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Performance Assessment Sheet Name:

Area: PSTS
Job: GMAW Lap Joint Date:

Step Procedures Safety and Key Points Assessment/Points

1) Gather materials. a. 10 gauge or 1/8” coupons DO NOT FORGET your 5 pts
b. GMAW systems safety glasses and other PPE!
c. Safety glasses
d. Welding hood Make sure the proper wire is Peer Initials:
e. Pliers in the machine.
f. Welding booth with
ventilation Teacher Initials:
g. Long sleeve, flame
resistant welding shirt.
h. Closed-toe leather shoes
2) Set-up welding a. Once securing a booth and Make sure you set-up the lap 5 pts
booth and GMAW welder, set-up the joint squarely and evenly.
coupons. coupons so that one piece Peer Initials:
overlaps the other by at Make sure the ground clamp
least ½” – 1 ½” depending is connected to the table or Teacher Initials:
on the width of the coupon. near your work.
3) Set-up GMAW a. Turn on the machine. Make sure that once the valve 5 pts
machine. b. Turn on the gas (CO2 and is open there are no leaks,
Argon mixture) by first especially if it has been a Peer Initials:
slowly cracking the while since the system has
cylinder valve and then been used. REMEMBER to
opening it all the way. use soapy water or the special Teacher Initials:
c. Next, adjust the working leak check.
pressure valve to where it
reads 25-30 CFH.
d. Set the machine settings for
the proper volts and WFS
for the 10-gauge coupons.
4) Tack the lap joint. a. Once the machine is set to Make sure you tack the pieces 5 pts
the proper settings and the together!
lap joint is properly Peer Initials:
prepared, tack each corner
of the joint so that it does
not move later when the Teacher Initials:
weld is started.
5) Weld the joint. a. After all the proper Make sure that the weld 10 pts
adjustments have been puddle is begin PUSHED,
made, begin creating the NOT PULLED. This is how Peer Initials:
weld across the joint. it is done in the industry.
b. Make sure the travel angle
is 15-degrees and that the Use a whip-and-pause motion. Teacher Initials:
gun is held at roughly 30-
35-degrees for work angle.
c. Weld across the length of
the lap joint.
Performance Assessment Sheet Name:
Area: PSTS
Job: GMAW Lap Joint Date:

6) Analyze weld. a. Once the weld is 5 pts

completed, place the gun in
a location where its trigger Peer Initials:
will not be depressed, or if
it has a hook, hang it in a
safe spot. Teacher Initials:
b. Looking at the weld, look When looking at the weld,
for consistent coverage on make sure that the toe on both
BOTH the top and bottom plates ties in neatly and
plate. smoothly. (“Toe” is the edge
c. The weld bead should lay of the weld bead.)
relatively flat and create a
“triangle” with the two
7) Make necessary a. After analyzing the weld, Don’t be afraid to continually 5 pts
adjustments and make the necessary adjust the machine settings to
continue machine setting achieve a consistent weld. Peer Initials:
practicing. adjustments.
b. Continue practicing on the
other side of the metal, Teacher Initials:
since two joints will be
created by the overlap.
Total: 40 pts