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Tuesdalt, the 24th February, 1998

The National Assembly of Pakistan met in the Parliament

House, Islamabad, at 5:00 p.m., Mr. Speaker (Illahi Bukhsh
Soomro) in the Chair.




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2 NATIONAI, ASSI.:MBI-Y oF PAKISTAN [],+rh Feb.. 1998

,! o:f., tt,f ,! r( : t : ( Z:-t t tt Lb,! or, .a i lc,,1 ot Vt

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Mr. Speaker : In pursuance of Sub-Rule I of the Rule I 3 of

Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business rn the National
Assembly, 1992, I nominate the following members in ord:r of
precedence to form a panel of Chairmen for the February-lVlarch
1 lth Session 1998 of National Assemblv of Pakistan :

(l ) Syed Fakhar Imam

() \ Asfandyar Wali

(3) Ch. Abdul Ghafoor

(4) Mir Hasil Khan Bazanjo

In the absence of Speaker and Deputy Speaker National

Assembly, the member having precedence among those present a1
this sitting shall take thc Chair. Thank you.


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y' r,-v.

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q|.-rgt{;1,16 vt t,(6 t-/ r"p"ut Otad,tk ,-,U
-jv.e.,t ts,t/;-,-r, k =u
we of the ANP Mr. / iC,lt 6ri 22 | tt ,y at t 7V
Speaker Sir we have always struggled for fundamental rights. We

have always struggled for the freedom of the Press in this country.

Fleedom of the press does not mean that, it is a licence to g,/

malign anyone, any poltical worker in this country. Freedom of the

Press does not give the people in the press the right to destroy or

lt try to destroy the political image of a certain pe.rson.

({ a",rroy / ft 4.-7lrj7:!a*>U,fu1'k

,{,! *7 {,! tt, ;r f $ 6t,1 7 g! s-/ d,,n,y fi{ f 4

f ,otJ k Dirrerences
-/ dY- 6/ J?

v :l { -{ ot, L J' I )t'Lt ),tf )V- !-d tl i ii ut u:

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k rl -r 2 Jt I i )t 1,,t { + )t, er* L I'i rlrrl-

=u -ul r ,,/,<
c-t 4:(,- e)l rui lg_' This thing has got to stop once and for all.
,-( ; 7 t
6,, t,,-t lb z-.,h L s. \!b Characrer assassination {,i
We have kept quite. It is a political issue, the issue will come up g.C

in this House. We will give our point of view to the people of trre

country but one individual Mr. Speaker Sir we cannot give the

to one individual to get up and condemn even personal outs of

tx(P'+0tril! people which just all they based their reports on

Jr t tr +,-i tJ,z -/-,c. j {d i, k =u 4 {Ct,

;.? | t
=t ?
Iwould L,,rtqbCt)"Jtir(JtZf f ,t .equert $+Jilttl
like you Mr. Speaker Sir to please refer it to the Privrlel;es

4,, i/, Committee, so that can be taken up th,:re.

-7i,w. -- i, t,l-.*
.. 1,, E 7e_/ |

Mr. Speaker : May I request you to please give me and I will

refer it.

<(o'/k,uQtfi r{,,.)
Mr. Speaker : Thank you


Mr. Speaker: Leave applications. Mr. Muhammad Kabir

Khan, MNA has requested for the grant of leave from 24th to 2'1th
February. Is the leave granted?

The leave was grantetl.

Mr. Speaker : Syed Fakhar Imam, MNA has requested for

the grant of leave from 23rd to 25th February. Is the leave granted?

The leave was granled.

Mr. Speaker : Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Khan Chandio, has

requested for the grant of leave for the whole session. Is the leave

The leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker: Mian Abdul Waheed has requested for the

grant of leave from 24th to 27th February. Is the leave granted?

The leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker : Mian Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri, MNA has

requested for the grant of leave for 29th and 30th December. Is the
Ieave granted?

The leave was g,ranted.

