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School SMK Sungai Nibong Date 04/05/2018 Friday

Class Form 4Dinamic Class size 22 students
Time period 7.50 – 8.50 am Duration of lesson 60 minutes
Subject English Learning area Grammar
Topic Active ageing
Theme Social issues
Key Concept Verb and preposition combinations
Adjective and preposition combinations
Learning Use the appropriate phrasal verbs.
Learning At the end of the lesson, students should be able to :
Outcomes  Underline the phrasal verbs
 Understand the different meaning of all the phrasal verbs
 Use appropriately in the sentences.
Student’s background knowledge Basic knowledge of verb, adverb, preposition, nouns
thinking skills ICT, knowledge, acquasition
Scientific attitudes and noble values Teamwork.
Teaching and learning resources 1. Reference
2. Equipment / apparatus Marker pen. Paper. Blank Comic strip
3. Materials
Teaching approach

Lesson Content / Concept Teaching and Learning Remark /
Development Process note
( Teacher action & student
activity )

Phase 1 Bingo-phrasal verb Fill in a square of 25smaller

SET squares with 25 different
INDUCTION phrasal verbs.
( 5minutes ) The first to get all five(5)
crossed out
y will be crowned as winner.

Phase 2 Presentation/explanatio Read dialogue between two Reading text

DEVELOPMEN n people & highlight all the (Conversatio
TA phrasal verb . n between
(Explanation ) Answers the teacher’s two people)
( 10 minutes ) questions orally regarding the

Phase 3 Checking meaning Match the phrasal verbs with its Worksheet
TB Gap fill
( Exploration ) Gap fill with suitable phrasal
( 15minutes ) verb

Phase 4 Preparing written In pair, write a conversation b 3-pages

DEVELOPMEN conversation which they have to include all comic strip
TC the phrasal verbs they have
( Applicatiom / learnt.
Elaboration )
( 20 minutes )

Phase 5 Song+lyrics By listening to the song… Making