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Super 4 Edition

Concentrating on the essentials

Multislice CT
Concentrating on the
Introducing the Asteion Super 4 multislice CT system. This new addition to
Toshiba's multislice family combines high-end detector technology and
reconstruction algorithms with an easy to use single console interface,
providing exceptional image quality for all CT examinations. Outstanding
reconstruction speed and automated MPR generation of true isotropic data
extend your diagnostic capabilities and push productivity forward.

For nearly 90 years, Toshiba has maintained a global

leadership position by manufacturing diagnostic imaging

systems to improve the quality of patient care.

In the Asteion Super 4, Toshiba brings together innovative

technologies in a single console. Featuring fast and efficient

/ ^
image reconstruction, giving clinicians access to high-quality

images, and powerful diagnostic tools enhancing workflow,

productivity and clinical outcomes.

Super 4 Edition—-
High Performance
Resulting from
Advanced acquisition with simple operation.
All operations have been made as simple as possible in
order to achieve this ideal.
The design maximizes both operator and patient comfort,
allowing the operator to focus on the examination rather
than system operation.

Guided Mode
Unique and intuitive operating mode that is available only from
Toshiba, based on many years of experience in diagnostic CT Imaging.

Navigation through the


* Clear explanation and graphics

• Wide variety of languages

Automated acquisition with exam Plan

For efficient workflow, protocols are tailored for each individual institution

Maximum 360 protocols

Maximum 4 reconstruction settings for each protocol

- Parameters can be adjusted interactively during scanning

Automated procedures
The following procedures can be preset in the protocols and are
automatically performed after the data acquisition and reconstruction:

- MultiView

Auto-transfer/ Auto-archiving

With fast, thin-slice and wide range scanning the Asteion Super 4 brings a

whole new view to CT. It produces precise anatomical images, from bone

to delicate peripheral nerves, and handles the most demanding run-off

studies — providing the critical information you need to give your patients

the best diagnostic care available.

The Quantum detector leverages Toshiba's expertise in ceramic tec
to capture true isotropic images with 0.5 mm slice acquisition. This
provides clinicians with high-quality volume data sets that:

Have the optimal voxel size tor any region ot the body

Share axial image quality in all imaging planes

Otter highly detailed MPR and 3D views ot anatomy an

A A large pneumothorax is demonstrated on coronal and axial images in this patient with chronic emphysema. Toshiba's RASP algorithm eliminates
streak artifact from the shoulders allowing accurate visualization of the lung apecies.

A SureStart ensures accurate phase timing is achieved for multiphasic scans of the liver.
A A large, old infarct is shown in the left fronto-parietal region. A Volume rendering beautifully demonstrates airway anatomy in this
isotropic lung scan acquired with 1 mm slice thickness. A 3 cm
bronchial carcinoma is seen in the left lung.

The entire aorta and its braches can be assessed in a single A This curved axial reconstruction demonstrates patent renal arteries
volumetric acquisition. bilaterally.
smooth workflow
MultiView automation
The MultiView function automatically reconstructs MPR images as part of
the exam protocol, providing both diagnostic and timesaving benefits:

View images in any plane for increased

diagnostic capabilities

Minimize the number of images that need to

be filmed

Reduce costs and enhance workflow

T-mode filming**
The T-mode filming function facilitates easy sorting of patient's films.

Clear indication of the patient name, date and film number at the
bottom of each film

Automatic assignment of the film number

Large images format for improved visualization

Patient positioning with outstanding ease

A long 1,800 mm scanable range, wide 47 cm couch width and a large
gantry aperture of 72 cm are enhanced by the following design features.

Auto set/Auto-home of the couch with foot switch operation to

keep the operator "hands-free"

- Lowest couch height of 31 cm

Gantry tilt/couch control from console


The Asteio n Super 4 can be easily integrated

into existir g networks. Networking
possibilitie s include an HIS/RIS interface and * r
full-DICOIV capability for the distribution of
high-qualit у images and information
throughou I the hospital.
* The console desk is not included in the standard system.
*" Not available with all imagers.
With low
This is multislice CT that supports Computed Volume Imaging, including
high-precision 3D diagnosis and virtual endoscopic display.
Taking full advantage of excellent image quality and high scanning
speeds, Toshiba continues to strive for further reductions in X-ray
exposure and further improvements in patient- and user-friendliness in
all aspects of CT examination.

Dose reduction technology

Real-time exposure control with Real EC automatically adjusts the tube
current to patient anatomy to reduce dose with no loss in image quality.

