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Paid for by Bob Levin for Congress 2010, Oregon's 1st District, Write-in Candidate Robert Dov "Bob" Levin
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 [Last edited: 10.27.2010, 11:10 AM PST]

Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Sen. John McCain and the RATpublican Congressional Turkey Squadron are impacted with payola from the
Jack Abramoff scandal while desperately trying to clear their six o'clock position from public scrutiny.
by Bob Levin, Investigative Journalist © 2010
BEFORE YOU VOTE IN ANY ELECTION, please watch "Casino Jack and the United States of Money"
and after your guts have turned inside out, remember that only a handful of incumbents deserve
to remain and then immediately network with your friends and neighbors to support those us who
are sanctioned government whistleblower patriots seeking public office as write-in candidates.
"Casino Jack and the United States of Money" starring:
Lobbyists Jack Abramoff, Ralph E. Reed, Jr., Grover Norquist and Michael Scanlon, President George W. Bush, Vice
President Dick Cheney, Congressman Bob Ney, Congressman Tom DeLay, Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy,
Congressman Roy Blunt, Congressman John Boehner, Senator Bill Frist, Senator Joe Lieberman, Senator Mitch
McConnell, Senator John McCain, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Chris Dodd, Senator Byron Dorgan, Governor Bobby
Jindal and Alexandria lawyer Jimmy Faircloth, and the grandson of a Nazi SS man who help build the death camps, Karl
Rove and his "Rangers", James A. Baker IV, Haley Barbour currently Governor of Mississippi, Marvin Pierce Bush work
in an office leased by the Saudi Royal Family in the Watergate, D.C., Randy "Duke" Cunningham pled guilty, on
November 28, 2005 after resigning from Congress, William DeWitt, Jr. of Cincinnati, head of an investment firm and co-
owner of the St. Louis Cardinals, Richard J. Egan, billionaire, Hopkinton, MA, "founder of EMC Corp., which makes
computer data storage units and former ambassador to Ireland. His sons Christopher and Michael Egan are also Rangers.
Don Evans appointed U.S. Commerce Secretary by Bush and resigned January 2005. Frank E. Fowler, art dealer, Lookout
Mountain, TN, "who represents the work of American artist Andrew Wyeth." Maurice "Hank" Greenberg, "ousted in
March 2005 from AIG, the Shanghai property insurance company he built into a revered powerhouse because of a U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into his alleged stock manipulation" Indicted in New York on four
counts in September 2006. He and his two son's control the largest amount of insurance in the US. James "Buck" Harless, a
West Virginia mine operator. Dennis Hastert retiring in 2008, after losing his Speaker of the House when Democrats retook
the House in the 2006 elections. Hastert is named by an FBI whistleblower and is reportedly now being paid 36 thousand a
month by a Turkish lobbying group. Hastert is tainted by several ethics scandals under his watch that included a cover up
of the well know Congressman Mark Foley and the Florida RATpublican's online sexual stalking of young male
Congressional pages. Mori Hosseini, Chairman and CEO of ICI Homes, Trustee of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Larry Householder, former speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives "under grand jury scrutiny for the alleged
skimming of campaign funds" but was exonerated and now lives on his farm. Ray L. Hunt heir to the hunt Oil Fortune,
obtained the Bush Presidential Library at Southern Methodist University, where he sits on the school board. Entered into
probable illegal oil lease with Kurds in Iraq, in 2007 without authorization from the official Baghdad government. P.
Nicholas Hurtgen, convicted on 3 felony charges in a hospital construction extortion scam, was the former aide to
Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson. Mark Langdale appointed by Bush as Ambassador to Costa Rica in 2005.
Kenneth L. Lay, convicted in largest U.S. fraud case in history. Died before sentencing. Tom Noe, convicted in May 2006
of money laundering with Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign. Joe O'Neill, "the Texas oilman who introduced Mr. Bush to his
wife, Laura." George E. Pataki, former Governor of New York [1995-2006]. Alex Spanos, Stockton, CA, "real estate
developer and owner of the San Diego Chargers." Manuel Stamatakis, a "management consultant who once chaired the
[Philadelphia] region's port authority" under investigation by FBI from the other "Rangers" Hurtgen and Noe, as of 2006.
Craig Roberts Stapleton, Bush made U.S. Ambassador to Czech Republic - married to Bush's cousin. James Tobin, "Maine
political consultant, guilty of jamming the Democrats' phone lines in New Hampshire three years ago." Jerry Weintraub,
film producer, "credits include Nashville and Ocean's Eleven." Jim Wilkinson, Iraq War Planner and crony appointee of
U.S. State Department. Charles Wyly and Sam Wyly, the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth are in trouble for evading taxes.
Wylys represent the ultra-rich of Dallas. They started, bought and built several successful businesses including Earth
Resources, Sterling Software, Michaels Stores, the Bonanza restaurant chain and electricity supplier Green Mountain
Energy. Sun Cruise Casino boats owner, Gus Boulis was gunned down in a mob hit after Abramoff used the U.S. Congress
to leverage a buyout with a forged wire transfer for over 20 million dollars that was never paid. There are so many culpable
actors involved in this continuing criminal enterprise that unless President Barack Obama orders U.S. Attorney General
Eric Holder to prosecute the majority of the U.S. Congress and openly acknowledge and support whistleblower patriots, the
American people are standing in the precipice of what emerged in previous years to become Nazi Germany and the
genocide of over 6 million men, women, children, and infants during the Jewish Holocaust. Before I became an FBI
whistleblower, my plans in life primarily included growing a garden, planting figs, fishing, teaching, lecturing, and writing
and illustrating story books for people of all ages. For the past decade what has happened in my life by known culpable
actors is a crime against humanity.
The United States government has been overthrown by Congressional Capos of RICO Corporatism
that have converted the three branches of government into an ongoing continuing criminal
enterprise where constitutional democracy is now something only obtained through legalized and
illegal pay-offs. "The people have little or no voice" - without a lawful restorative revolution.

