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P. Dee Arvin Plant and Design Build FOR ELECTRICAL AND MECHANICAL PLANT, AND FOR BUILDING AND ENGINEERING WORKS, DESIGNED BY THE CONTRACTOR: © Copyright FIDIC 1999 All rights reserved. ‘No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without permission of the publisher, FIDIG a ietaora esas ed von ene al igs FFD 2s funded in 1016 by thee national associations of coneuting enghees within Europe. The objectives of forming the Federation were to promote in common the professional interests of the Member Associations, and to disseminate information of interest to | ‘heir members. Todey, FIDIC membership covers more then 70 counties from all parts of te lobe and encompassing most of he private practice consulting engineers. ie FFG. cneraea with romcing and implementing the consuiing engineering industry's | strategic goals on behalf of Member Associations. Its strategic objectives are to: represent ‘worlwide the mejor offs providing technology-based intelectual services forthe built and Natural environment; assist members with issues relating to business practice: define and ‘actively promote conformance to a code of ethics; enhance the image of consulting engineers. 2 leadors and wealth creators in society: promote the commitment to sustainability. DIC arranges seminars, conferences and other events in the furtherance of ts goals; maintenance of high ethical and professional standards; exchange of views and information;