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Summer Internship Training Report

Micro Turners Pantnagar, Uttrakhand


UmaShankar Patel

Company profile :-

The company has successfully implemented ISO/TS16949

Quality System and it was certified by “DNV” a New Zealand
based Company
The Company was floated under the dynamic leadership
of Mr. Anil Sehgal in 1983 manufacturing for automobile
and engineering industries. The Company is situated in
the Hills of Himachal Pradesh.

Today, micro turners is one of the leading manufacturers

of shaft type components to most of the automobile
industries in India. Its manufacturing operations are
housed in a covered area of 40,000 sq. ft.

Micro turners is the Leading manufacturer of shifting rods

& allied components in India.

> Basic Company Principles

- Long Term Partnerships
- Commitment Towards Customers
The core strength of Micro organization is the latest
machining facilities and the dedicated man power of
appox. 300 nos. which comprises of Qualified Engineers,
Skilled Machinists and Competent Administrative

Micro turners has designed S.P.M’s for doing the critical

operations which are otherwise difficult to do in
conventional machining. For effective measurement micro
turners has designed gauges for every operation even if
the operation is small.

Projects assigned :-
I was given an opportunity to do the following projects at
Micro Turners, Pantnagar, so that I can use my theoretical
and diplomatic knowledge in the real situation.

1. supplementary report on the price amendment of auto


2. Cash management

3. Article on the “Reduction of Tax amount in

Manufacturing Company”.

Objective :-

1. supplementary report on the price amendment of

auto parts :-

The main objective of the “supplementary report on the

price amendment of the auto parts” is to calculate the
amount that should be debited or credited to the party,
and to provide information to the company so that number
of such supplementary reports in a month can be reduced.
2. Cash management :-

The purpose of preparing a cash flow projection is to

shortages or excesses in cash. Ways to reduce the amount
of cash paid out includes having fewer inventories, reducing
purchases of equipment or other fixed assets, or eliminating
some operating expenses. The objective is to finally develop
a plan which, if followed, will provide a well-managed flow of

3. Article on the “Reduction of Tax amount in

Manufacturing Company”

Mainly, this article is written to review the method that can

be adopted by manufacturing companies in Pantagar, to
reduce the tax amount that should be paid to government.


In the starting and completing of these report and projects,

we have adopted two method to collect the information.

A. Primary method :-
In the primary method, I have adopted a median that is
ERP System of the company to collect that data that is
required to calculate, so that a conclusion and decision
can be taken.

B. Secondary Method :-
In the secondary method I have run to the Internet and
News Papers to the article and to collect data that can
help me to complete projects and Article.
Other Activities:

1. Stores Functions:
I learnt how various stores operations are performed.
Following are amongst the operations of the stores I learnt.
1. How material from the supplier gets into the store.
2. How the material was stocked.
3. How each item was coded to give it a unique identity.
4. How the location of each item was registered into the
computer systems.
5. How scrap was recorded for each type of waste.
The stores consisted mainly of 2 departments, Direct Stores
and Indirect Stores. The Direct Stores consisted of the raw
material that was directly a part of the finished product. The
Indirect Stores consisted of the tools required that aided the
manufacturing of the finished product.

2.Purchasing of Materials:

I learnt how the materials went through the whole

production unit. The process was at follows.
1. Firstly, Purchase Department Make the Purchase order for
the material that is required for the company, may be for
the direct store or indirect store.
2. Then P.O. is being sent to the head office for approval.
3. and after getting approval P.O is being sent to the
supplier party.
4. Then, when material firstly enter in the company, pass
through the gate entry and then to stores from the
5. after these, store keeper make a GRN( goods received
notes) and
6. A small sample of the material was taken for quality
testing. After the quality test was passed the material was
ready for issue to the various departments. To approve the
quality, price and amount of the material, material is to send
to the purchase Department, Quality Department, and
Account Department.
a. If materials are fined not qualified,
materials is sent to rework on that or for
b. If the materials are fined ok, materials are
sent to the shop floor and production
c. And GRN and bills are sent to the account
Department for Purchase Registration.
d. Then bills are sent to branch head or for
authorized sign for approval.
e. After getting approved the bills are used to
make payments to the suppliers.
7. after the production Department products are sent to the
Dispatch Department.

