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Ultima AWE CLUE BOOK KEY TO THE BLACK GATE™ Compiled by Anton of New Magincia, Apprentice to the Mage Alagner, In Anticipation of the Avatar™ ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY ANDREW P. MORRIS AUTHOR Andrew P. Morris Ta Regina, for her support and understanding, To Adam, for his inspiration, To my family for their enccuragement, And to my friends for all of the above. Epiror David Ladyman Cover Art Richard Mather INTERIOR ART Glen Johnson and Whitney Ayres Maps ‘Terry Manderfeld, with Terrell Powell ArT Director Craig Miller Graruic DrsiGNer Jennifer Davis AppITIONAL SuproRT Bruce Adams, Mike Chenault, Tim Hardy, Scott Hazle, Mark Vircek, John Watson ULTIMA VII THE Biack Gate™ Directed and Produced by Richard Garriore oye — Introduction. Towns of Britannia......... Britain. Buccaneer's Den... Cove Fellowship Island... Jhelom.... Minoc... Moonglow.....- New Magincia Paws. Serpane’s Hold Skara Brae o> CONTENTS Generators of the Guardian 36 a Supplies. : 6 Foodstuff... 8 Provisioners Armourers... Transport .. Inns Taverns ... Apothecaries Miscellaneous . Vetron’s Guide to ‘Weapons and Armour.... Spells cre ; 45 Spektran... Terfi Healers. 49 oi Urainers.... 50 Vesper Yew and Empath Abbey. 26 My Inquiries, Arranged Sequentially, fies 5 with Responses from the Wisps Dungeons of Britannia... 28 Boteiee hess Ambrosia... 28 Bee Cave. 28 Conclusion... 2.6L Coyecous.. 229 . eet 29 Tndes ey 230 132 232 035 35