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Peyton Scott

English Comp 2

Emily Kretzer

6 March 2019

Annotated Bibliography

The main purpose to my essay is to the question of why are giraffes now on the

endangered species list. But this is going to dive deeper into these issues and how they are

happening. Giraffes are something that many people always see so it doesn’t raise the question to

being endangered and road to extinction. Often times people don’t know what is happening in

their natural habitat that is now preventing them from living. So this entire essay is going to

answer why are giraffes now becoming endangered and how can this be prevented?

Cerezo, Anna. “Giraffe subspecies listed as ‘critically endangered’ for first time.” ABS-

CBN News, ABS-CBN News. 27 Nov 2018


This article informs the specific subspecies of giraffes and how they are being listed.

Some have been labeled as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered which can all lead to

extinction. With all of those they lead to extinction. Their purpose of writing this is to inform

readers what is happening to the giraffes and essentially how they are going under a “silent

extinction”. Along with all of the negatives and how certain subspecies are at a halt they also

mention some that conservation efforts have helped increased some of their populations,

showing there is still time to save some.

This article was written with a news source and I do believe it is a credible and reliable

source. The writer used a lot of good resources to write this and cited from where they got the
information from. The places that a lot of the evidence came from are several of the giraffe and

wildlife foundation, who are very reliable especially with this topic.

In this essay I am going to use this source to help back up my thoughts and reasons why

giraffes are becoming extinct. A lot of the evidence used in this will be able to support my claim

in this essay and give slight bit of positivity. Which that comes from the mention of some of the

conservation efforts that have been made and have been working.

Dewast, Louise. “Giraffes in Danger of Extinction:“Why Their Numbers Have Dropped”.

ABC News, ABC News, 3 Dec 2014
This article is mainly about the giraffes and reasons why the number in their populations

out in the wild have been drastically decreasing. Over time there hasn’t been much talk on

anything regarding the fact that giraffes could easily become extinct. Now with the lack of

conservation efforts. The main reason they describe in this article for the road to extinction is

poaching over in Africa. Then they go into some more detail as to what they use them for in

certain countries. Even with many of the actions taken place being illegal there are still people

finding ways to do it and now it is having a drastic impact on populations.

This article came from another news source and I believe it is a reliable source. The

writer of this included good evidence and even cited from a giraffe conservation research group.

In which they had included statistics and research on giraffes and how they are become

endangered and as many have said a “silent extinction”.

In my essay I am going to use some of research that had been done out of this and

implement it in. I can also use the statistical quote written in here to try and visualize some of my
points on how populations have been decreasing. This article gave a good reason as to why the

populations are decreasing as well so that tacts in another reason I can use to talk about.

GCF. “IUCN Red List Update.” Giraffe Conservation Foundation, GCF, 14 Nov 2018

This article is a very recent update on the subspecies of giraffes and were they land on the

scales. Not only that but it also describes many of the threats and reasoning of their

endangerment and the conservation efforts that should be taken place. They list the specific

subspecies of the giraffes and how they stand on the endangerment scales. They show that there

are two subspecies that are critically endangered and one that is endangered, but there are a total

of nine subspecies with two others who have become vulnerable. They do mention some

positives considering two of them previously were endangered and now are listed down as

vulnerable. They also help inform some of the major threats out in the wild for the giraffes and

reasons why populations have decreased and how important conservation efforts are.

This source comes from an actual giraffe conservation foundation, and they are very

reliable. They research and get all if their information by researchers who go out and identify all

of these and conclude the research. They are a really large organization that is specifically made

for giraffes and help out with conservation efforts and raising money. You can make donations to

help researchers go out and implement conservation efforts and you can even adopt a giraffe in

the wild.

I will use this article as a major part of my research. This is really a great source and it

provides a lot of very good information on the threats, specific subspecies and again with some

positives on how effective conservation can be. I will use it to help conclude many of my claims

and support in my essay.

Carrington, Damian. “Giraffes facing extinction after devastating decline, experts warn.”