Store Working(Raw Material) Process:-

Working process of the store(raw material) is important for
the company. It includes following steps—
1. after gate entry material reach to the store and there
is made verification weights and quantity of the
2. and then store keeper create the GRN (Goods
Receipts Note)
3. then material with GRN is handed over to the
Quality Department to check the quality of the
4. if the quality is ok then there is no need of store
5. if the quality is not ok then again “purchase return
order “ bill is raised against rejected material.
6. releasing the return receipts.
7. and finally the bill reach to the account dep. And
created return invoice.


The first thing that I would really like to discuss that I’ve
actually implemented is management. Interacting with
people and how to get all the information required from
them even in the busiest of their times. My basic principle
was to keep up a serious face and interacting with each and
every personnel in the organization. Being in touch and
always showing that you’re happy really lead to great results
in the end for me. This not only led to make many friends
but also to get my work done with their help. This was the
best experience of learning that I could get. Everybody was
very helpful too.

Learning in ERP:-
In the micro turners, company ERP system is
installed to work and each and every department of the
company is provided limited menu of the ERP, that are
needed to that department. For example for the account
department, the menu of the ERP that are provided are
Taxation, Finance, Inventory Management, Sales, Purchase,
Sub con, and Job Work. Some of the menu of the ERP that I
have learnt are explained below.

Billing in ERP:
In ERP, I have learnt haw to create a bill for the
purchaser. Before creation of the bills in the ERP, invoice
should be raised (if materials are selling to the Bajaj Auto
Purchase Registration in ERP:
It is known to all that, if there is need to purchase of
the material, there is need to raise P.O. regarding the
material and purchasing should be registered. So this
explanation means, just I want to say that I have learnt to
register the Purchasing.

Purchase Debit Credit Note:

Some times it happens that, in the purchasing of
Materials, some materials is found not qualified or not
usable in the production. So it is need to take action
regarding not usable materials, because these materials
increase the cost of the materials. So the action that is
taken in our company is to raise the Debit not to company
from the company purchasing is made. I have also learnt
how to register the debit or credit note in the ERP, to the

Purchase Return:
Before registering the debit or credit in the ERP, there
is need to register the purchase return in the ERP. So I have
learnt how to register the purchase return in the ERP.

Learning in SAP:
In the micro turners, SAP is also being installed by
Bajaj Auto ltd. And I have also learnt to work in the SAP.
Works that I have learnt in SAP is explained below.
Billing in SAP:
I have learnt to create bill in the SAP software of the
Baja Auto Ltd.
Printing Bills in SAP:

Making of party’s supplementary Bills:

In the company I have also learnt what is
supplementary report (Supplementary report, as its name
suggests that it is a report that is created to fulfill
something left. So, in general we can define that
supplementary report is like a report that is created to
supplement or fulfill what is left in completing something.)
and how it is created and why it is being created.

Receiving the Cleared Bills From Stores:

I have also learnt to receive the cleared bills and
importance of the cleared bills.
Maintaining the Sale/purchase Files:
This is also an art to maintain the file in any company or any
other organization because this practice is done by our
creativity talents and we always try to improve this type of
talents. So I have got this opportunity to use my creativity
talent in maintaining the files in the company.

Making the manual cash voucher:

Before the training, I have learnt theoretically, to
create cash voucher but in the company I have this

Training and Development:

After an employee is selected and becomes a part of the
organization, he/she undergoes a training period 24 hours or
3 days. Employees are given induction training. In induction,
they get to know about the organization and their
supervisors, peers, etc. Then they are provided with safety
training, motivational training, behavioral training, etc.
Then, they are trained upon the process by the respected
department heads. After three day’s training is over, they
are assessed for their development and training feedback is
taken. They are also provided with on the job training.

There are various departments that function and help in the
smooth running of the organization. There are thirteen
departments in total – Admin, Account, Production,
Production Planning Control (PPC), Heat Treatment (HT),
Store, Plating, Total Production Maintenance (TPM),
Maintenance , Purchase, HR, IT, Quality,

Employees are provided with various statutory and non-
statutory facilities. There is a canteen that provides food and
tea for which employees are deducted Rs 5/- from their
salary. Uniforms and shoes are provided to the employees.
Employees as well as Supervisory employees wear white Tea
shirt and navy blue Jeans.
Employee health and safety is at prime importance and
there is a safety officer appointed for this purpose.