The U.S. Dept. of Justice is a perversion of language and misnomer for one of the syndicated
crime families that supports corporate fascism. It is complicit for practicing selective enforcement
of matters that never reach the bar with their passive failure to prosecute former and current
members of Congress who remain under FBI criminal investigations as named by government
whistleblower patriots.

There are outstanding men and women, patriots whom I know are still working for the people
within the FBI, CIA and elsewhere. However, equal and opposite to those good souls are a lesser
number of known and unknown outlaw federal agents who thrive within the these agencies that
have been politicized and converted into groupthink terrorist organizations. As much as I am
humbly seeking public office in Oregon's 1st Congressional District and to represent the people
with a voice that will never be bought off, I rise on behalf of our human brothers and sisters who
have not lost sight of their mission and oath of service to the people, our nation and the
Constitution of the United States of America.

We the People must not allow the FOXXXED-up treason and seditious propagandists,
disinformationalists and spreaders of manure misinformation to divide us as American citizens
and neighbors or cause us to turn on ourselves through layers of counterintelligence reverse
tactics that erode the individual sense of self-identity in human beings. For those Americans who
have no experience working within the U.S. or foreign intelligence communities, do not allow
yourselves to act on your first gut reaction. Very often this is what I've termed as the psyops of
psychological herding, which is the method of jackals hoping to maneuver a targeted individual
into a square on the Cointelpro or CIA Torture Paradigm chessboard. Those who fail to do a "gut-
check" when sanctioned in this way by the jackals who lay in wait six moves ahead of where you
are standing in the present moment, will often find the targeted individual recognizing the "self-
inflicted harm" that is the primary earmark of CIA torture programs. Step back, pause, assess,
and move forward in a lawful manner. War being a Racket for perpetual genocide and endless
wars for profit through destruction and reconstruction, the U.S. Government while duplicitously
shield as a U.N. signatory, does torture and practice ongoing acts of terrorism against innocent
human beings within the United States, Canada and globally by layers of psyops that cause or
program specific and randomly targeted individuals to become the bad guy characters in
corporatism's villain verses hero scenarios.