Mr. Speaker : Mr. Sikandar Hayat Bosan, has requested for

the grant of leave from 5th to 19th December. Is the leave granted?

Tlrc leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker : Dr. Fehmida Mirza Sahiba, has requested for

the grant of leave for 29th and 30th December, 1997. Is the leave

The leave was granted.


Mr. Speaker : Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan Daha, has requeste(l

for the grant of leave for 29th December, 1997. ls the leavc

Tlrc leave wcts granted.

Mr. Speaker : Dr. Arbab Ghulam Raheem, has requested for

the grant of leave from 5th to 19th December. Is the leave granted''

The leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker : Sahibzada Farooq Anwar Abbassi, h rs

requested for the grant of leave for 29th and 30th December, 19')7
and from 23rd to 27th February, 1998. Is the leave granted?

The leave was Brdnted.

Mr. Speaker : Ch. Abdul Ghafoor, has requested for the grlnt
of leave for 29th December, 1997. Is the leave granted?

The leave was Bra.nted.

Mr, Speaker: Mr. Ghous Bux Khan Mehr, has requested for
the grant of leave for 29th December, 1997. Is the leave granted'l

The leave was granted..

Mr. Speaker : Mr. Ejaz Mehmood, has requested for the

grant of leirve for 29th December. Is the leave granted?

The leave was granted-

Mr. Speaker : Pir Aftab Hussarn Shah Jillani, has requ:sted

for the grant of leave for 29th December. Is the leave granted?

The leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker : Baboo Ghulam Hussain, has requested frr the

grant of leave for 29th and 30th December. Is the leave grantel?

The leave was granted.


Mr. Speaker : Mr. Hassan Mussanna Alvi, has requested for

the grant of leave from loth to l2th, l5th, 16th and lgth
December, 1997. Is the leave granted?

The leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker : Mir Hazaar Khan Bijarani, has requested for

the grant of leave from l5th to l9th, 29th and 30th December,
1997. Is the leave granted?

The leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker : Rana Tanveer Hussain, MNA has requested

for the grant of leave for 29th December. Is the leave granted?

The leave was granted

Mr. Speaker: Malik I-aal Khan, has requested for the grant
of leave for 30th December. Is the leave sranted?

Tlrc leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker : Mian Ej az Ahmed Shafi, has requested for the

grant of leave for 29th December. Is the leave granted?

The leave was granted.

Mr. Speaker : Makhdoom Muhammad Javed Hashmi,

Federal Minister has rnformed that he will not attend the National
Assembly on 24th February, 1998, due to official engagements. For

lVIr. Speaker : Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Dar, Federal Minister

has informed that he will not attend the National Assembly Session
from 23rd to 26th February, 1998, due to official visit abroad. For

Mr. Speaker : Dr. Khalid Mehmood Siddiqui, Federal

Minister has informed that he will not attend the National
Assembly Session from 23rd to 28th February, 1998, due to official
visit abroad. For information.

Mr. Speaker : Captain Haleem Ahmed Siddiqui, Minister cf

State has informed that he will not attend the National Assembly
Session on 24th February due to official engagements. Fcrr
information. Thank you.

Mr. Speaker : It is for the information of Honourable

members under rule 87 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct cf
Business in the National Assembly, 1992 that Haji Inayat Khen,
Member National Assembly has been released under the orders of
the Civil Judge Deer at Timurgarra on 20th February, 1998, who
was detained on 11th February, 1998. This is for information.
Asfandyar Wali Sahib !

Mr. Asfandyar Wali : Decision on my Privilege Motion S r ?

Mr. Speaker : Sir, I will come back to it, I will refer it to the
Privileges Committee, let me go through what you have said. No
need to worry.

Mr. Asfandyar Wali : Since no one has opposed it therelore

I feel that if....

Mr. Speaker: It stands referred to the Privileges Commit:ee.

Mr. Asfandyar Wali : Thaat 1'ou Sir.

Mr. Speaker: Thank you. Now Calling Attention. Nz.veed

Qamar Sahib !