The Guardian,Guardian News, 8 Dec 2016
This article has multiple different things along with it other than just giraffes. They show

statistics of giraffe and other animal decrease populations over time and show the comparisons

from then to now. They also mention some other species that are undergoing the same way as the

giraffes are. One point that they make in this article is about how many people are mistaken

when it comes to giraffes. Since many would believe that populations are doing good because

they see giraffes in zoos and pictures of them online all of the time. But that is not the case since

now they are becoming endangered and we can now see the reality of them out in t wild and how

we need conservation.

This article comes from an online news source in which they write articles on recent

events happening. This is a reliable source I believe because they use credible evidence in the

article to backup their claims. Not only that they provide a lot of very good information and

many of the ideas have consistent with other sources.

I am going to incorporate many of the statistics and information from this article in my

essay. I would also like to use some of the information about the other animals they talk about in

this. I want to get a big picture of everything and show that it is not only happening to giraffes

but many other species as well and we need the conservation efforts.

Bowerman, Mary. “Vulnerable to extinction: What giraffes are up against.” USA Today,

USA Today Network, 13 Dec 2016
This article gives a lot of insight onto what is happening right now in the wild for the

giraffes. They explain some of the reasoning behind the decline in the populations and they give

some really good visuals and statistics to see how the decline is happening. The main reason they

talk about in this is habitat loss. And they even mentioned how Africa's “population boom” is

going to affect that even more than it already is effected now. Again with some positivity they

give some examples on certain other species of animals in which conservation efforts have

worked and now increasing some of them. Having that to stress the importance of conservation

and explaining how we should be doing the same for giraffes now.

This article came from a news source and I believe it is very reliable. They cited and used

good evidence to back up their claims and even had created a video to explain mostly what the

article is saying. They also provide some good statistics of the numbers to the decline in

populations and cited their sources. Not only that again it has a lot of similar ideas to other

sources continuing to make it consistent with information.

I am going to use this article for my essay. I want to incorporate many of the ideas of why

habitat loss is becoming an issue and relates to the decline. As well as I would like to mention

the human population increase especially in Africa and how that is going effect it even more.

And lastly I want to incorporate the idea of their example of the other animal and how

conservation efforts had helped to show that we could do the same with giraffes and how they do


Chan, Tessa. “Giraffe expert raises fears the animal faces extinction if conservation

efforts don’t happen soon.” South China Morning Post, South China Morning Post, 12 Jun 2018
This article is a mixture of many things regarding the road to extinction for giraffes. They

mention in this how now there are already seven countries in Africa where giraffes have been

extinct from. Along with that they mention the decline in the population and how it has now

gone down forty percent. GCF has been the only giraffe organization and have people working to

implement conservation in many of these countries. Not only that they mention two of the major

reasons why populations are decreasing due to habitat loss and overpopulation of humans. And it

is not only affecting giraffes it is also harming and doing the same to other wildlife.

Overall I believe this is a credible and reliable source. Its written by a news source and is

solely based on expert research. All of the information gathered in this are from the people of

GCF and ones who have gone out and conducted this research. They cited and used very reliable

resources for this article.

A good portion of this article is consistent with others and I will be using some of the

statistics and research used in this article for my essay. A lot of the points they made in this will

be really good to help support my ideas and writing in my essay. Also I will be able to use some

of the information they wrote about this stuff happening to much other wildlife to support my

point that it is not only giraffes its many other species as well, and we need conservation.

Vitale, Ami. “How to Save the World’s Tallest Animal.” National Geographic, National

Geographic Society, 21 Jun 2017


This article's main purpose is to inform with a brief update on what is happening with

giraffes in the wild. They explain the major decline in the populations as well as the reasoning as

to why it is happening. Which is the habitat loss and fragmentations plus they mention the
poaching that also happens which affects the populations. Then Vitale goes on to explain some

of the conservation efforts and the lack of long term efforts and how that makes it much more

difficult now. The efforts have been overlooked by many and still not many people are

knowledgeable of what is happening to our wildlife.

This article was written by National Geographic, which they are a very reliable source for

research and knowledge. They specifically have experts and specifically study wildlife and the

environment. They write cited sources and quotes from experts and obtain the most quality for


I am going to use this in my essay. I want to mention what they had wrote in here with

some of the conservation efforts and the tracking systems they have created to monitor them. As

well as still backing up consistent evidence that is used in this to support my ideas and what I