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A New Year for IACURH!

The beginning of a new school year is a productive members of society. The of making so many new friends,
fresh start for IACURH, and brings with beginning of the year is also a crucial conferences, free food (that always did
it hopes for topping last year’s recruiting time for all of our campus it for me, haha).Reach out to your new
achievements, renewing old friendships, organizations. Try to remember what campus residents, share your story and
making new friends, and, most of all, got you so excited about becoming encourage them to get involved, too!
gathering the knowledge and skills that involved with RHA - attending your -Dominic Plado
will help our residents become first hall program, the possibility
IACURH Outreach What??!
NACURH! by Sam Henry

You all rocked at NACURH,

What exactly does your IACURH outreach chair do? I will hopefully
taking home more awards
be providing your school with more resources from around the region
than any other region! You
& nation. This will happen in various ways from the school buddies
worked extremely hard over program, a massive contact list of all our schools, networking
the past year and deserve between schools, and simply reaching out & touching base with each
every ounce of recognition. It and every one of you. I will also be assisting newly affiliated schools
has been an honor to serve with their transition process and help them out at conferences. And
you all and I am so excited for the biggest part of my job is National Residence Hall Month. It is
the same opportunity next important to make that a growing presence in our region.  As I write
year! this on the eve of another school year, I know we are going to make
lots of progress and have great fun this year. I hope you all are
The following is a list of starting your school year off with some great events to get your
awards/honors for our region: residents involved in your RHA & NRHH.  Thank you for all the
schools who provided ideas.  I would love to have more situations
Best Regional Banner - like that.  It is a simple exchange of ideas and being resourceful! If
you have any questions (nothings too big or small) and you want to
know what everyone is doing in the region, ask me! And I’ll try to
find out.  Whether your school is in a rural location or urban
Best Large School environment, know you have an entire region of support who is here
Delegation/Spirit - The to help your organization succeed.  Who's starting the countdown to
University of Arizona IACURH? It will be here quicker than you know it.  I’m looking
forward to talking with you soon! Feel free to contact me if I can be
NRHH Building Chapter - of any assistance at  
University of Colorado -