Up to approximatly 40% dose reduction

Tube current modulated every rotation

• Scanning optimized tor each patient
A This aorto-bifemoral CT angiogram demonstrates a long segment narrowing of the right external iliac artery and a focal stenosis of the right
common iliac artery.
A An extensive network of venous collaterals is seen in this patient A Incredible detail of the mesenteric arterial branches is seen on this
with a SVC obstruction. thin slab MIP projection.

A The displacement of the left iliac bone fracture is easily A Isotropic 0.5 mm slice thickness provides unsurpassed detail in
demonstrated to surgeons and patients with 3D volume rendering. examinations of the extremities.


Practice real-time radiology for outstanding results
Toshiba's real-time technologies continue to set the pace for fast, safe and accurate procedures.
This unique tool kit allows clinicians to utilize the lowest possible dose and contrast mediums
during shorter exams, helping minimize patient discomfort while maximizing effective outcomes.

Main scan (helical) is
performed at optimal contrast.
SureStart CT contrast exams
SureStart continuously monitors contrast in the target region and

seen \
•nd automatically begins the scan at optimal enhancement to:

в contrast density reaches the threshold,

:oilng scan terminated and main scan is
Increase exam efficiency by eliminating repeat procedures

Improve exam quality with continuous bolus tracking at

8 frames per second

Reduce contrast usage by obviating the need for a test bolus

Instantaneous image display

By providing instantaneous visualization of acquired images at
12 frames per second, real-time CT image display enables clinicians to:

Monitor a patient study "on the fly"

Identify a patient's condition quickly

Large patient throughput and speedy critical care decisions

Advanced CT algorithms
The Asteion Super 4 employs a variety of post-processing filters to
enhance image quality during low-dose techniques.

Unprocessed Processed
RASP (Raster Artifact Suppression Protocol)
•ПИUnprocessed Processed
Beam-Hardening Correction
Discover a new level
diagnostic precision
The Asteion Super 4 features industry-leading technologies that deliver extreme

diagnostic power. By combining outstanding resolution and speed the scanner is

optimized for isotropic detail while promoting

the highest possible throughput.

Real-time CT fluoroscopy
Because real-time CT fluoroscopy tracks biopsy needle movement
at 8 frames per second, interventional procedures are easier,
quicker and more accurate than ever.

* Shows the needle in 3 contiguous images in real-time

for precise positioning and control
Improves the accuracy of biopsy procedures

Offers patients greater safety and less discomfort

Thin-slice imaging
Featuring advanced Quantum detector technology, the Asteion Super 4
uses the thinnest slices of any system in its class.

Captures 4 x 0.5 mm slices per rotation

Delivers exceptional image quality for maximum

diagnostic confidence

Reduces artifact from metal to better evaluate the hardware,

bone and soft tissues

Clinical flexibility from thick to thin

The Quantum detector offers multiple slice widths, from 0.5 mm to 5 mm.

Choose thin-slice acquisitions for high-resolution


Select thicker slices acquisitions for greater speed

1 mm x 9 rows

0.5 mm x 4 rows
and widest coverage

Up to 53 mm/s (4 x 5 mm @ pitch factor 2) 1 mm x 9 rows

covering the entire scanable range in less than 33 s

for trauma patients 0.5mmX4 1.0mmX4 2.0mmX4 3.0mmX4 4.0mmX4 5.0mmx4

Increased workload without delay

The HeliCool X-ray tube gives you the power to complete any scan with no tube cooling delays orwaiting times.

4.0 MHU heat capacity

864 kHU/min cooling rate

*• Liquid bearing technology

Proven tube performance and clinical flexibility

Extend your range and workflow capabilities

The Asteion Super 4 is equipped with a new couch and a 1,800-mm scan range offering:

Enhanced CT angiographic run-off capabilities

Maximum scan flexibility without repositioning

Greater exam coverage and patient comfort

For over 125 years, Toshiba has led the world in
Toshiba — A History
developing technology to improve the quality of life.

of Leadership
This Made for Life commitment is reflected in our
family of leading-edge imaging systems for CT, MRI,
ultrasound, cath labs, X-ray and nuclear medicine.
- 1989 First Helical CT Scanner
From creating the first slip-ring CT scanner in 1985 to
— 1993 • First Real-time CT Fluoro
pioneering 0.5 mm isotropic scanning in 1999,
1998 First 500 msec CT
Toshiba continues to build upon its legacy with 2002 First 400 msec CT
technological innovation that improves patient care 2003 First 32-slice CT Scanner
while providing lasting quality for a lifetime of value. \— 2004•-First 64-slice CT Scanner

Super 4 edition —

Made for Life


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