Syed Naveed Qamar : Thank you Sir. Sir, since you are
gorng down to calling attention, our adjourment motions ae not
being taken up at least today in this session. And tbroughout the
last session also, we have been pleading constantly that a lonl time
is being taken in processing these adjournment motions,. The
efficacy of these motions really is lost. It is too much delay as it is
over the big gap of two months. And lot of these motionr; were
given earlier. So it should really not have taken that long p,rocess
and today by rotation, we should at least have one adjou nment
motion. If it is not coming in, I still don't understand, we have tned
many a time to resolve this issue, but somehow, there seerrs to be
some problem in bringing it in the House. Can you krndly inrervene

and make sure that if it is possible to bring one today, please bring
one, we will just talk on the admissibility of it and then whatever if

Mr. Speaker : l-eave me only today. From tomorrow onward,

it will be done-

Syed Naveed Qamar : OK, because then we will have the

Presidcntial Address where we cannot have the adjournment
motions coming in. That's why it was important that today at least
one should have been taken up-

Mr. Speaker : We have a long session. Insha Allah we will

we will sit with you and find out whi
tJJrtrttr(bi rrke it up

are the adjoumment motions which are outdated and which are the

l:r). )ti j'!tJ ( ones that we will give the chance tomorrow
I rl -




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F l6th,ti/ :
12ig.<--)ti r-k F , QtYt ,A6,44)f tla)t
=V. overuldevelopment -l[i tt.* tP 4t L vl { I a -
/ 44 i L d t.u j v,, I o, tc j, -., i L,fir g[ problems
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g., t $ r,i J t1 t V 0, db,L tss1 L ( y2 fu x i,/ re peat

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EI fi nancial crunch Z < t-.d L def oulr l- / rl ), r rl, u t) r lt

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c-lj si s[ a (' L L q q *!., t / i ( 7 ) : t,/ \r h -fr? :! ;

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Companies Oirgtlltf jU! Z/,;f!,,( $M r-( i ,f.

6z ot 4t Lf d * L aa - L ;1,f7y't {,"""nue 6-t a-. 1 f 1 t

misuse of ,g,f expenses z L fi- A L L ! r, f t- -6 i v / tJ., t

-( 49! ; v i v L ; $, L /{ { tl\4 ex penses -l- ansporr

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f( {;G or"ratl devetopment programme z : 1 t! {.1.t! {

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{ d, - 0 r .,,t { g.,',c r f -(a +, (,y'" ; . - g ;{ o,( E-,

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without increasing the tanff in both the cases. -gl { d,, unoot
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f,nnces tj g; g(
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1 --( , .di i/ .Jr -di"rnbution line

r, ,, ),/;P. V7

we are really a financial crunch - lt !+(f A + Jf.

8,Jtq Ut ,.t]-;yn1.>')rOLtl, managing ro meer ends
jv.,,tt!O.,u jr financial posirton j 2y'1!LvLLi /tr

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L ;rt., 1

L gdtrr-, t, ir,L L Oq ),, 7 cost t L f !t,./ y,! F

20,000 rupees pe, ,.t ,l) -A lCrru. -t',/f{6!vt {v
ol !7+'66t-tttlut.,dt)4rLf t tOC)7 capiral cosr

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at -4 {:"lG r (u-y' -- ;lt cth ot st,>btf t t-th Eil t

<-- financiat crunch Jr ( ti I L t1t l.V delicit Jt ( ti t 2L

lgt L k,t 4 p o". gcz )
o, -fi6 ltt, oP I clt 1 )tC L yf t

-Lb i{,,,{ "b -- * lt!'-v fi' { / su4 L w backward

t,--.-t rr,,f --f t k=u

i,!+r< g/!4 issue r't--=,-k =h ,6),?t,f -U

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qt,tr'r-t t/ t., t, -- i t ., ; f-
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-vE o{ ,t'-;Lfu,1t6 1lf xo{ ,f' O/i,y,,tto:ucsttgt:
-f teltJ Tttthis is not fair with us at all. -filxd cl.i