Commitment to Diversity -
University of Northern

Advisor of the Year - Tracy My name is Julian Allen and I'm a

Cook Junior at ASU Tempe. I have huge
goals for LAS-I this year and I plan on
School of the Year - making each of them happen. Some of
University of Northern my goals include: Getting 2 LAS-I
Colorado Alumni to attend the IACURH
Conference, Having a total of 150
NRHH Diamond Award - LAS-I members by April(we're only 35
away!), and developing a plan for
Jaime Ingrisano
retention of this years LAS Scholars. 
Gold Pin - Dominick Plado
Katie Boraz - OTM Work!op
Getting Your Campus on before OTMs are due to the seem like A LOT. Introduce why
Board with Of the Month campus level (for most schools, recognition is important and talk
Awards: OTM Workshops this is either on the 5th or 10th of about how the centralized OTM
the month) so that attendees will system makes recognition easy.
feel a sense of urgency to Don’t forget to explain that these
One of the biggest reasons
complete them and not forget— can win at the campus, regional,
campuses struggle with OTMs is
while also allowing for plenty of and national level as that is a really
that people just aren’t sure what
time to get the hang of OTM cool aspect of OTMs that tends
they are or how to write them. For
writing before the deadline. to get people excited!
those that have written just 4 or 5,
it seems crazy that people don’t
get it: max 600 words, say why 2. Consider making it mandatory 4. Show, Don’t Tell!
someone or something went Sometimes a veteran OTM writer The easiest way to explain quality
above and beyond, hit submit. But has experience writing 10, 20, or OTMs is to show examples. You
the first few OTMs can really be 30 OTMs that just aren’t up can use the search feature of the
challenging and a lack of OTM database ( to
to the quality you’d like. Or, you
knowledge and understanding can find great, wonderful national
may have a national-winning guru
be a huge barrier to participation winners as well as OTMs that
on your campus. Regardless,
on your campus. could stand to use some
everyone can benefit from a
A great way to get around this is improvement. Break the attendees
workshop. Talk to your school’s
to host workshops for new OTM up into small groups and have
RHA or those in charge of RAs
writers or those who need a them discuss what makes the
refresher. great examples great and the not-
a hall director or staff member in so-great, well…that. For each, have
Here are some tips for teaching
charge of development) to reach them discuss the good, the bad,
even larger circles. Shouldn’t and the ways to improve. Find
everyone know how to recognize? common themes about how they
1. Host a few the week before are written. (I’ve noticed a lot of
OTMs are due OTMs have introductions and
3. Introduce OTMs conclusions, for example.) A good
People who write OTMs are
generally busy people, a fun For someone new to res life or rule is to use examples from other
phenomenon associated with even just Of the Month awards, regions so not as to offend anyone
nearly all NRHH activities. Make this whole concept can be kind of by not choosing their OTM as a
sure to hold more than one nebulous. And although 600 great example or highlighting a
workshop to make sure you can words doesn’t feel like nearly less stellar one written by or about
accommodate a lot of busy enough room to sing praises once someone you might know.
schedules. Hold them the week you are a pro, as a beginner, it can
Katie Boraz - OTM Work!op
5. Give Some Advice and 3 General Tips to Wri0ng  sure you are focusing on 
Direction! OTMs things that actually happened 
Did you cover all of your advice
in the current month. 
with the examples? How about
*S0ck to evidence. Yes, this 
using a word processor to check
spelling and grammar? How about person is so nice, sweet, 
making sure to pick the right caring, and great. Most  ‐ Ka0e Boraz
category? This is an ideal time to people OTMs are wri?en for, 
go over the finer details of OTM are. What makes the writer 
submissions and voting guidelines
of the OTM feel this way? 
that will make the process go
Readers will automa0cally 
smoother for the nominators and
infer the niceness from the 
6. Sign-up!
A good way to ensure your *Break up your text. One 
training will be heeded is to have paragraph OTMs are really 
attendees sign up for an account
hard to read. When the 
right there. Since they have an
vo0ng commi?ee reads 
account, attendees may be more
inclined to write OTMs. This is through 8 one‐paragraph 
also a good time to show the other OTMs, it gets even harder.  
features of the database, such as New idea? Give it a line 
search functions, how to enter break.
submissions, and how online
voting works (if your campus and
*One month only. A common 
attendees partake in this.)
fatal flaw amongst OTMs are 
7. Get Going! that they are not month 
If you still have time, help the new specific. Even if a nominee for 
OTM pros brainstorm ideas and an organiza0on put on a 
help them write out their thoughts huge program on the last day 
for nominations. Again, the first
of the previous month, it 
few OTMs are the most
doesn’t count. Note: Planning 
challenging, so if you can help
them through this, you are likely for upcoming things can 
to see more OTMs in the future! receive men0on, but make 
NACURH Spi"t - Jilian An#ews
NACURH Spirit: Monkey Love and Of course, a lot of it comes ton of weird looks at the
Wildcat Pride naturally to the incredible leaders conference in our suspenders or
that make up conference hockey masks, but having a unified
delegations. But in the look and embracing the craziness
At NACURH 2010, the
preparation week that U of A had of conference attire always helps
University of Arizona’s delegation
before NACURH, we practiced bring a delegation together and
wanted to represent both
school, state, and regional cheers, show their spirit!
IACURH and U of A in a way that
making sure the first time
was fun, spirited and loud! The 15 The reason we go to
delegates knew the words and
member delegation definitely conferences is to learn from other
would feel included. We also
succeeded in proving they were schools and bring knowledge back
practiced the cup game and
proud to be Wildcats and took to our campus. That is always the
encouraged the delegation to
home the Large School Delegation foremost purpose of a U of A
include other schools in their
of the Conference award. This delegation. But coming in at a
games at the conference, because
was a huge honor for our close second is to show the nation
that is one of the best ways to
delegation, and everything leading our love for our region and school,
form bonds. I was thrilled to see
up to it made for a conference and one of U of A’s biggest goals
this come to fruition at
experience that none of us will this year was to win spirit at
NACURH when U of A started a
forget! NACURH. We were ecstatic to
massive cup game with leaders
from around the nation. All of win the award at closing
Being NCC involves a lot
ceremonies, but more than
of different tasks, but my favorite this preparation paid off when
each member of the U of A anything we were all happy to
by far has proved to be working
share the experience with each
with a conference delegation. We delegation could participate
actively in cheering and have a other and our spirit with the
all know about the “ah-ha”
entire nation.
moment that students experience blast with other delegates.
at conferences. In my opinion,
Another large part of
seeing this happen for others is
conference spirit is apparel. U of -Ji"ian Andrews, University of Arizona
the best part of being NCC, and I
A has come to realize that as long NCC
have discovered that a lot of that
as you are excited about your
newly discovered passion and
outfit and not ashamed to wear
enthusiasm lies in school spirit.
some truly embarrassing getups,
New delegates are often unsure
people will love your spirit wear!
what to expect at a NACURH and
Weeks before NACURH, the
it can be completely
delegation sat down and
overwhelming. But I think the
brainstormed ideas for our spirit
best thing they can do to make
outfits. We took a vote, finally
themselves feel right at home is to
settling on RErun (a character
display their spirit! Nothing
from the 70’s sitcom “What’s
brings a delegation, a state, even a
Happening”) and the Mighty
region closer together than
Monkeys, because the Mighty
cheering at the top of their lungs.
Ducks is a very REinspiring
In order to help U of A delegates
movie. These weren’t the most
achieve this “ah-ha” moment, our
conventional choices, and we got a
delegations really work on spirit.
Greeting from Bianca Hong

