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Policies and Circumstances:

Public Library Policies for the 21st Century

Nicolet Federated Library System
October 27, 2010

General Resources on Policies:

Trustee Essential 10—“Developing Essential Library Policies”:

Library Policy Documents for Effective Library Operations (SCLS workshop by John DeBacher, 2007):

General Resources on Intellectual Freedom, etc:

Library Bill of Rights:

Interpretations of the Library Bill of Rights:

Freedom to Read Statement:

Trustee Essential 22—“Freedom of Expression and Inquiry”:

West Bend Challenge, 2009:

Banned in West Bend: (good summary of the West

Bend challenge. The site also has information on other cases, censorship, intellectual freedom, etc.)

ALA presentation:

Selection/Collection Development Policies:

West Bend Community Memorial Library:

Puyallup (WA) Public Library:

Somerville (AL) Public Library:

Craighead County Jonesboro (AR) Public Library:

Meeting Room Challenges:

“Florida Man Sues Two Libraries for Religious Discrimination” (American Libraries, 2010):

League of Wisconsin Municipalities on use of public meeting rooms by religious groups:

Pfeiffer vs. the City of West Allis: (the official legal decision)

Meeting Rooms: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights:

Meeting Room Policies:

Oregon Public Library

Appleton Public Library:

Waukesha Public Library:

Privacy/Confidentiality/Before the Police Arrive:

Before the Police Arrive (SCLS):

“Libraries as Sanctuaries for Criminals?” (Illinois Library Association):

FAQ About Parental Access to Children’s Records (from DPI):

FAQ About Parental Access to Children’s Records (SCLS):

Privacy/Confidentiality Policies:

Sample from DPI:

Kenosha Public Library:

Internet Acceptable Use Policies:

Shawano City-County Library:

Unattended Children:

“Lock the Library! Rowdy Students are Taking Over!” (New York Times, January 2, 2007):

Unattended Children in Libraries and Recreation Centers (Virginia Beach’s administrative directive):

Libraries, Latchkey Children and the Law (California Library Association):

Guidelines for Developing a Policy on Unattended Children in Libraries (New Jersey Library

Unattended Children Policies:

Jackson (FL) Public Library:

Spring Green Public Library: - Children

Monona Public Library:

Middleton Public Library:

Cell Phone Policies:

Burke County (NC) Public Library:

Glendale (CA) Public Library (Why are cell phones allowed in the library?):

Food and Beverages Policies:

Oldsmar (FL) Public Library:

Brown County:

Cheryl Becker
South Central Library System