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Monique Alves Dream Job 1/31/19

My dream job is a Human Resource Manager. As an HR Manager, there are

many responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities involved with this position are

providing leadership and guidance on all aspects of Human Resources with a focus

on labor relations and HR legal compliance. HR Managers also must develop and

align Human Resource initiatives to the business which include the ability to

identify, analyze, understand, and articulate business goals and objectives within

the company, plant, or business unit level. Another responsibility in this position

would be reviewing, updating, communicating and enforcing Human Resource

policies, processes, systems and reporting activities. The education level required

for this job is a bachelor's degree in Law, Human Resources, or a related field. A

Master’s degree is a plus. Also, a minimum of 10 years of Human Resources

Generalist/Labor Relation experience in a union environment. You also need

strong leadership and communication skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office. Being

bilingual is also a huge plus because you will be working with people of many

different ethnicities. (Plus Media Solutions, 2014)

The education requirements fit the position well because in order to work in

Human Resources, you’re dealing with most if not all communications within the

company. You’re also in charge of legal issues when it comes to employees.

Knowing the current labor laws and policies will benefit the person in the position

because they will then know how to deal with the situations that could arise. The

classes I am currently taking are going to help me get to this position because I am
Monique Alves Dream Job 1/31/19

a Human Resource Management major. I am currently taking all my business core

classes which means leadership, management, etc. These classes help with the

basics of business operations. Last semester, I took my first Human Resource

Management class and it was so interesting. We learned about the Civil Rights Act

of 1964 (Title VII). This law goes into detail about discrimination in the workplace

and the unacceptable decisions based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability,

religion, etc. (Plus Media Solutions, 2015)

The general salary for this position is between $ 75,000 – $85,000 a year. I

will manage this money by putting it towards all my monthly payments such as a

car payment, possibly a mortgage if I have a house (if not it will go towards rent),

my car insurance, gas, my phone bill, etc. Also, I plan on putting at least 10% of

my paycheck every time I get paid. Along with this I hope to have money already

saved up that way when I begin working in this field and I proceed to save, I will

have a large amount of money saved. This money will be saved for things like

vacations, or unexpected events such as an urgent car repair. (Plus Media

Solutions, 2015)

Monique Alves Dream Job 1/31/19

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