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Gabriel Gonzalez

Ms. Cunningham

English Literature

12 March 2019

Gabriel´s Team of Hope - Conclusion

For the topic of my capstone I decided to create my own soccer team by getting

players around 14-18 years old to play on my soccer team. I made this soccer team to

build up players confidence on the field to be able to do amazing on the field. My

players may not have been the best players but with practice they will improve. I want to

give my team hope that they can get better with some practice if they work hard


With this topic I wanted to help people in the community to build their confidence

in playing with other teams and random people in order to do well on the field. Many

people lack confidence when they see someone is better than them, they always put

themselves down saying maybe they are not as good as someone and I am trying to

help motivate themselves to not put themselves down but to work harder to be able to

be better than they were the day before. A possible solution that I identified was making

interaction drills with the team to help them work together and talk to each other to build

a bond. Through this process I was hoping to learn some new ways to build confidence

in a team and to know how it is to train a team to become better the than they were.

At the beginning I was planning on just practicing twice a week for 2 hours, but

sometimes we practiced for 3 to 4 hours and sometimes like 3 to 4 times a week. Some
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obstacles that I encountered throughout my experience was rain on practice days and

players not showing up to practice or showing up to games. Throughout the process I

have been able to hold practice at a local park and have games for my team to play on

fridays. On our friday games out of the four games we were able to win one and tie

another. My team and I practiced at different parks, at the beginning i was planning on

just going to one park, but I went to three different parks.

Through this process I feel like I accomplished improvement in my team and was

able to improve their confidence just a little bit to be able to do skill moves on the field.

From the topic I chose I learned that it’s not always easy to create your own team and

train them because your players may not show up to practice or your players would not

take practice serious. I also learned that I am able to motivate my team to push

themselves in practice and in the game. I am able to build some confidence in people

by complimenting them in their progress and motivating them that they can do it better. I

am particularly proud that my team was able to win at least one game and tied another

during the 5 weeks. I wish I could have been a bigger help on building their confidence

on the field so they can become better.

I feel like I made a bit of a difference because my players improved in their

confidence and are able to do things they were not able to do before. If I had more time

and more resources I would have had more players and more equipment to practice

with and I would have had my team enter in a tournament if it was possible. Advice I

would give to any incoming seniors is to choose a topic you usually already do on a
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daily basis because then it becomes more simpler. Also don’t try to do a topic that is

over the top unless you are able to make it happen.