamie Sullivan, but
when he thought of Jamie’s character as simple and God-obsessed, he fears for his friends’
reaction. His imaginary competition with Carey Dennison in asking Jamie as a date showed that
he is really immature. However, this part also displays Landon’s development, as he regrets the
way he behaved toward her all those years.
Chapter 3 is the start of Landon’s maturation. It is shown that he is somehow concern
with what others might say and think of Jamie rather than on his own reputation. When he came
to pick up Jamie at her house on the day of the dance, Landon’s conversation with Reverend
Sullivan displays that his immaturity was fading, although unaware, when he was shocked of
accusation that he only ask Jamie out just to humiliate her. Landon has a reputation of playing a
trick on someone, but at that moment, he never thought once that he could do something like that
to Jamie. He also began to understand Reverend Sullivan’s love for his daughter that Landon had
never felt with his own father. Landon’s character is still immature and self-centered but there
are times that he began to develop self-awareness. He feels miserable being with Jamie at the
dance but later his opinion changed saying “she was so damn happy, it was hard to stay down for
long.” It is also at this part of the story that he began to appreciate Jamie’s true nature. When
“everything really went sour”, Jamie was able to handle the situation well. She also helps Angela
without judging or lecturing her. Landon, surprised at her, is becoming more mature simply by
watching the way Jamie lives her life.
In Chapter 4, Landon is now a character who slowly developing into a mature person. At
the beginning of the chapter, he wonders at Jamie’s behavior at the dance saying “Jamie was
probably the best date I could have had that night”. Landon’s logic seems to be simple he had
come to the conclusion that he doesn’t like her because if he did, he would have already asked
her. In fact, he just doesn’t want to admit that he was already attracted to Jamie. He is also a
person who knows how to repay kindness. When Jamie calls him to ask a favor, he thought that
he can at least show her the respect of listening to her saying “I may be irresponsible, but I’m a
nice irresponsible.” Landon obliged with Jamie’s favour of him participating in the play,
knowing how important it is to Jamie and her father although the desperately wanted to say no.
At that moment, Landon had somehow feels regret for teasing Jamie and Eddie behind their
backs, discovering that Jamie was actually aware of it.
In the fifth chapter, Landon has somehow gone back to his immature ways. He had
agreed participating in the play, but he had not done it willingly. His friends are teasing him
saying he has a crush on Jamie which he denied. It was the time that Landon resent Jamie not
realizing that it was his own self-centeredness that brought him into Jamie’s life. At that time,
Landon believes that he was being manipulated into doing these things that against are against
his normal behavior. His egotism rise up again when he was forced to memorize his lines just so
he won’t look like an idiot in front of the orphans.
Chapter 6 displays Landon’s struggle to cope up with the changes in his life. He is still
resenting Jamie, but at the same time feeling guilty. When he took Jamie into his house, he
realized the things he has and how little he appreciates it. Landon knows exactly what kind of
person he is, as well as the people around him. When she told his mother that it was Landon’s
idea to perform the play at the orphanage commenting “Landon’s really got a special heart”,
Landon and his mother were surprised. In the eyes of Jamie, he was a different person. He
always thought of himself as irresponsible and unkind, but with Jamie, he feels he can do
something more. Their conversation about the future made him ponder about his purpose in life.
Seeing Jamie sad, he realized that she was actually like them and it makes him guiltier
considering what he had been doing in his life. “Unlike Jamie,” Landon said, “I deserved to feel
bad about myself–I knew what kind of person I was. But with her…” This line somehow implies
that he knows the irony between him and Jamie. He is also touch by the children and the
condition of the orphanage realizing how he had grown up in luxury and the orphans have so
Chapter 7 presents the part where Landon’s frustration had already overcome. On the
previous chapters, he is always in everything he does or says when he’s with Jamie, to avoid
hurting the feelings of most kind person he knows. However, his friends constant teasing and his
realizations about Jamie made him more frustrated every minute. Landon is annoyed that he has
been feeling good about himself and the better person he is becoming thinking “I could
practically imagine the angels in heaven, standing around and staring wistfully down at me with
little tears, filling the corners of their eyes, talking about how wonderful I was for all my
sacrifices.” He is also annoyed about Jamie’s complexities. Learning more things about her
seems to have attracted him more to her, though he doesn’t want to admit it. The day before the
play, his friends’ teasing is becoming more awful for him to bear. Furthermore, he is having hard
time at the preparation at the play. So when he walked Jamie home again, he snapped. Landon
yelled at Jamie, pushing her away from his life. However, when Jamie thanks him, he winced.
That time, he is stuck at having difficulty in choosing what kind of life he must live.
In the eighth chapter, Landon finally matures. He is feeling guilty of what he did to
Jamie, so before the play starts, he tried to apologize to her. Seeing Jamie is unsure whether to
believe him, he took her hand and promise to make it up to her. Landon did that not because he
was pressured to do so, but because it is what he is feeling at that moment referring to what he
said “Don’t ask me why I said it–it just seemed like the right thing to do at that moment.” When
Eric asked him what trick he had planned for the play, he is surprise that he hadn’t thought of
that at all. He realized that he had certainly changed, agreeing to Eric remarks “I guess you’re
finally growing up, Landon.” During the play, he said “You’re beautiful” to Jamie not just as
part of the script but as something he really meant to say from his heart. Thus, this marks the
transition in Landon’s life.
