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Is CwG the Truth?

There is a very interesting invitation in Conversations with God. In the dialogue we are invited to read the material over and over again until we can recite it virtually from memory. Some people have asked me, "What is this all about? Wouldn't this just create a bunch of automatons, addicted to the material and living it by rote? Is that what God wants?" Fair question. The answer is, no, God does not want us to take this material so much to heart that we decide it is Literally True. We have already made that mistake with other sacred writings, calling every word, every crossed "T" and dotted "i," the absolute and inviolable Word of God. And that has led to bloodshed, not to greater wisdom. So, no, the intent here is not to make CWG the latest Holy Scripture, the contents of which may not be contradicted or ignored, except to our everlasting peril. The intent here is to simply invite you inside the material, so that you may understand it thoroughly, and thus be led to your own deepest truth. I woke up this morning dreaming of Frank Sinatra. I was watching him rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse a song until he’d gone over it a dozen times. I couldn’t figure out why I was having that dream. What in the world was Frank Sinatra trying to tell me about CWG? I kept looking at the dream, considering it more closely. I saw that when Frank Sinatra was given a new song - a song he liked and decided he wanted to record, he sang it over and over again inside of his head (and sometimes out loud, when he knew he wouldn't be overheard), until he had the new material completely internalized. He would work with the lyrics until he could come at them from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. I could see in the dream that Sinatra knew that the truth of the lyrics would not be found in the words themselves, but only in the feelings inside of him. He simply used the words as a bridge. They cut a path to the meaning he gave them. Other singers sang melodies. Frank shared experiences. Actually, he often ignored the medody. And that is why Frank Sinatra sang a song like no other. Whoa. That’s it! I woke up knowing – that’s it! The invitation in Conversations with God is an invitation to sing the Song of God like no other! Many people who quote sacred scriptures, chapter and verse, are singing the melody, but not really sharing the experience. They "know" the lyrics, they just don't understand them. When you "understand" the lyrics, it is not because you have discovered the truth in them, but because they have led you to the truth in you. The words in Conversations with God do not reveal the truth, they lead you to the truth. That is their purpose. That is their function. So, yes, read CWG over and over again. All nine books, all the time. Not so that you can remember them perfectly, but so that you remember perfectly what you already know.

Even if you wind up discarding the words in the dialogue altogether, they will have served you. This is the magic of all sacred writing, and of every real communication from the Divine. For God would not have you follow God, but rather, lead God to the next grandest experience of Who You Really Are.

In this do you demonstrate yourself to be The Creator. In this is the greatest promise of God redeemed -- and your own Soul, as well. -- NDW