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c),,.,ci r -.-{{ 1tS Ctttt * +9 U, ;7 : gG$,A tJ 4z
1,1, o ;,, l7,i?,.=, / tr - - tI od ;ig,,,1 et., ujr .,,t

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* 1L J { gr a- 5,, V 6 tJ, 4 -- tl, *. $ r,, t def icit ? /gt I t

t-,vt)v.-rl , k=u
N./)r r.,,; 7 - j', / f LJ: -k .au, Ju.t1r; )t,,r) 7
- )t r i, {t -{ /( ri nancrar posirion L e) / !.-
-} 4t -( o y V
6 (, i d " t -'i !?.-v l feasibte and viaate t,-E J lt
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-6tJ t' t-4 - L,l v n,! J v ot -.,d

Mr. Speaker : Minister for Petroleum ! Sedond part has not
relevant with the calling attention.

i4-k =Vgxg-:,-,re
Lg!::gtgi : gG$.,0$.42

L * t 1tl .2.,-=',i 17 j2 /,:,u 7 ia i 6.,u

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grxfr y )Otvt)i{th{tiLl,,ttU'rJ.VL circria ?

1 4'/+,! j,,l{ + L,-t / L,lf,,,{* --,h a {

ot sl L/ m""t / cnteia t Lk ot
tTrr-<- financial crunch

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sl c*V l, cth $, )L Sr fu - * --f -- / =UVU}
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;f Lko:!)<-o,t ;s{,tts( tf.,t( +,-1,t,4 ){,.dt4lOg-fy

,.t I { ; } r..-- a, r{t t { !7'f
r o fl 1,,-e L)V -n- \f
overand 140/9b[ O',,; -f7,fi ,tl/ +v Ar( { t-
LdxO-trtf t!ltL,J!l=totove the needs of our corporarirns

tr eL, 4t /7 - - I LL-tt l, i', 6-' ;- E ; f t 0 n t5-, L { r, ;,

v{ tj.>ttf OV,fcLi "ronrh LJtor,,! tinun"ial cr:tnch t/ sjt
irresurar,-/I t la q i 2.r o' / ^U, L I V! /i / / u l'',-/

,>v j- E <-7 & .;', J -z-v L',/; ) z / ot z. n i,/ -- 1. /


I I $ /, tL L,>, 7 z srt * r g{ .i: ;1 gt t! :U <- ) );

or", t : t ) a

*d rt5/'.ryL,t-qri,-{ f 'L,t/li,/and atove

Lt L 1 6 (yqt a ) -{t,' -( 4 I q i,t,.f ,',,t- / f Ltr,, L u.,, !

{, : L./.,T Jr -- * ;,8 7 i : 7 f ,1,1 -( sr! [t,.,.,( ; tu


/appoint /tl'+r;LtlrPlease appoint so and so

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j ;z further devel opment O^!,J,.-t r ri )V
"{.- -- L r),,, r r,e

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-(g,.l r"qr"rt
Mr. Speaker : I think you have asked a question, that would
:tgi ->12 zt1-G Ja tJ$dt] t appear in the question hour.
j'!tlr*rQggsl i )t-E ,-V
: ,>tt
I t1.l2tb7V

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=i, 14 ul t ; v,-f r,,
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Qbl) v?l c--ebOt$=, iec-k,-b. : itsGsf ltg/

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t a lr !g,
ont"c-,,)./lay d"(ada."rs L.-rt J)a4-,lla formal item

-gt:,/st|s1 :,>)VtotJ floor of rhe House

ry1,2, k =z

Mian Muhammad Yasin Khan Wattoo : Sir, I beg to lay on

the table an authenticated ccpy of the Address of the Prel,ident of
Pakistan made under Article 56(3) of the Constitutron before both
the Houses assembled together on the 23rd February, 1998, as
required by sub-rule (l) of rule 4l of the Rules of Procedure and
Conduct of Business in the National Assembly, 1992.

