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MUSIC AND LYRICS BY ‘ADAPTED FOR STAGE BY LESLIE BRICUSSE & LESLIE BRICUSSE & ANTHONY NEWLEY TIM MCDONALD BASED ON THE BOOK: CHARLIE ANB THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY BY ROALD DAHL NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! Should you find it necessary to mark cues or cuts, use a soft black lead pencil only. NOT FOR SALE This book is rented for the period specified in your contract. It remains the property of: PLEASE RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO: MTI MUSIC LIBRARY 31A INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD sewn Demvene Gemaserocs NEW HARTFORD, CT 06057 221 Was Ath Saat New York, NY 10019 (212) sar4sea Roald Daht's Wily Wonka Pray ©2004 Roald Dah Nominee Lid [New Music and Lyles ©2004 Stage and Screen Musi, Lt, "Music and Lyrics previously used in the film “Wily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” ©1970, 1971 Taadam Musi, nc. Unauthorized duplication I prohibited by lw lights reserved. HORN 1 a ®. on 05. g 8 z 10 n. 2 18, Pn 15, 16, v, 18 1» 20. a 24. 26, Pure Imagination! Golden Age Of Chocolate" ... Golden Chocolate Playoff" .. Candy Man Underscore ..... ‘The Candy Mant .. Golden Ticket Light Box! .... Augustus News Flash* 1 Eat More! Golden Ticket Light Box 2 [News Flash Underscore! [News Flash Playoff? Factory Closing! Think Positivet Bucket Shack Traveler! Charlie Underscore Violet News Flash... Golden Ticket Light Box 3 Radio Announcer Golden Ticket Light Box 1 See It Allon TV" Imagine Underscore Cheer Up, Chari Snowy Strets! Silver I The Snow! Think Positive Reprise T’ve Got A Golden Ticket! ACT I * New Music and Lyrics © 2004 Stage and Screen Music, Lad. +f Music and Lyrics previously used inthe film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” © 1970, 1971 Taradam Music, Inc HORN 3 22. 38. 30, 39, a 2. . Want It Now!! At The Gatest In This Room Here Factory Reveal! Drunk On Chocolate! Lights Out 1 ompa-Loompa 1! Pink Candy Boat! ........ There's No Knowing* Chew te ompa-Loompa2* Lights Out2* Magic Fizzy! Flying? Burping Song? Back On The Tour! Lights Out 31 . Oompa-Loompa3! .... Choco-Vision Room! ... Mike's Fanfare! Lights Out 4 g 52, 53, Lights Out st Flying Reprise" Oompa-Loompa/Candy Dreams! Finalet ACT II “New Music and Lyrics © 2004 Stage and Screen Music, Ltd +f Music and Lyrics previously use in the film “Willy Wonks and the Chocolate Factory” © 1970, 1971 Taradam Musi, In. a7 50 51 52 53