The plant functions 24x7 and functions in four shifts named
General, A, B, C. General Shift, starts at 8.30 in the morning
and ends at 5.30 in the evening. The A shift starts at 7.00 in
the morning and ends at 1.30 pm. The B Shift starts at 3.00
pm and ends at 11.30 at night. The C shift starts at 11.15 at
night and ends at 7.15 in the morning. The shifts of the
employees keep changing every week, thereby function the
shifts in rotational basis.
Time Office:
When the employees enter the premises, their employee
code is noted by gate head at the gate and then punch their
thumb in the Savior machine, there by creating a record in
the Savior Software. The manpower details are mostly
prepared with the help of the attendance register. Every
employee gets a weekly off. An employee can avail
compensatory off if he/she has worked during the Week off.
The compensatory off should be availed within three days of
the week off worked. In order to avail a compensatory off,
an employee must fill in the form meant for it and also fill
the extra work form for working during the week off.
Each employee is provided leave for 28 days, out of which 7
days are Casual Leaves (CL) and 14 days are Earned Leaves
(EL), and an employee whose salary is more than 15000, is
allowed 7 days leave for SL and whose salary is less than
15000 that employees’ salary is deducted with the 1.75% of
the salary for the ESI leave. The employees are provided
ESI Leaves if they are not able to turn up for work due to
medical reasons. In order to avail a leave, an employee is
supposed to fill the “Leave Application Form” and get it duly
signed from the Department Head and then submit it to the
Time Office Desk. If an employee does not submit the leave
application form, and does not turn up for work, he/she shall
have his/her pay cut for the day, resulting in Loss of Pay.

Good About The Company:-

Micro Turners is a well established company. It has own
brand in the Auto parts industry. It has a good location and
wide area, and all facilities are available whatever a
company should have. Only it is need for the company to
use that to optimum level.
Micro Turners is one of them which do work for social. I
have said this because, mean while of the training period I
have noted that Micro Turners the job the fresher also that
means Micro Turners is providing opportunity for the not
working fresher who are eligible and talented to work, this is
a type of social works.
The ERP software that is being used needs a few more
maintenance to go with the finance department so that
speed could be improved. Because slow speed of the
network system of the company creates problem in the
finance department. Account and Finance department being
a core department need good and speedy network so that
each and every work can be done on the time.
One thing most important for the IT department that is, IT
department should be aware toward its works and duties.
Because there are many works even today that should be
done in the IT field of the Organization. One thing I have
noted in the organization that is all departs are reluctant to
use their skills to optimum level, and I felt that they are not
enjoying of their job in the organization, I don’t know why
but this thing is happening in the organization.
One other problem is in the company, that is like one man
army that means the rules and regulations are made by only
one man but this should not be in the organization because
a company or an organization means group of persons who
has common and same objective, or we can say that
company and organization are that entity that has single
objective. So, to get this objective, each and every persons
of the organization should be co-operative to each other and
always should create a culture and environment that has
supportive and objective oriented nature. It means the rule
and regulation should also be consulted to employees,
operator as well as head of departments and then rules and
regulations should be passed that supports to all and mainly
to the company objective. Whatever new thing is going to be
implemented in the company at tactical level should be
informed and consulted to the employees, and should take
feedback of them.
One important information and suggestion I want to give to
the company that there should be time period of the ten
minutes for the employees to add value to their knowledge
and to entertain to themselves. This time period may be in
the evening or in the morning when employees are returning
to home or when employees are coming at the company.
And according to me their should be feedback and awarding
meetings in a week or a month so that employees could be
encouraged towards company objective and company can be
target and objective oriented.
Other thing is that each and every department should have
some extra facilities like space, internet connection, tour
after six month or one year.
One other thing I want to say that canteen still needs
changes and improvement, because it is common statement
that Health is Wealth means if there is no health, there is
no wealth and there is no good earning for the company.
My training at Micro Turners, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand was
fruitful and I have learnt a lot about the Finance, Account,
culture and functions of the organization. I am sure this will
help me build my career in the years to come. I had at most
pleasure in training with Micro Turners, Pantnagar,
Uttarakhand and must thank Mr. Rajan Chandowk (Head of
Purchase Department) and Mr. Lalit Rawat (Head Of Finance
Department) and Mr. Akhilesh Upadhyay (HR Head) for
giving me an opportunity to undergo my summer internship
training at this organization. I also pay heartily thanks to the
whole Micro Turners team to support me throughout my
training and learning a lot of things.

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