Torture-Linked Psychologist Awarded Military Contract:

"A psychologist whose theories helped form the basis of the CIA torture program
has been awarded a $31 million no-bid military contract. reports Martin
Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania has signed on to help US soldiers cope
with the psychological strain of multiple combat tours. A former president of the
American Psychological Association, Seligman gave a 2002 address at the Navy’s
SERE school in San Diego on his theory of "learned helplessness." In the 1960s,
Seligman experimented on dogs and found that by shocking a dog repeatedly and
randomly, he could brutalize it emotionally into a state of complete passivity.
His research was later used for the Bush administration’s torture methods known as
"enhanced interrogation techniques." Ref:

Unfortunately, U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder has demonstrated to me that he embraces a
complicit quality towards conspiracy in Cointelpro and other crimes by refusing to prosecute
anyone higher than those in the "low hanging fruit" category under the color of show trials.
Holder cravenly failed to give me written authorization to publish the names of known culpable
clandestine federal agents and others who have and are continuing to violate major index crimes,
including, actionable offences of political retribution, ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations,
larceny, the theft of government funds, congressional perjury, obstruction of justice, rape,
kidnapping, attempted murder, attempted assassination of a female non-criminal federal witness
following her naming Senator Chris Dodd and his father as culpable actors with organized crime,
RICO, wrongful death, genocide, treason, terrorism, espionage, leaking classified government
documents, warrantless wiretapping, and outing clandestine security clearances, which in my
personal claim against the U.S. government gives me legal standing with universal jurisdiction
and grounds for a Bivens Action.

Having previously implemented electronic surveillances and wiretaps with the FBI under court
order, within my evidence are various audio recordings and one of a culpable clandestine federal
agent [whose partner I assisted in sending to prison in 2000], who panicked and did not catch
himself before volunteering his commission of several federal felonies when deliberately and
'duplicitously' outing my clandestine security clearance on multiple occasions. Duplicitously,
because that agent is shielded by the same protective laws that were supposed to maintain my
clandestine integrity. These criminal acts that recognize the same laws that applied in CIA Officer
Valerie Plame Wilson's matter when we were both outed under the treasonous Bush
administration, stand as a passive sanction for the assassination of government whistleblower
patriots. In 1994, I survived a pseudo successful Cointelpro assassination attempt when my
investigative research threatened to expose a level of another level of corporatist government
corruption that will be included in my forthcoming black file summary report; i.e., what mad cow
disease is to livestock by feeding bovines with remnants of themselves from the slaughterhouse
verses the introduction of ingested human-biosolid-waste particulates into the commercial-
industrial food chain to cause percentages of cancers and other diseases as a commodity within
the corporatist agenda and much more.

Today the only immediate power held by the American people for breaking the legs of
government corruption, is to affectively cut-off the corporatist flow of money and to continually
support Julian Assange with WikiLeaks in their activism to shine the light of genuine justice on
rabid CIA jackals perpetuating the globalization and endless wars for profit. It has been reported
by a knowledgeable scientist that under the "global plantation model", that 68% of the world's
human population has been targeted for systematic systemic genocide through deliberately
caused climatic changes.

President Obama, it pains me not to be able to stand with you in complete accord and I hope you
will act responsibly to restore our faith in government, but the truth remains that the U.S.
government continues to fund and conduct TORTURE and TERRORISM on involuntary human test
animals as it has since the second leg of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program; lest we forget the stage
assassination suicide of Dr. Frank Olson from the same classified facilities at Fort Detrick, MD that
recognizes the alleged suicide of Dr. Bruce E. Ivins. Both died before being able to testify as did
CIA Chief Bill Colby who was followed by George H.W. Bush with recent allegations surfacing
within "Family of Secrets" by Russ Baker that suggests Bush had some culpability in the October
12, 1953 death of his daughter, Pauline Robinson "Robin" Bush.

The long list of expired whistleblowers continues to grow, with those who died days before they
could testify; they have tried to add my name to that list, but I aspire to recognize genuine
justice and the restoration of authentic American Democracy. American Democracy that is not
worn like the veil of today's Zionism while masking itself in its ancient biblical meaning. Today
both American Democracy and Zionism are masks for the concealment of continuing criminal
enterprise that funds both sides of their created villain verses hero scenarios that perpetuate
endless global wars for profit while affecting systematic systemic genocide for negative eugenics
under the guise of United Nations Signatories. These crimes against humanity result by the
coconspiratorial relationships that exist between governments and the syndicated consortiums of
the military industrial complex.

