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World War I

In late June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist
in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Austria-Hungary made sure they had the backing of Germany, with whom they
had a treaty declared war against Serbian (while Serbia get the backing of Russia, with whom they
had a treaty)


1: Mutual Defense Alliances

 A number of alliances had been signed by countries between the years 1879 and 1914.
Owing to this countries had no option but to declare war if one of their allies declared war
1881 1882
1879 The Triple Alliance
The Dual Alliance Austro-Serbian Alliance

Austria-Hungary made an Germany and Austria-

Germany and Austria-Hungary alliance with Serbia to stop
made an alliance to protect Hungary made an alliance
Russia gaining control of with Italy to stop Italy from
themselves from Russia Serbia taking sides with Russia

1914 1894
Triple Entente (no separate Franco-Russian Alliance

Russia formed an alliance

with France to protect
Britain, Russia and France agreed herself against Germany
not to sign for peace separately. and Austria-Hungary
1907 1904
Triple Entente Entente Cordiale
Anglo-Russian Entente

This was made between Russia, This was an agreement, but

This was an agreement
France and Britain to counter the not a formal alliance,
between Britain and Russia
increasing threat from Germany. between France and Britain.
2: Imperialism
 Imperialism is when a country increases their power and wealth by bringing additional
territories under their control. Before World War 1, Africa and parts of Asia were points of
contention amongst the European countries. This was especially true because of the raw
materials these areas could provide. The increasing competition and desire for greater
empires led to an increase in confrontation that helped push the world into World War I.

3: Militarism
 As the world entered the 20th century, an arms race had begun. By 1914, Germany had
the greatest increase in military buildup