Mr. Speaker : [t stands laid. Thank you

Mian Muhammad Yasin Khan Wattoo : Thank yc u

Mr. Speaker : Now Minister for Foreign AfTairs !

Minister for I'oreign Affairs (Mr. Gohar Ayuo Khan) :

Janab Speaker Sahib with your permission I would like to make a

statement on the Pnme Minister's visit to China under Rt le-287.

Mr. Speaker : Please !



Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan : Thank you Sir. The Prirne Minister
paid an official visit to China and Hong Kong on l1-17 February
on the invitation of the Chinese Pnme Minrster Mr. Li I)eng.

The Prime Minister's visit was the thild high leve vis,t in less
than two years. These regular exhange of visits has helped
expansion of bilateral relations as well as continued coordination

and consultations among the two sides on various matters of

mutual rnterest.

During his talks with the Chinese leadership, the Prime

Minister focussed on reiteration of our longstanding ties of
friendship, mutual trust and confidence with a view to forging a
strong relationship with China in preparation for entenng the new

The Pnme Mrnister held wide ranging bilateral ties with his
counterpart. Bilateral relations, regional issues as well as
intemational developments were reviewed dunng the talks.

The Pnme Minister gave an in-depth bnefing to the Chinese

Premier on the Jammu and Kashmir issue and Afghanistan.

On the Kashmrr dispute the Prime Minister spoke of the

Indran intransigence in denying the Kashmiris right of
self-determination. Speaking in the historical context, the Prime
Minister referred to the illegal occupation of Kashmir by the Indian
forces, the commitments given by the Indian leaders, their
acceptance of the UN Security Council resulutions, calling for a
plebiscite and the subsequent Indian disavowal of these
commitments and renegating on their promises. He also briefed the
Chinese Premier on the atrocities being committed agains the
Kashmins by the Indian occupied forces and the violations of the
Line of Control. While reiterating Pakistan's commitments to the
cause of Kahmir, the Prime Mrnister updated the Chinese leaders
on the dialogue process.

The Chinese Premier prarsed the Pnme Minister's initiative of

resuming the dialogue with India and termed it as an act of

The Chinese leaders stressed the need for the peaceful

resolutron of the Kashmir issue on the basis of the UN resolutions.

Mr. Speaker : Order, order please

Mr, Gohar Ayub Khan : On Afghanistan the Pnme Minister

briefed the Chinese leaders on the efforts Pakistan has made to

narrow the gap between the various parties in Afghanistan, in onler

that the dialogue between them can bc promoted for a broad bas,ed
government in Kabul. The Chinese Premier expressed his countr y's
appreciation for the steps taken by the Prime Mrnister to promJte
the inter-Afghan dialogue.

On the current crisis in the Gulf both sides expressed -ull

suppo( for the implementation of the Secunty Council resolutions.
They agreed that the diplomatic efforts should be intensified as, in
their view, the crisis should be resolved without the use of force.
The Chinese Premier agreed wrth us on the importanc<: of
implementing all UN resolutions whether they pertain to Iraq,
Kashmir or Palestine on a non-selective basis.

The Prime Minister also held a meeting with the Chi rese
President Mr. Jiang Zemin. The Vice Premier of Chrna Mr. Zhu
Rongi also called on the Pnme Minister.

A pnmary focus during the Pnme Minister's visit to Clhina

was on mutually beneficial economic cooperation between tho two
countries. The Prime Minister addressed an Investment Confe:ence
and met with leadrng businessmen and investors in Beijing The
Prime Minister apprised them of the liberal investment clim.rte in
Pakistan and invited them to take advantage of it. Similarly, the
Pnme Minister addressed an Investment Conference in Hong Kong
where he met heads of the multinational companies and portfolio

At a meeting with the Chinese intellectuals and media le ,aders,

the Prime Minister spoke about Pakistan's foreign and dr:fence
policies, its stable domestic situation, and the priorities set by the

The Prime Minister also visited the special economic

development zone lt Zhthai where he was shown im[)ortant
industrial projects.

