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geTELT DOT ERY Fe B RHQ 7-7 y—-b 3R-3 at: 2010 # 10A 210 I. You go to different places in order to do certain things. Complete the sentences as in the example, telling what you do when you go to each place. ex BC BME LIC PRA IRE 2. BSS AE FR to(2 GMA ITER. aA72FITA bhe Rw MEE, 4A HA CIT ILS | svaytyTeyI—~ TUM ® 6+ lB~ FUERA CMTE, _ i Oty BB Lilz ATER 8 BEES WAG oR $B 12 77 32h, me oR PAG G Blo 47s 7, 10. 18S IN SBE NE OUCGTER, IL. Name three places you have been to recently and the purpose for going to each place. Eat WEIN RATE BELA. 1 BRLNDET YZ ASB RB VBL EME 1 TER 2 METER yp ~ACT ERA UITAEE, 3 ML FIRAU Sl 4727, III. Your friend wants to do the following things, but does not know what he/she needs in order to doit. Give your friend advice. | gs, [ELST BRN RTI PELOK THAN Mas CUETO J Piakobe Bae ovate. J | L[ecat. $e BRLAUA THA me KUT. J | 3 Wihbht re Uy ate, 35 2 [Zr hH-O BEE RIC FEAL TION Ma OWETE I S 2,3" yh, Le'-IL 8° 127K, 3 (BBRS AE BY FEAL TIO Ae OU ETH J Mb th ales rule PuyerZ, A TREN FEAL THE Mae WUETH. J BS wtesthuyere, IV. You want to ask your Japanese friend questions by e-mail about the clothing he/she is wearing at the moment. Write the following questions in Japanese. LAreyouwearing auniform? CUBS, 2.Areyou wearing glasses? HATRED TURF 3. Are you wearing white socks? OlI Vy 728 ldu TUF TAL 4, Are you wearing earrings? FOYSTEURI S.areyouening back shoes? OVC? BMblLU wR M, gk V. RFI-T—: Write the underlined kanji in hiragana and the underlined hiragana in kanji, LSet Att Dold MA MB ARATTO. 2UL th #64 Chm 2h GhEFO™ 30 250 Alt MATTOS 27K MA ETH. W, Chick, WILE . BbELIL Y7F=O GAT LULU PLOTS HELA. MH £ WRet 4 [EOLASALL Ei ernAtotém | Lkadatet. J EF k aE OF ShTORSLE BRLAALE 4: LEEATT. xO aE 36 TEENY $ +B RBQ BRTEY- Uy I-7y—b 34 ai. 100% nA DB I. Mr. Oshita is a famous writer. ee a ed niin by his family. A TV reporter ‘went to his house. She reported the scene as follows. Provide more detail in the drawing below, using the information given in the report. a | right TIUATELOROMTH. ETEHOTH. AEM CREEL. RE ELOROMOL TSMR ET. MOS AHR EURREF. HOP CHOASHM ERA COEF. COBOALL (EF LEDS oT, FUT IREMTTOET. MOEA TACHA ET. UL Circle (£4 or \\ YZ in response to each of the questions. Be [SR HESULE RSELLTLAD. J i WA) RNEXLTLAL J . L (eld LE#ATLAM JT (lt, GOD. Lélede J 2 [BES LIL BaHE BLEuLas | PRD wa) BLEeL. J 3 [RAdtLO. JT @ wa). aaeHen, | 4 PMICAEtLm JT lavGoOg), mozet he | 37 Sm