In this darkest hour of our nation, "We the People" must lawfully rise under the spirit and terms
set-forth within the U.S. Declaration of Independence and immediately beginning a series of
targeted national strikes to produce publically funded elections, a Canadian style national
healthcare plan, affordable education costs for all citizens, establish set term limits for holding
public office and to remain a sitting judge or justice, and an end to the money laundering rackets
under the brand name "War on Drugs" and "War on Terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Every human being who as died in Iraq and Afghanistan has only served to benefit corporatist
politicians and to build mansions for the warlords while nothing has truly changed for the
betterment of the people. As American citizens we are already taxed too much and to the point
of being lashed and branded into adjunct human slavery. My wife and I are now paying 13
thousand dollars a year from our retirement incomes for Regence BlueCross and BlueShield of
Oregon, an alleged non-profit with almost 600 million dollars in reserve thanks to Congressman
David Wu and Senator Ron Wyden who both voted for two across the board insurance rate hikes
in Oregon. Wyden additionally worked against U.S. Labor Unions and killed more American jobs
when he "insourced" a deal that gave a Chinese Tire Manufacturing Company a foothold on U.S.
soil - the tradeoff for U.S. military bases positioned around the world. They all cry over
"outsourcing" while picking the pockets of American workers by "insourcing" foreign corporations.
Nancy Pelosi's most recent coup d'état against American workers, unions and U.S. jobs recognizes
her placing her "tuchus on the table" while whoring a deal for the French National Railroad in
California - another rusted corporatist bucket treasonously selling out her nation for personal self-
aggrandizements. One more facelift and her navel will be on her chin, but it will never conceal a
long list of anti-American habitudes.

The majority of incumbent congressional members should be removed; less Bernie Sanders, Russ
Feingold, Patrick Leahy, Dennis Kucinich, John Conyers, Jr., Pete DeFazio, Earl Blumenauer, Alan
Grayson, and very few others. Five of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices should immediately be
impeached for violating article 3 in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission. The U.S.
Chamber of Commerce is functioning as a foreign agent and the harem whore for outside
interests buying up America like an invading enemy force. Those entities within the Corporate
Propaganda Media have violated America's Constitutional Right to a Free Press and some should
be prosecuted for soliciting harm against the President and for promoting acts of terrorism from
their psychotic listeners. The other enemies of the American people are the corporatists,
corporate fascists within the syndicated consortiums of the military industrial complex, Big
Pharma and the Insurance Industry that alone since 1997 has increased its fees and profits
897%. As an American patriot I refuse to become a slave or see my human brothers and sisters
succumb to the actions of sociopaths and psychopaths within the U.S. and foreign government

The America people have been herded into a virtual death camp environment for systematic
systemic genocide and negative eugenics by those who espouse the drivel of false prophets while
crying over the rights of a blastocyst and murdering the living en masse.

Please support and vote-in government whistleblower patriots seeking public office who exist
under constant illegal sanctions from political retributions.
Restoring the overthrown Democratic Republic of the United States requires that "We the People" support
and elect government whistleblower patriots seeking public office. These true Americans will demand the
criminal prosecutions of all former and current Congressional members, their appointees and others who
remain under FBI and CIA investigations for major index crimes, treason, conspiracy, genocide; et al. What
some call the "Deep State" others identify as a syndicated Continuing Criminal Enterprise. - Bob Levin

