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The Membership Committee :

This is to signify my interest in becoming a member of the International Coach Federation, Philippines Chapter. I
am willing to go through the Application for Membership process, as may be required by the Membership

Once a member, I commit myself to actively participate in regular meetings, learning sessions and other activities
of the Chapter. I am also aware that I have financial responsibilities which I promise to pay as soon as they are

Lastly, I will uphold the ICF Code of Ethics and will abide by the rules and regulations of the Chapter at all times.

Sincerely yours,

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Personal Information
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Email Address
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Current Involvement in
Full-Time Part-time Not Yet

Formally trained
(please specify training
ICF-Certified (please
Professional Coaching program attended and
indicate: PCC, ACC, Not yet qualified
Qualifications total # of training
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Coaching Specialization (please check boxes)

Business Coaching Corporate/Executive Cross-Cultural Coaching
Marketing/Sales Coaching Lifestyle Coaching Marketing/Sales Coaching
Success/Career Coaching People Mgmt & Leadership
Start-up Coaching
Personal Development Quality of Life/Well-being Relationships Coaching
Coaching Coaching
Special Market (specific Special Skills and Situations Others :
professions) Coaching Coaching

Would you like to participate in continuing education programs for Coaches?

Would you like to be a Chapter resource for future learning sessions?

Application for Membership Form

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Employment History
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Formal Education
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I certify that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further authorize ICF
Philippines Chapter or its representatives to verify its correctness as it deems fit.

I also waive any action or complaint that I may have against the Chapter and/or any of its representatives for any
decision that it may take regarding my Application for Membership.

Printed Name/Signature/Date

For Membership & Screening Committee Use Only

Application for Membership Form
ICF Core Competencies : Self - Assessment
Approval of Membership
Annual Membership Dues

Application for Membership Form

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