In Hong Kong the Prime Minister met with the Chief

Executive of the Hong Kong Administration Region Mr'. Tung
Chee Wha who expressed great appreciation for the measun:s taken
by the govemment for the revival of the economy as well as the

bilateral investment policies of Pakistan. The Prime Minister also

met with the leaders of the Pakistani business community in Hong

Pakistan and China enjoy an exemplary relationship. The

longstanding ties of friendship between the two countries are
underpinned by mutual trust and confidence. A close identity of
views on regional and intemational issues remains the hallmark of
bilateral ties. Pakistan considers its relationship with Chifla of great.
signrficance constituting the comerstone of its foreign policy.

The Prime Minister's visit to China was a manifestation of the

deep rooted ties of friendship between the two countries. These ties
are sustained by our commonality of interest on regional and
intemational issues.

Mr. Speaker : Order. Order. Adnan please. Stop your

conference in the entire group, please. The foreign mrnister is
making a statement and you are having your own conferences. It is
not in order. Please take your seats.

Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan : These ties are sustained by our

commonality of interest on regional and intematicnal issues. It is
note worthy that inspite of new developments in the region and
global scenario and in the face of multiple presiures, our time
tested relationship with China has remained vibrant, strong and
important as ever to both sides. Over the years this relationship has
gained strength and depth.

Pakistan and China have mutually beneficial cooperation in

multiple fields including industry, commerce, finance, defence and
culture. China has also given Pakistan balance of payments
support. In this context the Chinese Govemment has decided to
place US dollars 150/- million in the Natronal Bank of Pakrstan.

We believe that the Pnme Minister's visit represents a new

hall-mark in Pakistan-China relations. This was the first visit by the
Prime Minjster to China after the election last year; his first visit
after the l5th Chinese Communist Party Congess and re-election
of President JiangZemin and also his first visit to Hong Kong after
resumption of Chinese sovereignty over the territory.
') ') NATIONAL ASSEMBLY oF PAKISTAN [24th Fcb., 1996

The Prime Minister was received with great warmth and

enthusiasm in China which reflected the traditional friendship
between the two countries. The Chinese leaders reaffirrned that
their friendship with Pakistan was all-weather fnendship. 1'hey also
laid stress on developing a strong partnershrp with Pakistan in all
fields in preparation for the 2lst Century.

Dunng the visit the following agreements were signed :-

(a) Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation.

(The Agreement provides for a grant of Yuan 50 million
which comes to dollars 6 million Amencan to Pakistan
for a project to be identified by the two sides in due
course) i

(b) Agreement of Plant Quarantine

Thank you very much Mr. Speaker, tomorrow I will be

making a statement on the chemical weapon convention. And day
after on the F-16 and Ayaz Baloch issue and on Fnday hrhaallah
on Afghanistan. And, if so desired, on Monday, on the talks with
India. Thank you Sir.

Mr. Speaker : Naveed Qamar !

Syed Naveed Qamar : Thank you Srr. Srr, as before also we.
even this time, welcome the traditions that has been set by the
Honourable Foreign Minister of grving statements on the floor o'
the House rather than just coming out of the foreign office.
However, as in the past we would also request that like in the last
session we did start a debate on the foreign policy of Pakistan. But
it remained inconclusive. All these issues are meaningless only a
communique is read out over here unless a thorough debate, even
in the statement that has just been made by the Honourable Foreign
Minister. Some other terms and conditions of the inflow of the
money and so on need to be threshed out and laid before the House.
So whatever request is, and I am sure that the Foreign Ministlr
would not have any objection to it. Is that all of these statements
today and specially some of the subsequent ones which are
somewhat more contentious than one given today. Should all :e
part of a debate that should take place during discussion only :n

the foreign policy. I hope that he has no objection

Mrr Speaker : Thank you, we will do that. Minister for

Foreign Affairs !

Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan : Mr. Speaker Sir, I welcomed that

move even during the last session. I am absolutely ready any time
you fix the period, one day, two days. It is most welcome, Sir.

Mr. Speaker : We will fix up a day for discussion

Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan : I am trying to lay that healthy

traditions that the statelnents come from the Ministers on the floor
of the House on important issues. Thank you.

Mr. Speaker : Thank you. Now before we commence the

busrness, there is a request from Mr. Paracha that he wants his
calling attention notice. we take. If nobody has any objection I
would allow him to read his calling attention.



(tf +t [ -bt,/;,-*,bk ,-V 1l ' ^,,t4(ttt1tl7h

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Sl. t1i,1: t - sn L.{ vetieve s)P -,'

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!;t dt/t { !t-,rt 1 },-X g L Url t a- jP ( gt7r
.r=t t t

Mr. Speaker : Naveed Qamar Sahib would you take your sea
or sit. Naveed Qamar Sahib either sit rvith him or....

,! tr+inforrnarion 3J gq 7.,tt [- ;rr : S J(rt',

clezuly fl oor of t ne 1 +, L r) *4-t ;1? et ;f c- t
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* {,! discnmination itp L Or.,,ufi,leliminate $( { gr : r,
t{ t!, } Ut tr,1 t,4,e z L o r< | :E,-( g Q e- ^,,,! A + i U 0 y,-(

-e-,-t ) + 7 t s,e Vg ) [ 6e a-r ;6lt J tl e !6.

s,'.-f rddl,ioAd,a {,{-tf ,-fu,-7,,g} g;t

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,-fu t7 r 6 L'o Q $ g,r'e q z', { -fu } 1L -t ). ei,->1s,
6tt-FUVrrt-organised force {tgJ2s1r;g t-x { 4.--Jltf
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!-rQ6.,W -f ., i 11,,t- : k .,h
-,-ru k,.-U6t r', 15 rt;.' i, i{B
Mr. Speaker : Minister for Parliamentary Affairs !

)r;.-7 -6 g ii tl nEtgc,/,->>e t vt : i ryG u! lt dV


- adi scri m in ati ." fu ffi.F c.- O L. ) 6 -> l" tJ ;,8 tjq ryi'1 Ul
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z.-.:-* r! o {' r',

1!g;i a;"",,minution j{iv Lgtdb {.,,t-7i/So ,-,*

He does not mean it. -a(& ed]5Lrin/ -,.tJg--f -iV
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JQ,y,l ,-t -*>k
=V ol , J,,w l,i/B/,a
-ft-t x C t, - -- -x f, G,-( !( o ro *1 t rg t4 i,, -- * v tJ ),8
o,{ L ;n ;-;t Li L /,tuay,! tS, t-#{ gb2{)t r L g t, r

{or !,1 +.,..{} { -ui'- ! t) L Lu,Q,, ( !76 I -q,V

ot lri u{ f r-q lb i + t Loi' lq 4,,t 4q,4,.,
o' J?le,] - ; / a, -1si?, e y',-1,, / -={,t* 5 r

lT r*)rP ,P.,rt-7U! commitment y1{,tr'r-r9L-; ( {

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LO,-jn Jz ,-tj 51t7t1),r:ti )=t4y/ -l,/ "t"u, {,-)?
-,.1- u u!,f L gt - gt
y' ott is l.-(,-t t o r, i tv tt t

Mr. Speaker : Parliamentary Secretary please !

4rr - -t,, ), /d j,{ z- o rt r.- ,fl,-,q:SJLt:7

-t{, 1, $t v L u,l 4 t | qJ
/,i L o {l ( -?Jt y

t, J t o s ul ? /- t -, : t /,-( ! # venfication, t L q A {,-( d' t t

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-E-,1ltr-i , k =V
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ctt o, t

,ti'i,,gQ L L/{ {;tW,-( g{a;nq {,ti c:t) 2-t


Mr. Speaker : Thank you. Parliamentary Secretary please !

