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C.B. Development Services Inc 

Randon Petrae

Experience  all documentation and credits for submission of 

  LEED Silver rating at project completion. 
C.B. Development Services, Inc. 
Project Manager  Rand Construction Corporation 
Philadelphia, PA October 2018-Present    
  Assistant Project Manager  
Randon is currently a Project Manager at CB  Alexandria, VA April 2010-May 2012 
Development Services and has been working on  Worked on numerous commercial interior tenant 
the AMC Theater at the Fashion District in center 
fit outs being responsible for all project 
city. Randon’s responsibilities on this project have 
been, but not limited to, overseeing the  documentation and controls for projects ranging 
construction process, reviewing all GC change  from $300k to $2MM. Reviewing and being 
orders for proper scope of work and pricing  responsible for submittals, change orders, RFI’s, 
accuracy. Additionally, Randon is assisting in  subcontracts, O & M manuals. Led weekly on-site 
tracking the overall project budget, schedule and  progress meetings with tenant, owner and 
working with the owner to properly appropriate  architect. Main point of contact for subcontractor 
funds as necessary to complete the build out.  
coordination, scheduling and change order 
pricing. Responsible for on-going service work 
Newmark, Grubb, Knight & Frank    
after project completion. 
Senior Project Manager Washington, 
DC November 2015-March 2018 
Peris Companies Inc. 
Owner representative and construction 
manager responsible for the entire construction  Construction Assistant 
Falls Church, VA June 2008-January 2009 
process from assisting the brokers with the test 
fit to design of the suite, completion of 
construction and project close out. Developed 
scopes of work and finalized contracts of the 
Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering ​2008  
project architect, engineer, furniture dealer, 
The Ohio State University 
mover and IT/AV vendor. Developed and   
maintained overall project budget, schedule  Affiliations 
and worked with landlord to properly 
appropriate tenant allowance funds as 
U.S. Green Building Council    
necessary to complete the build out. Trained  LEED AP ID+C 2011 
and assisted project managers as needed on   
NGKF processes.   
John Moriarty & Associates​ of Virginia     
Project Engineer 
Arlington, VA May 2012-November 2015 
Worked on numerous new multi-family 
apartment buildings assisting the Project Manager 
with buyout, release, schedule and management 
of all subcontractors. On-site supervision of 
below grade waterproofing, façade and interior 
finishes. Responsible for tracking and maintaining