Hey IACURH! If twenty If you did happen missed few goals I have in mind to help
monkeys ran after one banana, out at NACURH, here’s a little IACURH this year.
what time is it? Twenty after one! recap of what happened during
Get it? Okay… maybe not that our corporate business & regional • Continuing NCC Chats and
funny... Jokes are not my strongest meeting. Main Motion X regular communication
point. Let me introduce myself, (Resolution for conference gender • Putting out a NCC Guide book
my name is Bianca Hong and I am inclusivity) passed with for all you new & returning
serving as your 2010-2011 Regional acclamation and Main Motion G NCCs!
Communications Coordinator for (NACURH Executive Title • Having monthlies and sending
NCC Training and Development changes) has been tabled to a out minutes and complied lists
(RCC-TD). I am hosted by committee for the year. In our for everyone
Brigham Young University in regional meeting, we elected our • Setting up our buddy system for
Provo, UT and majoring in Facility new RCC-PR: Cyri Dixon, Main the upcoming year!
and Property Management with a Motion P (the one that was
business minor, but I’m originally originally an online legislation to I am here for all you NCCs and
from Rosemead, California (15 help RCCs with NACURH costs) anyone else that wants help too!
minutes from Los Angeles if you was brought back to the table and Just send me an email:
were wondering where in the passed, Main Motion Q (Fair vote and I’ll be
world it is… But enough about me, Policy (the one about increase sure to reply as soon as I can.
let’s do some recap on NACURH directorship from 3 to 7 people in Have a great summer everyone, go
2010 @ University of California: voting for awards) passed, Main bananas! Love, Bianca.
San Diego! motion R (enhancing the outreach
First off, I just wanted to chair duties) passed, Main Motion -Bianca Hong, BYU
give a shout out to the wonderful S (Number of AAFN inductees to
NCCs that sat in our five hour increase from 2 to 3 if money
corporate business meeting and in allotted) passed and Main Motion
our very successful four hours of T (changing the conference excess)
regional meeting! We failed. On top of all this business
accomplished a lot, including: tons we covered, IACURH won best
of legislation, approving last year’s regional flag and had some
minutes and next year’s budget, awesome program presenters who
recognized tons of awesome made top 50!!
people, and even elected our new Just a looking ahead, I am
regional communications really excited to talk with all you
coordinator for RHA new & returning NCCs! Just so
development and presidential you know (or curious), here are a
relations (RCC-PR)+.


Leadership Sustainability Diversity Service

There’s a student leader for that