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MedGyn MGC-200 TM

Cryotherapy System
A practical and effective solution for cervical cancer precursors

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More than 270,000 women die from
cervical cancer every year.
Cervical Dysplasia affects women worldwide. Progress is being made in vaccinating young women
before they become sexually active. However, for women already affected with cervical dysplasia,
cryotherapy is widely accepted as a practical and effective method for treating cervical cancer

According to the World Health Organization, cryotherapy is recommended for use in low-resource
settings because it is effective, has limited side effects, and does not require electricity.**
It is inexpensive and easy to use option compared to other treatment options.

MedGyn’s Cryotherapy “For’s numerous women’s healthcare missions to Africa

System was designed in and Latin America, my cryosurgical freezer of choice is the MedGyn MGC-200.
The MedGyn MGC-200 provides the consistently superior freeze and instant
conjunction with doctors defrost needed to treat cervical cancer precursors. Working with the staff at
and engineered by MedGyn has always been a pleasant, efficient, and professional experience. When
cryogenic experts to ensure first started,
we had dozens of technical questions.
the highest performance,
MedGyn was always promptly available
safety, and absolute to guide us through these challenges.
convenience. MedGyn’s Whether it was which adapter for which
Cryotherapy System is country, cryotip size recommendations,
safety, or utilization of CO2 or N2O tanks,
designed for simple use.
the MedGyn team was there to help us
every step of the way.”
-Dr. Patricia Gordon, Beverly Hills Can-
cer Center and

*WHO Technical Specifications: Cryosurgical equipment for the treatment of precancerous cervical lesions and prevention of cervical cancer. World Health
Organization, Geneva, 2012
**WHO Guideline Specifications: Cryosurgical guidelines for the screening and treatment of cervical cancer. Who Health Organization, Geneva, 2014
MedGyn MGC-200 Cryotherapy System TM

MedGyn’s MGC-200 Cryotherapy System is engineered by cryogenic experts

with consistent performance in mind. MedGyn’s MGC-200 Cryotherapy System
includes a built-in regulator to reduce and control pressure at the tip for added
safety and economy. This regulator provides constant performance at varying tank

Features and Benefits

• Total single-hand control from the
three-position trigger.
• Trigger automatically latches in ‘freeze’
position, permitting fingers to relax during
procedure. Go from ‘off ’ to ‘freeze’, or from
‘off ’ to ‘defrost’ using only one control.
The trigger automatically returns to ‘off ’
position from ‘defrost’.
• Convenient trigger shape and
operation provides greater comfort and
reduces fatigue for both patient and
• Built-in remote exhaust ports vent
refrigerant gas away from patient and
provider for maximum safety.
• Comfortable handle with hose exit at base
provides balance and ability to relax fingers
from trigger during procedure.
• Built-in regulators at no extra cost to reduce
and control pressure at tip for added economy
and safety.

019000 MedGyn MGC-200 Cryotherapy System

019019 Carry Case for MedGyn Cryotherapy System (optional)
Cryotherapy System Accessories

MedGyn Cryo Tips:: Interchangeable, autoclaveable tips in special

high-thermal conductive gold alloy.

019002/2507 Cryotherapy Tip GT-2507 Endo/Exocervical, Large

019002/2500 Cryotherapy Tip GT-2500 Exocervical, 25mm Flat

019002/1910 Cryotherapy Tip GT-1910 Endo/Exocervical, Small

019002/1905 Cryotherapy Tip GT-1905 Exocervical, Convex (19mm x 5mm)

019002/1900 Cryotherapy Tip GT-1900 Exocervical,19mm, Flat Tip

019002/0832 Cryotherapy Tip GT-0832 Anorectal

019002/0811 Cryotherapy Tip GT-0811 Skin Lesion, 8mm Diam, 45° angle

019002/0800 Cryotherapy Tip GT-0800 Endocervical, Round

019002/0519 Cryotherapy Tip GT-0519 Endocervical, (Nulli-Parous)

019002/0507 Cryotherapy Tip GT-0507 Skin Lesion, 5mm Diam, 45° angle

019002/0219 Cryotherapy Tip GT-0219 Mirco, 2mm Diam

General Specifications
019000 MedGyn MGC-200 Cryotherapy System
Refrigerant: Nitrous Oxide (N20) or Carbon
019003 O Ring For Cryo System
Dioxide (CO2) medical-grade from non-syphon
019001 Cart for cylinder, 6lb or 20lb cylinders

Working Gas Pressure: CO2: 40-70Kg/cm2

N2O:40-70 Kg/cm2

Indicator: Pressure: 0-210 Kg/cm2

Cylinder Size: E-size or 20lb cylinder