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General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia Sustainability

Notes about device access in the classroom: Each pair has one ipad
LESSON other
Curriculum OBJECTIVE (what & how) EXPERIENCES
LINKS (Introduction, Body and Conclusion)

Who can be an
1 Anecdotal notes Introduction: Youtube video:
citizen, the Kahoot answers - Students watch a youtube
formal rights Video marked from
and video on new Australians
responsibilities, attached rubric
and shared reflecting on why they chose to
values of become a citizen
citizenship - The teacher then explains
there is a process to becoming
investigating an Australian citizen and that it
how people
become depends on where the person
citizens comes from.
- Teacher explains the activity
where in groups of two they are
to create a video on imovie
explaining the process to
becoming an Australian citizen.
- The groups and topic are
decided by an electronic group
- The information comes from
the Australian government which
they access through the printed
QR codes

Students create their video they
can use pictures, video footage
and written to help to improve
their video. They are to create
their video as though they are
guiding a new citizen through
the process.

During the body of the lesson

the teacher interviews the pairs
of their lesson content on what
their citizen type needs to do
to become a citizen, This is
uploaded onto seesaw

Students return to the mat and
the teacher makes a chart to
compare the different processes
people must go through to reach
the same goal

Device considerations
K-year 4 – Use iPad as your device. Assume either shared devices or each child has a device. Do not assume there is a lab at the
school. They are disappearing from most schools.
Year 4-6 – Use either an iPad or a laptop as your main device. Many schools have 1-1 devices but not all. Again, there are not likely
to be labs in schools – you will have shared devices or can borrow from other classrooms if you want to do individual activities.
Year 7-12 - Plan for one device per student – e.g. assume everyone will have iPad, or Mac or Windows machine.

Notes: Make sure the tools and sites you choose can cater for the device you nominate. Some popular apps are only available on
iPad and some websites don’t work on the iPad but may have an app instead. Do your research to ensure it will all work on the
nominated devices.

Website creation guidelines

Create the following tabs

 Home
 Lesson 1
 Lesson 2
 Lesson 3
 Teacher Planning page
 ICT tools

Explanation of the tabs:

Home Lesson pages Teacher page ICT tools

Explain your website. Assessment 3. Assessment 1 Assessment 1
Be clear about your target The lesson pages should be You will include your planning This is where you will put the
audience. clear and aimed at the age documents, your explanation details of the ICT tools we will
Make it interesting and visual group of the students. These of the learning theory and your be covering in the unit.
and ensure it contains links to pages are not designed for clarification of the 4 chosen Include the link to the tool, a
the other sections of your site. adults. It is designed for ICT focus tools. description, a screen shot or
students to use within a guided You will also put a link on this example and an explanation
classroom environment. page to the section where you of how it could be used in a
Use appropriate web design will be detailing all of your ICT classroom.
principles to ensure the site is tools.
easy to use and navigate.