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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2019 

Student Name  Sosina Demissie  Class Period   1 

Research Topic  Cultural and language heritages of Ethiopia  

Thesis Statement  Inform audiences about multi-ethnic Ethiopian culture and 

What you intend to prove   languages 

Description of Product  References on selected four     

languages and culture as 
reflected by clothing 

Form of Product  ❏ Video/Documentary/YouTube Channel 

(Highlight all that apply)  ❏ Creation/Artwork/Tangible Item 
❏ Education 
❏ Service 
❏ Social Media Campaign (must include another selection) 
❏ Other 

Please explain your  I will be using references from the Internet and my life experience 
product (with specific  to teach about Ethiopian culture and language. I’m going teach in 
details?)  mr.shendler classroom. 

Describe the connection  I will be basing my research following the annotated bibliography 
between your research  to make my product complete 
(annotated bibliography) 
and your product. 

How will you display this  I will use Weebly to share my digital portfolio. With pictures, lesson 
in your digital portfolio?  plans ​maybe v
​ ideo 

Estimate the number of  About 15 hours 

hours needed to 
complete ALL of the 
items on your to do list 
(page 2) including your 
final product. ​You must 
document at least ten 
(10) fieldwork hours 
outside of class. 

Explain how you will  I will document using my mobile phone or a journal as necessary. 
document each and 
every step for 
completing your product 
(journal, blog, video blog, 

What do you hope ​to  How to present and communicate to others, and observe their 
learn​ during this  reaction. 
My To Do List 
Below list the steps and timeline you will ​attempt to​ follow to complete your product. As you complete 
the product,  
make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. T ​ he log will be turned in on March 
18, 2019! 

Steps  Completed by Date 

1. Read the references   

2. Get some artifacts or images representing the culture    

3. Bring food and share with class   

4. Maybe go to Little Ethiopia in LA to gather additional information   

5. Share with my friends about some Ethiopian restaurants     

6. Demonstrate how to make some food    

7. Find a suitable location to share my culture as well learn other cultures   

8. Summarize my research and prepare a draft for presentation   

9. Review the draft and start rehearsing   

10. Present to the class   

Student Signature    Date   

Teacher Signature    Date   

Accepted As-Is     

Accepted With Modifications