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Poet as ere Tei ome ae” bees “wove atvonsperston tawanlieatanapars March 12, 2019 Mayor Ed Holder, ‘The Corporation of the City of London, 300 Dufferin Avenue, P.O. Box 5035, London, ON NBA 4L8. Dear Mayor Holder: The Investing In Canada Program ‘As your city works to bring transit proposals to the Government of Ontario for consideration under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program | feel itis important to provide clarity regarding the project submission and review process. Given the short timeframe forthe review and approval of projects, the submission of a single allencompassing program is not advisable. My recommendation is that you ‘submit individual projects with standalone business cases in priority sequence. This will tenable the province to review each project as they are received, therefore reducing the risk of missing the overall funding opportunity. If not all individual project proposals are ready by your target date of March 31 please submit subsequent projects as they are prepared \We look forward to receiving your project proposals in the coming weeks. Sincerely, “Y— Honourable Jeff Yurek Minister of Transportation