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The mausoleum of Hadrat Khaja Moinuddin Chisti

Ya Gharib Nawaz

There should be the look of your kindness upon this poor

As I am in a broken condition so to take care of me soon

You are the doctor of soul am a spiritual patient

So cure me as you are helper and well known for this

Kindle a fire of love and flourish the nest of my life

So that there should be kindled the spark of my heart

Make me mad by giving the wine of Chistiya

And by looking into my eyes in this matter.

So that there will no veil and I can see the reality

Kindly give such look to my sight, oh Gharib Nawaz

So that when there will be call and hear the reply

Oh Gharib Nawaz gives such effect on my tongue

Hafeez is suffering much in the problems of life

So Gharib Nawaz does not keep away from this poor

BY Hafeez Anwar