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7891 Waterloo ST NE
Keizer, OR 97303
503-983-0651 cell

OBJECTIVE: To perform the duties as a Field Service Engineer.


Maintained and troubleshot conveyor systems, electrical and mechanical.

Troubleshot PLC programs including using ladder logic, components (CPU back plains, I/O boards, counters, modules, and devices)
and communications modules.
Electro-Pneumatics/Hydraulics installation and maintenance.
Robotics hardware and handling systems, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s).
Maintained and troubleshot power distribution systems, branch circuits, lighting systems, transformers, and wiring methods and
materials up to 480V.
Worked with a variety of toxic and/or flammable gases and acids for processes.
Advanced Computer skills, phone skills, Windows environment, AutoCAD, Power Point, Excel, Word etc.
Performed maintenance on different types of thin film machines.
Worked in the photolithography area performing production and maintenance at Intel.
Vacuum and pumping systems operations, install, repair, and maintenance.
Plasma Sputtering, CVD, IAD, Diffusion processes and control experience.
Clean-line equipment, trouble-shooting, repair, install and consulting.


12 years in the US Army and a squad leader for 6 years developing soldiers and evaluating performance.
General Manager of dine-in, carry out, and delivery pizza parlor. Supervised numerous personnel, ordered and inventoried supplies
for operation. Responsible for scheduling, payroll, bookkeeping and banking. Provided excellent customer service.
Develop training plans for service technicians.
Develop work plan for emergency repair of critical assets.
Trained operators and technicians on various equipment.
Supervised wide variety of personnel.
Increased yields through process monitoring.
Developed technical manuals and operational procedures.
Participated in ISO 9000 audit as an internal auditor.
Safety oriented, First Aid Team member, and AED/CPR certified.
Organized Calibration program for ISO readiness.
ISO internal Auditor and Educator
Administer Kaizen - TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) Program.
Developed and implemented MTBF (Meantime between failure) Analysis.
Ordered and maintained parts, and materials with various vendors.

A.A.S. Industrial Electronics & A.A.S. Micro Electronics
Served 1980-1992


FLIR Systems
27700 SW Parkway
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
11/01/2006- Present
Currently work as a BSII service technician for the service department, providing, maintenance on the IR systems. Developed Lock
Out Tag out program and, wrote machine specific procedures in preparation of the ISO audit. Trained personnel in Lock out tag out
and maintained training records. Ordered parts and equipment and maintain a good working relationship with vendors. As a Field
Service Engineer my duties have taken me around the World including 6 months in Afghanistan supporting the US Army. Installed
thin film coating equipment requiring the wiring of 110 volts to 480 volts. Used a SX Logic 500 to operate moving covers inside the
chambers. Maintained a conveyer coating machine with rollers, belts, relays and solenoids. Followed the electrical codes for wiring
and installation.

Intel Inc.
Ronler Acres 1
2501 NW 229th Ave
Hillsboro, Or 97124
1996 to 1998 - 2005 to 2006
Maintained equipment and performed preventive maintenance on PECVD chambers. Installed Brooks robot and use the PLC to
program the axis’s and hand offs. Processed wafers and maintained quality control. Conducted team meetings and team training. I
was the Process Technician on shift 6 for the thin films area. Team leader for shift 6 thin films area. Ambassador to Chemeketa
Community College representing Intel and recruited high students for the challenging experience offered by the electronic program.

Logic General Inc.

26200 SW 95th Avenue, Suite 300
Wilsonville, OR 97070
503- 598-7747
2002 to 2005
Maintained and repaired various pieces of equipment; Silk screening, clean lines and optics. Initiated the preventive maintenance
program, which helped the quality control and process development. Calibrated test equipment used in quality control. Developed
procedures and trained operators on machine specific items. Ordered parts and kept inventory for spare parts. Helped in developing
a safety program, and trained personnel on Lock out Tag out. Worked with 110 volts to 480 volts used a Siemens PLC to trouble
shoot injection molding equipment.

JDS Uniphase Corporation

2789 North point Parkway
Santa Rosa, CA
1- 707-545-6440
1998 to 2001
Developed a total production maintenance program using the Kaizen method, which enabled an increase in production from
10,000 pieces a month to 1,000,000 pieces a month. Set up a PCS system to measure the effectiveness of the part cleaning
process. Responsible for maintenance and repair of various coating and optic equipment. Worked closely with Engineers
and Manufacturing implementing changes. Trained Operator on PM’s and equipment. Maintained and repair FANUC
injection molding robots using FANUC PLC for trouble shooting.

PPG Industries Inc

4004 Fairview Industrial Dr
Salem Or
1996 – 1998
Installed and maintained a Magnetron Sputtering Vapor Deposition (MSVD) coater. 100 meters in length with 29 cathodes
and a conveyor system from beginning to end. Installed, maintained, and troubleshot relay logic, ladder diagrams, control
components-- photo eyes, motor starters, relays, limit switches, proximity sensors, timers, solenoids, Servo drives,
frequency inverters, linear drives, and encoders. Developed the preventive maintenance schedules.

Pietro’s Pizza
3981 Commercial ST SE
Salem, Or 97301
503-399- 3654
1992 to 1996
General Manager of dine-in, carry out, and delivery pizza parlor. Supervised numerous personnel, ordered and inventoried supplies
for operation. Responsible for scheduling, payroll, bookkeeping and banking. Provided excellent customer service.
MILITARY EXPERIENCE: Worked as a medic and a psychiatric counselor in the ER at Womack Army Hospital, Ft Bragg NC. In
Aschaffenburg Germany with the 3rd Infantry I worked as a drug and alcohol counselor for the Army community providing drug and
alcohol education to required personnel. I went for my BNCO training at Ft McClellan AL to become a NBC NCO. I was then assigned to
the 92nd Chemical Company, 3rd Infantry in Germany as a squad leader of a chemical decontamination team. At Ft Lewis WA, I was the
NBC NCO of a ribbon bridge unit assigned to the 9th Infantry. My last tour was an assignment with special weapons in Germany and
participated in the removal of special weapons from Germany. On June 15, 1992, I took a separation bonus from the Army.

REFERENCES: Excellent references gladly provided upon request.