Chapter 9 presents a new Landon. After the play, he admits that there was a part of him
that felt like Reverend Sullivan as he said “I couldn’t help but be happy for her and a little proud
as well.” He felt a tinge of sadness that he will not have the opportunity to walk her home. Thus,
it shows that Jamie didn’t just change him, but made him feel something for her, too. When
Jamie requests him to collect the money donated for the orphans, he eagerly agrees. It is
contradiction to what he did in the past where he seems to have been forced to do something
eventhough Jamie wasn’t really forcing him. Seeing how little he had been collected in all, he
didn’t hesitate to give his own savings. He did what he believed to be the right thing to do. His
experienced that night at the orphanage made him think “it was the best Christmas Eve I’d ever
spent”. This part of the novel showed that Landon had become selfless and appreciative. He even
cried when he showed Jamie’s gift to him, knowing how important it was to her. Moreover,
Landon realized that he had fallen in love with Jamie.
The tenth chapter of the novel doesn’t just focus on Landon’s new realization towards
Jamie but also his acceptance of God into his life. Before, talking about God, faith and life would
have made him uncomfortable, but with Jamie, he willingly participates in the discussion.
However, Landon is somehow overcome by his desire to know whether Jamie also feels the
same at him. He seems to not realize that when Jamie gave him her bible, it was already a sign of
her affection. This chapter showed that Landon is not the only who is maturing, but Jamie, too, is
experiencing in her life. Jamie starts to recognize that a miracle has occurred in her life, which is
Landon’s outlook and behavior. Landon, at this point, seems to have notice the odd behavior of
Hegbert towards him and that Jamie is holding back something to him.
In Chapter 11, the biggest challenge in Landon’s life is presented. Landon’s belief in love
had also been stated in this part. “You know its love when all you want to do is spend time with
the other person,” Landon said to her, “And you sort of know that the other person feels the same
way.” He realized that what he felt for Angela was totally different to what he feels for Jamie. It
is also at this moment that even Landon’s mother acknowledge that he has mature. “A look of
quiet satisfaction crossed her face,” he narrated, “As if she, too, knew I was finally growing up”.
He had also developed a sense of responsibility when he personally asks permission from
Reverend Sullivan to take Jamie out. That time, as if an instinct, he sincerely apologized for what
he did to Hegbert when he was younger and the way he treated Jamie before. Landon showed
that he is contented to the way his relationship progress, satisfied with just being by her side and
sometimes doing the things she enjoyed. He proved that he doesn’t care about what will people
think or say about them anymore. He became honest with his feelings saying to her, “You’re the
best thing that ever happened to me.”
Chapter 12 centers on the renewal of Landon’s faith. Upon learning that Jamie is dying,
he is afraid to do anything with her anymore. He realized what she meant on their previous
conversations. He fears upsetting Jamie and talking about the future with her. At this point,
Landon had reached maturity. He understands now that there is something specific for him to do.
He begins to pray for a miracle and starts reading Jamie’s bible every night, looking for guidance
and answer on what he could do for her. It was then he realizes why Jamie gave him the bible.
Later, he read the bible with Jamie everyday, discussing passages they read and the meaning of
faith. This chapter demonstrates that Landon is not the only who Jamie had changed, her
sickness had also touched their community. Landon understands that when his bestfriend Eric
and Margaret came to visit Jamie. Eric and Margaret cried as they apologize to Jamie. They also
collected donation for the orphanage. Jamie had also filled the gap between Landon and his
father. It was narrated in the story that he cried on his father’s shoulder for the first time in his
life. This was also a sign of maturity, in which Landon was able to forgive and accept his father
again. For the first time also, he’s true purpose in life as he read a passage in the bible. “I am not
commanding you,” he read. “But I want to the test the sincerity of your love by comparing it to
the earnestness of others.” It was then that he decided to do something that his heart had been
telling him all this time. He decided to marry Jamie, securing her and their parents permission.
Chapter 13 exhibits how love can make a person do great things, sacrificial or not.
Nothing mattered to Landon, except that his heart had told him that it was the right to do. As he
said, “In my mind it was the first time God had ever spoken directly to me, and I knew with
certainty that I wasn’t going to disobey.” He is willing to marry her no matter what will happen
in the future and he stood up to this decision in facing their parents. Certainly, he had matured
from a self-centered teenager to a responsible and compassionate young man. He said “Jamie
helped me become the man I am today.”
The story implied that things which passed by the life of a person, whether it has great
impact or not, can certainly change his own life. Everyone has its own purpose in life. Landon
has found his own purpose when he met Jamie. She saved him from straying away from the right
path and showed him new directions in life. Landon now believes in miracles and had renewed
his faith towards God.

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