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D a y 1 – Thu r s d a y

7 th March 2019

07:50 Registration & Morning Tea

08:40 Opening Speech by Noppen

Opening Remarks by Chairman

Martin Machain – Director – En el Subte, Argentina

Construction Of Public Policies On Sustainable Urban Mobility For The Implementation Of Integrated
09:00 Transport Systems That Promote Economic And Social Development In Latin America
Integrated transport systems: what are they and how should they be conceived?
Martha Lucía Gutiérrez Echeverri – General Secretary – Asociación Latinoamericana de Sistemas Integrados, Colombia

Key Urban Rail Transport Projects Under Development In Medellin

Medellin infrastructure investment in sustainable mobility projects
Importance of integration and accessibility in the city of Medellin
Gilberto Quintero – Secretary of Infrastructure – Gobernación Regional de Antioquia, Colombia

Paradigm Shift In Urban Planning: Towards A Concept Of Sustainable Mobility

Reducing private motorized transport dependence and developing attractive transportation systems that are accessible and affordable and within
the geographical and economic scope of populations
Andrés Emiro Díez - Coordinator of the Commission of Railways and Sustainable Transport - Sociedad Antioqueña de Ingenieros, Colombia

10:30 Networking Coffee Break

Execution Of Line 2, Extensions L1 (Villa Zaita) And L2 (Connection Airport), Master Plan Network Of The Metro Of
11:10 Panama
Sergio RAYO - Advisor to the Operations and Maintenance Department – Metro de Panama

The Concession Of Line 2 Of The Metro Of Lima And Callao

Carmen Deulofeu – General Manager – Line 2 Metro Lima, Peru

PRESENTATION - The Importance Of Compliance With An IRIS Quality Management System For The Manufacture Of
12:10 Rolling Stock
Carlos Paricio Ayno – Project Director – SGS, Mexico

12:40 Luncheon & Networking

CASE STUDY – Structuring Of Master Expansion Plan Of Metro Medellín
Tomás Elejalde – General Manager – Metro de Medellin, Colombia

PRESENTATION – Metropolitan Railway System And Green Corridor: Towards a Transit Oriented
14:40 Development in the Metropolitan Area of Cali
Carlos Alberto Gonzalez – Advisor in Mobility and Urbanism – Alcaldia de Santiago de Cali, Colombia

CASE STUDY: Provide Metro Service In A City Of 10 Million Citizens With A Single Metro Line With
15:10 Reliability, Modernity And Security Developing Social Sustainability And Citizenship
Manuel Wu – Director – Line 1 Metro de Lima, Perú

15:40 Networking Coffee Break

Challenges Of Passenger Transport In Colombia

Dina Rafaela Sierra – Project Manager – Sacyr Concesiones, Colombia

CASE STUDY – Financial Structuring Of Railway Infrastructure Projects In Public-private Partnership :

16:40 Metro Lima 2
Eduardo Escobal Mc Evoy – Concessions Business Manager – COSAPI, Perú

17:10 Aeromovel - Sustainable Mobility

Marcus Coester – Executive Director – Aeromovel Brazil

17:40 End of Day One

Day 2– Friday
8 th March 2019

07:50 Registration & Morning Tea

Opening Remarks by Chairman
Martin Machain – Director – En el Subte, Argentina

Guidelines And Projections For The Implementation Of The Railway Master Plan In Colombia
09:00 Jonathan David Bernal – Deputy Director of Transport – National Planning Department, Colombia
Héctor Giovanni Páez – Advisor For The Intermodal Policy Of Transport – National Planning Department, Colombia

MetroRio as Operator of Lines 1, 2 and 4 of Rio de Janeiro

Cristiano Cesar de Mendoça – Director of Maintenance – MetroRio, Brazil

PRESENTANTION - Smart Transit Technologies For A Sustainable And Efficient Mobility In Urban Areas
10:00 Introducing transport solutions that contribute to rethink the development of cities and comfort of the commuter
Hernán Caicedo Montaña – Deputy Manager of Strategic Planning – NEC, Colombia
10:30 Networking Coffee Break
KEYNOTE – Electric Train Of Cochabamba: Modernizing The Transport In Bolivia
The use of ballast-less track solution for reducing noise. The use of electricity in order to develop an ecologically and environmentally friendly
transport system
Michele Molinari – President, CEO – Joca / Molinari, Switzerland
PRESENTATION – Future Of The Railway Network In Fortaleza
11:30 Looking at technologies and developing monitoring systems for Fortaleza´s Metro
Paulo Parente – Technology Manager – Metro de Fortaleza, Brazil
Strategic Acquisition Of Rolling Stock
Study of mobility and dimensioning criteria for Metro Quito First Line.
Scheme of financing and contracting of the Project.
Ensure a good adaptation of the new rolling stock in the Project.
Metro de Quito as the principal axis of the public transport system
Franklin Chimarro - Equipment and Facilities Manager – Metro Quito, Ecuador

12:30 Luncheon & Networking

PRESENTATION – Construction Of A Mechanized Tunnel In The Historic Center Of Guadalajara Mexico

Andrés Antonio Moreno – CEO– Lytsa Lumbreras y Túneles, Mexico

Infrastructure Construction As A Way To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Citizens

Francisco Uribe Ramos – Deputy Infrastructure Director – Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano (IDU), Colombia

PRESENTATION – Antioquia Railway Project

Omar Hoyos – General Manager – Ferrocarril de Antioquia, Colombia

15:10 Networking Coffee Break

15:40 Train Boost in Santiago’s Integrated Urban Transport System
Juan Pablo Palomino – General Manager – Tren Central, Chile
Rionegro Will Have The First Automatic Train Of Colombia
Andrés Julián Rendón Cardona – Mayor – Alcaldia de Rio Negro, Colombia
DISCUSSION PANEL -Implementation of New Technologies in Urban Transport and How the Rail Industry
Can Join This Change
The intermodality of urban transport. The passengers and their demands for more comfortable trips. More comfortable and less environment
16:40 impacting systems. Implementation of urban transport policies: quality, security and safety in public transport services
Moderator: Martin Machain – Director En el Subte – Argentina
Panelists : Franklin Chimarro - Equipment and Facilities Manager – Metro Quito, Ecuador
Christopher Espinoza Oliver – Regional Counselor - Gobierno Regional Metropolitano de Santiago, Chile
Sergio Rayo – Advisor to the Operations and Maintenance Department – Metro de Panamá

17:20 End of Day Two