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Pink Fluffy Pencil Case

My name is Isabella Swan; I am returning to my hometown Forks, Washington. Okay,

I can see you’re confused. Let me explain. My mother and father were very young w
hen they first got married. By the time I was 5 months old my parents realized t
heir differences. I was only 5 when the divorce was finalized and I was 13 when
my parents died in a car accident. When my parents died, I moved in with my best
friend Gabriella-Gabby-and her loving eccentric mother. Gabriella and me have
always been like sisters to each other, ever since we were babies. Her mother wa
s the very best, and I loved her for that. She wasn’t like most mothers who do not
hing but constant nagging. She was very respectful, very irresponsible and I hav
e always found that interesting. I have always been the responsible one when I w
as with others so when Gabby’s mother Renee showed her wild side- all the time- I
was the adult. But even though my new family had it’s faults, I couldn’t have wanted
anything more than I wanted to spend my life with my family. They were the most
important people in my life…or were they???
Chapter 2: moving to forks
Today was the day Gabby and I got sent to live on our own. We were only 17 but w
e had well enough connections to live on our own.
I woke up to a shady morning in my new bedroom when I heard Gabby running threw
the hallway of our second floor screaming my name telling me to get up.
‘Bella hurry up! We have to get ready, I mean come on we are probably the only ric
h people here and I really want to make an appearance, Gabby said with a gleam i
n her eyes.
‘Fine, I’ll get dressed and meet you downstairs,’ I said with a tone of regret.
I dressed in a black shirt that came across your chest and only had 1 sleeve, gr
ey skinny leg jeans, and black knee length boots. My long brunette hair came dow
n wavy all the way to about 3 inches away from my waistline. I put on mascara, a
nd eyeliner so that my deep chocolate brown eyes were even more noticeable. I’ve a
lways known that I had beautiful eyes because so many people would tell me that,
but I could never convince myself that I was beautiful.
I know what your thinking. I am a very rich beautiful girl and should be having
people bowing at my feet, but I was different than most girls. I would rather cu
rl up with a book than to go shopping. I don’t really care about ‘dating the hottest
guys’ or ‘what to wear today’ or even ‘omg, I can’t wait to go to that party’. I was a reg
lar girl.
I walked out to the car knowing that Gabriella would be there. She was waiting f
or me in my brand new red Ferrari. I got in and turned the engine on. *Sigh* her
e goes the first day of high school in forks! (Grreeeaaattttt)
Chapter 2:Being the new girl
I parked my Ferrari into the parking lot next to a shiny silver Volvo. Gabriella
and me got out of the car and then we heard simultaneous screams. I turned arou
nd, only to be ambushed by 2 of my other best friends- Katie and Lizzie.
‘oh my gosh, Bellie-boo I can’t believe its really you,’ cried Lizzie.
‘Bells it’s been to long. I wish I could stay and chat but I have to help Mr. Banner
in the biology room. We can talk later though,’ replied Katie.
‘ok,bye,’ all said together.
When Katie left I turned around to the sound of a car door opening.
I turned to Lizzie and asked her ‘who are they,’ turning into the direction of the m
ost beautiful 5 people starring at me.
Lizzie giggled,’that’s the cullens. The blond haired boy is jasper and the little bl
ack haired girl is alice. The big muscular boy is Emmett and he’s dating Rosalie,’ s
he explained full of satisfaction of knowing everything.
‘Who is he,’ I asked as a beyond gorgeous male standing there looking in my directio
n. He had tousled bronze hair and gold probing eyes.
‘that’s Edward cullen. Don’t tell me your crushing on a cullen already,’ she teased.
I could tell she was really prying for answers but I can also tell she was genua
lly curious.
I couldn’t just tell her that I was mentally drooling over this guy. So I replied ‘I
really doubt that… I mean I don’t even know him!”
‘Bella how can you say that, I mean he is the most perfect looking guy in the scho
ol,’ she said, with her voice getting hysterical.
‘I don’t really think so,’ I told her ‘besides I don’t even think he’s really that cute any
From the corner of my eye it almost looked as if his jaw dropped.
I sighed as the warning bell rang and went to my first class-seeing that I got m
y slip from Katie.
First period-Biology
Chapter 3: biology
I walked into biology room and handed my slip into Mr.Banner.
‘ah…Isabella the chief’s daughter’,he said with a hint of amusement ‘why don’t you go sit
ith or dear Edward cullen?’
I turned to face the class and relized that everyone was starring at me. The gir
ls wore mask of envy meanwhile the guys were glaring at Edward with hate.
As I walked over to my table I blushed and almost tripped.
‘hi. Im Isabella swan. Though I like bella.’ I said trying to start small talk.
‘im Edward cullen and this is school: meaning I have no intentions on speaking to
you so I would very much be grateful if you would stay out of my way from now on’.
he said with hate and frustration.
I tried not to let my anger get the best of me but I honestly don’t understand how
he thinks he can think he can talk to me like that. I might not be a spoiled ri
ch person but I don’t take disrespect.
‘exuse me but who do you think you are? I may be new but I DON’T take that kind of t
one.’I yelled. I yelled it so loud that the whole class heard.
‘yes sir.’ we both mumbled.
Unfortunately class couldn’t go past fast enough.
The bell rang and I watched curiously as the HE left before other could even sta
nd. From that very moment I realized tha even though the others maybe clueless,
Edward Cullen has a secret that im destined to find out.
To be continued…