7'f fut7t; 4iA,,, / J(.,t'7 :

o) S,;rtgtTt j/.,itLJt-Ji-f inuertig uton ( *-Eg{ t

-Qtq -+,/ o ; j /,-6 c(' f.,, r,! ru *,ioql -,l rti

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t)tV - c- t ./
cgur.d -/ ri ght, z--., ! L g t a- L ;-r, ltl Odyq
zT -*o,F ,l,vi -g,usr" s,E r -rF k -u

-u! J.' ,J,ucf s1f u
Now we ,""u*" --f -q +gqt e( ,),r, , k
funher discussion on the resolution which is Item No. 3. Anybody
wants to ..... Yes, Naveed Qamar Sahib !



Syed Naveed Qamar : Thank you very much. Sir, as a mover

I would be winding up the debate. Sir, as this resolution was moved
on the I I th of the November. 1997 in which we and all the
mernbers of the House had urged the Govemment to take steps to
stop sectarian terrorism in the country. Sir, since November to this
day you, I and the entire nation have seen more massacres, more
killings, more innocent people die at the hands of demon of
sectarianism and of terrorism. Sir, a day does not pass when the
spin doctors of this Govemment don't remind us of the improve-
ment, the so called improvement in law and order situation and
every day that improvement is brutally shot down by the terrorist
on the streets of Karachr or Lahore or any other part of the country.
Sir, the merciless killings of Momenpura, the killing of innocent
children at the hands of terrorists was not enough of a slap on the
face of those who claim this kind of improvement. I think the
ki)ling of foreigners is a whole new dimension that has been added
to the body politics of Pakistan. The killings of Americans first, at
the hands of the terronsts and now Iranian Engineers workrng on
projects in Pakistan have blown totally out of proportion. This
demon is devouring Pakistani potential investment, peace and
tranquility, at large, of the citizens of this country. Sir, I can go on
and on and on giving you examples of the last one year's terrorism
and sectarian killings but I need not repeat it. Just take today's
newspaper and you will find the examples of people who have died
at the hands of terrorists or have died as a result of sectarian killing.

I don't need to repeat bccause each and every citizcn of this country
knows, each and every citizen o[ this country feels, each and ev,:ry
citizen has suffered in one way or the other at the hands of this
menace. The only response we get from the Govemment is ttat
they have passed anti-terrorist bills, that they have passed a law i,nd
that panacea of all ills that we have done ourjob which was to htrve
passed anti-terrorist bill law and now sectarianism and temorism as
somehow should automatically ceased. Sir, this is a most non-
serious way of attending to probably the mosl, besides ,.he
economic situation in the country, probably the most importrnt
issue the Government is facing today. The Govemment should Ieel
itself besieged by this problem. This Govemment should feel the
seriousness, I remember a time in the last Nawaz Shar f's
Govemment when one killing in Lahore had made him cancel his
tnp to Japan, but now the Govemment has become so insensitive,
so immune; has the Govetnment taken the killing of its own
citizens so much more granted that they are not prepared to e /en
pay heat.

Today Sir, the entire world is saying that the Government is

not serious about solving this problem. What a shame it was w ten
the Covemment of Iran had to officially calling our ambassador
and inform him that they did not think that Pakistan's Govemrrent
was serious in apprehending the killers of Iranian nationalr, in
Pakistan who have died in the hands of sectarian tenorists. Sir, isn't
it also shameful that the Amcrican Ambassador goes dowrr to
Karachi and say that no investment will come into Pakistan, no
American investor is prepared to come here until the Governnrent
take steps...

(At this stage Aazaan-e-Maghrib was heard)

Mr. Speaker : Naveed we shall contioue this discussion on

the next day. The House stands adjoumed to meet again tomorow,
Wednesday, the 25th February, 1998 at 5:00 p.m. Thank you very

[The House arljounted to meet at Five of the cLock, in the

aflentoon, on Wednesday, tlrc 25th Februarl, 19981.

PCPPr..25(2oo0) N.A.. -24- 1't -2OOO - - 1 OO