Robert Dov "Bob" Levin is a former agent of the federal government who last served with the FBI.
As a government whistleblower patriot, he has remained sanctioned in political retribution for the
past decade by the fractionalizing practices of ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations applied in
conjuncture with the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm.
Levin possesses a wealth of insider knowledge and is versed in the history of U.S. Government
Torture Programs, which have used involuntary human test animals as specific and randomly
targeted individuals since the second leg of the CIA MK-ULTRA Program. This includes the
ongoing development of the tactics, techniques and technologies employed to affect micro and
macro applications of systemic genocide for negative eugenics.
On New Year's Eve 2003, the Bush White House telephonically threatened Levin with the
government's "invention" of a criminal charge if he did not remain silent. His invitation to go
pound salt resulted in the Bush administration through known culpable actors, who repeatedly
outed his clandestine security clearance to serve as the government's passive sanction for his
assassination. In part this occurred from republican investigative sources close to the U.S. Secret
Service and elsewhere, volunteering that then president George H.W. Bush authorized the aerial
testing of an electromagnetic pulse radiation weapon over New York City that subsequently
murdered American and Canadian citizens during a regional power blackout. The matter was
reportedly scapegoated onto a power company engineer by Senator John McCain during a
Congressional hearing "cover-up" that afforded the alleged Vietnam War hero an opportunity to
have his questionable military record permanently sealed.
Never will Bob Levin kneel to corporatism or it's complicit Congressional fascists. The continuing
criminal enterprise that is the RATpublican Party and its coconspiratorial shills are culpable for
inciting hate crimes through fear tactics against our human brothers and sisters around the world.
Within the United States these actionable offences compounded as sedition and treason with the
potential of felonious harm against President Obama.
There has been a systematic overthrow within the U.S. infrastructure that produced an economic
Coup d'état against the American middle class. This has unmasked a holocaust against "We the
People" with the targeted eradication of the American middle class. We must not be allowed to
emerge as a fractionalized peasant class society with an eroded sovereign thought process. These
genocidal formulas have been replicated throughout the total fabric of human existence by those
now referred to as the three kingdoms of the New World Order; i.e., the Ultra Rich, the Filthy Rich
and those of us who remain regular human beings by at least attempting to recognize the
genuine humanity in all people.
If you elect Bob Levin to be your next Oregon Congressional Representative and vote-out the
majority of the corrupt incumbents, he will relentlessly work for you while: Demanding the
criminal prosecution of those current and former elected politicians who remain under FBI and
CIA investigations; the re-regulation of the corporate propaganda ministries to restore our
constitutionally entitled free press; imposing tariffs on imports to place our footprint on the throat
of a global economy; forging the revitalization of U.S. industrial manufacturing to afford living
wage jobs for all American citizens who want to work; supporting UNIONS and preventing out-
sourcing and in-sourcing as a trade-off for placing U.S. military bases around the world, even if
that means temporarily closing our borders; vigorously protecting the PERS benefits of Oregon
workers; seizing the financial assets and properties of the criminal corporatist actors who affected
an economic Coup d'état against the American people; legislating modifications to traffic signage
and highway markings to eliminate law enforcement speed traps like those found in the 8400
block of Canyon Rd., Beaverton, Oregon - the people are not cash cows and a financial means to
an end by predatory government acting under the color of an absolute abuse of power; ending
lifetime appointments for federal court judges and U.S. Supreme Court Justices who have become
nothing more than politicians wearing robes; removing corporate money with publically funded
elections; setting term limits for elected Congressional members to possibly only three terms;
funding free or affordable university educations for all American citizens and preventing Portland
Community College from quietly conspiring to game the system by offering Spanish speaking
non-citizens free programs funded by U.S. and Oregon taxpayer dollars [all truths must be placed
on the table before a meaningful dialog can exist for immigration reforms]; bringing forth a
Canadian Public Health Care System within America; subsidizing our local farmers for a
sustainable organic agricultural system that feeds the world market with nutritionally beneficial
foods while removing "industrial" GMO [Genetically Modified Organisms] from the equation; and
bringing forth a 3rd Cointelpro investigation with the appointment of a special independent
counsel afforded subpoena powers to secure classified government documents. The only actors
within the U.S. government who will object to the latter are those named by government
whistleblower patriots for affecting the ongoing overthrow of the United States while facilitating
the corporatist continuing criminal enterprise through fear tactics and endless wars for profits
under the multiple banners of unmasked fascism and tyranny.
On August 20, 2009, the office of USDOJ Inspector General, Glenn A. Fine validated Bob Levin's
partial whistleblower complaint. On August 27, 2010, U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder signed
for a certified letter that requested the U.S. Attorney General's written authorization to release
the names of known culpable clandestine federal agents, administrators and others for crimes
against the United States and humanity. Bob Levin's "black file report," when published will
recognize a history of ongoing truths that possess the previous scope and magnitude of Daniel
Ellsberg's "Pentagon Papers" and more recently the extreme act of patriotism demonstrated by
Julian Assange with WikiLeaks. Both Ellsberg and Assange are recognized as the heroic genuine
supporters of what would otherwise be our authentic constitutional democracy if absent of
corruption within the Congress, the Judiciary and corporatist infrastructure.
Please honor Bob Levin with your vote this November; he cannot be bought-off or compromised
by improprieties and will work “for the people”.

Paid for by Bob Levin for Congress

Bob Levin, 11918 SE Division Street, Ste 293, Portland, Oregon 97266 -1037,