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I have the book my brother bought last gear. This book is a novel entitled Aldinaya.

I like this novel

because it has puzzles that we can’t yet solve by ourselves, have entertainment in it, and grooves that
make the readers curious about the continuation of the story in this novel, and also many touching
words. I read novel if I feel bored.

The color of the cover of this novel is dominated by white, with the little being pink and a bird. Under
the heading there are quotes and above the little there is the name of the author. On the firs page I
wrote the name as a sign of my ownership. There also the name of the book publisher and there are
also pictures of small flowers. This book written by Deadela has 474 pages divided into 41 sections.
Behind the book there is a short message delivered by the author and also there is a book author
profile. In the back of the novel are pictures of men and a summary of this novel. From this novel I can
take many lessons ways to keep trying even though we don’t the results and be patient with all kinds od
tests given.