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A AN We don’t put THE Complete the

anything is used for

Before Before before plural
consonant vowel definite
words when with the
sounds for sounds for words in the
they’re not singular or correct word
words words plural or nothing

1.My father is ______teacher. 24.______Australia is _____very big island.

2.__________ hurricane which destroyed _____ 25. They play ______football on____ Wednesdays.
islands was ________ most violent ever. 26. ________students are going to ____trip in ___
3. What ______great shoes ! England next ______February.
4. We should take ______umbrella, it’s going 27. ________tigers are disappearing in _____wild.
to rain, I’ m sure ! 28. I have ________shower every morning .
5. There is ______man waiting for you in ____ 29. May I go to _________toilets , please ?
office. 30. Dave found ________wallet in ______street.
6. _______blue whale is ________biggest sea 31. John wants to know _______truth about
mammal in ________world. ______ UFOs.
7. ______sun isn’t shining today, what ___pity ! 32. I have just bought ________brand new shoes.
8. I simply adore___________cats. 33. I saw in _______news that there have been
9. How many __________ pets have you got ? _______ terrible floods in India again.
10. Would you like________cup of coffee ? 34. _____boys are interested in ____video games .
11. There is ______exhibition in _______ 35. Mike plays ________drums better than he
townhall this week. plays _______piano.
12. I ‘d like to buy _____new pair of sneakers . 36. How much _________money have you got in
13. Go past ________bank , then turn on your your _______piggy bank ?
right, ________florist is just there ! 37. _______people buy lots of _______furniture
14. We went to_____ cinema and saw ____ very from IKEA nowadays.
good comedy, we really had ____good time ! 38. There was ____ compelte eclipse of ______
15. She goes to ______swimming pool three sun in _____USA not long ago.
times ______week. 39. She hates __________tests.
16. It’s getting difficult to find ________good 40. Can I have _______tissue please, Miss ?
vegetables these days ! 41. Don’t forget to turn off _______lights when
17. They were born in _________USA but now leaving ___room !
they live in ______England. 42. My elder brother is ______student in ______
18. Lots of children love ________fish and university of Caen .
chips 43. We shouldn ‘t use ______pesticides !
19. Sam goes to _______school on _____foot. 44. Oh dear ! I have such ____ pain in ______
20. __________French are said to be ________ back ! It really hurts !
grumpy peole. 45. We had _____ nice trip on _________Thames.
21. ______music is my passion. 46. Most people are against ______cruelty to
22. There’s ______ monstruous spider above _______ animals.
your head. 47. I have _______interview for ____ job today.
23. ________girls are keen on _______make up. 48. My sister is scared of _______dogs.