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| IES LM-80-08 | IES Approved Method for | Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources Publication of this Committee report has been approved by IES. ‘Suggestions for revision should be directed to IES Propared by:The Subcommittee on Solid State Light Sources ‘of the IEBNA Testing Procedures Committee a es us0.08 Canin 2008 the tuminaing Engireeing Soo of Nor Amer. ‘Agoroved bythe IES Board of Directors, September 2, 2008, as # Tansacbon ofthe Numinaing Enginvsring Soc of Norn America. “ets reserved, No par ots publication may be reproduced in any frm, in any elecroncretieval ‘Gyetem or there, without pie written permission ofthe IES. I ubtshod by the buminating Engineering Society of North America, 120 Wal Street, New York, New York 10006. | IES Standards and Guides are developed through cammites consensus and produosd bythe IES Office ia cargos is gon fo syle and accuracy. any ers are notes inthis document, post New York. Cart New yom to Fta Hares, recor Educaonal and Technical Development, athe above adcress for ‘thcaton end earection The IES welcomes and urges feedback and comments ISBN # 978-087025.227:3 Printed in te Untpd States of America, | DISCLAIMER {ES pubatprs ae devloped tough the ersenus sundae devopment proces apo ty to Anerban Natoral Sanda nua, This process oregs gee eurers representing vared cress fo achive ciraonsm on igang recanmendaons, Whi the \EG'cannlrs te ronees and establishes pales and precedes promote faress nthe ES.pmentotennsonous, mates no guaran or arary ato he aura Of compelenes of seetteraion puted heron The 1S Sian lity to ary nyt pears property oF Por Sarees tay rae whatsoever, whebe seca, rod, consol compensa, toc or recty teling rom ha puaton, ve oo ekanos ons doors In issuing art making tis document avaiable, the IES isnot undertaking to render protssional ‘rother sevees fr or on behal of any parson or ently. Novis the IES undertaking to perform ary uty owed bj any pecson or enty to carneone ese. Anyone using tis document should rely on his Seba inGependent judgment or, a: aporopriate, seek the advice of a competont professional fr doterining the exercise of reasenabie cae in ay gen circumstances. “Tne IES has po power, nor does ft undertake, to police or enforce compliance with the contents of tive documerh Nor does the IES li, cerly, esto inspect products, design, oF Insalations for ‘Complance wih ls document. ry cartiioaton or statement of compliance wit the requirements ‘Shins document shal not be etriouablo to th IES and is solely the responsibilty of te oarior ‘or make’ othe statement | aims Soho: 32 LED Source. 83 Lumen Maintenance . 3.4 Lumen Maintonance Life 35 [LED Source Faure 226 [Raed Lumen Maintenance Lie) 27 [Case Temperature, (7) ‘40. Ambjent and Physical Conditions 4 (General. 442 [LED Unit arkang 13 omot Scion ; ‘4 EnvronmentalConaons 0520 00-- “ a Viraton oo (a2 Tomperae ad Hurity 43. Aiton dia Oporaing oration and LED Unt Spacing 0 techica and Thermal Conations 5 ruts ne care a etage Waveshope -- 53 put curont Regulation 5 (aan eqspmen icing Divers 55 CaseTompeature 440 Test pnd Measurement Procedures 61 strumontatin «soo 6 Pomme ie otometry Measurement Tmpersire 10 Lan uamtenane Testing Wethod or LED Light Sources 171 Lumen anes Teng Dato sr srl 12 Operating Oye 73 focordng Fares 7a oromatcty 0 Test Roper».